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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Humanoid Reports & Other Encounters / 2010 - August 2012: Part 3 Continued...

Part 3 Continued....

Location. Phoenix, Arizona
Date: July 5 2011 Time: various
The witness was in his backyard and his dog was barking like crazy, he was trying to get her to be quiet but she kept running back and forth in the yard, jumping the fence as if chasing a cat. She kept barking and sat in the middle of the yard. The witness then went out one last time to bring her inside but as soon as he got next to her she stopped barking. It was very silent, and pitch black outside. He looked up and could not see the stars but thought he saw a sort of black ellipse, suddenly his cell phone shattered for no reason at all the battery was dripping. He couldn’t recall what happened next, he woke up in his room later.
His next encounter occurred when he was in the living room in the morning, the sun was barely rising. It was round 4 or 5. He looked out the window and there it was, as clear as day, a being, its face was very ‘bony’, very skinny, sucked into the bone, it had no eyes, or nose, it had holes on the sides of its head, which he thought were like a reptile’s ears, but it was pale, flesh, it looked human but with the slightest green tint to it, and blue in some spots. It was tall, but hunched over, it had four arms and very small legs, a very large prominent spine, very easy to see through its flesh. It had something else, where the ribs would that looked like gills, there were bright pink in color. Stunned, the witness dropped his glass of milk and the creature turned to look at him. It stared at the witness for what felt like hours. He blacked out and woke up later around 12. (The witness reported two other encounters at a nearby Navajo Reservation, in one incident a glassy spider web like material was found but was buried by the witnesses).

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: D

Location. Osprey, Florida
Date: July 7 2011 Time: 22:00
The witness was taking photos of the moon with a Kodak M1063 when he noticed in one of the pictures that there was a face of what appeared to be a gray alien, as if it were a large (holographic?) projection. This all seemed very strange, so he looked at the photo closer in a Photoshop program where he was able to enlarge and clarify the picture. What he found were several objects, most notably a very distinct large alien looking face just to the right of the moon. He also noted what looked like a train of cylinder ships flying about the upper right crest of the forehead of the face, forming a semi-circle formation. He could also see a ‘Burr Tree’ shaped craft, and a Saturn shaped craft. He also noted that that night there were several silent aircraft crisscrossing the sky with lights what seemed to him to be military aircraft, as the local airport was closed at the moment.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: X

Location. Cape May, New Jersey
Date: July 16 2011 Time: late night
The witness and his wife were on a short vacation and were staying at a B&B on Beach Avenue with a view of the sea. He was asleep when he was awakened by something. He opened his eyes and saw two beings standing at the foot of the bed. It was dark but there was adequate light coming in from the street to see them very clearly. He estimated that they were between 4.5-5 feet tall because he could see them from the waist up. They were identical in every way. They were wearing black or dark green, form-fitting suits that resembled scuba diving dry suits. These included snug hoods that extended from the back of their necks over top of their skulls. On their upper chests was a rectangular, gold or bronze colored plate about 6x4 inches with two rows of inscribed symbols or buttons on them. It resembled an instrument touchpad of some sort.
They were no more than six feet from his face and they were both staring right at him. It was a cool, appraising look. ‘It’s the look a cat might give you’. Their crania was very large, perhaps twice as a man’s. But it was their faces that really impressed him. They had huge wraparound, black eyes set above high cheekbones. Their skin appeared coppery or orange in color. He couldn’t detect a well defined mouth or nose, but along the rim of their jaws and down to their chins were some kind of organ-like structures, he couldn’t tell if they were gills or mandibles. He couldn’t see their hands, so he couldn’t say how many digits they had. When he realized that it was not a dream, he propped himself up on his elbows to get a better view. Strangely, he felt no fear. He was about to say something when he got this very clear thought, “Something is wrong. He sees us.” He suddenly became extremely sleepy, and tried to fight the urge to lie back down, but it was no use. He felt his eyes closing and that was it. The next thing he knew it was morning and he was awakened by the sunlight streaming in through the balcony door. He asked how she slept and she said it was the best night she’d h ad in a while.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E
Comments: The witness remembers possibly other bedroom visitations as a child.

Location. Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England
Date: July 19 2011 Time: night
At the Branston Bridge a driver reported seeing a white figure pass over the middle of the bridge. The light from his headlights appeared to go through the figure, and once it reached the far side of the bridge, the figure vanished.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/recnet/index.php Type: E

Location. Stansbury Park, Utah
Date: July 20 2011 Time: 02: 00 a.m.
Two tall thin black beings with a square-shaped head with no visible arms were seen by the witness standing by the neighbor’s car in the street. They stood still without moving. The witness, a 6-year old girl had gone up to get a glass of water from the kitchen and the blinds were open. She looked outside and saw them standing by a car. She ran to her parent’s room and her father went to go see what she saw, but there was nothing there. The girl said the beings looked like ‘Halloween creatures’.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Borovka, Belarus
Date: July 28 2011 Time: dawn
Two soldiers patrolling a military closed zone (forest) saw a silhouette of a man in a “puffy” pink outfit maneuvering between the trees, apparently flying without any means of propulsion. According to their report, suddenly the flying man took a sharp turn and accelerated when at about 70 meters away from the patrol. The being was about 2 meters in height and human-shaped.

