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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tennessee UFO / Alien Close Encounters

When I started investigating the David Eckhart alien encounters/abduction case I began to keep a file of various scenarios reported throughout the United States. I continue to add to the file when time permits. Most of the cases orginated from the MUFON CMS, Albert Rosales' Humanoid Sightings Reports and NUFORC...but there are more people coming forward each and every day. The following reports are a series of encounters the occurred in the state of Tennessee. I conducted a confidential interview with one of the witnesses not long after their report to MUFON:


On April 10, 2002 at 5:30 A.M. CDT - Crossville, Tennessee - the witness arose and went downstairs to the kitchen and opened the blinds to look for deer on the lake on her and her husband's property. The weather was clear. She saw a bronze metallic octagon-shaped object about 20 feet across which seemed to float on the lake. The object had darker bronze circles around a central raised portion and an extension that appeared to have windows on it. She moved to the glass door for a better view and to make sure that what she saw wasn't a reflection or illusion. She heard no sound but watched the object for about a minute, then ran upstairs to call her husband to look. By the time the two returned the object had disappeared. The water on the lake did not seem disturbed.

The witness and her husband are teachers, former Miami residents and have been friends of the investigator for more than 20 years. The witness had little interest in UFOs previous to the sighting. She related the incident to me and a few other friends on April 29 when we were visiting in Tennessee. It was noted that at the time of the UFO sighting there were few if any leaves on the trees, affording a better view of the lake than when we were there. Two days later the witness and I walked completely around the lake (which is approximately 300' X 200') but found nothing unusual either in or near the water.

On the night of May 3, at 19:30 CDT the witness saw a light coming out of the lake at the same spot where she had seen the UFO. The light flashed and then was gone in a second. That night she slept poorly, hearing what sounded like coyotes howling and some kind of banging against the house. There were no moon or stars visible that night. We checked for animal paw prints but did not see any. The witnesses' husband, who is hard of hearing and without his hearing aid did not hear any sounds.

On checking the witness' history, it was found that she sometimes sees shadows moving quickly and hears noises as of someone walking in and out of the house. She has a possible "scoop mark" on the side of her calf, of which she does not know the origin. At one time she awoke with bruises on both arms. Toilets in the house have so often flushed by themselves that at times the water had to be turned off. - MUFON South Florida (witness friend)



Reported 4/2010 - undisclosed location in Tennessee - (unedited report): This is an on-going abduction case that started when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I am now 50. This has happened to myself, my brother, my Mother, and my ex-wife.

This case is being investigated by MUFON Tennessee, field investigator S. White. The investigation began in Feb, 2010, and has been quite detailed. I am now going to a hypnotherapist in Knoxville for regressive hypnosis. All of the reports and details were given to F.I. White and he has it all written. I am also willing to take a polygraph to insure my truthfulness.

I have submitted drawings and other detailed information. I have detailed descriptions of the aliens, their ship inside, their symbols, and other things they do to abduct people. F.I. White has copies of all of this and will be submitting it all through the MUFON CMS.



Knoxville, TN - 3/2007 - unedited: I was awakened by a light coming into my bedroom window. I stepped out my back door to see what could have possibly been making the light and a blinding whitish green light came towards me. I have a very vague memory beyond that point but woke up naked in some woods next to my house. When I got back inside it was about 6 am, I had lost about 6 hours and I have no recollection of what happened. I have been having severe rectal bleeding since the incident and feel very nauseated. I feel very compelled towards circular objects and find myself saying the word "obtuse" over and over again without noticing, and even in my sleep.

Yesterday for some reason I began to remember the ordeal. I remembered being drawn to the light and stepping forward. It seems that I fell into a trance and was pulled into this blinding light and I remember entering a large room with many beings inside. They were all staring at me and making this strange sound that sounded like humans moaning during an orgasm. They put me into a container which quickly filled with green liquid that I could somehow breathe in, even when fully submerged. The beings looked like little elves or something. They had humanesque feature but little bodies. Their eyes looked like about the size of an orange. - MUFON CMS



Reported in 2009 - Chattanooga, TN - unedited:

To Whom It May Concern:

It has taken me 25 years to write this down in its entirety and share it with any one else. Please forgive me if I ramble.

