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Monday, April 08, 2013

Just the Facts?: Missing Hikers Rescued...Questions Remain -- UFO? Durham, CA -- Stonehenge Faces Revealed

Weird: Missing Hikers Rescued But Questions Remain

Both of the young hikers missing for days in the Cleveland National Forest in California are recovering after being rescued, but many questions remain about their ordeal.

Orange County Sheriff's Lt Jason Park said Kyndall Jack was found on Thursday morning after a searcher heard her calling out for help.

The 18-year-old had no shoes, was having trouble breathing and was severely disoriented from dehydration.

The first thing she asked was what year it was, said Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy Fred Wenzel.

Then, she asked for her mother. She did not even remember going hiking.

"She was filthy from head to toe, her lips were black with dirt, her eyes were barely open and she had on no shoes," said sheriff's Deputy Jim Moss, a paramedic who was dropped to her by helicopter and airlifted her to safety in a harness.

"She was just kind of clinging to the ledge on the cliff side, going in and out of consciousness."

Her rescuers were afraid to give her water because she had so much dirt in her mouth she could choke, Wenzel said.

"She was limp and almost lifeless. I was just holding her as the crew chief brought us up and just holding onto her, bringing her in," Officer Moss added.

A volunteer searcher fell 60ft into a canyon during the rescue and suffered a head injury.

He is in a serious condition but expected to survive.

Ms Jack's walking companion, 19-year-old Nicholas Cendoya, was picked up on Wednesday evening.

The two had become separated sometime on Sunday night, but were both found less than a mile from their car.

They were "very, very close" to one another, although they did not know it, said Lt Jason Park, an Orange County sheriff's spokesman.

Ms Jack's father, Russ Jack, told the Los Angeles Times that Mr Cendoya said she could not keep up with him - possibly because of a twisted ankle.

He said he mistakenly thought Ms Jack had already been rescued.

"The most important thing is that she has been found, and Nicholas has been found and they are well," Lt Park said
Mr Cendoya talked to paramedics but struggled to answer many questions about what had happened.

He was as equally disoriented and also barefoot when he was found.

He is now recovering in hospital and is said to be in serious but stable condition.

The couple had called for help on Sunday night a few hours after setting out for what should have been an easy day hike on the Holy Jim Trail.

But their mobile phones died before anyone could pinpoint their location.

The rocky, tree-shaded dirt trail leads to a waterfall on a 2.8-mile round trip and is popular with day hikers.

However the area is blanketed with heavy brush and a creek running through it.

Many details of the pair's ordeal remain a mystery and officials hope to question them more closely once they are rested and more stable.

It is unclear, for example, why they went off the well-marked trail and how much water they had with them.

It is also unclear exactly when and how they got separated. - Sky News

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Stonehenge Faces Revealed

I received the following from Matteo Ianneo. Please use the link for images.

The researcher Matthew Ianneo gives us a full report of its study on the archaeological site of Stonehenge. Now his findings from Mars have moved on the earth, if its assumptions were true here as a result of findings of experts on Mars probably his comments were not without foundation.

These findings have long been in the drawer of Ianneo, who at the launch of his first book, Messages from Mars, wants to give a jolt to archaeological research also on the planet we inhabit, finding details that no researcher had ever identified.

The material already shown me in 2011 is published only now, with permission of the author of the research that has decided to disclose it. According Ianneo, these rocks belong to an ancient civilization but very evolved, probably men, or similar in size much larger than ours, so as to enable him to carry the huge boulders probably ancient Egypt, in the photos is the profile of a feline deity of the Egyptian people, carrying the boulders on huge rafts are then arrived at the place where now stands the archaeological site of Stonehenge at the bottom of the complete photo gallery of research Ianneo. - Galactic Connection

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Peter Byrne’s Search For Bigfoot Continues

Peter Byrne has been engaged in what he describes as the “Big Searches” for almost his entire life; his Bigfoot search alone has spanned 50 years.

His first experience was in the 1960s, working in northern California.

Later, he was drawn back to California by the well-known 1967 film made by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin outside Orleans, Calif. It is purported to be the most credible evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. While skeptics have dismissed the film, Byrne finds it credible.

“Gimlin is still living in Yakima and he is regarded as a man of great integrity,” Byrne said. “Lots of people have tried to discount it, but it could be real.”

Today, Byrne continues his quest to find Bigfoot.

"I do two things,” he said. “I write. I’ve published 13 books.”

The 13th book is coming out in a few weeks, called “Monster Trilogy,” a three-part guide book on how to find Bigfoot, Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. He has been in searches for all three.

He also works with a loose-knit group of people on the Oregon Coast, all interested in sighting Bigfoot.

Byrne said in his writings that technology would one day allow the world to verify the existence of Bigfoot and his group uses motion-sensor cameras set up in areas of what Byrne describes as credible sightings in the Coast Range. So far, the cameras have yielded images of other wildlife, but no Bigfoot.

