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Monday, October 01, 2012

Sasquatch Habituation: Observations & Narrative

Several weeks ago, I posted on Facebook (then later on the blog) that I had knowledge of a Sasquatch habituation location and that I would be gathering the available evidence before disclosing any information. What follows is the narrative that the witness has given consent for disclosure. I will be referring to the witness as ‘GM’.

I don't plan to release the actual location but I will say that it is in the Atlantic Maritimes of eastern Canada. It is a fairly remote area with sufficient game, vegetation and private space for a small population of Sasquatch to thrive. It is important to the witness and me that the specific area is not revealed. We want these beings to continue flourishing if, in fact, they are terrestrial. I have preached the 'interdimensional' theory and I still believe that some of these beings may have some supernatural aspects to them. But I also believe that there is solid proof that there are terrestrial groups of these hominids living among us.

The witness has been unable to capture identifiable images because of the lack of available light and distance...but he has offered effective foot track, scat images and sketch evidence as well as other non-conclusive photo evidence. Hair samples were submitted to a laboratory in Calgary for identification. If other physical evidence is discovered, I will have it tested. The current available evidence has been forwarded to other Bigfoot researchers for their opinions.

I have every reason to believe GM’s account. He has meticulously chronicled each incident since his first encounter. I feel this is a rare opportunity for us to study these beings without blatant breach of their space. In the meantime, I hope to continue communication with GM and possibly arrange a visit to the location in the near future.


In the middle of May of 2008, my grandson (who was 5 yrs. old at this date) and I took my two dogs (both Rottweilers) for a walk in the wooded area next to my house. This place is approximately 100 acres that has not been clear-cut, but has had areas logged off about 10 yrs.ago and is growing up in thick bush. We were walking on an old tractor road which intersects another road. At this junction my grandson finds a pile of excrement that was huge. The pieces were 3'' dia. x 12'' long cross piled on top of each other (3 pieces). It looked like someone squeezed a large tube of toothpaste. My dogs wanted nothing to do with it and avoided it at all cost.

We walked downhill about one hundred feet when suddenly the dogs stopped my grandson in his tracks and would not let him go any further. They began whining and acting out of character. He ask me why they were acting this way, looking up hill toward me. When I looked up to answer him, I saw downhill from us, at about 50 yards, something standing partly hidden behind a large spruce tree. It was a large shape with a cone-shaped head, a shoulder, large chest, an arm and a leg, rocking from heel to heel (in that motion) peeking up the hill from behind the long boughs. At this point I kept my grandson’s attention toward me and said maybe we should listen to the dogs and go for a walk another day. When I looked up again, whatever was there before was gone. I had never seen anything like this before and was kind of shocked and curious at the same time. We went home and I got a camera and went back to the location (by myself) to get a picture of the scat pile – but it was gone (completely removed) in an matter of 20-25 mins. Since this occurred in the woods beside my house I started to do some research. I typed up a quick description on Google and up popped ‘Bigfoot / Sasquatch’. I had heard little of this (only in the 1970s briefly) before that day.

The following account is what has happened since then. I have a small farm with cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and two dogs, which may have something to do with things happening on a regular basis.

1st week – April 2009: I had a sighting of, what I'm sure of now, a female Sasquatch walk across the bottom of a small pasture behind my house. It was combing and eating rose hips from the bushes with its hands as it walked. It seemed to be looking for my pigs, but they weren't outside yet since it was too early. I normally house pigs for the summer in this area of my property that is wooded. I watched this thing walk very slowly across the property looking at a stand of small evergreens the pigs would hide in most of the day.

I was sitting at the open window while this creature walk along as it continued eating rose hips. It stopped about 30 ft from this thicket and tried to peer into this area. When it didn’t notice any pigs (after a few seconds) it turned around, twisting at the waist. It looked right at me with a kind of smirk on its face. I'm sure it looked me right in the eyes. There was a ‘feminine’ look to its face which was a lot more human looking than I thought it would be. I drew a sketch of what I saw as it departed into the woods behind my house. All I kept telling to myself was “that's what made that large pile of crap that I found.” I didn't go look for tracks or hair afterwards because I have a condition that causes my muscles to involuntarily shake for extended periods of time - similar to Parkinson's Disease but all over my body. At that time I didn't want to chance and have something happen to me.