HC addendum
Source: Belarusian UFO-Committee, UFO-com.net Type: E

Location. Sumter County, South Carolina
Date: August 2011 Time: 23:00
The witness’ landlady had taken a trip to Germany and had asked the witness to water her plants for the summer. She has large fields on three sides of her home. The field behind her house has two medium size fishing ponds behind it and the banks of the ponds are very steep. He works long hours so he didn’t get to her house until after 11 pm. He was watering the plants when he heard what sounded like a woman’s scream. He automatically assumed someone had been fishing and had fallen down one of the banks and hurt herself. He yelled back asking if she needed help. The answer wasn’t what she expected. It was a low growl. He could hear it even though the ponds were more than two football fields in length from where he was. The growl was deep, but not loud.
What happened next sent him running to his van. The grass in the field is like saw grass it grows very fast and gets over waist high. He could hear something moving through the grass very fast. He ran back to the van as fast as he could. He had left it running because he wasn’t going to be long. He jumped into the van, put it into reverse and aimed the lights onto the field. As he did he saw something very tall, greenish brown colored step over a four-foot fence and disappear into the trees about 50 feet in front and to the left of his van. It did not appear to be hairy to him, but he couldn’t be sure. It had long thin legs and what appeared to be a short, thick tail. He couldn’t see its head from the tree limbs.

HC addendum
Source: http://paranormal.about.com/od/trueghoststories/a/true_tales_11t.htm Type: E

Location. Roanoke, Virginia
Date: August 7 2011 Time: evening
The witness was driving back from a visit with his daughter and had come to a stop light. He began to slow down when the car in front slammed their brakes on. Halfway through shouting at the woman in the car in front he saw why she had made such an abrupt stop. There was a gray figure about 6’5” with very long fingers, no eyes, mouth or nose that he could see. The gray color was lighter at the bottom, and faded into a darker shade toward its chest. Its fingers were at least 10” long. Traffic was at a standstill and there were at least 7 other cars stopped as he watched it walk up a hill into the forest on the side of the road. Eventually a couple of Roanoke county police arrived, and one went into the woods, only to come out pale and shaking. The main witness searched all over the local news to see if there had been any reporting of this incident because where it happened is a very populated area about half a mile from the Tanglewood shopping center. He found nothing.

HC addendum
Source: http://ufosnw.com/sighting_reports/2011 Type: E

Location. Big Sur, California
Date: August 8 2011 Time: after sunset
The main witness and his girlfriend were jade hunting at Sand Dollar Beach and had stayed after sunset so it was dark when they headed up the stairs looking out at the ocean and noticed a strange hovering bright white light. His girlfriend thought it was oncoming car lights from the highway up above them. But he informed her that the highway was behind them and the light then darted away. It reappeared and got brighter and blinked from white to blue, to red. He was reluctant to leave, but they had a two hour drive ahead of them back to Monterey Bay. Once the staircase ended they continued up to the dark dirt trail. They were really scared and he held his girlfriend by the back of her shirt. They then saw a flashlight shining through the trees and someone jogging down the trail towards them with a spotlight shining randomly. As it got closer it looked like a miner’s hat with a bright white spotlight. They both then realized that it wasn’t human and it wanted to communicate. He spoke to it and said, ‘I don’t understand what you are trying to say to us, because you’re not human and don’t speak our language!”
Then it got closer and it turned into a boomerang/triangle with a bright white spotlight. It started to touch down with white tentacle strings hanging from it and started to take human form. That’s when the three points of the triangle materialized into three beings and three lights. The white light turned into an animal, the blue light turned into a lady with long black hair wearing a blue dress, and the red light turned into a man in a red outfit. They asked them if they were friendly, but the moment they had taken human form and hit the ground they immediately rushed towards the witnesses at very high speed. Thinking that they were not friendly, the witnesses began praying the Lord’s Prayer, etc and within an instant the figures had disappeared. The witnesses were not sure if these were aliens or spirits.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: B?

Location. Sicklerville, New Jersey
Date: August 13 2011 Time: 13:00
While riding the 551 bus to Atlantic City the witness saw a very huge cloud hanging very low. As the bus passed the front of the cloud, she saw a man’s face that looked human. His eyes were closed, his mouth was closed. His hands were folded. He had a very long robe that stopped right at his ankles. She saw one foot that had a sandal. She turned around thinking everything would be gone, but it was still there. The bus had just left the Avandale Shop in Sicklerville.