I was sixteen years old. I had been up talking to a friend of mine on the phone and decided to go to bed. My mother and step-father and younger sister were already in bed asleep. We lived in a modest size single level rancher in Tennessee. I went to sleep and was woken up at 12:34 (yes, I remember the exact time) by a painfully bright light outside of my window. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh great, Drew (a boyfriend of mine at the time) has wrecked his stupid car in the yard...I'm gonna get in so much trouble"...so I got up out of bed to go see what was going on. I pulled my hair back because it was just a mess and quietly opened my bedroom door. It was an old house and the floorboards creaked, doors popped, etc...so I had to be particularly cautious getting outside. I put my hand over the keys in the lock so they wouldn't make any noise when I turned them, and stepped out onto the back porch. The light was so bright it looked like daylight outside but I knew it wasn't. I opened the back door on the porch and started to step out onto the steps....but instead....I started rising up...very quickly...I was shocked...at first I couldn't understand what was going on...I looked down and could see my house and street getting smaller...i could feel the wind around me but (even though it was February) I wasn't cold. I also realized that for whatever reason, I was not scared. I saw my high school....everything.....then I realized I was over a nearby park....and looked up. There was an array of three lights tightly together, almost like stars, that I began ascending toward. The lights "opened" into a triangular shape and I seemed to pass through that interior space.

I was in a room of sorts...it was a huge room. It was FILLED with people. HUMANS. I could see....hundreds of them it seemed. They weren't afraid either. We all stood in lines and there were other people that seemed to be asking each one of the humans a question. Just one question. I could hear voices responding....I knew my turn would be soon and I knew no one knew where I was. I saw, what I thought was a telephone laying on a shelf and stepped out of line and went to call my friend Chris to tell him what was happening because I knew he would call my mom, and my other friends right away. A small woman, older looking than anyone I have ever seen before, came over to me and gently put her hand over mine and said I should "put that down" because "it wasn't what I thought it was". She was kind and gentle and led me back to my line. It was my turn at that moment. They asked me my question...I remember responding...then suddenly I felt like I was being sucked back down FAST.....and was back in my room. Where I fell on my bed and went into a very deep sleep. I never said a word about what happened to anyone....I knew that they would say I was crazy or something. So I kept it to myself.

I have tried for 25 years to remember what my question was, what my answer was....and I can't ever seem to recall. I wouldn't even be writing now, if more had not happened to me in more recent history.

When my daughter was 7 (I was 29) my second husband and I had a small apartment in an extremely rural area of Tennessee that where he and I and my two children lived. It was attached to his sister's main house and was over a work shop. I was woken up, at 12:34 am...yes, I looked...and that is exactly the time it was...again, by a tremendous bright light shining in my second story apartment window. I tried to wake up my husband but I could not get him to rouse. I heard the door to our apartment open...I heard footsteps coming up to our living area from the workshop....I got up to see what was happening....as I came out of my bedroom, I heard the footsteps reach the top. I should have been looking AT someone/thing...but there was nothing. There were two or three large skylights in the apartment and I could clearly see the entire room. After a second or two of silence...I heard the steps go right in front of me, pass me and head toward my daughter's room. My eyes kept straining to see what they SHOULD be seeing...but I never "saw" anyone. I saw her door open...I RAN...FAST....through her door and into her room and said out loud..."You stay away from my daughter!". The light blinked out instantly. I was left standing there shaking and still seeing "blue spots" from the light. For the record...my daughter was not home that night...she had decided to spend the night with a friend of hers. Her room was empty. The next morning, I went down to my sister-in-law's house for coffee...and casually asked her if her son had gotten home late that evening. She said no, he had been home all night. She asked me why, so I mentioned that I thought maybe someone had headlights or something and was trying to play a joke on me...and told her about hearing the footsteps.....she laughed...then said, "Oh! You saw the angels too!". I was numb. I asked her what she meant....and she told me that she had a visit from something she decided was an "angel" that night around midnight....and that she has had those visits before. I excused myself from the conversation....I was feeling more than faint. It was the first time I had ever had anyone ELSE verify an experience for me....it left me quite shaken.

Many years have passed. I am now 41. I no longer live in Tennessee. I live in Maryland. I have only told two other people about this...my mother...and my husband. I have never breathed a word of it to my children or anyone else.

A couple of months ago, my youngest child, who is 6, got up one morning and asked me what the bright light outside of his window was during the night. He said it was so bright it woke him up. My husband and I are exceptionally anxious...this time I didn't wake up....I really don't know what else to do. We deadbolt our doors and make sure our home is as secure as possible. But, I am not convinced there is really anything I can do to protect him. I don't even know for sure there is anything to protect him from... I have a couple of loose theories but nothing that really adds up...I just really feel...alone. My experiences don't seem to be like others.

