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Just the Facts?: Mysterious Scar -- Little Boy Vanishes In My House -- Demon Attacks School

Mysterious scar

I've lurked here for a little while now and finally decided to share one of my stories. This is kind of tl;dr, so I'll summarize up here. I saw three things that defy logic in my room one night and woke up the next morning with a scar on my stomach.

When I was almost 16 (28 now for some reference) my mom, step dad, and I lived in a little community in a canyon. It was a two story house with history going back to the Texas-Indian wars. I was friends with most of the other people my age in the area and a few of them were wiccan. It was through them that I developed an interest in the occult. We tried a few 'summonings' but since nothing ever happened I wrote it off as fake.

I was an only child from my mom (my parents divorced when I was three) so I had the entire upstairs to myself. It was a friday night and I was up late watching cartoon network. I turned the tv off and rolled over to face the wall to try and get some sleep. All of the sudden my tv turned itself back on. I didn't know why it did that so I just turned it back off with the remote. But before I could roll over it was back on again, this time the only thing showing was the white static of a dead signal. I reached for the remote again but it turned itself off before I could do it. Then the tv turned off and on rapidly a few times before staying on. By this point I was more than a little unnerved, especially since the channel was now on one we didn't get. Religious programming coming in clear. It was something from the Catholic church talking about demons, an interest I had back then but not something I wanted to be educated about by the church. About 10 minutes passed and I got more irritated than unnerved by the fact that my electronics weren't behaving as I thought they should. I reached for the remote and turned the tv off again, almost daring it to come on. Thankfully it did so I rolled over and tried to go to sleep. It was an old wooden house so there were a lot of random creaks but having lived there for so long I knew where each one was. One in particular was beside the futon I used as a couch. It wasn't out of the ordinary for my mom to come and gripe at me for being up so late so I looked back over expecting to see her. I didn't see anything and I realized that I didn't hear my door open. I stared at the spot for a few minutes before a shape leaned around my futon to look at me. It looked...well...like an imp for lack of a better way to describe it. It couldn't have been more than three feet tall. Then I noticed an unnaturally thin, unnaturally tall thing standing near my doorway, leaned over because it was too tall for the room. Both were watching me and not moving. By this point I was starting to get scared, but I didn't move or say anything. I knew that it couldn't be just my imagination because plenty of moonlight was coming through the window in front of the futon. My room was rectangular with the window and door on the opposite side of the wall where my bed was with the futon in the middle. These things seemed to defy the moonlight because I couldn't see much more than shadowy forms even though the rest of my room was relatively well lit. The third figure was just icing on the cake. It was huge and looking into my room from the second story window. There wasn't a balcony or ledge for anything to be standing on. The tall thing and the big thing both looked like their heads had a bunch of jagged horns coming out of them. That or they were crowns of some sort. They didn't make any moves towards me but I got a feeling that they weren't exactly nice. Then after I blinked they were gone. I got up and turned on a light but there was no trace that anything was there. I tried to force myself to stay awake but eventually I passed out. The next morning I thought nothing of it all until I went to get in the shower and noticed a pinkish scar on my stomach. It's just to the right of my belly button and goes from slightly above my waist to right under my diaphragm at an angle. My parents had no idea about it and couldn't provide any explanation.

Fast forward to when I was 25. I told the story to a good friend of mine that I made in the Army, one who said he knew a lot about things of that nature. After I showed him the scar he got a scared and confused look on his face and kept asking me how I was still alive. When I tried to push for more information he just shook his head and walked away, not wanting to continue the conversation. I still can't get him to tell me what he knows. I was kind of hoping that maybe someone here could help. - Reddit


Brazilian woman laced vagina with poison to kill husband

A Brazilian woman has confessed to trying to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and urging him to have oral sex with her, a news agency claims.

The bizarre murder plot, dubbed "cunning cunnilingus" by one commentator, took place in the city of Sao de Jose Rio Preto.

The intended victim, a 43-year-old man who has not been named, says his wife tried to lure him into bed and encouraged him to perform oral sex on her. His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unusual odour emanating from her private parts and, fearing she was unwell, took her to hospital, Brazil's Tvi24 reports. Medical tests revealed she had doused her vagina with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself.