HC addendum
Source: http://ufosnw.com/sighting_reports/2011 Type: E
Comments: There is no mention of any other witnesses

Location. Adams County, Illinois
Date: August 16 2011 Time: night
The witness was lying in bed with his dog at his feet. His bed was located under a window. The neighborhood was quiet and it was dark out late at night in this suburban neighborhood. He then saw a yellow-orange light that was thick and blanketed everything. He could see through the light, but it covered the complete view from his bedroom window. It did not affect his eyes like the sun does. He also heard a strange humming while watching the light trying to figure out what it was. He had never seen anything like it before. He is not certain how much time passed, but it was neither seconds nor hours; maybe 20 minutes or so as he was stunned by this light display. He was scared and closed his window as he peered out into the light. The light then disappeared and everything was in view again like normal. He could see the house across the street and see the street lights lit up dimly as always. He then heard a noise at his other window just 8 feet from his bed.
He looked as his dog began to growl (he is protective and a watch dog). He went to rise from the bed but suddenly froze. He was frozen stiff, just his eyes could move and the witness could see his breathing was heavy as he growling, but still stiff as a statue. The witness panicked and looked back to the window where he heard the noise. He remained in his bed by his dog’s side. He saw a hand coming through the scree as it must haven punched a hole through the screen. He had the window slightly opened as always. The hand was grayish and smooth with long fingers and strange bulbous joints and finger tips. The witness was terrified as the screen was then pulled out and the window lifted further. A creature then crawled into his now opened window and crouched in the window staring at the witness; his dog still frozen and growling. Somehow he knew that the creature had some kind of power to do this to his dog. It was a small creature, grayish all over, smooth skin all over with large almond like eyes, black eyes that protruded; they almost looked like glass. There were no pupils, just pitch black eyes. The head was the ‘typical’ alien head as described by other witnesses. Tear-drop shaped and larger than expected in proportion to the small body, it had long very thin arms. The feet were long and it began to climb down from the window slowly as it stared at the witness, never blinking. The witness was terrifying but was not sure if he was paralyzed. He thought of running for the door but changed his mind, as he could have never made it past the creature to get to the door. After the creature began to climb down from the window the witness doesn’t remember anything else until he woke up in the morning with everything seemingly normal including his dog (a 70 pound Rottweiler). He ran to the window remembering the night’s events and the window as raised up all the way, which he never did. The screen was lying on the driveway below his window. He ran downstairs to the driveway to look for the hole in the screen and sure enough the small punched through hole from the creature was there. A day later he noticed a raised bump on his wrist. The skin was white in the raised area, it was rounded and small.

HC addendum
Source: Ken Pfeifer World UFO Photos, http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/adamscoil081601.html Type: E or G?

