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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Reader Submission: What Did I See?

I received the following inquiry a few days ago:

Hello Lon, I wanted to share this with you - it happened about a month ago.

I was on my way home from work. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon and was raining and cold - but not a heavy rain, just enough to use the wiper delay. I was in the city where I work in Missouri. Instead of taking the highway I took a town route. There is two lanes going eastbound and two lanes going westbound and one lane for turning in the middle. I was heading westbound. Lots of traffic this day going both ways. We all were driving not even close to a stoplight yet. so we were doing probably around 35 to 40 MPH.

On my left side I see this animal (I guess it was an animal), not running - but what looked like flying, but on the ground one side to the other. No one screeched there brakes - no one stopped at all. I reached to where it had crossed the road and witnessed it continuing to go down an alley way.

It wasn't a dog or a deer. I'm not sure what it was - just looked like a slim long animal with a pointed fact. At first I thought it was a greyhound type dog, but I thought about it and realized that it wasn't a dog. No one reacted like they even noticed it and whatever it was didnt dodge vehicles like a dog would or any other animal would have. I cant explain it.

I have experienced paranormal activity in my house - I've seen shadow figures twice, which also pulled my pony tail and poked me. Since my husband died in April of 2012, I have witnessed weird stuff - you would possibly expect from someone who has departed this earth. If anyone knows what animal could move like that, I would love to find out. I am ordering a dash cam, so next time people I tell can see it if it happens again .

Thank you, Rhonda from Missouri

NOTE: under the circumstances Rhonda has described, I would tend to believe that she witnessed an apparition or manifestation of a spirit energy...not a cryptid or flesh & blood creature. Earthbound entities can take many different forms and are usually visible to people who are attuned to certain vibrations. These people, of which Rhonda may be associated as, are what we call 'beacons'...the living who attract spiritual energy and/or have the ability to detect certain manifestations. This may very well be the case in this situation. Since her husband's passing she may have become more attune to these energies and has started to notice more activity in and out of her residence...Lon

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