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Monday, December 03, 2012

Hauntings & Humanoids for the Holidays

The following anecdotes are collected from previous holidays postings...enjoy!

Strange Holiday Activity Alarms Reader

I received the following anecdote from a reader in 2010:

Mr. Strickler - I wanted to communicate with you a few strange incidents I experienced this past week.

I am a collector of vintage Christmas ornaments and have done so for over 30 years. The day after Thanksgiving, I received a telephone call from a local auctioneer who had just received a consignment that included several rare handmade ornaments. The next week, I attended the auction and was delighted after obtaining several of these fine pieces at very reasonable prices. One ornament in particular stood out from the rest. It was a porcelain figure of a St.Bernard dog that was English and hand painted.

Each Christmas, I select my favorite ornaments from my collection to display on my tree. I was very proud of the new St. Bernard dog ornament and wanted to show it off to my friends and family.

One morning last week, I noticed that the ornament had fallen from the tree and was laying on the carpet. The string that attached it to the tree branch was not tore and felt fortunate that it had not broken. I just placed it back on the tree.

That evening, I was sitting in the living room reading a magazine when I started to hear a 'ringing' sound coming from the tree. It was like a the sound of a porcelain bell. The sound lasted for a few seconds then suddenly stopped. About an hour later, the ringing sound started again but this time it was a bit louder and lasted for almost a minute. I looked at the tree but could not tell where the sound was coming from. I just assumed it was coming from outside the house.

That night, I was laying in bed asleep (around 11:45 pm) when I thought I heard heavy footsteps coming down my upstairs hallways towards my bedroom. I got up, looked around the house and rechecked the intruder alarm. I was in the kitchen checking the outside door when I heard footsteps rapidly going up the stairs to the second floor. I live alone, so I was very concerned, so I called 911 just to be safe.

The police looked around the property to make sure it was safe. I live in a small community where everyone knows everyone else's business, so anything out of the ordinary is common knowledge the next day. The police assured me that they would not make a report. They soon left and told me to call back if I noticed anything unusual. I thought that was an odd statement but I appreciated their concern.

I walked up the stairs and turned towards my bedroom. As soon as I got to the bedroom door I noticed it. The St. Bernard ornament was setting on my nightstand. Now I was freaked out. I have never experienced any paranormal activity though I love to read about these things. Now it was happening to me.

I picked up the ornament, walked downstairs and placed it back on the tree. I looked at it for a minute or two and then noticed that two other ornaments were missing. I looked on the carpet but nothing was there. After looking around for several minutes I decided to go back to bed and look again in the morning.

The next morning, I woke and walked downstairs. I entered the living room and immediately noticed that the St. Bernard ornament was missing from the tree - but the two ornaments that were missing the night before were back on the tree. I looked all over the house, but the ornament was gone.

It has been almost a week and the St. Bernard ornament is still missing, but there has been no further activity since it disappeared. I cannot explain any of this. Are you familiar with this type of activity? I hesitate to speculate what is going on and really don't what anybody coming into my house to investigate.

If the ornament returns, I will notify you. Please feel free to publish my story if you like but I would appreciate anonymity. I have included a photo of a similar ornament I found in a dealer catalog. Thank you for your help.


The Christmas Gift That Refused To Be Ignored

by Mark Leyner - Can an innocent Christmas present plunge a normal family into consensual madness?

Yes, it can, especially if the catalyst is a three-foot My Size Barbie, the first exceedingly popular toy that my daughter, Gaby, ever asked for insistently.

Her obsession meant I ended up in some remote Toys “R” Us in another state! one Christmas Eve about ten years ago, vying with other desperately doting dads for the last few items on well-looted shelves.

But I managed to bag my first Big Gift.

The next morning, Gaby exuberantly unwrapped the My Size Barbie, immediately and inexplicably christening the doll Jessica Lynn Cohen.

Why that oddly specific appellation, with its country-western triple cadence, we’ll never know. It was Christmas, and it was her doll, and it stuck.

Gaby and Jessica Lynn Cohen became instant BFFs. Gaby lent Jessica Lynn Cohen her clothes, they played school, hosted tea parties, went to the park, sat on the stoop together, reenacted scenes from Disney movies.

But then came the inevitable cooling off. Kids tire of gifts. And they abruptly and blithely cast them into oblivion. No big deal. We put Jessica Lynn Cohen in the basement, in a spare room we use as a catchall storage space.

In the beginning, we’d each move her around just to scare one another. But then she seemed to move around on her own.

She’d appear in various rooms without anyone having touched her - or at least without anyone admitting to having touched her.

I’d go downstairs to attend to a blown fuse and there’d be Jessica Lynn Cohen in the boiler room. We’d find her in the pantry with her arms outstretched in a sort of pious Joan of Arc gesture of supplication or in the bathroom with one leg raised high over her head like a Folies Bergère dancer.

