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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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I first published this interesting narrative in May 2009. It was forwarded by a reader named Vivian Harper who was attempting to sell the full script for film or TV production. I was told that this is a true event:

In 1967 our UFO club in Vancouver BC was hosting a speaker from California. The day before she was to do her lecture she was on ‘talk radio’. “Bob” heard her and phoned the station. A meeting was set up in our house because dad had a brand new reel to reel audio tape recorder.

Poor old Bob. He said he was dying of cancer and just had to get this story off his chest.

He tells us he was a watchman for a gold mine in the Yukon that was closed for the winter. He had no electricity. He was isolated except for his dog. On this day he was baking bread and roasting a chunk of beef in his wood stove. The date he gives us is the 14th of February 1950. At -52’F it is so cold, if you opened the door the cold air would come rolling onto the floor like a cloud of CO2.

And this is the way it happened that day. All of a sudden, standing before him, in the mist, were three not so human beings. They scared the pants off Bob.

He spoke to them, they just stared at him not speaking not moving. Looking very sinister, they then looked around the room. Bob tried to ease the situation with some light chatter. He began to think they were Russians. At the time we were hearing a lot about the Russians. The cold war started later that year. He spoke a few Russian words to them and there was no response. Bob is trembling by now but offers them some fresh baked bread. Now what human could refuse fresh baked bread I ask you? I can imagine the aroma coming from that little cabin in the middle of nowhere in the blowing snow and sub zero temperatures. But no they were not there for the cuisine. Bob tried to motion to them “Close the door”. That’s when Bob hears them speak to each other in clicks and clacks and some guttural sounds. His confusion became terror when they tore off their hoods and Bob shone the kerosene lamp into their faces. Humanoids for sure but not quite. Still Bob is not sure what he had here. The humanoids looked troubled Bob said. He does not know how troubled they really are. If he knew the extent to their troubles he may have hid under a rock. In the poor light he notices their bald heads are kind of a green color. He told us that if you saw these beings from 30 feet you would not notice them to be different. But up close they were quite different. Their jaw joint was put together differently. Their hands were small like a child’s and their arms are very short. Bob tells the story of how he finally realized who and what they were. He reached for a knife to cut himself a piece of bread and one of them grabbed his arm so hard he nearly fainted from the pain. “Oh my.” He recalls, “I knew he could kill me in a second.” The pain continued with him in the corner, moaning and groaning. Just then one of them came over and motioned to Bob to place his finger in this small depression looking device. At first he was too afraid to do anything but decided anything was better than the pain he was feeling. Once he did he felt a complete and utter pleasant feeling go through his body and the pain disappeared. He says it was then that he realized that they were not from Saskatchewan.

Their clothes smelled badly of burned metal. The next 3 ½ days Bob watches as they bring in boxes of “stuff” he does not recognize.

“Looks like some machinery and instruments.” he says. They used a screen that answers to our description of a laptop computer, on his kitchen table to examine and take apart the equipment. All of it smells like burned metal. He thinks that they have crashed themselves and are working on their own craft using screwdrivers. Did he not know that alien crafts were not made of nuts and bolts?

Actually Bob was a witness to the aftermath of a more sinister story. One that starts on earth.

Early on February 14th 1950, a B36 bomber left Fairbanks, Alaska doing what the US Air Force described as a simulated combat mission. It was a war readiness test for the B 36 and it’s crew. This meant that it was supposed to be an actual test carrying the actual nuclear core to be put in the actual Fat Boy bomb once in the air. This duty was given to Captain Ted Schreier who was the acting Weaponeer. There were 17 members to this crew. Captain Harold Berry at the controls and Co-pilot Ray Whitfield.

The pertinent rule in this story is the no fly zone over Canada. Their route was from Fairbanks to Great Falls Montana with an attack approach in San Francisco and ending in Fort Worth Texas. Following the coast they were about 7 hours in the air when out of no where there was absolute panic aboard flight 075. They radioed the Alaskan tower.

“May Day...! May Day…! Loosing air speed” Captain Berry bellowed into the mouthpiece.