Location. California, exact location not given
Date: August 17 2011 Time: 02:35 a.m.
The witness lived alone in a single family house in a suburb near a large city. He awoke at 2:35 am on Wednesday, left his bedroom (which is a guest room since the temperature in the summer is cooler than the master bedroom); walked down the dark hallway (faintly illuminated by the glow of a bug zapper down the hall used for killing moths); entered the master bedroom; shut the door behind him (except for a crack). He then saw motion in the dark hallway that looked as if someone walked up to the door and was peering at him. Afraid to face the possibility someone was in the house and knowing the house was bolted down like a fortress, he used the restroom without turning on the lights. He then curiously entered the hall and nobody was there, but down the hall, a bright fuzzy white light shone through cracks in a lock room. He thought to himself if it could have been the bright white energy saving front porch light that was had an over 100 watts output. However as he stared at this illumination surrounding the door and emitting through its threshold, it quickly faded out, leaving the faint illumination from the porch light that he had thought about. He immediately realized that someone was in that room shining a bright light that must have been an LED or HID light due to its intensity. After pausing for a moment to think he decided to quickly throw open the door and face whoever was there.
When he did the room was empty. He recalled getting waves of goose bumps all over his body because he knew something unexplainable had occurred. Whoever was in the hallway was the one who disappeared into that room. According to the witness, his family has had UFO visitations all his life, with unusual activity in the homes where he grew up. In the mid-1990’s in his parents’ home he awoke to see a young man in his 20s wearing military fatigues and a helmet at the foot of his bed staring at him. In the blink of an eye he was gone. For some strange reason, his immediate thought when this event occurred was that the man he had seen before was the one in the hallway, although he could not explain why he sensed it was him again. He felt no danger during the encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Wisconsin (exact not given)
Date: August 20 2011 Time: 02:00 a.m.
The main witness was headed out for a weekend of camping, hiking and fishing in some land that belonged to his family. Going on the trip was his older and younger brother as well as his best friend, his older brother’s best friend and his girlfriend as well as his younger brother’s girlfriend and one of her friends. They packed up his truck with all the gear and followed his brother’s SUV to their destination.
They arrived in the early afternoon and began to unpack all their gear and haul it toward the cabin that stood in the middle of the property next to a small lake. After a couple of hours of setting up they had everything ready and were soon enjoying themselves and all went for a refreshing swim in the lake. As evening approached, they set up their campfire and sat around it making dinner and discussing their upcoming year of school. Around 10pm they saw a bright object flash across the sky, the object was a brilliant blue and it lit up the entire sky for a second or two as it streaked across the sky. It faded out and eventually they lost sight of it. Everything was talking about it and they thought they had seen a larger meteor streak across the sky. They talked about it for a bit and then it was quickly put aside as they talked about other things.
As midnight approached they each were starting to retire to their tents. The main witness whispered to his girlfriend if she wanted to go back to their tent for some private time, he never got to finish that sentence as his eyes quickly caught sight of something that was coming over the trees on the opposite side of the lake. He stood up quickly and called for his brother, who replied that he was a little busy at the moment and for him to go away. He called him again and got a sigh of exasperation and the same response that he currently as busy doing something. He then yelled again and told him that it was important and he better get out here and see this. By then his best friend and his girlfriend had joined him. Eventually his brother also joined him and when he saw the object his reaction was ‘What the hell is that?’
The object slowly drifted from one side to another, hovering very close to the water’s surface, the glow of the object lighting up the surrounding area and the water underneath; there was absolutely no sound from the object. His brother ran to his SUV and got a pair of binoculars that he kept there. As he got back he began to look at the object and remarked that there appeared to be no features on the object. The object remained over the water for about 2 more minutes and then just as suddenly it blanked out, just like someone had turned off a light switch. Everyone stood there wondering where the object had gone. They did notice that where the object had been over the water it had left a faintly glowing circle on the water’s surface. After less than a minute the circle faded out and disappeared completely.
About two hours later after they had seen the object everyone had finally gone to bed, the main witness woke up to shift into a more comfortable position, the fire was still going nicely and he noticed that one of the battery powered lanterns had been left on. He was thinking of getting up and turning it off, so as to preserve the battery and that’s when he saw the shadow of someone walk past the tent followed by another and then another and finally a fourth one. He froze and he didn’t move a muscle as he strained his neck to get a better view of these shadows. At first he thought that it was someone from their group however that ‘went out the window’ fairly quickly as he realized that each of these shadows were maybe 3-4 feet tall and extremely skinny. From what he could make out, their arms were disproportionately longer than their body size; they seemed to hang down almost to their knees. They seemed to be looking around, he heard them as they shuffled back and forth amongst the campsite and then around the tents. He prayed that whatever they were that they decided not to look inside the tents. He heard one of them run its hand over the fabric of the tent he was in. Luckily for him that was as close as they came, within 10-15 minutes of their appearance they again left, same as they came into the camp, once right after the other in what seemed to be a single file line. Ten minutes after that, he saw the first flash of lighting followed by some thunder and within 5 minutes they were in the midst of a summer thunderstorm. He drifted off to sleep and was awoken by his brother in the morning to say that he thought that raccoons had gotten into the camp site and had moved some of the stuff around. He told his story to the rest of the group but they claimed that he had dreamed it all.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufoclearinghouse.com/apps/blog/show/12108415-ufo-sighting-and-possible-entity-encounter-in-wisconsin Type: D

Location. Delaware, exact location not stated
Date: August 23 2011 Time: 01:00 a.m.
The witness had stepped outside to have a cigarette and as he gazed at the sky he noticed a strange bright light, brighter than a star in the South Southwest sky just under and to the left of the Big Dipper. It seemed as if it may have been 10 to 20 miles away. It had multicolored lights moving around the bright light horizontally while the bright white light pulsated in a rhythmic fashion. The multicolored lights changed just like a prism or color wheel. This immediately got his attention and he continued to watch for 15 minutes and noticed that it did not move, at least not that he could perceive. He then went to get his wife who also saw and made him aware that there were 2 additional lights pulsating in unison with the initial anomaly. The other 2 lights were smaller and only white in color with no other colors like the other light. All three formed a triangle. The other 2 lights were only visible for 10---15 minutes. They attempted to videotape the lights but due to the ambient lighting nothing came out.
Later around 23:30 the main witness took out the dog and he noticed that the light had disappeared. He scanned the sky and noticed that it was now resting in another area of the sky. He observed it for about 10-15 minutes when he decided to try something. He consciously focused on the object and asked a series of questions in his mind. “What are you?”, “What are your intentions?”, “Where did you come from?”, and finally, “I want to know?” Immediately his son came running out the front door in a panic. He told him that when he came downstairs for a drink he saw a white hooded figure out the corner of his eye. He said that it looked like a white towel floating in the air and it moved. When he turned to look at it, it vanished. He was visibly shaken. The main witness then comforted his son and tucked him into bed his wife was already sleeping at this time. He then went to bed at around 1 am. The next morning his wife told him that she had come downstairs in the middle of the night and saw a hooded white figure with no face in the same spot in the office as his son had seen. They had not spoken to each other. The difference was that she saw it facing her with just a black area where the face should have been. She was also visibly shaken but said she felt at peace and it did not really scare her. Both his wife and son later drew a picture of what they had seen and were very similar. The figure had human shape and was only visible from the waist up. It stood approximately 6’ tall. It moved when it saw the boy and it seemingly stared at the witness’ wife.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: D?