Coming upon her this way could be frightening. She had taken on the stricken phantasmal look of a ghost from a shipwreck.

She also started terrifying other people. I could always tell by the ashen face of some poor plumber or cable guy that he had accidentally stumbled upon Jessica Lynn Cohen in a dark corner of the house.

So we decided to get rid of her. But very bad things happened to us whenever we tried to throw her out.

Within hours of the first time I left her out on the street for the garbage men, my wife, Mercedes, who’d never had a single related symptom, had a severe gallstone attack and needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

I reluctantly brought Jessica Lynn Cohen back inside.

A couple of months later, I was hit by a car as I crossed a street in Culver City, California. At the moment of impact, I did not have that common experience of seeing my life passing before my eyes; I had the unmistakable feeling that Jessica Lynn Cohen was angry.

I called Mercedes and asked if anything unusual had occurred in the days preceding my accident. She admitted that she’d taken Jessica Lynn Cohen to the Salvation Army.

Get her back, I said.

We tried finding a new home for her. A friend - a single guy without kids - finally agreed to take her in. Within two weeks, he’d developed a pilonidal cyst and his brother in Florida was arrested for embezzlement.

Our friend returned her and asked that we never again discuss her in his presence.

We eventually had to reach an accommodation with Jessica Lynn Cohen and accept her as a permanent member of our family.

She is now the unrivaled centerpiece of our Christmas tradition.

On Christmas Eve we keep her in a special “secret detention room.” We worry that Santa, because of his facility for seeing into the souls of all things, might discern in Jessica Lynn Cohen something irredeemably bad, and be frightened off before he has a chance to deliver our presents.

But on Christmas morning, there she stands, in her honored place of precedence, next to the tree.

Yes, I suppose you could say she’s an evil zombie doll who led our family to madness.

But, damn it, she’s our evil zombie doll. We adore her. And we’re never, ever going to abandon her.

And so, another Christmas will come and go, under the vigilant, unflinching gaze of Our Gracious Lady of Nonrefundable Gifts, Our Jessica Lynn Cohen. - Oprah


Humanoids for the Holidays

The following is a collection of early humanoid reports accumulated by Albert S. Rosales that occurred during the 1930s-50s holiday periods:

George Adamski was a Polish-born American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien "Space Brothers", and to have taken flights with them. The first of the so-called contactees of the 1950s, he styled himself to be a "philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher."

Adamski claimed that he had been contacted by the Venusian occupant of a flying saucer that landed in the California desert November 20, 1952. Subsequently Adamski claimed to have had contact with spacemen from Mars and Saturn and to have traveled 50,000 miles into space in their craft. After Adamski's revelations, the convention of spaceman contacts, messages from outer space, and warnings about the welfare of the cosmos became firmly established.

Near Blythe, California - November 20 1952 - 11:00 am

“Attempting to establish a contact,” George Adamski and 6 others drove into the desert, and were eating lunch when a cigar shaped ship was seen hovering. This departed, but after they had driven half a mile and got out, there appeared a saucer hovering, which he photographed. Then he saw a man beckoning, 1/4 mile away, and Adamski walked up to him. He was wearing a one-piece brown coverall without seams, and had shoulder length hair and a very high forehead. Adamski asked him by signs what planet he came from; he replied by indicating the second orbit and speaking, “Venus,” as Adamski had done. “He made me understand that their coming was friendly,” and that, they were concerned about atomic explosions (nodding or shaking his head in response to Adamski’s questions accompanied by mental pictures) an extended partly telepathic conversation is recounted. The visitor indicated his feet; his shoes left footprints containing mysterious markings. He conducted Adamski to the saucer, but not into it, it was translucent and hovering close to the ground. Then he returned to it, and it took off. Adamski was apart from his companions for 1 hour, but they could watch by binoculars.

Later in Palomar Gardens, California - December 13 1952 - 9:00 am

At Palomar Gardens, where Adamski had set up his telescope, he was able to make 3 photographs of a saucer as it approached. It came within 100 ft; “one of the portholes was opened slightly, a hand was extended, and the film holder which my spaceman friend had carried away on November 20 was dropped to the ground.” When developed, it showed not the original saucer photo, but numerous mysterious blurry signs.


Okinawa, Japan - late December 1953 - late night

The witness, a soldier, had just returned to his barracks and had gone to bed when he suddenly found himself in the middle of the airfield standing near a landed object. He was then guided through a blue haze into the object and into a large circular room, there several humanoids, described as five-foot tall, with short blond hair, blue eyes and wearing tight fitting metallic outfits communicated with the witness by using telepathy. He was reassured and was apparently given a short trip on which he saw through a large round glass window what appeared to be the earth, as it would have looked at the “beginning.” The aliens finally brought him back and gave him the following message, “Trust only in our return and we shall deliver yours.”

