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Monday, March 11, 2013

Just the Facts?: Aerial Anomaly Over Germantown, MD -- Abduction Experiencer Changes Beliefs -- Arkansas Man Battles Aliens

Aerial Anomaly Over Germantown, MD

Around noon, on Jan. 20, 2013, I was driving in Germantown, Maryland. I noticed that the Sun seemed to be glaring and rather large in the sky for some reason, so I stopped to take a photo. On March 8, while reviewing photos on my phone, I looked at the photo again. It was then that I first noticed an anomaly towards the top of the photo. Since the shot was taken through my windshield, I thought it must have been something on the shield. But then as I looked more closely, I noticed there was a "dark line" through the air, and around it, a tight spiral pattern of vapor or clouds. In a certain area of this dark line, these spiral vapors were quite well lit. It was obviously a part of the photo and was something in the sky at the time. I am posting the story here because I feel this must be something with a simple explanation, perhaps ice crystals or wind shear. Since you folks are experts in studying photos of things in the sky, please help me identify this odd phenomenon. Thanks.

Here is the weather for that date in Germantown:
JAN 20 2013 - Germantown MD
Minimum Temperature 37.4
Mean Temperature 45.3
Maximum Temperature 55.4
Mean Sea Level Pressure - no data
Mean Dew Point 23.4
Total Precipitation 0.0 inches
Visibility 10.0 miles.
Mean Wind Speed 8.98 mph
Maximum Sustained Wind Speed 21.0 mph
Maximum Wind Gust 33.37 mph



Scantily-clad man claims encounter with aliens

Russellville police had a close encounter with a man who claimed he fought extraterrestrials Tuesday.

A Russellville resident saw a man who attempted to crawl under her house and reported it to the Russellville Police Department (RPD). When police arrived on the scene, near Spring Lane, the man was observed wearing a dark T-shirt and was using his boxers to cover himself.

The man was disoriented and would only say that he lived in Arkansas when asked where he lived. The man told police he was diabetic.

The report also stated police did not smell an odor related to being under the influence of any substance, such as alcohol or drugs.

Pope County EMS was called to the scene and, shortly after arriving, found the man had a normal blood sugar level, according to test results.

The man told police they would read about him in the newspaper because he saved 160 people from aliens earlier in the day.

He made several other incoherent claims to police.

The man was taken into emergency custody and transported to the Pope County Detention Center for further evaluation by Counseling Associates. - Courier News


Dead woman turns into a man

Mhondoro villagers were left dumbfounded when the corpse of a woman who died last week mysteriously developed a man's private part.

The corpse of Modester Gida (30), who was from Nyamweda area in Mhondoro under Headman Mashingaidzwa's kraal reportedly left mourners shell-shocked after the deceased woman's privates mysteriously disappeared and was replaced with a man's private part.

Modester died last week after succumbing to some unknown illness. She was living with her husband at Sadzaguru Farm in Beatrice before she went to stay with her twin sister, Mandy Gida a 30-year-old Nyamweda villager.

Mandy's husband, Ganyiwa Utete, said when his sister-in-law died, two female relatives who were present immediately washed the corpse and much to their surprise, they are said to have discovered that Moderster's womanhood had mysteriously turned into a manhood. It is believed that the manhood developed as the woman was breathing her last.

Mandy and her elderly grandmother are the ones who washed the deceased's body soon after she died.

"My sister-in-law came here accompanied by her husband after she had become critically ill. She however passed on that same day. That is when my wife took part in washing the corpse. They then noticed that Modester had developed a manhood while her womanhood had disappeared. We carried her body to her house on a scotch cart and we were accompanied by some of her relatives who had just arrived," said Utete.

Modester's brother, Simon Gida (36) also confirmed the incident. He said the development left a 'bitter taste' within their family.

"It's true my sister 'turned into a man' when she died. She developed a male organ and a her womanhood disappeared. As family members, we gathered to witness the strange development. Our grandmother is the one who saw the mysterious development as she was preparing my sister's body for burial," said Simon.

He said they once thought of notifying the police but other family members advised against involving the police as they claimed that burial arrangements would be delayed in a bid to pave way for post mortem and other investigations.

Mandy's son, only identified as Mcedisi (22), said his aunt's death was frightening.

"What happened here was so scary. It's true a male organ grew on my aunt's body. We don't know what kind of a disease it is but we believe it's an act of witchcraft," he said.