Location. Massachusetts, exact location not given
Date: August 26 2011 Time: night
The witness was half sleep in his bed when he suddenly felt a presence in his room. He turned very quickly to his right and saw a small humanoid standing next to him for about 2-3 seconds. He saw a definite shape and a hand with no digits on his shoulder. It appeared to be a featureless humanoid figure. The height was about 4 feet but was not solid but sort of translucent and suddenly disappeared from sight (like the Star Trek transporter). He immediately got up and sat on his bed for 15 minutes before going back to sleep.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Allentown, Pennsylvania
Date: August 31 2011 Time: 03:30 a.m.
The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night because she heard a disembodied voice saying, “The Earth has done for you, now you do for your Earth.” She woke up with the last two words still coming from what he expected outside of the window, but it was in the room. There was also an odd red light inside the room which seemed to behave differently than a traditional light. It was a shadowy light. The small wall air condition unit also seemed to be having a difficult time when she noticed that everything seemed to be ‘vibrating’. She was terrified, as it felt that there were people in the room, or at least just outside the window. The red light then subsided and she was no longer able to move from fear. She looked out the window to see if there was a car, or a fire, but there was nothing. The air conditioner was now working fine. She went to the bathroom and still noticed the vibrating. It wasn’t as strong, but she could hear it and almost feel it. She went downstairs half expecting to see something that would terrify her. She then turned on all of the lights, went out the back door and didn’t see anything above the house, or in the street. She also noticed that the vibrating had stopped once she went outside.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufosnw.com/sighting_reports/2011 Type: E?

Location. 5 miles south of Norton, Kansas
Date: September 1 2011 Time: 01:30 a.m.
A family was traveling north on Highway 283 when they ran out of gas. The witness’s wife, brother in –law, 2-year old daughter and black Labrador dog were in the car. They immediately noticed at least a dozen light blue or white lights that “appeared to be playing leap-frog” to the northwest. The witness flashed his lights and the lights immediately moved closer to his vehicle. There was one large light and several smaller lights. Then a bright flash occurred near the car. The next thing they saw was three entities in a nearby field with glowing blue heads and wearing some type of robe. The entities then began approaching the car. The family feared for their lives. The witness called the Sheriff’s office in nearby Norton. The dispatcher answered, but had trouble following the witness’ conversation. The cell phone then went dead and the call was dropped. About 10 minutes later the dispatcher showed up. At that point the entities disappeared. The wife of the witness then called her mother who later came with some gas. They then traveled into Norton and filed a report with the sheriff. (The sheriff did not believe their account).

HC addendum
Source: http://ufosnw.com/sighting_reports/2011 Type: C

Location. San Antonio, Texas
Date: September 6 2011 Time: night
The witness observed a UFO shooting a beam of light into the water tank owned by the city water board on Vanderbilt Street on the southeast side of town. An egg-like object then came out of the rear of the hovering cylinder-shaped object and landed in the fenced in area at the base of the water tank, an entity came out greeted another that was already on the ground and they both boarded the egg-shaped vehicle which then zipped back to the cylinder at very high speed.

HC addendum
Source: http://mufoncms.com Type: B

Location. Gulf Breeze, Florida
Date: September 11 2011 Time: 03:00 a.m.
The witness awoke to a horrific jabbing pain in his mid-lower back right on his spinal column. Upon awakening he could vividly remember sitting up and grabbing his back at the same time. As he turned to sit all the way he saw a “large human-like figure” turn away from him and proceed to walk toward the front door with some sort of very large clear syringe he placed on his right hip like a gun would be placed for carrying purposes. He remembers trying to scream out and pointed at the same time but ‘nothing’ would come out of his mouth no matter how hard he attempted to shout he could not produce even a whisper. It was as if the entity possessed some sort of immortal power over his actions until he was out of his sight. He never once turned around where he could see his face but he was all “black” and “soldier-like in his walk…like in a mission he needed to complete?”…”very muscular and strong in appearance”. The witness remembers immediately grabbing his arms and saying to myself, “Oh my God…I am not dreaming…this really did happen and this alien creature just inserted something in my back…or took something out.”

HC addendum
Source: MUFON CMS Type: E

Location. Ontario, California
Date: October 2011 Time: night
The main witness, Chris, was outside smoking a cog (tobacco) when he saw to his left a huge amber fireball that was coming out of the bottom of a translucent (like stained glass) orange-colored diamond-shaped craft. He ran to get his wife and she didn’t believe him at first until she looked out the window. The fireball then came to their west from the southwest direction. It then shot straight up and then flew to the east. By this time the fireball was off and all they could see was the translucent body of the object. It started falling towards them, spinning and getting close at a fast pace. They could see the structure as it spun and changing shape until it looked like a giant rain drop with the round engender facing them. It was coming straight at them apparently in a collision course. Mesmerized, the witnesses just stood there waiting to see what it did next. His wife then attempted to pull the main witness into the house, crying hysterically. At this point the craft seemed to stop and is lost from sight.
After the incident the main witness experienced strange dreams of memories that he was somehow connected to ‘them’. He remembers as a boy he had always experienced strange anomalies, like electrical problems when he was around, hearing strange voices that sounded cat-like, his wife reported hearing the voices also. One night at 3am they heard a loud humming sound and something grabbed their bedroom door knob and pulled on it in an aggressive manner. They also heard what sounded like a ‘giant bean bag’ drop inside the house. After that Chris fell somehow connected through a mental ‘tunnel’ to something that was curious about his emotions and he could also feel theirs. He also experienced a weird dream in which he found himself in a large cave under the ‘oceans’ connected to a water opening. There were ‘persons’ always placing mental images in his head. Other dreams included images of meteors falling.

