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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Musconetcong River 'Mantis Man' Returns

In July 2011 I received a correspondence from a witness in New Jersey who described an amazing encounter with a 'praying mantis' humanoid while fishing on the Musconetcong River. The information was so convincing that I had including it in my recent book.

Last night, I came across the following post in the Hackettstown Life online forum. This is the original entry:

Mantis Man sighting on the M'cong... this is no joke

I like a good story like anyone else, but my friend told me a story today that was so profound that I felt the need to share it with the rest of the town. This friend of mine who told me this story is a very successful businessman. Deep into our conversation today he started tearing up uncontrollably and told me he had something to get off his chest that had been eating at him for some time. I hope you're ready for this because I wasn't.

Apparently about a year ago my friend and his brother were down at Stephen's State Park fishing right around dusk. During this time, while his brother was roughly 50 yards downstream fishing, he said he felt this strange vibration in his right ear and from that he turned and looked to the right. When he turned and looked to the right he said he saw this 6 to 7 foot praying-mantis-looking-man... just standing there and unable to believe that he could see him. He said the creature was black and gray and to be quite honest, the way my buddy was telling me this story, I was having a tough time. I know he saw this thing... because I could see it in his face.

Anyhow, we Googled "Praying Mantis Man on Muscenetcong" right after that and it turns out my friend is not alone. I can't even emphasize enough how bad my friend was crying today over what he saw.


Well, as soon as I read this I starting shooting off inquiries. When I went back soon after, the following post was entered:

Coincidentally I just happen to run in to the teller of this story as I speak while out to dinner with my wife. I told him that I posted his tale on the local forum. After freaking out he saw how some people actually believe him. Now, when it comes to something like this I would never denigrate either of our credibility, but I just had him tell me the story again and if he's not telling the truth then he certainly believes he is.. needless to say and incidentally he's freaked me out all over again. He actually just admitted that he wet himself during these three brief seconds and he sat down in the water so his brother didn't think he ....his pants. I'm happy some you take this to heart because on the karma which I live by.. whether this guy saw this being or not he is telling the truth ... A truth he believes whole heartedly.

An hour or so later, the following was posted:

That's a big 10 4, Lon! I would like to patch the truth together and would love for you two to speak. It was the passion in which this guy (that I've known for a number of years) spoke today. I am such a fan and proponent of topics like this that I would never slander or 'cry wolf.' I'm sure people see things every day, and that's fine, but my friend today was spooked. Apparently, this happened two years ago and he told me his life has not been the same since.

Then today, I read this:

I have to admit I do feel a little strange about sharing this story from yesterday. Honestly, I've been trying to talk myself out of believing anything this friend of mine told me and how worked up he got over it. Please know, I didn't do this to spin a yarn that would take on a life of its own or am trying to make a story out of this or anything of the sort. The only reason I shared it was because after hearing this wild tale, I googled it and found Lon's article, which pretty much floored my friend and pretty much knocked him out of his chair. There were just a few eerie similarities and the fact that it took place on the Muskie just made it all the more bizarre. I keep trying to envision whatever it is that this friend of mine saw. To be truthful, one second I find it to be silly rubbish and then next second when I close my eyes and really envision what he outlined for me I find it remarkably unnerving. As always, people believe what they want to believe and I'm still not quite sure if I really believe this, but just to reiterate this friend of mine was downright spooked, and the fact that he admitted the embarrassing fact that he wet himself upon seeing this and all the tears mixed into yesterday's tale, he must've seen something, whatever it was.

So...what is being seen on the Musconetcong River? Is this some type of multidimensional entity that is moving in and out through the 'veil'? I plan to investigate the location in 2013...and possibly take other researchers with me. I also want to hook up with the witness...sooner than later. I will be updating the progress of this phenomenon when other information comes to light. Below is the narrative from the first sighting:

Lon--I have recently been doing research regarding an encounter I had about five years ago.

Fly fishing on the Musconetcong River in New Jersey with my boss, I saw briefly what I could only describe as "a Praying Mantis Man".

