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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reader Submission: Similar Experience - Southern Illinois

I received a response to yesterday's post - Reader Submission: What Did I See? These incidents took place in southern Illinois and are similar to the Missouri encounter:


I couldn't believe it when I read the submission from Rhonda about the phantom dog (or being) that she saw crossing the street.

We have had 2 encounters with this in the last 2 months.

In the first encounter, my husband and I were driving about 35mph at the edge of Sparta in Southern Illinois. It was early January around 7PM and already dark out.

We were in a semi-residential area with some houses and a few businesses. My husband was driving and telling me a story when I saw a black streak run across the street (from left to right) in front of us. My impression was that it was a canine of some sort, but this was taller than any dog. It also didn't have a definite shape, just a black streak. The best way to describe it would be how cartoon characters are drawn when they are running really fast. A shape with a streak behind it. Except this was completely black. It also didn't have a lope or gait to it- it's movement was very smooth. It was very fast and this all happened in less than 2 seconds.

My husband didn't see anything because he had glanced at me to finish his story right then. We drove around looking for anything that would fit the description but didn't see any such animal.

The second sighting happened in mid February while we were at home. We have big bay windows and when you're sitting in the living room you can see out into the yard and a good portion of the road that runs in front of our house.

My husband, our 25 yr old daughter, and I were sitting there talking about the days events. It was supposed to start snowing and we all glanced outside to see if it had started yet. At that exact time we all saw a black streak zoom up the road (going North). It was going very fast. The speed limit in front of our house is 25 mph and if I had to guess I would say this was going 50 to 60 mph. We hurried out front to look some more but there was no sign of anything. What I saw that day was exactly what I had seen that other evening. My daughter and my husband individually recounted exactly what they had seen and we realized we had all seen the exact same thing. Both my daughter and husband said it seemed to be a canine form in a black streak. None of us has any explanation for what we saw.

We are about 30 minutes from Missouri and I find it interesting that Rhonda's sighting was in Missouri - right across the Mississippi River.

I wonder if others are experiencing this too? Rhonda's is the first story I've read that describes what we saw.

Have a wonderful day, Stacy

NOTE: The fact that there were several witnesses may lend credence that this was a cryptid...though, I personally believe that this was a supernatural being. In recent years, I have come to the conclusion that many cryptids may have supernatural and/or multidimensional aspects. These sightings of 'fleeting' creatures, including Bigfoot and other cryptids, have changed my perspective into the nature of these beings. I sense there is a very fine line between all paranormal and spiritual anomalies...to the point where an actual relationship exists between these entities. I also perceive that there has been actual influence by others...including non-terrestrial interdimensional authority. More and more, my impression is that all life on this Earth plane has been imprinted by other dominions and that these forces will continue to impact us indefinitely. Some of these real-life experiences are described in my book - Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters...Lon

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