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Saturday, November 10, 2012

'Fact or Fiction: The M6 & Paris Crashes'

I was notified today by author Colin Hall that his book Fact or Fiction: The M6 & Paris Crashes will be released in December. Colin writes:

I am finally nearing the completion of my book and Markosia shall be publishing it in December.

To be honest, it’s more of an investigative journal and in many respects seems to open as many doors as it closes; I think I said this before!

Inside you will find the book is full of images depicting what I think may have happened at the alleged crash scenes, backgrounds into certain locations such as the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris and also the nuclear bunker in Cheshire that may have been used as an interview room along with plenty of photographs I have taken on my travels to the various locations.

Also I have put forward some hypotheses into the 1of26 blog and Twitter feed and what connections may exist between Mark Collins and the other people he mentions in his reports.

There are some expert opinions from people such as Nick Pope, the renowned investigator into UFO reports who has worked for the Ministry of Defence and comment from those who published the initial Mark Collins reports.

In truth I am still working on the final pages as I write this and relaying details to the illustrator who is helping me put together some finishing touches to the alleged crash scenes I’ve tried to piece together from the reports.

I am still trying to crack the code, and as this will be available digitally as well as in physical form I know there will be some final additions in the coming weeks.

I will post here, on Twitter and Facebook the date the book is to be published and also any more information I gather from people once it is available.



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NOTE: I plan to read and review the book. This was a very strange and intriguing case. I'll be quite interested to read the uncovered angles and possible conclusions...Lon

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