Source: UFONS


Hamilton, New Zealand - December 1954 - 1:30 am

Doreen Wilkinson reported that three invisible entities attacked and violated her in her home. Around the same time John Stuart was sitting at his desk when a bizarre entity appeared before him. The humanoid was about four or five feet from him and was facing him. Its body resembled, vaguely that of a human. From the waist up it was a man and from the waist down that of a woman. It's flesh stinking putrid, seemed to hang in folds. It was grayish color. The slack mouth was dribbling, its lips moved but there was no sound. Stuart heard a telepathic message, “Your friend knew too much and had to be silenced.” Soon the creature seemed to waver and grow less distinct; then materialized again into solidity. Stuart almost collapsed in horror as he realized that the male & female areas of its body had changed places. He received one more warning before the creature dissolved and disappeared. Stuart soon abandoned Ufology.

Source: Jerome Clark


Perak, Malaysia - December 24 1954 - afternoon

Wong Yi Moi, a young Chinese girl had been tapping rubber trees near the edge of a large estate not far from the Trolak River when suddenly she heard a rustle in the grass behind her. Before she could turn, she was seized by powerful arms, which were covered with dense, black hair. Struggling, she managed to look over her shoulder and found herself staring into a face that was straight out of a nightmare, with two long, blackened fangs jutting out from between thick lips. In a frenzy of horror, she saw two more ape-like creatures standing by the edge of the forest. Their skin appeared to be white beneath its covering of black hair, and their faces were distorted by fearsome grins. The two creatures by the trees were over six feet in height, and wore loincloths. Each carried a knife slung from the waist.

The creature struggling with Wong Yi appeared to be a female. She wore a yellowish skirt made of bark and uttered weird, croaking cries. Finding additional strength the young Chinese girl succeeded in tearing herself free. As she fled, she snatched one terrified glance over her shoulder, but the creatures were moving away back into the forest. Two other people had also spotted the “fang men” along the banks of the Trolak River within hours of Wong Yi Moi’s experience. The first was a corporal in the Malaya Police, Abdul Talib, who had been on patrol with a security detachment. On seeing the three weird creatures on the opposite bank of the river, the corporal raised his rifle and all three-ape creatures dived into the river and swam out of sight. The second witness was an Indian rubber tapper named Appiasamy. Hairy arms too had grabbed him from behind. Breaking free he had run for his life only to fall headlong down a rocky slope, bruising himself badly.

Source: John Macklin, Dwellers in Darkness


Saarijarvi, Kullaa, Finland - November 29 1939 - 5:00 pm

14-year old Arvo was in the forest with his father collecting firewood. When it was getting to be twilight they headed home. Almost at once the boy noticed on the right side of the path, on a small rocky hill some 2-3 meters high, a strange device 3-4 meters in diameter. He assumed it was a moonshine factory and since he had never seen one before he wanted to have a look. His father however deterred him from approaching the object. He observed the device from a distance of about 70 meters. He described the device as being 3-4 meters in diameter, narrowing at the top, which was hidden by the dense firs. The bottom section was round like a kettle and it was about 2.5 meters in height, supported by perhaps three landing legs made of 2-3 rods ending in triangular plates, which he would observe later. From the bottom of the craft emanated a “dull” flame like that of an upside down candle, 1.5 meters long. From the sides of the lower section of the object shot out 5-6 strong flames of different colors angled at 45 degrees down and about 1 meter in length, emitting a loud noise resembling that of escaping gas. Standing outside the object was a 160cm tall human like creature, which was clad in an astronaut-like suit with a round helmet, which had an oval opening. It was carrying a box, which he was apparently using to “direct” 2 or 3 robot-like creatures, which had box-like heads. At least one of these robots lifted his legs very high when walking, so Arvo could see that the legs were like two rods below the knees ending in a plate. It was not possible to make a very accurate or detailed observation of their activities due to the twilight and covering trees. The next day the Winter War began, but Arvo went to the landing site, despite his father’s objections, which also refused to go fetch firewood with him. At the site where the object was seen there was a triangular mark of a support leg. There was also a strong, unpleasant smell in the area.

Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland


Camperville, Manitoba, Canada - December 1930 - late night

On a frigid night as the whole family slept they were suddenly awakened by the keen howling and frenzied barking of their dogs. Several family members quickly rushed out after getting quickly dressed. The dogs acted as if they were rabid but never approached the figure of a strange man that was standing by the fence next to the road. He was not wearing proper clothing. With temperatures below 30, this figure wore a black tailed tuxedo and a white shirt. He stood there watching the dogs, and then he looked at the family. They walked towards him to see what he wanted but he backed up to the dirt road. Two of the men walked towards him. He watched them approach him and then walked backwards down the road. No matter how fast the men walked they could not get close to him. He seemed to be walking backward one step at the time but no matter how fast they ran they could not reach him. The men gave up and returned home. They never saw the stranger again.