April 9, 2009: I was peeling potatoes for dinner around 4:30 pm, while standing in front of a small window facing the field across the road. This field is approx. 1200 ft to the top. I saw movement and looked up. In the left corner a creature appeared - very similar to the one I saw the week before, only much larger. It had a very pronounced cone shaped head, huge shoulders, no neck, very thick brow ridge, large barrel chest and very thick muscular legs. I watched this thing walk and it looked like it was carrying something on its left hip. While walking I counted the number of steps it took for this to cross about 300ft distance - it was 30 steps. When it reached the other side of the field it turned left and used its right arm to push the branches and trees out of its way. It was then that I noticed that it was carrying a baby, sitting on the large ones hip with a leg wrapped around the small of its back, and the head looked around the large ones arm. This creature was huge - at least 9+ ft, 800-900 lbs. and approx. 4 ft. wide at the shoulders.

April 3, 2010: I went for a walk with my other grandson who was 3 yrs. old at the time. We were walking in the woods beside our house, down the old tractor road and the in the same area where the pile of excrement was found in May 2008. While walking down the hill my grandson slipped and fell hands first in cold water. When he cried out he was instantly mocked from a thicket approx 50' away. When he repeated himself he was mocked a second time in the same fashion. At this point he looked at me and said “who is making fun of me Papa?'' I told him I did not know, but I said maybe they thought he was silly for crying over a little bit of water - with that we turned around and went home.

April 26, 2010: I found the first footprint approx 1/4 mile south of my house, near a swampy area by a pond a few hundred yards south of the second sighting. The foot print was approx is 15'' long, 5''wide at the ball, and 4'' wide at the heel. The bottle in the photo is 10'' long and used for size comparison.

May 25, 2010: I found another footprint while walking the dogs, on another old tractor road, near the same area I had found the previous print. This track was approx 21'' long, 8'' wide at the ball and 5'' wide at the heel, I was carrying the same size bottle as before, shown in the photo for ref. The track appeared on the side of a short 3' bank. There was a short skid mark at the top of the track, but the toes are clearly visible, as is the rest of the track.

Aug 6, 2010: While sleeping and shortly after midnight, a very strong odour came in the window waking both my wife and myself from a sound sleep. The odour smelled like a mixture of skunk, rotten meat, and body odour. There were turkeys in a pen beside that side of the house. I did not see anything, but could hear a bipedal crunching noise, like feet shuffling thru forest litter.

Aug 10, 2010: At approx. 11pm, a bull in the pasture was mocked from just outside the pasture. Thinking it was another cow he went to investigate. He either smelled or saw that it was not another cow, and became very frightened running back to the barn as fast as possible to hide. When I investigated, the bull was pressed up against the barn wall shivering from fright. This was witnessed by my wife and me, as we were outside at the time.

Aug 22, 2010: Same odour as before woke me from a sleep. Both farm dogs were going crazy - this was around 12:30am. The next morning seven ears of half eaten corn were scattered all over the lawn and appeared to have been thrown at the dogs the night before. These dogs are inside an electronic fence. The corn landed at the limited distance for the dogs to reach safety. The closest source of corn was interspersed with soy beans in the field across the road.

Sept 7, 2010: While walking on the wood road, small rocks were thrown at me. I could hear the rocks going through the leaves though I was not struck. At the end of the rock throwing a loud whoop sound was heard. Later on I found a small track in the woods beside my house, approx 100' from my yard. The track was approx 7.5'' long 4'' wide at the toes and 2'' wide at the heel.

Sept 8, 2010: The dogs were very vocal all night. In the morning several twisted trees were found about 50 yds from the house.

Oct 1, 2010: Strong odour drifted across the road from the south, witnessed by my wife and me. It was mid afternoon and the same odour as before.

Oct 6, 2010: Found a hair sample on a twisted tree.