HC addendum
Source: direct from witness miss.puerto88@gmail.com Type: X?

Location. Near San Lorenzo de Escorial, Madrid, Spain
Date: October 11 2011 Time: 00:30 a.m.
A couple was driving along a path that took them along the edge of the Abantos Forest when they suddenly heard tree branches moving and noticed on the right side of the path the silhouette of a totally nude ‘man’ that at first they thought might have been injured. However upon taking a closer look they noticed that the figure was extremely thin and tall, at least 1.95m in height, with dog-like feet, which suddenly took a tremendous leap and landing right at the edge of the path, according to the stunned witnesses it gave the impression that it was very weak and ill, it seemed to wobble as it stood. Without looking at the witnesses and always staring straight ahead the strange being took another leap that took him to the other side of the path right by the road. It stood up again and disappeared down a steep embankment. The witnesses scarcely were able to notice that it had deep black penetrating eyes.

HC addendum
Source: Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España Type: E
Comments: Translated by Albert S Rosales

Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: October 14 2011 Time: evening
The witness, who was attending the University of Chicago, had decided to take a well-deserved break and along with his girlfriend went out to enjoy the unusually warm weather that they were having. As they walked toward a community park near the campus, they were talking about their classes when a commotion amongst a group of people caught their attention. As they looked towards the group of about 4-5 something caught his eye and he looked up to see a creature flying overhead. It looked like a man with wings. He flew about 10-12 feet above them and was perfectly silhouetted against the evening sky. The eyes of the figure glowed red. They watched for about 4 seconds until it disappeared from view.

HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters quoting ufoclearinghouse.webs.com Type: E

Location. Pasco, Washington
Date: October 19 2011 Time: 23:30
The witness woke up to check on the dog which was barking constantly, went into the backyard and saw a man in the alley walking away calmly. It looked like he had just jumped the back fence when the witness walked outside. He then heard a strange buzzing sound and looked up to see many different colored balls of light in a circular pattern just staying in place above what seemed to be the whole block. Seconds later the lights dimmed and he could no longer see them.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: D?

Location. Texas, exact location not given
Date: October 24 2011 Type: late night
The witness woke up with his turned to the side of his bed and opened his eyes to a being about 3 to 3 ½ feet tall. The entity appeared to be female in ‘orientation’. “She” had her hair, which appeared to be black, pulled into either a tight bun or pony tail behind her head. Her skin appeared to be a dark olive tone. She wore clothes but he couldn’t remember them in detail. He knew that she was “otherworldly” because of her facial features. Her eyes were small and completely black she did not blink the entire time she was in his presence. Her mouth was lip-less and in a straight line on her face; it was also slightly parted. She also had extremely high cheek bones. Her body did not move but she spoke to him telepathically. However, he doesn’t remember what she spoke, but does recall that it was some kind of reprimand and that he replied in a sarcastic manner. At no point did he feel afraid.
His dog also acknowledged the being and after she ‘spoke’ he looked to the foot of his bed where his dog was running towards him. When he looked back to the being, she remained visible for about 2 seconds and then disappeared. Because of her human-like appearance he question whether it could have been a ‘full blooded entity or a hybrid’. He had the overwhelming feeling that she was familiar to him and both were ‘used’ to each other’s presence.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Ovsyanniki, Belarus
Date: October 27 2011 Time: 19:00
Four witnesses reported seeing a silhouette of a black-colored ‘man’ of average height descending on a field near Ovsyanniki. According to the report, two girls informed other witnesses that “a man without any flying apparatus” was descending over the field. The witnesses watched the man maneuver over the field for about 30 minutes, but none dare to approach him due to fear. Among the witnesses were V. L. Trofimva and her daughter Angela.

HC addendum
Source: Belarusian UFO-Committee Type: E

Location. Guilford County, North Carolina
Date: November 12 2011 Time: 09:30 a.m.
The witness was jogging on a nature trail and had stopped briefly to rest. As he rested he saw something down the trail from him. It was a short midget-like being and it was white in color and was wearing a metallic colored suit. It was just standing there staring at him. He had not seen anyone else that morning on the trail. He first thought it was another jogger resting so he got up and continued down the trail. He looked at his watch and it was about 09:45 a.m. That’s all he remember doing, when he woke up he was back in his car and it was almost 11 am. He couldn’t remember anything and felt very tired when he woke up. He also found a small cut behind his left ear.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: G?