Some of the family members who were reached for comment also fingered witchcraft as the reason behind the queer development.

"This shows that some people are using juju (witchcraft). We have since reported the matter to our Village Head who also got shocked. He said he would take the matter to Chief Nyamweda," said Ennie Luwanca (53) who is a young sister to the late's mother (Modester's aunt).

Gogo Gladys Mnyulwa (87) who is the deceased's grandmother and is said to be the other person who took part in preparing Modester's body for burial, said at first she could not believe her eyes when she saw the tragedy.

"She was very light in complexion but what shocked me was that the manhood was very dark. Even up to now we don't really know what really transpired. Ever since I was born I have never witnessed this. It's a clear sign of witchcraft. There is now too much witchcraft taking place in this country, she said.

Unconfirmed reports say Modester was 'fixed' by her husband since she was allegedly cheating on him with other men. It is claimed that Modester was previously married to another man who died in a tractor accident before she got married to her second husband. - Bulawayo24


Google Trends Continues To Indicate Multi-Year Upward 'Chemtrails' Trend

From Rick Phillips:

Almost exactly two years ago I covered this `story', which showed the data of Google Trends for the term (now even more focused evidently on news headlines) `Chemtrails'. The data showed that at the very end of 2010, beginning of 2011, that interest in Chemtrails was Surging. Now seemed a good time for an update, don't you think? Continue reading at UDCC

Unspeakable - Chemtrails And Economic Collapse (Best of The Heavy Stuff)


After experiencing several alien abductions—with hard evidence—a local writer questions the real identity of extraterrestrials

Camille James Harman's story begins the same way as many others: She awoke one night in a paralyzed state. Her body was transported onto a spaceship and placed on a table. Alien beings began to examine her. Harman was terrified.

After another abduction Harman immersed herself in the UFO community. She became a public speaker, wrote for UFO magazine, attended conventions and met big names in the field. Her business card included the phrase "Got Aliens?"

Last December—17 years after her first abduction—Harman, 46, was completing work on her spiritual autobiography. A series of events influenced her so dramatically that she changed her beliefs about the UFO phenomena. Now Harman believes the aliens are not extraterrestrials, but demonic entities. Continue reading at Tucson Weekly

Video - Camille Harman on UFOAM

NOTE: Fascinating article...please read the rest. I don't think these beings are 'demonic' per se, but definitely from another dimension. BTW...I highly recommend the books listed below. Lon

FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife

Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order

The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda


Saudi Arabia may stop beheading due to swordsmen shortages

A joint Saudi committee composed of representatives of the ministries of interior, justice and health is mulling the replacement of beheading with firing squads for capital sentences due to shortages in government swordsmen, Saudi daily Al-Youm reported on Sunday.

The committee argued that such a step, if adopted, would not violate Islamic law, allowing heads – or emirs – of the country's 13 local administrative regions to begin using the new method when needed.

"This solution seems practical, especially in light of shortages in official swordsmen or their belated arrival to execution yards in some incidents; the aim is to avoid interruption of the regularly-taken security arrangements," the committee said in a statement.

The ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom beheaded 76 people in 2012, according to an AFP tally based on official figures. Human Rights Watch (HRW) put the number at 69.

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia's strict version of Sharia, or Islamic Law. So far this year, three people have been executed.

The beheading issue has always been a source of tension between Saudi Arabia and the international community.

Last month, Saudi Arabia slammed international reactions to its beheading of a Sri Lankan woman convicted of killing her employer's baby.

Riyadh "deplores the statements made... about the execution of a Sri Lankan maid who had plotted and killed an infant by suffocating him to death one week after she arrived in the kingdom," a government spokesman said.

The case sparked widespread international condemnation, including from rights groups that said she had only been 17 years old when she was charged with murdering the baby in 2005.

The case soured the kingdom's diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka, which on Thursday recalled its ambassador to Saudi Arabia in protest.

The UN's main human rights body on Friday expressed "deep dismay" at the beheading, while the European Union said it had asked Saudi authorities to commute the death penalty. Riyadh, however, rejected the statements as "external interference" in its domestic affairs.

Saudi Arabia "respects... all rules and laws and protects the rights of its people and residents, and completely rejects any intervention in its affairs and judicial verdicts, whatever the excuse," the spokesman said. - Ahram