Confronted with the test results the woman reportedly confessed to her crime. It is believed she hatched the bizarre plot after asking her husband for a divorce, a request he now seems rather more likely to acquiesce to. Tvi24 says the woman has received medical treatment and sources claim her husband plans to sue her for attempted murder.

Vagina homicide is, needless to say, a highly unusual crime and a local police officer called Walter Coacino Junior has reportedly ordered "further investigation" due to the "nature" of the case. The woman may still face murder charges, he said.

The Jezebel website points out that "poisoning someone through your vagina is not that good of an idea" because "your vagina is fairly absorbent and shoving a bunch of poison in it will probably hurt you as much as it hurts the person you're trying to kill."

But Salon's Katie McDonough says the fact the man rushed his wife to hospital despite her death-by-vagina plotting suggests "chivalry is not dead". - The Week

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A little boy vanished in my house - 4 witnesses

(Unedited): I posted this as a reply to an askreddit a while back, but it was so buried i figured it deserved its own post.

A few years ago i was living in a house with some friends. One afternoon 4 people were home: my boyfriend, 2 roommates and myself. The doorbell rang. I heard my roommate answer the door. The exchange i overheard seemed odd, so i went to see who it was. There was a little boy (maybe 4 or 5 years old) standing at the door who seemed to be upset. I'd never seen him before, but just assumed he was a neighbor kid. We didn't really know many of our neighbors, so the fact that we didn't recognize him wasn't alarming. He asked if his mom was there. We told him that she wasn't. He looked really stressed and said he needed to find his mom. We told him we would try to help him out. By now my boyfriend and other roommate also gathered to see what was going on. The boy pushed passed us and just walked into our home. The layout of our house consisted of a living room and a kitchen that you entered into and then their was a hallway leading to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms led to another tiny room (like a sunroom type thing) which had a door leading to the back yard. This door was kept locked with a deadbolt. The kid bolts back into the hallway towards the bedrooms. We are all just in shock that he would just rush into our house like that, so its a few moments before one of my roommates and i follow him back. We check the first room. He's not there. Check the bathroom. Not there. Check the other bedroom and sunroom. Not there. And the back door is still deadbolted, so he couldn't have left. Plus we would have heard it open. We started checking cupboards, closets and under the beds to see if he was hiding. All the windows were closed and too high for him to reach anyway. He couldn't have just run back out the front door either since my other roommate and boyfriend were still in the living room. He. just. disappeared. We still have no idea what happened. Never saw the boy again and never had frantic parents/police officers stopping by about a missing boy lost inside my house.

Also, we were all completely sober. It was an otherwise normal afternoon. And this was a real boy. Not a ghostly apparition of a boy or anything like that. Glitchy, i say. - Reddit


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Demon attacks school - Prayer team called in for possessed student

Classes ended prematurely at a Corporate Area high school last Thursday following reports that there were demons at the institution, one of which possessed a female student.

THE STAR understands that the demon revealed himself and discouraged other students from praying for the possessed girl warning them that if they disobeyed he would leave the girl's body and enter theirs instead.

It was also understood that fear hung over the institution forcing the school's administration to seek the assistance of a special prayer team that specialises in demon possession. The prayer team is from a nearby church.

When the team arrived, they were reportedly greeted by a group of Baptist pastors who were eager to lend their assistance to rid the school of the demons.

Subsequently, the school's administration summoned students to a general prayer assembly feeling confident that the scare had ended but they were in for a surprise.

"The pastors said dem feel the evil spirit all over the school so they called the school population to an assembly. In the middle of assembly, suddenly out of the ceiling, a bird's head, cut off from the bird, drop down inna the middle of the assembly. It was chaos after that," a source who witnessed the incident said.

The school's vice-principal was reluctant to elaborate on what transpired at the school on the day of the incident and downplayed it as something minor.

"That's something at the school. I'm not going to disclose what took place. Whatever took place was not something drastic. Whoever told you should have given all the details," she said.

When further pressed in an attempt to determine the credence of the allegations, she remained tight-lipped saying only, " I don't have anything to say about that ". - Jamaica Star

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