Location. Seattle, Washington
Date: November 17 2011 Time: 07:00 a.m.
The witness was driving to work Thursday morning a long a heavily congested road that feeds into the expressway southbound when she began seeing lights in the sky overhead. It was still dark out, it was just turning light and it was cloudy. Surprised by the lights she looked up but saw nothing and continued driving. For a moment she thought there was a plane flying low which distracted her. She then saw the lights again and felt an electricity in the air. Then, as if a light switch was flipped she was driving along the road and her cell phone began to ring which popped her back from a trance-like state. It was odd because according to her clock it appeared to be several minutes before the last time she checked the time. She answered the phone; it was a co-worker who asked her why she called her. The witness denied calling her, however the friend checked her phone and it displayed a missed call from the witness. The witness checked her phone and it did not register any outgoing calls that day. She also noticed that she was aching all over and had trouble putting basic analytical thoughts into her mind such as not remembering how to change radio stations. She felt sick for the next 36 hours. On November 15 another witness had been driving southbound between Marysville and Everett when he looked up and noticed 3 lights moving along with him. Another person reportedly filmed the lights.

HC addendum
Source: http://ufosnw.com/ Type: X
Comments: Video of lights can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AU3EieaFs

Location. Near Troy, Pennsylvania
Date: November 20 2011 Time: 23:05
A man and his girlfriend were driving onto Mud Creek Road traveling west towards Highway 14 near Troy. As they continued down the dark road, their attention was drawn to the left side of the roadway. The man, who was the driver, saw some movement and mentioned it to his friend. The woman initially thought that a naked man was crawling on the side of the road. The driver decreased his speed, swerved his truck in the middle of the road and directed the high beams of his headlights towards the subject. The driver stopped about 30-40 ft away. They soon realized that this was not a person, but instead a creature that was crawling very low to the ground. As they watched, the creature moved into a squatting position with its back completely straight, somewhat like the stance of a kangaroo.
The arms of the creature were held tightly to its body. What looked like long claws that resembled the talons of an eagle were easily visible. The claws were estimated to be about 8-10 inches in length. One claw was shorter than the other three. The creature had a muscular body. The head of the beast appeared to be oversized and shaped like that of a wolf. A the top of its head were two pointed bat-like ears that looked to be about 4-6 inches long. The entire creature, according to the man, was covered with “dull wrinkly dark black skin”. The man described seeing large canine-like teeth in its mouth. The eyes of the creature were about the size of a silver dollar and were shiny black. The man stated that even though he had his high beams directed at the creature, they eyes did not reflect at all. The man said he looked over the body during the 12 second encounter, and for some reason thought the creature should have wings, but none were apparent. In the squatted position, the creature seemed to be about five feet tall. At this point, the creature was in the left lane of the road and about 1-2 feet onto the pavement.
As the couple watched in amazement, the creature began to stretch its body. The man said that at this point the animal started to stand up on its back legs while also falling over onto its front feet. The driver said that in this position, the creature seemed to be about 6-7 feet tall. The animal then fell over on all four legs. The witnesses observed that the front claws of the creature were now two feet across the center line of the highway, while the back feet remain one-two feet from the edge of the road. The creature then turned its head to the right and looked towards the vehicle. The driver said that it looked directly at them, with a horrific expression, “like it was panicked”. The witness saw it take a deep breath. He had the feeling that the creature didn’t realize that it was being observed and when it realized it was---it was like it was caught doing something. Once it realized it was being observed, it leaned back slightly and then reached forward with its claws. The creature then took one tremendous leap and cleared a seven foot embankment and moved out of sight into a wooded area. The man estimated the leap was about 40 feet long. As it was in the process of leaping, it was perfectly straight and held its front claws forward. The legs as it was leaping, “were only slightly larger than broomsticks or about the size of a walking crane and were very long”. Then just a second after the creature was gone from sight something else odd occurred. A large bird, possibly an owl, suddenly rushed at the passenger side window, almost hitting the glass, then took off and did not return. It happened so fast they were unsure if it was an owl or not. The witnesses indicated that this creature appeared to be changing form. The driver said, “Its shape was nothing like when it was squatted”. The woman stated that it “shaped into another form.” She thought it was a dark brown color, and looked like a werewolf with little back hair. She estimated that when it was leaping into the woods, she thought it stood about 9 feet tall. The woman reluctantly said, “I think it was a man changing into a werewolf”. The man after the experience went onto the internet to try to figure out what he saw, and told the investigator that the closest way he could describe the creature would be a gargoyle with no wings. The man commented, “I will never forget what we saw that night ”.

HC addendum
Source: Stan Gordon, www.stangordon.info/wp Type: E

Location. North Carolina, (exact location not given)
Date: November 23 2011 Time: 02:00 a.m.
The witness found herself sanding naked in her living room early in the morning and her husband saw what he described as a being 4 feet tall with long hair. It stood in the hallway for 2 seconds looking at him. It then disappeared into a mist.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E
Comments: The main witness has been involved in other incidents and encounters.

