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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just the Facts?: Interesting Seattle UFO -- New 'Rogue Planet' -- Lost Time...Twice

'It looks like a flying saucer from a 1960 sci-fi TV show'

Seattle, WA - 4/21/12 - unedited: My 8 year old granddaughter was taking pictures as the family traveled down Interstate 5 Southbound Seattle. The hit a rolling slowdown on the freeway and she snapped a shot of the sky.

No one saw anything, she did not see anything when she took the photo. Later upon looking at the pictures she saw the object in the picture and shared it with me. I thought it was a weird game or something else.

I called the camera manufacturer and they said they do not have any games or software that would do that and it was definately a photograph of some THING.

I shared it with some close friends and then sat on it for a while because most of the people I showed it too thought it was a fake photo-shopped UFO. So I just decided not to share it with anyone else.

Then I saw a story on TV in Denver about UFOs flying so fast that they could not be seen with the eye but were showing up when slowed down on tape.

Here is the Denver story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AEQgEFqE40&feature=player_embedded

So I thought Id just submit this to the various reporting agencies incase this is something similar going on over Seattle.

We would just like to know what it is. Im submitting the original photo from the camera. A picture of her camera when she showed it to me. I took a picture of her phone with my iPhone. A blow up I made on my PC to see it closer. I noticed a pinkish hue around the object after blowing it up. Finally Im submitting a short video. She was video taping the sky before switching to camera mode and capturing the photo. Hoping this will give a reference as to sun angle. The object was floating just over the freeway wall over what turns out to be a quiet neighborhood. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I have seen the video...the description seems to fit the scenario. Lon

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'Rogue planet', without a star, discovered

Astronomers have spotted a "rogue planet" - wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit - 100 light-years away.

Recent finds of such planets have suggested that they may be common, but candidates have eluded close study.

The proximity of the new rogue planet has allowed astronomers to guess its age: a comparatively young 50-120 million years old.

The planet, dubbed CFBDSIR2149-0403, is outlined in a paper posted online to appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Rogue planets are believed to form in one of two ways: in much the same way as planets bound to stars, coalescing from a disk of dust and debris but then thrown out of a host star's orbit, or in much the same way as stars but never reaching a full star's mass.

One tricky part is determining if rogue planet candidates are as massive as the "failed stars" known as brown dwarfs, further along in stellar evolution but without enough mass to spark the nuclear fusion that causes starlight.

Either way, the objects end up free of a host star's gravity. Given that most planets we know of are found through the effects they have on their host star's light, pinning down rogue planets has proven difficult.

An international team went on a vast hunt for the planets using the Canada France Hawaii Telescope on Hawaii's Mauna Kea and the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, looking for the infrared light that warm, young planets give off - and they came up with just one candidate.

"This object was discovered during a scan that covered the equivalent of 1,000 times the [area] of the full moon," said study co-author Etienne Artigau of the University of Montreal.

"We observed hundreds of millions of stars and planets, but we only found one homeless planet in our neighbourhood."

But crucially, the new find appears to be moving along with a similarly itinerant group of celestial objects, called the "AB Doradus moving group" - a collection of about 30 stars which are of roughly the same composition and are believed to have formed at about the same time.

Because CFBDSIR2149-0403 appears to be moving with the group - to a certainty of 87% - astronomers believe it too formed with the stars, about 50 -120 million years ago.

It is this estimate of age that allows astronomers to use computer models of planet evolution to make further guesses as to the planet's mass and temperature.

The team believe it has a temperature of about 400C and a mass between four and seven times that of Jupiter - well short of the mass limit that would make it a likely brown dwarf.

What remains unclear is just how the planet came to be - the tiny beginnings of a star, or planet launched from its home? Study co-author Philippe Delorme of the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble, said that the latter implied a great many planets like it.

"If this little object is a planet that has been ejected from its native system, it conjures up the striking image of orphaned worlds, drifting in the emptiness of space," he said. - BBC


SETI gets big check

A co-founder and chief scientist of San Diego-based Qualcomm donated $3.5 million to improve the search for life on other planets, the SETI Institute announced Wednesday.

The Mountain View-based organization uses radio telescopes to search for unnatural signals. The gift from Franklin Antonio of Qualcomm will be used to double the sensitivity of an antenna feed from the Allen Telescope Array, a grouping of 350 telescopes about 300 miles north of San Francisco, according to SETI officials.

The antenna feed will be named after Antonio.

The telescopes are generally aimed toward stars where the existence of planets have been deduced by earthbound astronomers and through use of the Kepler telescope.

The institute also announced it will seek another $1 million in a fundraising campaign.

“Donations will help support our scientists to make a difference in the world,” said Jill Tarter, co-founder of the SETI Institute. “People who value creativity, education and technology support SETI Institute’s mission.”