Oct 13, 2010: I went to feed the pigs in the morning and found that one pig had scratch marks on its back. The two middle scratches had blood trickles down the side as if the two middle fingers of a hand contacted first. It appears as if a large hand shoved the pig out of the way. The other pig had no marks on it. Twice previously I had caught Sasquatch stealing pig food at night.

Nov 6, 2010: At approx. 7:30am I was feeding the pigs when I heard a loud snort, a blowing sound and stomping noise. I immediately walked toward the noise. I could find nothing whatsoever. It had left in a hurry but the same odour as before was noticed.

Nov 17, 2010: At 6:15am a loud vocal noise, from a low pitch to a high pitch sounding like “ouwoo-woo-woo” occurred twice and was very clear. It was not from any type of animal that I am aware of.

Dec 6, 2010: At approx 8:30pm while opening a window I heard a snort noise from behind the shed, approx 30' from the house. I saw a silhouette of a large head and shoulders from behind the shed (which is 7' high). The figure turned around to re-enter the woods, banging its head on a bird feeder hook which is mounted on a tree 8.5' off the ground. This figure was back lit by the neighbour’s yard light filtering thru the trees.

Dec 16, 2010: At 9am I heard three wood knocks very clearly, from just inside the woods at the bottom of the pasture.

May 16, 2011: I heard 3 whoop sounds - very hollow and deep. This occurred 6 times on the east side of the pasture next to my neighbour’s house (house was empty).

May 21, 2011: I heard a very deep growl, much deeper than the dogs, on the west side behind the house where there is a lot of thick bush. I knew this was not the dogs from the sound, so I opened the window, held the camera out the window and took 2 photos toward the sound. The second photo yielded what appears to be a large set of eyes, approx. 8' off the ground and a second set appears to be behind the first and above, like a child riding on an adults shoulders. It shows a cone-shape head with a large set of eyes and a round shaped head with the small eyes – at least that’s what it looks like to me.

July 8, 2011: I heard very distinct whoop sounds around 11pm, behind neighbours house (empty house).

July 29, 2011: At 4:13pm I heard wood knocks very clearly - 3 knocks twice. The other neighbours dog became very vocal all at once, and my bull, which was lying down, bolted to his feet.

Aug 5, 2011: At 8:45pm there were two mocking calls imitating the bull and 2 wood knocks at the edge of the woods near the bottom of the pasture. This is approx. 400' from the house. This was heard by my grandson and son-in-law.

Aug 25, 2011: I was walking past the window facing the pasture on my way to the kitchen. My bull and one cow were in this pasture and standing neck to neck grooming each other. All at once the bull stops what he is doing and turns around looking west toward some old apple trees. That’s when I noticed apples rolling out from under the fence toward the bull. The bull walked over and started picking up and eating the apples. That’s when I grabbed the camera, walked out the front door of the house and down the tree line on the west side of the house. I was trying to sneak up on who/whatever was throwing apples under the fence. As I was making my way, I heard something large take off ahead of me. It was too thick to see what it was. When I reached the spot where I thought it was, I noticed a pile of steaming fecal material. At approx. 10' to the right of the pile was a left handprint in the moss, where something had propelled itself using one hand on the ground, the thumb is very clear and at least two fingers. The moss in the finger portion was moving back toward the fingertips when I took the photo.

During the months of July, Aug and Sept 2011, there were at least 7 separate times that the turkeys were let out of their pen and the feed was eaten. The gate door was tied shut by both my wife and me on several occasions. On Sept 27, 2011 I had enough of the door being untied and the feed being eaten, so the turkeys were moved into the barn. In the spring of the same year I had bought 6 new laying hens to add to my flock. They did not get along with the other chickens as they were younger and smaller. They would roost with the turkeys at night in their pen. The morning after I had moved the turkeys into the barn I found one of these chickens laying right in front of the turkey pen door, with its head and neck bit off. There was no sign of blood, just a few pin feathers. It was almost like it was done out of spite. I know of no other animal that would do this and leave the best part of the chicken behind.

