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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Looking For First-Hand Accounts: Vietnam War Paranormal Activity

I'd like to make a request. I'm compiling information on paranormal activity within the Vietnam War zone...past events and ongoing occurences. I know that this may be a subject that touches a raw nerve with many of those who served, their families and civilians...so I want to be as discreet as possible. I'm seeking first-hand accounts from military personnel and/or civilians as well as incidents that where sincerely communicated by witnesses to friends or family members.

Over the years, I've collected several strange incidents that occurred throughout Indo-China during the Vietnam War. These include apparitions, cryptids, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. I'd like to add your original accounts.

All published information will be presented with all due consideration to the witnesses. Please forward your submissions to lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com. Thanks...Lon