A variety of efforts involving SETI, which stands for Search for Extra- Terrestrial Intelligence, took place during the 1970s and 1980s, but NASA pulled funding during the early 1990s, so current programs are run privately. - Fox5 San Diego

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UFO Experience - Summer 1992

Chowchilla, CA - Summer 1992 - unedited: When I was 16 years old I worked on my Dad’s vineyard. The ranch was a large ranch, almost 1000 acres, and was out in the middle of nowhere in eastern Central California, Fresno being the closest large town (city) about 35 minutes north. My UFO story begins one night during harvest that lasted three days. (Wine grapes are harvested at night when the fruit’s sugar is at its highest.) My experience started one night about 2am while I was out watering down the roads driving a large tractor and that pulled a large water tanker that sprayed water onto the roads to keep the dust down during harvest. I was at the eastern most edge of the ranch listening to my Sony Walkman ( I think I was listening to Boys to Men…) when I noticed a red light out in the field to the east of me looking out towards the Sierra Mountains. This red light did not look too far away, probably out about a half a mile. I was driving south and was watching the red light thinking it was helicopter and pondering how strange it was that it was out in the field. Then I noticed the red light was coming closer to me and I began to get nervous. Never for a moment did I believe this was an alien craft, but rather a helicopter piloted by humans that were about to fly over me, and even harass me out in no-mans-land. The red light got closer and closer and suddenly when it was about 100 yards out the red light turned into a bright white light shining in my direction. I was then positive these people in this helicopter meant no good and wanted to harass or even harm me, so I put the tractor in high gear and took off back to the office that was nearly two miles away. I got back to the office and began to recall what occurred and it was then that I began to realize or ponder if what I saw was actually a UFO. I never saw the helicopter, nor did I hear it, all I saw was the red light coming towards me that suddenly turned white which gave me a very formidable feeling. Absolutely creeped out I didn’t go back out to the vineyards that night and fell asleep in the office.

The next day I didn’t think too much about what happened and went back to work that night watering down the roads as I had the night before. I remember staying out of the eastern most portions of the ranch and staying close to the harvesters where all the workers and machines were hard at work. It was then that I had the most bizarre experience of my life. I was watering down one of the main roads where the gondolas dumped the grapes into the bins of the big rigs to be taken to the winery. There were four harvesters that night; one would start down a row followed by the second, third, and finally the fourth. As the fourth harvester went into the vineyard I was approaching from about 50 yards away. All the bright lights of the machinery and tractors lit up the area and there I saw hovering over the harvest about 40 feet in the air and 100 feet from me a dark gray circular spacecraft about the size of a large SUV. It appeared to wobble in the air and it was shaped like two bowls glued together with a short cylindrical top. I could see rivets and round nodules protruding here and there, something you would relate to sensors. I could see no windows, just dark gray metal and its alien characteristics. Terrified, I began to get my tractor closer to the workers wanting to point out what I was witnessing, but something inside of me made me pull away from them, fearing they would panic by seeing the hovering craft. Remembering that moment I don’t think I have ever been that genuinely scared before or since. Again, I raced back to the office and played sick so I didn’t have to return to work.

The third day, still pretty frazzled from the previous night I was out and about the ranch on one of the ATVs, feeling rather safe from the daylight I was looking about the sky, and there high in the sky above the riverbed that ran along the vineyards was the craft. I was far enough away where it didn’t frighten me so I stared for a moment when almost instantly flew off into the distance disappearing from sight.

There you have it, my UFO story. To this day, 20 years later, that memory still boggles my mind. Did I actually see a UFO? Did I see a spacecraft piloted by or operated by intelligent beings from another planet? What exactly did I see? Did that really happen? I suppose I will never really know. I’ve told my story to people throughout the years and I’m pretty sure they look at me like I’m insane. Once I told my social psychology professor about my experience and he said I was in a wakeful dream state and it was all a dream or hallucination. I know what I saw really happened, I know what I saw was real, but it is still hard to grasp what seeing such a thing really means. If what I saw was real over that three day period, then that means the reality in which we live in is very different than the reality that our society has been brought to believe. All of which is fascinating.

Thank you for reading my about my experience! - MUFON CMS

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Lost time...twice

Fairmount, Indiana - unedited: i am reporting 2 times that i experienced time loss , one incident was in 1980 and the other in 1995 , one incident occurred near the city of Marion, Indiana and the other was just outside Fairmount, Indiana , both incidents i was in my vehicle on my way home from work and lost time , the incident in 1980 my vehicle actually stopped running with no electrical working on the vehicle loosing around 18 minutes of time, the other incident outside of Fairmount, Indiana i was also on my way home from work and lost around 15 minutes , this time it was very cold outside and at 11pm my vehicles windows were iced up , being lazy as usual i only scrapped off a small area of ice just enough to see and took off towards home , just outside of Fairmount in i lost 15 minutes of time and my vehicle (a older chevy truck) was warm inside and all of the windows were defrosted , completely cleared of ice , i can show a investigator both locations this occurred and add further information , thanks - MUFON CMS

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