Source: Witness account


The following was posted in 12/2009

Christmas Decorating and the Ghost is Right on Time!

A very average American family lives here on Long Island New York in a very average neighborhood in a very modest comfortable home on a friendly street. All is well and all are happy but for one slight intrusion.

Every year around this time, for the last 40 years, this one family deals with a ghost who visits their house.

The story goes that a family that consisted of a young couple, two kids and a grandfather built the house. The grandfather lived on the second floor and loved his new home. He had a sitting room on the second floor with a bedroom and private bath. Outside he kept roses and flowers that he loved and tended with care.

Both the young husband and wife worked full time jobs. The grandfather watched over the children until the couple returned home at night. The family seemed typical to the other families in the neighborhood. The granddad was happy to be with his family and tend his roses. He was content with his life. Often you could find him smoking his pipe waiting in his rocking chair on the front porch for the children to return from school. Life seemed to be working smoothly for all.

It started during one hot summer. The young couple began to fight. The young man started to drink heavily. Often you could hear yelling and loud arguing erupting from the house. The neighbors began to talk about it and eventually call the police when the fighting became too loud or violent. You could hear doors slamming and furniture being thrown against walls. By the fall of that year gunshots were heard a few times and the police were a constant fixture at the home. It was sad knowing the family was dissolving. Neighbors felt sorry for the old grandfather caught in the middle. It was a difficult time.

The couple divorced. The wife took the children and moved away. The young husband placed the house for sale. The grandfather had to be placed in an old folks home. Word had it his heart was broken.

That was 40 years ago. The family now living in this home is a lovely happy normal family. They raised their kids in the house, kept the house up ,even replaced the bathrooms and kitchens a few times along the way. They also put up with grandpas ghost!

It is said that the old man did not make out too well once he left his once happy home. He hated the old folks home and only lasted a few years before he passed away.

Coincidentally, a few years after owning this house, the new family started to notice odd activities around the home. It would always seem to be noticed the most around the holidays. The family would be sitting in the dinning room eating when they would hear the front door open and someone walk up the stair case to the second floor. The family would call out to see who was there without any reply. They would then search the house to find it empty but for the family sitting at the table.

The family would hear someone slamming doors or footsteps overhead as they sat in the family room of someone walking around on the second floor. They would search only to always find an empty house. The worst of it all was the smell of the burning pipe. Each time this would occur the house would fill with the smell of a freshly lit pipe being smoked. At times the odor of the pipe would be so overpowering the family needed to open windows and doors. This ghost has visited this family now every year for the past 40 years.

I ran into the woman who owns this house recently in Macy’s while Christmas shopping. We caught up on our families and neighbors. Before we parted I asked her how she was making out with her yearly ghostly visits of the old grandfather?

“Oh he is with us again this year. He is a bit unhappy with us as we are doing renovations on the house and he always hates when we work on the house. He has picked up his visits to daily explosions up the staircase and marches around in the bedroom above the dinning room as usual. The problem is that this year he visits every day and always has that darn smelly pipe with him. We know he is really annoyed, as he now has added the new event of slamming the cabinet doors in the kitchen when we are in the den watching TV. ”

I was stunned at how matter of fact my fellow town dweller was taking this ghostly invasion. I wondered if they ever feared this ghost or were concerned he was changing his activity? I asked her if she ever thought about bringing in a ghost hunter?

“No, we are not fearful at all. After 40 years of walking around the house and up the stairs we all feel he is harmless. For some reason he likes to be in the house during the holidays. He also refuses to move on. We think he still is tending his roses and smoking his pipe. It doesn’t interfere with our lives so we just let it be. Anyway we never touch those roses yet they get bigger and more beautiful each and every year for the last 40 years. Why spoil a good thing? Once Christmas comes and goes and I take down the tree and he leaves till the next holiday arrives. We don’t mind, we are use to him.”

I must say I am envious on how easily this family deals with an obvious and ongoing journey with the paranormal. I am not sure I could just shrug my shoulders as ghostly footsteps invaded my staircase and filled my house with smoke from the other side. I know I could not handle it with the ease and grace this family does.

As I wished my neighbor a good holiday I glanced into her shopping cart filled with Christmas tree ornaments, and bright red stockings with the names of the family members printed across the top of each stocking. I could not help but notice that the second stocking down had the word Grandpa written across it. They are a kind and good family.

I truly wish them a very Merry Christmas…and you too Grandpa!

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World

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