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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

UFO Encounter: 'Horrible Experience'

The incident occurred on June 6, 1954, when two teenage girls from Dandenong, Victoria near Melbourne claim, a ‘flying saucer hovered less than 20 yards above their heads. A cylindrical shape, about 30ft. Long and 15ft. High, with a canopy and window on top and a window on each end'

MELBOURNE - Two teenage girls, usually gay and happy, are spending sleepless and restless nights after what they claim was a "horrible experience. The girls are Janette Brown, 16, and Jeanette Johnston, 13, both of Dandenong, a Melbourne outer suburb.

Both girls are a bundle of nerves and refuse to leave their homes at night alone. Their reason for barring themselves behind closed doors is a fear they will be attacked from people from another world. Last Saturday night, the girls claim, a ‘flying saucer hovered less than 20 yards above their heads. The girls were by themselves on a lonely road in Dandenong where they saw the object. The girls mothers said this week the experience had seriously affected the children.

"I believe her story"

Mrs Johnston said : " My girl has been nervy and restless. "She wouldnt tell me a lie. I believe her story. Mrs Johnston said her daughter hoped the story would not be published in case the object attacked them. Her daughter had asked her to move to another suburb because she feared the saucer might try to destroy her home and family.

Janette Brown saw the saucer first. This is what she said: Shortly after 6p.m. I left my home to meet Jeanette Johnston". "I was standing outside the main gate of a partly built factory on Prince's Highway, waiting for Jeanette. "I heard a loud drumming noise, something like a motor cycle. "I looked toward the factory, and hovering over the top of the end dome of the building I saw a large dark shape".

"I flashed my torch in its direction, and it came towards me, and three lights, one on top and two on the ends, lit up. I thought they were rays and fell to the ground. Janette said: "I was terrified. It was terribly weird and fascinating. I just couldn't move or even run away, I was so scared".

"Then it came towards me and stopped, hovering about 20 yards away on the top of the factory gate, as if it deliberately wanted me to look at it - or it wanted to look at me. "It was a cylindrical shape, about 30ft. Long and 15ft. High, with a canopy and window on top and a window on each end".

"I was so close I could even see how it worked. The under-carriage consisted of three wheels which were half turning and making a low clicking sound. "Just then a car came along the road. The saucer must have heard it or seen the approaching lights, because it swung around and settled behind the caretaker's house."

At this stage Jeanette arrived to meet Janette, who told her to watch the house. Jeanette said: "As I watched the house a silvery coloured cylinder rose into the air. "It stayed there hovering for about two minutes and then swept away in a wide circle to another factory a few hundred yards away".

"It stayed on top of the factory for about one minute where the bright lights flashed out and only the top and left lights kept shining. "Suddenly the left light spun around to the right-hand side of the saucer and it crossed the road and disappeared behind the tree. - Sunday Telegraph June 13th 1954 / Australian UFO Research Network


05.06.54 DANDENONG, VIC 1820hrs
Source: Melbourne Argus (16.06.54), The Victorian UFO Report 1954

A 16-year-old girl and her friend said they were terrified as an object hovered twenty metres from them. It was cylindrical in shape, about ten metres long and five metres high, with a canopy and window on top and a window at each end. It issued a bluish/silver-grey light, and hovered in mid-air. A loud drumming noise had been noted at first. Reportedly, Miss Brown’s watch had stopped at 6.23pm; the battery of her torch was drained and her handbag and belt clasps were magnetised, as was an iron fence over which the object hovered. A Victorian geologist indicated that the fence was no more magnetised than a control fence some distance away.

Using a geiger counter and a highly sensitive compass, a Victorian Mines Department geologist yesterday searched an area at Dandenong for magnetic traces of a ‘flying saucer’. The geiger counter gave no tell-tale sounds or movements. The compass needle flickered, showing magnetism was present.

Please note...there was another sighting in the area 3 weeks after this incident occurred:

26.06.54 DANDENONG, VIC 2050hrs
Source: Dandenong Journal (30.06.54), The Victorian UFO Report 1954

Four youths sighted a big round red spinning object in the sky on Saturday night at 8.50pm. Two other young Dandenong ladies who did not want their names disclosed have reported having seen a ‘saucer’ in the sky at about the same time as the four youths.

...the saucer was round and flat on the bottom and top and was spinning and moving very fast, but made no noise.

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