He also researches recent and historical sighting reports. The last credible report from where the researchers were looking was in 2006, Byrne said.

Interest in finding Bigfoot has resurfaced, he said.

“There is tremendous interest — something like 30 websites, lots of letters, but there are no other organized projects at this time,” he said. “There was a group in the Olympic Peninsula, but they were all working guys … and there was a group in Kentucky, but that fizzled out.”

Despite man’s encroachment on the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest, Byrne isn’t surprised that the creatures remain largely elusive.

“It’s an enormous area — a huge area,” he said. “There’s an official Federal Aviation Administration figure about planes lost in the Pacific Northwest since World War two. Of 52 planes that crashed, 20 probably went into the ocean, 32 are still not found in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. One has a senator’s body aboard, also representatives from Alaska. The families are still looking for the plane … We’re not talking about Rhode Island. This area is three times the length of the Himalayas.”

Asked why his search for Bigfoot has endured so long, Byrne said, “I’m still fascinated by the possibility of there being an unidentified primate living out there.” Native American history, old records, letters by missionaries and miners, “sightings by thoroughly dependable people,” all support the idea, he said.

And when asked why he thinks others continue to take up the quest, he talked about the last great mysteries of the world.

“The wonderful thing about Bigfoot is that anybody can go after it,” he said. “Take a weekend. Drive into the mountains. Take a chance.” - The Dalles Chronicle

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Seeing and Believing

Ghost and UFO sightings are down. Psychics are in decline. Are we more discerning now, or just afraid to trust anything?

One late evening in the early summer of 1981, lying sleepless in my student bedsit at the top of a house in the Fallowfield district of Manchester, I became aware of a pattern of bright flashing lights on the wall. All I could see through the curtainless window on the opposite side of the room was a strip of rather cloudy night sky. The vivid flashing was coming from within, or perhaps behind, a bank of cloud. As I continued to watch, an object materialised from within the cloud, advancing until it stood in plain view in the night sky.

It was a strikingly large craft of some kind, flattish but with rounded edges, like an old-fashioned bedwarmer, or perhaps a huge English muffin. It was sparkling-silver and covered all over with a regular pattern of flashing white lights. After hovering for a few seconds, it began to move across the sky, and as it reached the right-hand frame of my window, I leant over the side of the bed to keep it in view. At a certain point it ceased its progress and, at the same sedate pace, retraced its route back to its starting-point. There it lingered for a few more seconds, before retreating into the cloud-bank until its evanescent flashing had entirely dissolved from view. Only then did I collapse out of bed and start frantically pulling on clothes. I rushed on foot to my girlfriend’s place to gibber out an account of the incident.

Convention demands the following declaration: I had not been drinking or taking drugs, I hadn’t dozed off and reawoken, and I wasn’t in a general state of agitation. It was a perfectly normal evening: I had gone to bed and was waiting to fall asleep. Nothing remotely similar has ever happened to me before or since. If everybody is entitled to at least one experience of the paranormal or unexplained, this was mine. For the three to four minutes that the whole episode lasted, it filled me with a mixture of trepidation and thrill, with an intimation that there might after all be another reality beyond the everyday one.

The classic mise-en-scène for a UFO sighting was a remote, deserted location — country roads or woodland at night, or outside a ranch in New Mexico. A large spaceship hovering above Manchester should have been seen by tens of thousands of people. It wasn’t much after midnight, so there would still have been plenty of traffic on the streets. I followed the local news and talked to everybody I knew about it, but apparently only I had seen it, from my bedsit room in Fallowfield. Years later, when the archive of reported sightings processed by the now defunct UFO desk at the Ministry of Defence went online, I searched through the lists for 1981. There was nothing that resembled my sighting, and nothing at all in the whole of the UK for the month in question, or the months before and after it. Continue reading at Seeing and Believing


UFO? Durham, CA

Durham, CA - 4/8/2013 - unedited: 1. I was driving home after dropping off my boyfriend at work. I decided to take a photo of the surrounding landscape while on an on-ramp to the 99-North highway just because I thought it looked nice and there was no traffic around me which helped to form a good opportunity to take a photo.
2. I did not physically see the object when the photo was taken-- I had no idea that I was going to be capturing a photo of a UFO. I only noticed the object after looking over the photos I took when I got home. I noticed the object in the first photo I took but not in any of the others.
3. I initially thought that the object may have been a smudge on the windshield but I was not able to find anything on my windshield that resembled the object shown in the photo.
4. Since I did not actually see the object, I dont know what its actions were. However, the picture shows some sort of shape that Im not exactly sure how to describe. It is colored darkly and is not shiny as far as I can tell.
5. During and after the photo was taken, I felt gleeful and glad to be in the scenario that I was in.
6. I did not ever have sight of the object. - MUFON CMS

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