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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Just the Facts?: Greenville AFB UFO / Alien Encounter -- Postscript to 'Flight 2012' -- Ahmadinejad...Iran's 1st Astronaut?

Greenville AFB, Mississippi UFO / Alien Encounter

6/20/1954: My uncle was an electronics specialist and a civilian employee at the Air Force base in Greenville, Mississippi in the mid 50s. One day some military authorities escorted him and several other civilian employees into a large aircraft hangar and ordered them to stay there until they were told they could come out. None of the mens questions about what was going on were answered. The military men closed the hangars doors and left. The men in the hanger hung around the area where the hangars doors came together, and they discovered they could peek outside and see what was going on. A disk shaped aircraft about 40 feet in diameter descended vertically and landed on the tarmac outside the hangar. Several men with cameras filmed the entire incident from an elevated scaffolding. Other cameramen stood on the ground. A door opened on the aircraft and a child-sized alien being walked down a short ramp. The alien used a hand-held computer to communicate with the military personnel. The aircraft was on tripod landing gear with wheels, and several men were ordered to pushed it into the hanger across the way. Once the ailen aircraft was inside the hanger, the men closed the doors. The doors were reopened several minutes later and the same men pushed the alien aircraft back outside and to its original position. The men around the aircraft stepped away from the aircraft and it soon lifted vertically and silently and quickly darted away. As soon as the alien aircraft was gone,some military men opened the hanger doors where the civilian men were standing and told them to carry on.

I was a teenager when I heard this story and my reaction to it was a mix of uncertainty and disbelief. My uncle didnt have any reason to lie about it, but... Years later, I was watching a program about UFOs on television, and a man who saw the same event described it exactly as my uncle had described it years earlier--in every detail. I was amazed, but while I have seen many UFO programs on television repeated several times, I never saw that particular interview again.

I now realize the importance of that event, but my uncle died several years ago, and I imagine that the other witnesses are probably all dead as well. Just the same,I wanted to get this information out there for what it is worth, so here it is. I hope it proves to be beneficial. Our government isnt about to confess that it has lied to us about UFOs since 1949. Doing so would destroy what little credibility it still has. - MUFON CMS

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Postscript to Flight 2012

A few days ago, I posted Flight 2012 which was forwarded to me a few years ago by Vivian Harper. Yesterday, upon noticing I published her narrative again, Vivian added a postscript:

The eclipse that day 12/21/12 was with the galactic center.
The switch was turned on that day.
There was a visual lineup to the center of the galaxy but it may take time to be receiving the energy. It is a long way away.
We may feel the effects from it even now.
Like a door opening (maybe slamming) in our face, I am told. It won't hurt but it will change us. The door opens, figuratively and perhaps physically .
Perhaps spiritually.
If we picture in our mind's eye the Galaxy, as a bicycle wheel spinning, picture it wet. Of course it is not water it is energy.
The Galaxy sucks in and spits out gravity. Sounds like a piston to me. The spit is dark matter, called that because they can't see it and don't know what it is.
The best answer-ers say it is gravity being spit out from the Galaxy and we know that anything that spits creates a charge.
Magneto charges.
What ever it is it was predicted by scientist Dimetri__. He found a 'cloud ' with his telescope that earth's path would enter. I bet it was 20 years ago. When asked how long will we be in that cloud he guessed maybe 2-3000 years.
We will get used to it. The effect it would have on earth would be a quickening of frequency of our whole solar system and any other solar system in the way.
Sounds exciting.
That is how the story ends.
A Golden Age Cometh.

Vivian Harper


Eyeball falls out in court, mistrial declared

Let it now be recorded in the annals of the U.S. justice system: a Philadelphia trial has ended in mistrial by eyeball.

It was the assault trial Commonwealth v. Brunelli, involving an early morning fight outside the New Princeton Tavern in Burholme where one punch cost John Huttick his left eye.

Huttick, 48, was on the witness stand Wednesday, weeping as he told the Common Pleas Court jury about the impact of losing an eye when he literally lost his eye.

Two jurors, seated feet away, gasped and started to rise as if they wanted to leave. Huttick caught the $3,000 prosthetic blue eye and cried out.

"I couldn't believe it just came out," said Huttick after Judge Robert P. Coleman granted the mistrial motion by defense attorney Eileen Hurley.

Coleman set a new trial for March 4 and, with judicial understatement, declared it an "unfortunate, unforeseen incident."

For Huttick, a tall, burly red-haired man who once worked as a bouncer at the New Princeton Tavern, the trial's bizarre end was just another chapter in his life's downslide since the Aug. 18, 2011 fight.

According to Assistant District Attorney Mark Gilson, the incident occurred after 2:30 a.m. involving a group of people, including Huttick and alleged assailant Matthew Brunelli, a 23-year-old cook, drinking inside the New Princeton Tavern.

Gilson said Brunelli left the bar first with a girlfriend but got into an argument with another bar patron that turned into a fight in the parking lot of the bar in the 7100 block of Rising Sun Avenue.

Somebody relayed the news to people still inside the tappy and Huttick came out to intervene.

As Huttick tried to separate Brunelli and his opponent, Gilson continued, Brunelli threw a punch that hit Huttick's left eye.

Hurley, Brunelli's attorney, said her client struck Huttick with a fist.

Hurley said Brunelli did not use a weapon and struck in self defense when he encountered the much larger Huttick getting involved in the altercation.

Gilson, however, alleged that Brunelli hit Huttick with a metal key protruding from between his fingers.

"He was stabbed," added Gilson, who said Huttick's eyeball was pierced, bisected and collapsed and the orbital bone around the eye broken.

Huttick, who is suing both Brunelli and the New Princeton Tavern, said the injury and impaired vision cost him his job at another bar. He said his depression nearly ended his relationship with his girlfriend and emptied his bank account.

"A year later I have no place to live and I ran out of money," Huttick added. - Philly


Ahmadinejad: I'll Be Iran's First Astronaut

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has revealed his dream to be his country's first astronaut.

He said he was willing to sacrifice his life for Iran's space programme, which aims to send a man into space by 2020 and put an astronaut on the moon by 2025.

"I'm ready to be the first Iranian to be sacrificed by the scientists of my country and go into space, even though I know there are a lot of candidates," state news agency IRNA quoted him as saying.

Speaking at a ceremony to unveil two new satellites, Mr Ahmadinejad added that he was willing to "auction (himself) and donate" the money to the space programme, which has been hit by international economic sanctions over Tehran's controversial nuclear drive.

Iran claimed last week it had successfully sent a monkey named Pishgam - or Pioneer in Farsi - into space and brought it back alive.

However, doubts have been raised over the mission as before-and-after images appear to show two different animals.

In 2010, Iran said it launched a rocket into space carrying a mouse, turtle and worms, but an attempt the following year to put a monkey into space failed - although no official explanation was given.

Western nations have suggested the space tests could be a cover for the development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, but Tehran denies there is any link with its nuclear programme.

The UN Security Council has imposed an almost total embargo on the export of nuclear and space technology to Iran since 2007. - SKY

NOTE: He'll also be Iran's first 'dead' astronaut...Lon

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