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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids - Part 4

The following article was forwarded by long-time humanoid researcher and colleague Albert S. Rosales. This is the final part of the series...enjoy!

Long ago it became clear that the Soviet Empire had begun to crumble long before the bizarre and indeed incredible article in the Soviet daily, Tass on Monday October 10 1989 detailing an account which shocked many in the west due to its bizarre nature, of course that was the report of an alleged landing of a UFO in a park in the Soviet city of Voronezh and even stranger still the fact that unusual looking humanoids exited the craft and apparently interacted with several local children which were apparently the main witnesses of the event. Later research by Russian researchers Genrih Silanov, Fyedor Kiselyov, Yuriy Lozotsev and Alexander Mosolov proved that there had been dozens of other close encounters and incidents in an around Voronezh starting in August through January 1990, the results were published in a book appropriately called “UFOs in Voronezh” published in 1990.

Before these events both leaders, Reagan, and Gorbachev spoke about the possibility of an alien invasion of earth and pointed out that if that happened all the nations of the earth would unite and do away with their petty political and geographical differences. Already in the spring of 1989 Hungary had begun to dismantle its fortified border with Austria, a clear signal that the division of postwar Europe was coming to an end. And before the astounded eyes of the world by the end of the year, on December 22 1989 to be exact the Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin is opened.

After the unprecedented wave of close encounters with humanoids and UFOs during the decade of the 70’s, 1980 signaled a clear slowdown of reports or encounters, they had not completely gone away but there seemed to be less interest and hence less reports of UFOs and their occupants. This trend appeared to last until the end of 1988 and the beginning of 1989 when reports of humanoid encounters exploded, but in undoubtedly unexpected locations, mostly the whole territory of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In my files alone I have over 500 high strangeness and humanoid encounters for 1989, more than half from the former Soviet Union, and for 1990 I have over 600 reports, again more than half from the former Soviet Union. As the wall crumbled interest in UFOs and aliens appeared to increase on a daily basis in this vast territory of hundreds of ethnicities with many accounts of bizarre encounters being published by local government controlled newspapers and other cases published by private researchers in their Samizdat newsletters. The wave of encounters, of all types, began in the former Soviet Union at the end of 1988 and lasted well into late 1997. I will concentrate today on 1989...a year that heralded many changes and marked ‘the return of the humanoids’.

The next case is from a country in Eastern Europe that was very much involved in the world changing events that were in progress and it also involved military personnel that country was Hungary:

Location. Tarnaszentmaria military barracks, Hungary
Date: October 20 1989 Time: various
Several bizarre incidents were reported by soldiers at these barracks. First strange loud rumbling sound was heard by the day watch, it resembled a giant balloon being popped. Later that morning guard Louis Honved standing duty at the watch tower watched several moving points of light in the sky; the lights seemed to descend behind some nearby pipelines. Next the guard noticed a sphere about cm diameter preceded by a red light. Moments later a green glow appeared behind him, along the fence near the tower. Later that morning Honved was disturbed by the frantic barking of the guard dog at the foot of the watch tower. The witness climbed down the tower and noticed two bizarre figures moving in a strange manner near the fence. Both figures were humanoid, tall and wearing what appeared to be body armor, he could not see their arms and their heads were covered by milky white bell-shaped helmets, on their feet the witness noticed what appeared to be fins, similar to what divers use. When he attempted to move or call for help he was totally paralyzed. The creatures soon disappeared from sight moving in a strange waddling fashion. After they left he was able to move again. (54)

The next case epitomizes the type of bizarre high strangeness events being reported during those times of change:

Location. Sibay, Bashkortostan Republic, Russia
Date: October 21 1989 Time: daytime
An anonymous male witness noticed a “flying saucer” about 40 meters in diameter, it was a disc-shaped object with a gradual dome and it was hovering about 3 meters over the ground. The witness felt warmth overtake him and his mood became very jovial. He felt somehow attracted to the hovering object. He walked towards it and stopped at about 10-15 meters from the disk and began looking at it. The disk descended closer to the ground and a hatch opened and two “men” stepped out, each one was more than 2 meters in height and both were dressed in silvery suits. They began a telepathic conversation with the witness. They told him to approach and not to be afraid. They then touched him and he was allowed to touch them. After this initial “introduction” they entered the craft via an elevator-like entrance. Inside the witness did not notice anything specially complicated, the disk’s cabin appeared to be quite simply built. The witness noticed that his dirty tracks were left imprinted on the floor of the alien craft. Right after he pointed that out to the aliens some kind of “cleaning machine” entered the room and immediately cleaned his boots and the dirty tracks on the floor. One of the alien visitors then told that they were “guests in his time and that he was a guest onboard their craft” he called himself Abaris. The witness then also introduced himself. The “alien” leader then asked the witness in what “time had they appeared”. He told them, “in the year 1989, the date October 21”. Arabis said that such answer did not mean anything to them, and asked the following question, “How much time had passed since the continents became separated?” (!). The witness said he did not know but told them that the earth was about 5 billion years old and the Universe no less than 15. The “aliens” then told him that civilization had existed on Earth before the continents had drifted apart roughly about 35 thousand years ago. He claimed that during experimentation with accelerator of elementary particles “the Great calamity” had occurred, it had changed conditions on earth to an inappropriate state and had triggered a continental shift. The disaster had occurred because of ignorance of the complete energy substance. It was considered that the full energy was E=MC2, but after the calamity it was apparently 30 degrees higher. After the calamity some of the inhabitants escaped using a time machine. The witness then asked why couldn’t they returned to the past using the time machine and prevent the calamity. The answer was, “According to the principles of Nature time travel to the past is impossible, only time travel to the future is possible”. The witness then asked the “alien” how much time had passed from the moment they had started traveling from their time period. The alien said, “If we could escape the traps of time, by our clock, already 27 minutes have passed, for you is 1/50 of a day.” The witness then asked, “How can all of your civilization meet simultaneously”? The answer was that, their safety measures of time would work, that they had installed them very solidly. Simultaneously, time beacons will inform them about the end of their trip, they said they had many secrets that few knew about, and that civilization must be preserved from different and unexpected things. The witness told the “alien” that he had heard rumors that humanity will be extinct if they did not change their ways by the year 2000, he wanted to know if it was true. The answer was that as to their mutual interests of both “parallel” civilizations” the calamity must never repeat itself, they were working on correcting the “mistake” now. The witness then asked how time travel was possible. He was told that there were 6 degrees of “freedom” in space, forward, backward, left, right, up and down, and one degree in time---to the future. In total there were seven degrees of movement. Apparently they had the ability to slow time and eliminate the need of large consumption of energy. To realize that on practice, the theory of superconductivity must be known as well as super liquidity and super transparency. After the scientific dialogue was finished the witness stepped out of the craft and the “aliens” closed the door, the disk then zoomed up and disappeared. (55)

Location. Badamzar, Kashkadar’yinskaya region, Uzbekistan
Date: October 22 1989 Time: noon
Several local residents observed the landing of a cube-shaped object, square in form & fiery red in color; it was approximately 2 x 1 m, with 2 additional cylindrical protrusions on the corners. On the bottom of the object there was a larger cylinder with rings. The ribs at the bottom of the object were placed in a cross-like arrangement. Two aliens were visible through the window of the craft. A third alien exited the object and walked towards the village. The alien was about 2 m in height, with a flat body and no neck, long arms reaching down below his knees. The head was almost bald with small patches of gray hair jutting out near the ears. The color of the entity’s skin was dark, almost black or dark gray. Instead of a nose the humanoid had small openings. The clothing appeared to be made out of leather, on the chest there was an emblem resembling a “red cross” or two diagonal red lines that crossed in the middle. The alien made an attempt to abduct a local woman (Mrs. Gulasal Khalikova) and her son Muhsinzhon Khalikov. Mrs. Khalikova yelled in her language: “Don’t touch my son! The alien replied: “We will take him”. She replied: No! I will not let you! In turn the alien replied: “We will take your son for two years, if you want we will take you too.” Mrs. Khalikova refused to go and in a panic both she and her son ran away from the alien. A number of her neighbors witness the abduction attempt. Many others saw the object on the ground. (56)

Next we have another case from Voronezh this time involving both children and adult witnesses, the events in Voronezh were far from over:

Location. Voronezh, Russia
Date: October 25 or 26 1989 Time: 1900
A local girl named Svetlana S. had gone to the garage with her father. When her father walked out the girl saw an object emitting light and moving in the sky over the garage. Since it was dark already the object was clearly visible, against the background of a cloudy sky. Quickly increasing its size the object descended on an inclined trajectory and soon using circular motions it began to hover low over the garage. The object was egg-shaped, about 10 meters wide. Small circles were visible near the lower section of the object, resembling portholes or windows. These emitted yellow and red blinking lights. As the object hovered above the roof of the garage several antenna-like devices came out of its hull apparently emitting a loud ringing or beeping sound. After that smaller probes began separating from the larger object. The smaller objects were brightly lit and moved around the larger object. As the smaller lighted objects flew over nearby rooftops, numerous humanoid or entities appeared under their path. The humanoids were taller in size than an average human and wore something like helmets on their heads with “three eyes”. The humanoids carried devices, which according to the young witness resembled automatic machine guns hanging from their chest area. All the entities moved in synchronized movements like robots. Their right arms hung down, pressed against their bodies. Svetlana noticed that they had two fingers that appeared to be joined together and then 2 “normal” separate fingers and a fifth wire-like protrusion instead of a finger. As soon as Svetlana moved the entities grabbed on to their “machine guns” and in seconds several yellow beams of light struck Svetlana, creating something like a loop around her. The frightened girl froze in place, which apparently convinced the entities of her good intentions and ignored her, continuing their strange synchronized movements. Sometime after that, the main object descended and vanished behind the garage, it then ascended again emitting the loud beeping sound again, soon the smaller objects with the humanoids entities returned back inside the main object. The object then performed several circles around the rooftops and then quickly rushed upwards and vanished from sight. Svetlana’s teacher confirmed that the girl was stable and reliable. (57)

Figure 11. Description of female entity reported in Ukraine.

Location. Brovary, Kiev region, Ukraine
Date: October 31 1989 Time: 03:00 a.m.
A female witness named Iva Gospina who had previously seen various UFOs maneuvering over the area woke up late at night feeling apprehensive suspecting someone had broken into the apartment. She checked the apartment and found her family sleeping and everything else in order. She then looked out the window and noticed to her surprise a short woman wearing a tight-fitting black suit standing at her door, the woman had long straight white hair down to her shoulders, there also appeared to be a small black dog standing next to the woman, but since it was dark the witness could not see any other details. Still feeling apprehensive she walked back into the living room and attempted to sleep on the couch. Suddenly a large luminous yellow circle slowly entered through the closed blinds of the window. Three figures, similar to people then appeared standing on her carpet. The figures wore diver’s suits similar to cosmonauts or robots and were approximately 140-150cm in height. Two of them wore diving suits similar in color to frosted glass, and the third wore a golden scaly suit. The yellow light was now arranged in a semi-circle above the figure’s heads. The figures stood quietly without moving or speaking. In a state of panic the witness mentally commanded the figures to depart. Immediately these disappeared and the luminous yellow circle floated slowly out the window. The room became absolutely dark again. The witness stood up and rushed to the window feeling some regret that the figures had left and she yelled out for them to return in despair, thinking that she had lost a unique chance in her life to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. Later that night as she attempted to sleep she heard and “felt” a large figure enter her room and stand over her. She felt completely paralyzed and was unable to move and couldn’t open her eyes from fear. Again she panicked and mentally commanded the alien to leave. The next morning she learned from neighbors that a red luminous object had been seen hovering over the area. She then understood that the three aliens who had entered her room had come in peace and she regretted not contacting them. (58)

I feel that I just presented a fair number of bizarre cases from October now we move into November indeed a critical month during the world changing events of the time, the encounters did not slow down and high strangeness continued unrelenting. The first case again involves military personnel, in this case a militia captain:

Location. Voronok, Szelkovo area, Moscow region, Russia
Date: November 1989 Time: evening
A militia captain named Yuriy Mishichev was returning home from duty on the road along the banks of the River Klyazma which was covered with a thin layer of ice at the time. Suddenly he saw two silhouettes standing near the water rescue cabin. The “men” seemed to be doing something in a haste, which alarmed Yuriy and he was compelled to approach them. He noticed that the two suspicious subjects were dressed in tight-fitting diver suits. The material of the suits looked unusual, it was a transparent material which reminded the witness of the thin latex used in condoms, and lacked any visible seams. The aliens wore masks on the face area with elongated bulging goggles reminiscent of insects. Yuriy knew the guys from the station and thought that they were testing some kind of new foreign equipment for diving and rescue. So he approached the “divers” and with a smile offer to help. There was no reply. Mishichev then thought since a military space-tracking center was located beyond the river, he surmised that the divers were somehow connected with the Army or maybe they were spies. He approached closer and told the strangers to remove their masks, explaining his request by gesture also, stretching his hand towards one of the strangers. In response one of the men moved his hand away with his palm; at this point Mishichev realized that the “man” had a six digit hand. Finally he realized that the strangers were either military or divers and he decided to arrest them (!) and took one of them by the elbow. The touch on the alien’s body felt very cold while the witness ordered the stranger to follow him. He pulled the alien by the elbow forcing him to take a step towards the rescue cabin, but the alien stopped refusing to walk any further. The alien did not struggle or tried to break loose he just stood still as the witness’s suddenly felt heavy and was unable to walk. His brain felt numb and his body felt like it weighed a ton of lead. Overcoming that terrible torpid state attempting to push and pull the alien, but was unable to maintain the struggle for a long time. His eyelids became heavy, his elbows bended and he fell to the ground like a heavy sack of potatoes. Later he woke up but the aliens had vanished. Two days after the incident the witness heard that there had been a UFO landing at a runway at the nearby Chkalovskiy Air Base. (59)

The next case involves a decidedly anomalous entity apparently “Cyclopean” in nature and is from another soon to be troubled region “Dagestan”:

Location. Leninkent, Dagestan, Russia
Date: November 1989 Time: night
Two hunters on motorcycles and armed with rifles were looking for hares (rabbits) in an isolated area and soon came upon the tracks of a hare and began chasing it. Suddenly the hare froze in place seemingly hitting an invisible barrier. The surprised hunters watched in amazement. Suddenly the engine of their motorcycle stopped and standing two meters from them in the brush the men noticed a giant, one-eyed (Cyclopean) hairy entity. The strange creature had a single green eye in the middle of its forehead, which emanated light. The light seemed to hypnotize both men. Numb with horror the men remain staring at the creature, unable to move. The giant quietly looked at the hunters and in a few minutes walked into the forest, with no gestures or any attempts to communicate. According to the witnesses the entity did not run it just sort of seemed to vanish in plain sight. The terrified hunters wanted to leave the area but could not start their motorcycle engine. Later at home one of the men discovered that one of the cylinders on the motorcycle was inexplicably broken. Afterwards the men refused to hunt in the area for at least 2 months. (60)

The next November case is one of the few of the wave besides Voronezh and a few selects others that was widely published in the west:

Location. Archangelsk Region Russia
Date: November 1 1989 Time: midnight
Two men driving a truck along an unpaved road near the Emtsa railway station close to Plesetsk suddenly came upon a huge metallic object that was half blocking the road. The truck engine stalled as they approached the object but the battery operated headlights remaining on. One of the men attempted to approach the craft on foot but was unable to make any substantial progress as the craft appeared to be surrounded by an invisible force field. The craft was described as disc shaped with a large central dome. Along its perimeter there were dark round holes and a rectangular door like opening at one end. The craft rested on several metallic strut-like supports. As the witness stood looking at the dark object, several bright points of light became visible in front of him, forming some type of red screen that was suspended in mid-air. Within the screen a message became visible and it stated, “They needed fire.” The witness proceeded to make a small fire with some leaves and matches near the object. He looked up to see an opening become visible. Inside a corridor that led within the object could be seen, at the end of the corridor a blinking blue light was visible. Suddenly a dark indescribable figure resembling a featureless sack slid out of the opening, rolled over to the fire, took a box of matches then rolled back inside the craft. The witness then felt an urge to go inside the object and did so. Apparently the force field had been removed from around the craft. Inside he followed the corridor that led him to what appeared to be a command console, with computer screens and a single chair. He received numerous telepathic messages but did not see any other occupants or entities. He eventually exited the object, which rotated and shot up into the sky quickly disappearing from sight. (61)

The next case involved a deputy commander at a strategic missile site and it occurred on the same day that the Berlin Wall began to be dismantled:

Location. Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Date: November 6-7 1989 Time: 2354
Captain Alexander Kovylkov was appointed deputy commander of a strategic missile position near Krasnoyarsk. The garrison was located about 20-25 kilometers from the main launch pad. He was on duty at night and late at night he went to check on the posts. A huge moon shone overhead as Kovylkov, neatly attired in winter hat, greatcoat, waist belt, holster with gun, and high boots with special leather heels he had specially made for him. Suddenly at about 70 meters ahead of him he noticed three dark silhouettes. His first thought was maybe escaped prisoners (from where?). But he noticed that the figures were disproportionably built and about 2 to 2.2 meters in height. They were dressed in tight-fitting suits of a shiny gray-green material, similar to the material used in the military anti-chemical protective suits. He yelled, “Who is there?” And he grabbed his holster, in response he heard a hissing sound and felt a powerful electric charge strike his chest, he then lost consciousness. His next memory was not to clear; he felt his body being transported through a huge curving pipe, similar to a vacuum cleaner. He was then placed in a kind of examination table face down, in the middle of a round, dome shaped room. Three aliens are in the room, 2 are males, very tall and with very broad shoulders. They appear to have no necks as their heads seemed to be placed directly into their shoulders. Their hands are disproportionably long, their long narrow fingers reaching the knees. The third alien was apparently female, the small breast-like protrusions visible in her chest. This third alien was also athletic built like her companions. They had huge eyes that covered half their faces, narrow pale lips. Several small openings instead of a nose, resembling a small colander, they stood at the head of their bed. One of the aliens had opened Kovylkov’s cranium (he felt no pain), while another alien inserted 3 thin pins into his brain with red pulsating tips. Alexander screamed and lost consciousness again. He came to again after he felt someone slapping his face. He opened his eyes and found himself sitting at a table. The sergeant on duty, Mamedov, was yelling at him asking him if he was alive. It was 0008A, 12 minutes had passed. The soldier explained to him that he was found unconscious near the table. The commander of the unit came running into the room. He had seen the taiga bathed in a blood-red light and next he saw a bright star-like object ascending at high speed into the sky. Kovylkov explained what happened and several soldiers using flashlights began searching the woods. Another curious fact soon came to light; Kovylkov famous heels were missing, after following his footprints, his heels were again found but the copper nails connecting the heels with the sole were missing. It appears that a year after the incident when a doctor attempted to X-ray his head the film will not developed and it was spoiled three times in a row. (62)

Reports kept pouring in, unfortunately too many to include all, next we have a typical example of a “bedroom visitation” during the 1989 wave in the former Soviet Union:

Location. Novgorod, Russia
Date: middle of November 1989 Time: 2300
The witness, 23-year old Tatiana was sleeping when suddenly she woke up to see the ceiling light switched on and immediately had the impression that there was someone else in the room with her. She opened her eyes and was amazed that at the edge of her bed sat a “young man”. He was very tall, somewhere around 2meters. He appeared to be about 25-26 years of age. The man’s face was unnaturally beautiful, very kind in appearance with skin of an unusual peach tint. He also had a high forehead and radiant blue eyes, his eyebrows formed into an arc, his nose straight and small. He had short light brown hair, neatly combed. The man wore a suit of a light brilliant fabric without any buttons or fasteners. His chest was wide. And his strong athletic body was visible under his suit. He was sitting half turned looking at Tatiana. She did not feel fright or alarm and stared at the stranger for about 10 minutes. She even moved up a little to obtain a better look at the intruder. She felt good feeling or vibrations emanating from the stranger. She then apparently fell asleep and around 0500A was awakened by her mother who asked her why she hadn’t switched off the ceiling light. Tatiana noticed that soon after the incident a head cold which had been lingering completely vanished. (She would have another encounter with a different humanoid in April 1990) (63)

The next case involved more military witnesses and again from Hungary:

Location. Tarnaszentmaria Hungary
Date: November 20 1989 Time: night
Several soldiers at the local army barracks noticed a curious mist in the sky with lights inside. Moments later a Saturn-shaped object flew overhead disappearing towards the forest. A powerful beam of light that made them sick briefly illuminated two of the guards. Later that same night another soldier reported seeing several 10-foot tall white colored figures in a forest clearing facing the barracks. The figures seemed to move in slow motion. All the animals in the area became frantic. The soldier approached the creature and attempted to discharge his weapon but he suddenly became paralyzed and was unable to move for several minutes. Suddenly the creatures disappeared in a flash of red light. (64)

