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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Just the Facts?: 'Elixir of Life' Found? -- Kentucky's 'Bearilla' -- Possible Alien Intrusion

'Elixir of Life' Found?

The scientists have taken two years to develop the yogurt based drink called "nar" which means nourishment in Kazakh.

It has been developed at Nazarbayev University in the capital, Astana where it is currently undergoing clinical tests.

The Kazakhstani leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev, gave orders to the university's scientists to come up with an 'elixir of life', soon after the institution was established in 2009.

Aged 72, he has been president of the Central Asian state since 1990 and interested in immortality for some time.

When, in 2010, an ethnic Korean delegate at Kazakhstan's People's Assembly suggested that the President should remain in power for another decade, Mr Nazarbayev replied:

“Maybe, then, you'll offer me an elixir of youth and energy – maybe you have such potions in Korea … I'm willing to go on until 2020, just find me an elixir.”

Roger Highfield, director of external affairs at London's Science Museum told Radio 4's Today Programme: "Definitely, the Kazaks are on to something. There is a lot of interest in trying to tweak your microbial culture. He added:

"I think what they have tried to get at is the fact that the digestive system of your body has a hundred trillion microbes, that is ten times the number of cells in your major organs."

"And we are finding that the complicated mixture of microbes has big influences on obesity on diabetes, maybe even on heart attacks so we are trying to tweak that with probiotics now."

The yogurt mixture has yet to be drunk, and it can't be purchased in shops but Nazarbayev is not the first ruler to test out an elixir of life.

Dr Jennifer Rampling, an expert on elixirs based in Cambridge said: "He is the latest in a long line of rulers and important people who have hired or been approached by scientists and physicians who claim to have found some kind of elixir capable of prolonging life."

"In fact Queen Elizabeth I was approached by several alchemy practitioners who promised that they could give her an elixir that would preserve her health."

The discovery of the elixir was announced at an international scientific conference held at Nazarbayev University earlier this month. - Telegraph


Kentucky's 'Bearilla'

People who've seen the Bearilla say it's a beast with wolf-like features. sounds like something found only in fairy tales. But some researchers say people have seen the creature and even been attacked by it for decades right here in Kentucky. In LEX 18's Mystery Monday, Courtney Fischer goes in search of evidence of its existence.

Kentucky's back woods keeps quite a few secrets, secrets that if you're lucky will reveal themselves. But some, no matter how patient you are, stay hidden.

Bearilla lurks in the woods, so the experts say, with the last known sighting occurring in 1989.

The broad-shouldered beast has the body of a bear, and a long, pointed muzzle like a wolf, hands with dagger-like claws and canine teeth. It's allegedly been seen through parts of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada and Pennsylvania, with dozens of sightings reported.

"Course, the first case in the 1940s," said researcher Ron Coffey. "A young boy claimed to be attacked on a creek bank by the creature. I do not discount that many eyewitnesses. Everybody's just not imagining things and making it up."

Coffy's not found any bones or remains, but says he can prove Bearilla exists a plaster cast of a footprint Coffey says he found the tracks last winter in Bath County and matches the description of a Bearilla's foot. "Every single legend is based on some kind of fact," he said. Stories don't just materialize."

Coffey may have been researching Bearilla for more than two decades, but there's another person who's had his eyes on the woods for just as long. and he lives right across the street. "I think somebody's trying to start a good hoax," said skeptic John Pugh with a laugh. "That's my opinion."

Pugh says he has his own proof there's no Bearilla - his roosters and his chickens that roam his yard. and have never been attacked by a monster beast. "At night time it's always peaceful and quiet," he said, "You don't hear anything going on."

And that's enough for Pugh to know that no seven foot wolf-life creature is lurking in the woods across the way. "I'll believe it when I see it," he said.

But Coffey says it's only a matter of time until another clue surfaces or another eyewitness comes forward proving Bearillas exist.

LEX 18 wanted to talk to someone who claims to have actually seen Bearilla, but Coffey says the last surviving witness recently died. - LEX18

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Missouri 'Coyote' actually a Wolf

The hunter whose bow and arrow ended the life of the 80-pound animal near Boonville, MO, Tuesday told investigators he thought it was a coyote. Wildlife Regional Supervisor John George believes it was an honest mistake. "Most people in Missouri are going to have some frequency of occurrence with coyotes, they're quite common. With wolves, the majority of the time it's probably somebody's large dog that they're seeing," said John George with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The hunter reported his kill to the department of conservation officials who then turned it over to the science division for testing. DNA samples were collected and the animal's corpse was stored in a freezer.

The largest coyote on record anywhere weighed 74 pounds, so this is either one mother of a coyote, or it's something else. Question is, what? Remember, this isn't the first time something weird's been shot in Missouri. It happened last year, too, when a 104-pound coyote was determined to be a wolf.


First it was mountain lions now comes word that a 104-pound "coyote" shot in Missouri back in November is actually a wild wolf, according to DNA analysis.

From this story in the Wichita (Kan) Eagle:
"... after about 4 1/2 months the Missouri Department of Conservation has officially identified a 104-pound wild canine as a wolf after the second round of DNA testing. After the first round they announced the big animal shot opening weekend of the Missouri deer season was a coyote. The announcement drew howls of laughter from even those with only a little background in the outdoors. Coyotes very rarely exceed 40 pounds in the midwest.

"...Apparently the first round of testing compared the animal’s DNA to that of Rocky Mountain wolves. It appears to be of the type that have thrived in the Great Lakes for years."

So what's up with Missouri? Is it the new Montana? Are grizzlies next? - Filed and Stream

NOTE: This animal was far too large to be a coyote (which I support culling). The death of this rare creature is a sad event IMO, so I'm not going to post a photo. Lon


UFO encounter leads to possible alien intrusion

Lynwood, CA - 8/15/1972 - unedited: I was nine years old living in the projects of Lynwood CA. in 1972. One late afternoon several neighbors began to crowd in front of our building, which was two stories. They were excitedly talking and pointing above our home. We, my parents, brother, uncle and aunt, went outside and saw a glowing, oval object hovering over our roof. My father put me on his shoulders so that I could see better, but it began to float off towards some trees. My father along with other neighbor fathers chased it as long as they could before it disappeared.

That evening I awoke suddenly in my dark room I shared with my brother and began to see a glowing coming from the hallway. It got brighter until this stick thin glowing figure with a large, oval head walked by. Then, others began to go the other way and I was terrified they would hurt my mother (who was nine months pregnant and who I feared would die in childbirth)...until one came into my room and began to look around, picking up objects, opening drawers beginning near the door and finally reaching my bed. The whole time I was sitting in shock, not breathing, with the sheets pulled over my nose. It saw me, sat on the side of my bed and looked at me in the eyes. It glowed a greenish hue with large, dark eyes. That was the last thing I remember before I awoke the following morning. - MUFON CMS

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