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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just the Facts?: 2nd Update...Bigfoot Habituation Property -- UFO & Lost Time -- Anomalous Beam of Light

2nd Update: Bigfoot Habituation - Property For Sale

Received the following email from a reader:

Hi Lon,

I would not be surprised at all if there was a BF family living in that area. I fished out there at the nearby Georgia Power Plant, Plant Wansley, in the 90s and its nothing but woods. We would pass Wolf Creek on the way there, where this report occurred. Its one of the better accounts in my opinion.


And there has been a cluster of sightings a couple counties over which also has a well known, long time history of sightings in a location called Hannah Swamp. This area is 40 miles NE of the Roopville area. One account there is one of the most entertaining accounts, and frightening accounts, I've ever read. Its the first of the June 2006 reports.


"I thought about calling the sheriffs department, but what could I tell them? I am afraid a bigfoot is pissed at me and is after me? I don't think so."


I contacted one of the BFRO investigators about the sightings in Paulding back when they were posted and he said one of the witness's brother was a police officer and that there had also been reports of a stalker and screams in the same area of the sightings, in an area around a golf course.

The Paulding cluster is about 14 miles from my house. Haven't seen anything here, but there was one night a couple years back the dogs in the neighborhood were just going nuts, so who knows.

Just wanted to give some background on the area.


I contacted the home owner and received the following email w/ a few images. I don't have permission to post the images, but there are several Bigfoot-like footprints. These is also an image of 'something' looking from behind a tree...but not sharp enough to make a determination:

Hi Lon-
Thanks for your interest in our property. Yes-we've truly had BF encounters here on the property that are still continuing today. We have seen them, photographed them-though the pictures are not the clearest. Heard them, recorded them, have pictures of numerous footprints and branch structures found on the property. We hear them more than see them these days, but they routinely come up to the house and are annoying at times by thumping around on the walls and ac units. They haven't really damaged the house, except for bent siding near thetop of the outside walls on one side. We've lost an outside window screen or two also, by damage. I don't know how they would adapt to your family, but they are very curious creatures and very adaptable, it seems. As long as food is put out for them-they would likely stick around. I'll attach some pictures for you-hope you enjoy them.


Posted previously:

Bigfoot Property for sale - $77,000.00

This is the property featured in my book 'Visitors in the Twilight.' The house and property have had a Bigfoot Habituation going on for almost two years now. The property is located in rural Carroll County, Georgia, and is about 14 years old. The property consists of a double-wide mobile home with 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths - that has vaulted ceilings, garden tub, fireplace, ceiling fans, and front and back porches. It sits on almost 6 acres of land, that is completely forested, except for the area immediately surrounding the house.

The Bigfoot habituation is still going on at the current time. We have seen them repeatedly, heard them, smelled them, have found numerous foot prints, and have strange tree and branch structures here that they have built. We put food up in our 'Giving Tree' every night, and almost every night-the food is taken. They often come up to the house and 'talk,' and sometimes bang on the walls if they are trying to get our attention! We have also taken pictures of them, and have many pictures of their foot-prints, and their tree structures. These pictures can be sent to you by request. We have also had many researchers investigate the property, that have confirmed that they believe our habituation to be real and authentic. Georgia Bigfoot Society and North American Bigfoot Research Organization are among some of the ones who have visited here. You can read our complete true story in our book - 'Visitors in the Twilight.'

We would like to have someone buy the property that would take care of the 'Big Guys' (we have the little ones around here too) and treat them with respect. Absolutely NO HUNTING will be permitted of them, and this will be reflected in the sales contract!! We do not want these Big Guys harmed in any way - no setting traps, or anything else that would harm them will be permitted either. If you want to set up trail cameras after the purchase of the property - that's fine. They don't like them though, and you may get some bangs on the house because of it - which is what happened when we put them up. If you would like more details or pictures-please email me at: LoriBossert@gmail.com

Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites

Bigfoot Behavior - I: The Anecdotal Evidence (The Best of the Track Record) (Volume 1)

The Habituator


Meteor explodes over Argentina

A dazzling display of light appeared over Argentina on Sunday, April 21 and was captured on video by a concert goer filming the band playing on stage. In the video a giant fireball can be seen in the background lighting up the night sky as it exploded high in the atmosphere.

The flash of light only appeared for a few seconds before it was gone; but the incident, which was witnessed by thousands of Argentinians, left most wondering what it could have been. Locals said they felt the ground shake in Santiago del Estero as night turned to day for a fleeting moment.

A meteor expert in Argentina said the fireball was in fact a meteor and may have been traveling at speeds in excess of 80,000 mph when it crashed into Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Jorge Coghlan, director of the Santa Fe Astronomical Observatory in Argentina, said during a radio interview that the space rock likely measured about 18 inches in diameter and exploded about 40 miles over the Earth, according to a translation by HuffPost.