Although the water was clear, there had been heavy rains the past couple of days. We should not have been out there; the river was "smooth" but the current was exceptionally strong. I was leaning backwards and digging my heels into the the gravel but the river was still kicking me along pretty good. Sketchy navigating.

Please know, I am "privy to the paranormal" and always have been. Shadow people, ghosts, whatever. But what I encountered that day was not Spirit. It was a "biological", living creature. But it disappeared into thin air almost as soon as I saw it.

For whatever reason, my searches at the time turned up nothing. But then by chance I came across an 'Alien Race' type video on Youtube and there in the artwork I saw what I saw: "Ancient Mantis Leaders". So when I began searching "Mantis Alien" instead of "Praying Mantis Man", I found a lot more.

They say they are "Inter-dimensional", whatever that means, but I did not get that impression. No, this creature was cloaked and because of both my inate sensory perception skills and the particular physical circumstances at the time, (important), --I can add details if you are interested-- I just "Caught it". Movement out of the corner of my eye to my left and there it was---

Humanoid. Tall. 6 foot at least --no reference points-- but I sense 6'6" - 7'. Moving away from me back up the bank. (I am chest-high in the river) The first thing I see was the 'grasshopper' thigh, but bending forward like a human. Then the whole form. He is looking at me over his shoulder, moving up the bank, astonished, amazed. What, that I am in the water in a strong current, that I can see him? But yes we lock eyes and this creature is astonished-- I get the sense that he can't believe I am in the water, that he can't believe I have seen him, that I am not perturbed at all-- something of all three, I still don't know-- just astonishment and he is actually trying to get away from me and the water!

Triangular Head. Huge, slanted black eyes. Just like a Praying Mantis. It's whole body was gangly, nobby, ((Nobby!) but you could still sense it was powerful, and no-- I would not say it was a "Big Bug"-- it was definitely humanoid despite the mantis/insect qualities...

No, I did not tell my boss about this, who was in the water too about fifty yards behind me at the time. Being "privy to the paranormal" you just see these things and sort of go "okay". No fear, no nothing-- but I do get the sense that my "whatever" attitude contributed to this creature's astonishment. Frankly, I didn't give the encounter much though until recently.

I can forward more details. I just believe now that this encounter was somehow very important.

I wrote back to the witness (I am not going to reveal a name at this time) requesting further detail:

The description of the head is not too uncommon from other sightings that have been reported

This took place in Hackettstown, NJ. The stretch of the Musconetcong River here is unusual in that it's west bank borders Rt. 46, (a local highway, congested with lots of stores) but the east bank where we were fishing borders fields and farmlands.

No bank to speak of on the developed side, but the sloping bank on the rural side was high (ten feet?) A strip of trees about 10 - 20 yards thick separated the river from the fields beyond, but there was the occasional gap/path, each about 20 yards wide that allowed clear access to the river.

Like I mentioned, the weather had been bad the previous several days, and the sky was white and heavy. It was mid-afternoon.

When I saw The Mantis Man, it was in one of these gaps, moving back up the bank towards the fields, looking back at me over its left shoulder. About 15 - 20 yards away.

So understand that it was several feet above me (I looked up at it) and framed clearly against that blank/white sky. Like a full ghost apparition, it was indeed clear but nevertheless nearly transparent and fading fast. Then it "evaporated" mid-stride.

Again, I stress the strong impression that The Mantis Man was cloaked and I "caught it" just right; it abruptly found itself against a "new"/blank background and was adjusting quickly. No, I do not believe it "slipped" into another dimension/plane.

I detected movement and first saw that strong left thigh, (and strong right calf) then the whole thing and immediately those eyes/face. The whole encounter was only a couple of seconds. I can not tell you with any strong certainty what its feet or hands looked like --I wasn't looking there-- but I can tell you that its arms were "normal", and not the literal Mantis forelegs I have recently seen in drawings of these "Aliens".

That's really about it. If you have any questions please contact me.

NOTE: the 2 sightings are very familiar is a few respects...but it does seem these were 2 different sightings by 2 different people. If I receive other updates, it will be posted. Lon

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