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Friday, December 07, 2012

Reader Submission: Little Boy Blue

A longtime reader and intuitive, Robin Smith, submitted the following narrative. This is a ghost tale that I was not aware of:

Most everyone in the Copiah/Lincoln County area in Mississippi has heard about the "urban legend" of Little Boy Blue. This is the ghost of a little boy wearing overalls in the cemetery on Little Lane in Wesson, MS.

There are different versions of this ghost story. To this day he is un-rested and haunts the cemetery. During an outbreak of Scarlet Fever, a little boy around the age of 5 was a victim of the disease. He died and was buried - his tombstone is in the opposite direction than the rest of the headstones in the cemetery due to regulation of quarantine.

The legend is that if you drive up to the cemetery at night that you must turn off your car engine, headlights and cell phones. Within 10 minutes you will see either a red light or a blue light. If you see a red light that means that he does not like you and you need to leave. There will be a child's hand prints on the vehicle. If you see a blue light, that means that he likes you.

It was around Halloween 2012, I wanted to go to the cemetery and see if I would get the red light or the blue light. I dressed up as a nun, Keith dressed up as a Priest, my daughter Kristy dressed Gothic and our friend Tracy dressed up as a witch. We drove to the cemetery, killed the engine and head lights. We got out of the car and walked into the cemetery. My camera was working just fine. I took several pictures. Tracy's camera was on video. She tried her best to turn off the video so that she could take pictures. After being in the cemetery for 10 minutes, we headed back to the car. We sat there for 10 minutes, we never saw anything. I was thinking to myself, that this is just a story that people made up and there is no such thing as Little Boy Blue. When we got back to my house, I loaded the SD card in my computer. On the first video it was a blue light that went through very quickly. You could hear me & Keith talking in the back ground and then all of a sudden a child whispers, "I am little Boy Blue." We are all true believers now that Little Boy Blue does exist.

Is the blue light in the process of manifesting into an apparition? These screen captures came from a 2 second clip

I wanted to go back in the daylight hours to see if I could capture a picture of Little Boy Blue. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I had a cold sensation that chilled me to the bone. On one picture, I captured the image of a little boy that looks to be around the age of 5. He looks like Huckleberry Finn. He had on a hat, and there is a big tear drop on his face. - Robin Smith

Robin states: 'I can see a little boy peeking from behind the headstone. He has on a hat. He looks like Huckleberry Finn and he has a tear drop on his cheek. Then I see what looks like the Gerber baby. I can see several faces.'

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