In a later report by 9 News, Coghlan said it was closer to nine inches in diameter.

The fireball was visible in at least eight provinces in Argentina and was widely shared with the world via Twitter and Facebook. Some users posted video footage of the fireball as well. Some traffic cams and other static cameras also caught a glimpse of the night sky being turned to light.

After the meteor exploded, a “halo” appeared in the sky over Santiago del Estero just before sunrise, as was seen in a YouTube video. But Coghlan said the halo and meteor event were unrelated, according to Nuevo Diario newspaper.

Coghlan urged people to be skeptical of several videos posted to YouTube that claim to have caught the explosion on film, but noted that videos taken by local security cameras and concert attendees were reliable.

Although the early morning explosion was startling to many onlookers, it was significantly smaller than the fireball that exploded over Russia on February 14, 2013.

That meteor was some 30 times larger and exploded much closer to the ground (18 miles overhead), causing a shockwave that shattered windows across the region and injured more than a thousand people.

While there has yet to be any reports on the possible origin of the meteor, it may be likely that it was part of the annual April Lyrids meteor shower, which peaked early Monday morning (April 22).

The Lyrid meteor showers typically last from April 16-26 each year with the peak being April 22, which is also Earth Day. The radiant of the shower is located in the constellation Lyra, near the constellation’s brightest star Alpha Lyrae (Vega). The April Lyrids are sometimes referred to as the Alpha Lyrids because of the area of their radiant. - Red Orbit


Saudi woman wants fiance to marry her friends as well

A Saudi Arabian teacher has reportedly told the man who wanted to marry her that she had only one condition before accepting his proposal: He must marry her two friends at the school at the same time.

The would-be groom was shocked by her unexpected demand, but came under strong pressure from relatives and friends who eventually persuaded him to accept to marry the three women.

Under the deal, the bridegroom rented three apartments in the same building and lodged each of his brides in her own flat.

Polygamy is allowed in Saudi Arabia, and a man is entitled to take up to four wives, but must not differentiate between them and must treat them equally physically and emotionally and in regard to sustenance, expenditure, time and all obligations as a husband. - Gulf News

Polygamy in Islam

Love and Sex in Islam


Anomalous beam of light

Bunnel, Florida - 4/20/13 - unedited: This beam of light is on our Moultrie m880 tree cam. i can send an email of the photo. it was 4 am. there is nothing that could have reflected around there. you can see the times on the cam. something had to trigger the cam also. it is on our private camp. off the highway nothing but pine trees around. - MUFON CMS


UFO & lost time

Cleveland, Tennessee - 4/23/13 - unedited: - We were outside playing badmitten on a beautiful sunny day, it was around 7:45 in the evening. I have an injured ankle that was swollen at the time (But I was still capable for outdoor activities) and all of a sudden it felt completely soaked and tingly (My whole right ankle and foot) I didnt want to tell my daughter in case shed worry about me. I looked up and thought I saw a plane, when it really turned out to be a cigar looking white object floating silently above the treeline. I pointed it out to my daughter, who for some reason didnt take it seriously. I found this weird. As we were playing badmitten, I kept looking at it as it floated silently and slowly above the trees. It was going SW and then suddenly I noticed it was going N. Throughtout the duration of this time, I was constantly looking back and forth (quite often) and when I looked up after it turned N, I realised it had disappeared. I pointed it out, once again, to my daughter who actually didnt care and took the time to talk me into staying outside with her. This whole time, as well, I noticed our dog was acting strangely and looking at the trees it flew over. As I looked occasionally with him, I noticed two or three scaly figures walking where he was looking. I tried talking my daughter into going inside again, but she kept insisting everything was fine. Our dog started to walk in the direction, very slowly, the UFO had been flying to. My daughter called for him and as did I, but when he came my daughter suddenly became serious about it all. She told me she saw a golden orange light off in the trees coming from the N angle. However, she once again insisted we stay outside. I then accidentally hit the birdie to my car and she went to get it when she complained to me that she was feeling raindrops when it was a cloudless sky. I felt it as well. Walking back, she complained to me that she had goo on her hand, but thought it was a possibility it came from the dog. Shortly after, we went inside. I decided to call my father who is interested in UFOs. Only after when we sat down to report the incident and the time did we realize how short time had really been throughout the sighting and being outside. My daughter and I actually argued about how long we were outside and the specific times and how we both felt we were out for hours. She decided to check the phone history to see when we had come in ( and just saying, I called my boyfriend shortly before we played as well) We realized it had to have happened over 15-20 minutes. Looking back, this gives us both shivers down our spines. - MUFON CMS

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