I have read so many of these commercialized experiences of being abducted, etc. I do know several things for facts...1) I was NOT dreaming..nor was I suffering from "sleep paralysis" at any point. 2) This has apparently been going on for some time now....3) I am NOT crazy 4) no "experiments" have been done on me that I am aware of, 5) I have no "traumatic" memory of anything bad happening to me whatsoever, 6) there were no little gray people with big black eyes (although the woman that told me to put the item down was shorter than me and seemed extremely old...), and 7) I was NOT the only human being on that ....ship? I know other people have had this experience...I saw them having it....

I am just scared now...and I don't even know of what. I am sure you must get a million messages like this a day. I thank you for your time and if you do not have any answers, I understand. I don't have any either. I just desperately needed to tell SOMEONE about this... just...in case. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I was made aware of this case not long after it was reported to MUFON. The witness lives nearby and I was able to conduct an interview. I truly believe that the witness experienced a traumatic ordeal that paralleled their description of these events...Lon



Medina, Tennessee - 10/1/2008 - unedited: I woke up in the street. I gathered myself...and felt extremely disoriented. Very similar to how it feels to wake up from surgery. I began to walk back towards my house. I wasnt really thinking. I was scared. And didnt really try to figure out why I was in the street. I just wanted to get back into my house. I entered the front yard. There was a large tree to my right that stands about...three or four stories high. A pecan tree. Something jumped out of the tree. I should have just ran past it. But I was afraid. I ran the other direction...I turned down a couple roads. I had only lived here for a few months. I didnt know the layout of the town well. I had no idea where I was going...I knocked on someones door. Beat on it actually. I screamed but no one came out of their houses. I knocked on someone elses door. Nothing happened. What ever came out of that tree....there was more of them. Everywhere. I couldnt see them. But I heard them following me. I got on the roof of the garage of the second door I knocked on. I was able to do this because there was a truck in the driveway and the roof began at a low slant. Once I got on the roof I saw a bright light. Then woke up in my bed. I had a vague memory of seeing a bright light through my window. Im scare to investigate this. I thought it was a dream. Now I am unsure. Ive been doing a lot of research and a lot of sources say that they are often remembered as dreams. I...am not sure. Ive been seriously considering hypnotherapy for this event and the event of case number 45370. Im afraid of what Ill find. Ive sent MUFON an Email but they have not replied. A friend of mine has had a relationship with these entities. They approached him one night while he was asleep in a lawn chair in his backyard (he smoked outside and it was late at night). One of these things apparently gripped his shoulders and pushed him down into a chair. While two others walked out in front of him. They told him to pull out his phone and record. He showed us the bruises on his shoulders. The message he recorded was meant for me (thats what he said). I have attached it. I broke it into three parts. The third part is where he drops the phone. I just want to know what all of this means. - MUFON CMS

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The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other Emissaries

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Nashville, TN - 5/15/2008 - unedited: This was not an object. i sat walked talked and ate with a being that was able to transform itself from old to young and looks. This was real. It was a walking book on everything and new things about me that no one should have known. I DONT KNOW WHY BUT IN SOME WAYS IT SEEMED AS THOUGH IT WAS TRYING TO GET ME TO HELP IT DO SOMETHING. THIS WENT ON FOR 3 OR 4 DAYS.THE BEING TALKED ABOUT MILITARY THINGS AND SPACE AS WELL AS PEOPLE.I WISH TO STATE THAT I AM X MILITARY AND HAVE HELD HIGH CLEARANCE . NEVER HAVE I EVER COME ACROSS ANYTHING LIKE THIS.MY FRIEND WHO SAW AND TALKED WITH IT DIED AFTER THAT.THERE WAS ALOT OF PEOPLE WHO TALKED WITH IT.THEY NEVER SAW IT CHANGE JUST TWO OF US. I CONTACTED THE DEPT OF DEFENSE THINKING I MIGHT HAVE RAN ACROSS SOME KIND OF A HOLOGRAM THAT WAS BEING TESTED.I SPOKE WITH SOMEONE WITH A HIGH CLEARANCE AND WAS TOLD THAT I COULD NOT TALK TO ANYONE THERE ABOUT IT AND THAT I ALL READY KNEW WHY. I do not believe it was a hologram as it was just to real and i do know the difference. All i am sure of is that i know i will talk to this being again and there are more than one. I know now when i am in the presence of whatever it was or one just like it. Not often ,but it has happened. I kind of think im gonna be a part of something that is going to happen and that i might be one who can help explain them. As god as my witness these things are real,super smart,and are in our daily lives. - MUFON CMS

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