The plane shudders. Someone in the background yells, “We have engine 1, 2, 5 in flames. “ They are at 8000 feet. They know they are going down and so does the tower at Fairbanks. The main concern now is to get rid of the bomb. But the bombay doors are stuck and the plutonium has been inserted. It is Captain Schreier job to dismantle the plutonium core. It is not clear if he managed to do this however.

The story is they turn west to drop the bomb and turn east again to enable the crew to parachute out over Princess Royal Island off the coast of BC. Can you imagine the courage it would take to jump out of an airplane in the middle of the night in Northern BC in February? Five men did not make it.

Except a strange thing happen about then. The plane did a 180’ turn around, back to Alaska.

At this point we do not have enough evidence to say exactly what happened after that but circumstances do tell us a lot.

Captain Schreier, the weaponeer, was never found and his parachute was found 54 years later at the crash site meaning that he never used it. We believe he was trying to fly the weapon and the B 36 and the plutonium back to Alaska. The fear was that it would get into the hands of the weapon hungry Russians. If he wasn’t protecting the contents on the flight what was he doing risking his life for nothing more than an old B 36.

The plane lays crashed in the blowing snow with no hope of rescue. America’s first ‘Broken Arrow’.

Did the three aliens steal something from the plane? And did they take it to Bob’s cabin?

The real interesting story is the relationship Bob had with the aliens. The day after Bob hears one of them say a few familiar English words.
“Stay” …”you stay” he says.

“OK” Bob says astonished.

It is clear from the start that Chris had a job to do and Bob was in the way and a nuisance. Time after time Bob would ask questions. If he had an answer at all it was only a word or two.

“Where do you come from?” What is your name? “Cliss” is the response.

Bob chose to call him Chris. A name he understood.

“Do you have women aboard?”

“No women” with no explanation.

But added that they came from a place very far away. So far away in fact, Chris has never been there himself. His grandfather had set out on a scientific mission. Since then there was Chris’ father and then himself.

Bob couldn’t figure out how to ask but wanted to know how did Chris come into being if there were no women? He let the question pass.

Bob wanted to know how many years it would take to go home. This opened up a can of worms for Bob.

“No time” Chris said.

“From here to here”. Chris motioned with his hands.

I can understand that, but Bob had never thought about time as being anything except linear.

Later, watching from across the room he is observing their antics as closely as possible.

And they don’t look happy. They are engrossed in their work.

Bob went to go outside and feed the dog. He should have known better for all of a sudden all three of them were down his throat so to speak. Chattering up a storm and physically blocking the doorway.

Chris calmed them down. And told Bob under no circumstance should Bob try to leave the cabin.

It was this moment when Bob realized that Chris was the boss and that he was a prisoner.

The one he called Red because when he got mad his face and neck went beet red. He was the scariest one and would have no trouble killing Bob if need be.

Red is an interesting character though. He is the only one to get angry but the first to laugh a bit. He was banging on the table trying to tell Bob to stay in doors when a pot fell off the wall with a loud bang. The silence afterward was deafening until Red and Bob both began to laugh. For Bob it was a nervous relief.

Red wore contact lenses. It gave him a bug-eyed look.

The third character, Burnie, was a “gofer.” Go for this and go for that. He was out doors so much Bob said the bit of skin around where a missing ear was burned off was so cold it was blue. Bob hunted up a pair of old earmuffs for him.

At dinner Bob offered them food but they had their own. A liquid mixed with a powder and stirred and eaten with a small paddle. The cup was 2 inches wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If the top was twisted it would warm up.

I hope Bob felt better after the heavy load was off his shoulders. He died soon after our visit.

There is a message in his story that is important today. Our beautiful blue jeweled planet is in danger.

But more than that, our galaxy experiences a trickle down effect caused by any nuclear explosion.

“Earth will not be allowed to do this again”. said Chris.

Chris also said he would be back, bringing his troops with him.

Something about a convergence in 2012 AD.

How about that?

NOTE: Was there a convergence? Lon

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