Location. Meridianville, Alabama
Date: November/December 2011 Time: 03:30 a.m.
A fourteen year old boy told his parents that he had been watching television on an early Saturday morning when he noticed a really bright blue light shining in through the cracks of his wooden shutters in his window. His bedroom window faces the backyard. He said he got up to look out the window, but only opened the shutters enough to see that the whole back patio was lit up. It scared him enough to just hop back into bed and dismiss it. This happened again while watching television. He was falling asleep at around 03:30 a.m. and again sees bright blue lights through the cracks and then heard footsteps on the roof and light scratching on his door that leads to the patio.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufosnw.com/newsite/novdec-2011-meridianville-alabama-330-am-cst/ Type: C?

Location. Between Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz, Spain
Date: December 2011 Time: night
Two employees at the local Alijar ecological park had gone to check on some of the wind turbines that appeared to be malfunctioning, some would produce more power than normal while others not enough. One night while inspecting the top of one of the turbines about 20 meters in height the men began hearing what sounded like small pebbles or rocks bouncing of the structure. Both men went out to investigate and climbed down to the ground and were confronted by two strange humanoids about 3 meters in height, very thin, and lead-gray in color that emitted a sound very similar to that of ‘cackling swans’. The two humanoids suddenly ran towards the brush at very high speed seemingly floating just above the ground.

HC addendum
Source: Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España Type:E
Translation by Albert S Rosales

Location. East Lansing, Michigan
Date: December 3 2011 Time: late night
The witness went out the back door of his house to take a smoke break from watching the Big 10 football championship. While smoking a cigarette, standing on the sidewalk, 10 feet from the house he looked to the west and approximately 20 ft away, by a large pine tree was standing a little creature. It was oval, black and white, and at first he thought it was a skunk, but it had two large yellow/green eyes staring at him, the eyes almost glowed. It didn’t move, and it stood about 2 to 3 feet tall. The witness went back in to finish seeing the football game. He came out again at 00:15 a.m. after the game, to smoke again and the creature was gone. The witness is convinced that the creature was not a skunk raccoon, cat, dog, coyote or possum.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Florida, exact location not given
Date: December 7 2011 Time: 23:30
The witness had gone outside to smoke a cigarette when he saw a black object hovering in the sky and rushed to grab his cell phone to try to record it. However, for some strange reason his cell phone would not work. He looked up and noticed a beam of light shooting out with orbs straight to the ground with these tall skinny beings. He wanted to go inside but something was prohibiting him from doing so. The orbs appeared to be scanning the area while the beings seemed to be directing them with some black device. Then they made their way towards the witness. One being was slightly taller and seemed to be in charge and somehow communicated with the witness telepathically and said that they meant no harm and that they have been studying humans for centuries. The orbs then seemed to scan and examined the witness for about 5-10 minutes and wanted to go inside and he pleaded with the leader alien that he wanted to protect his family. Then the strangest thing happened the being seemed to make a slight bow of respect and slowly walked off the witness’ porch and left.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: C

Location. Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain
Date: December 14 2011 Time: evening
A group of witnesses gathered outside in the object noticed a flying object approaching their location. The object was described as black in color, with something red on its top and resembling a giant ‘doll’. It flew at a height between 150 to 300 meters in height. At about a kilometer from the witnesses the object gyrated on itself turning on its side assuming the shape of a vertical cylinder, tall and thin. Finally the object departed from the area in complete silence disappearing behind nearby buildings.

HC addendum
Source: Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España Type: E
Translation by Albert S Rosales

Location. Burlington, Kentucky
Date: December 28 2011 Time: dusk
The witness was driving down a residential street in the dark when suddenly his headlights landed on a 7 ft tall man-like creature. It almost looked like a very tall standing monkey, but it also resembled a man. It looked like it had fur all over its body that was a medium red color. What really looked odd what that it seemed to have a translucent aura around it. He had to focus very hard to see these details because it seemed like the creature was moving at a pace of nearly 50 mph. The witness was afraid but it didn’t seem that the creature was there to harm the witness or anyone else, it seemed afraid, more than anything else. The witness feels that it was trying to hid or find a way home because it was running right toward a large wooded area. The witness soon lost sight of the figure as it was moving very fast.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Kellyville, Oklahoma
Date: December 29 2011 Time: 22:30
The witness was lying in bed reading a book, all the lights in the house were turned off except her son’s room (door was closed) and her lamp. Totally engrossed in her book and completely relaxed, she noticed a figure out of the corner of her eye, literally standing next to her bed. It was black, extremely thin with long arms and legs. The only way to really explain it is being a stick-like figure. Its face ‘undesirable’ and was standing with arms and legs bent. The distal portion of the arms was oddly long and she didn’t notice any hands or facial features. She was so overcome with fear that her heart began to quicken with panic. And then the figure was gone. Realizing that her children were still awake in the room across the hall she jumped out of bed and asked them if they had seen anything strange. They replied no and continued playing their video game as usual.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales, January 2012 Type: E

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