Sept 29-30, 2011: A strange clicking noise woke me both nights coming from the woods beside the house. Both dogs were growling and this continued most of the night. I had a ladder leaning up against that side of the house. All night long I kept waking up to the sound of small pebbles hitting the ladder. Each time I investigated nothing was there.

Nov 2, 2011: I was in the pasture that day, checking the fence, water bowl and salt lick. Everything was fine. When I went out the next morning to do chores, at once I noticed that the bottom stand of wire at the gate was bent around the top strand. The salt block was broken and half was missing.

Nov 23, 2011: When my wife was leaving for work at 8am, she heard what she thought was a calf in the wooded area just below the pasture. She alerted me that the calf was possibly out of the pasture. When I went outside I also heard the same noise. Upon investigating, all animals were where they should be. The calf was standing beside the barn approx 400' from where my wife heard the noise. The night this calf was born in Sept, I checked on the calf before going to bed and everything was fine. The next morning there was a large healthy dogwood tree snapped off and lying across the fence, holding it down - almost like it was laid on the fence. No damage was done. Was this done in order to see the new born calf? There was no wind that night strong enough to break the tree off. It was approx 8'' in diameter.

Dec 15, 2011: I heard a very loud crying noise from outside at approx. midnight. While trying to locate the source I noticed that the dog was in his dog house, not wanting to come out. I returned to the house and went inside. Just after I entered the outside motion light was activated. I turned to look at the window (the curtain was closed) and noticed a silhouette of a head and shoulders threw the curtains. The crying noise continued on the opposite side of the house behind a large lilac bush. When I went to investigate the second time I could not find anything. The noise sounded like an infant crying.

Jan 15, 2012: I went skating on a pond with my youngest grandson and my son. We skated for approx. 2 hours and everything was fine until we moved to the west end of the pond. We heard bipedal heavy footsteps running away. We looked around but could not find any tracks or evidence. There was not much snow on the ground, but everything was frozen.

I did not previously describe the color of these hominids, however I would like to do that now:

The day we found the large pile of excrement, the hominid I saw downhill peeking from behind the tree was rust red color all over. No other difference in color noted.

The hominid that walked across the bottom of the pasture was the same color as a deer on the front, black shiny skin on the face, grey on the lips, palm of hand, and bottom of foot - similar to what the pad on a dogs foot looks like. Large dark eyes - very friendly expression on the face - body color turned to grey brown with black steaks on the back from head to toe. This one was approx 7' plus tall, and 600lbs in weight.

The hominid that was in the top of the field across the road was the same color as the previous hominid both front and back, except much taller with more pronounced cone head and broader shoulders. My guess would be approx 9' plus tall and approx. 800-900 lbs in weight. The baby that the large one was carrying on his hip was a rust red color.

My neighbour used to throw out all their bad produce in a pile behind their barn. This would attract various types of animals including the Sasquatch. One I saw in particular looked like a juvenile approx 7' tall. I could only see it running down the hedge row between the fields. I observed it from the elbows up to the top of his head. This one did not have cone-shaped head but more rounded with a heavy set shoulders, no neck, and the hair on the shoulders and back looked like it was in ringlets - approx 8-10'' long. These ringlets would bounce when it ran. It was chocolate brown in color. I saw this particular Sasquatch on at least two occasions. I have a photo of both the footprint and a cast.

Since Aug 2008 I developed a neurological disorder that causes me to shake and almost convulse, making walking very difficult at times. I still go out when I’m able to, and look for evidence.

Things have been quiet this Summer, just a few odd instances but nothing too concrete. Since I started to investigate these matters, the Sasquatch have sort of pulled back some but remain here.

NOTE: If you have questions for 'GM', I'm sure he'd be willing answer...just send to me or post a comment. Over the years I have received many supposed Bigfoot habitation reports. I can honestly say that GM's account is the most convincing. BTW...SRI conducted a remote view session on the location and found relevant proof that these hominids were still in the area. GM mentioned the possibility of another cryptid roaming the area (very odd track found - I have a photo). I plan to look into that soon, especially if other evidence comes forth...Lon

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