Next is a case from one of the remotest ‘Socialist estates’ of the former Soviet Union, we are talking about Turkmenistan and it involves very curious details indeed:

Location. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Date: November or December 1989 Time: night
A 6-year old girl, Tanya Kuzina claimed to have been visited by extraterrestrials one night. In the morning she told her 30-year old mother, Mrs. Natalya Kuzina. According to Tanya, several humanoid male aliens somehow entered her bedroom. They all wore large transparent helmets on their heads that came down to their shoulders. Metallic antennas, resembling small horns, were visible on the helmets. The men told the girl “Let's be friends”. Frightened, Tanya asked the men who they were. They told her that they were from another world and then departed. Her mother did not believe her story. However several days later according to Tanya the strange “men” returned. The visitors further explained to Tanya that they lived in another more beautiful world, which was very pleasant in nature. Tanya then asked if they had trees in their world and the aliens said that their trees resembled large “cucumbers”. “What do you have there besides that” asked Tanya. The aliens then explained that they had special apparatuses, which they used to “puncture holes between worlds” (to travel?). They said that their world was parallel to that of earth. They told the uncomprehending young girl that once they puncture a hole, the space “converts” into something akin to a gravitational collapse. The aliens pointed out to Tanya that she was a good girl and had the necessary “resonant frequencies”. She was then asked if she wanted to visit their ship, she said yes and in a moment she appeared inside their spacecraft. The men pointed to a console with numerous buttons and asked Tanya if she wanted to press a button (!) she agreed and was told to press a certain button but not to touch the other ones. She was told that the other buttons were responsible for the temporal shift and “converting space.” The aliens also said that there were very few people on earth that they could communicate with and that Tanya was one of them, the reason given was that she was “underdeveloped”. That she had rare “atavism” in her body. The aliens explained to Tanya that atavism was contained in her head as a “third eye”. Finally the aliens told Tanya that they would eventually take her with them when she became an adult. (65)

The “procession of the damned” (as Charles Fort was known to say) continued well into December, our next location is again Hungary:

Location. Simonfa, Hungary
Date: December 1989 Time: evening
J. Varga was walking his dogs through a forest path when he was suddenly approached by two separate groups of six short entities, about 120cm in height, with black eyes, and walking single file. Strangely each group seemed to have been led by a 2 meter tall humanoid entity with what appeared to be antennae like protrusions on the head. Varga stopped and let his dog go who immediately ran towards the humanoids; however the dog suddenly stopped and ran back obviously terrified and dropped to the ground. Distracted by the plight of his dog Varga did not see how the humanoids disappeared or in which direction they left. (66)

Next, the ‘procession’ paid a brief visit to the Ukraine:

Location. Ozirshchina, Kiev, Ukraine
Date: December 2 1989 Time: 1700
Two men strolling near a small frozen man-made lake came upon an open space and saw a disc shaped object on the lake. Three to four small humanoids with bronzed brown faces were walking around and near the object. The beings wore shiny silvery outfits with large “snow boots”, they had well proportioned bodies. The craft was metallic and murky gray in color. As the witnesses watched, the humanoids apparently noticed them and suddenly vanished. The disc then rose to treetop level and also vanished. An oval shaped mark ringed by something yellowish in color was found on the ice, also footprints were evident. (67)

The next two cases are from Bulgaria and one of the witnesses was again a military man, in his case a ‘tank commander’:

Location. Blankya Bulgaria
Date: December 17 1989 Time: 04:50 a.m.
Just previous to this encounter, residents of this town close to the Bulgarian Capital Sofia reported observing pear-shaped UFOs. The UFOs reportedly flew close to the government offices. On this morning Mrs. Zinoviya Yankova, a Bulgarian TV producer awoke in her recreational retreat room when an unusually soft pinkish light lighted it. She stood up, went to the balcony and noticed a brightly lit UFO over the nearby village of Mchailovo and a Government residence. It was fish shaped, without a tail, with two inclined antennas pointing down. There was an eerie silence in the area. At this point she heard a clicking sound resembling that of galloping horse’s hooves. She looked down and on the snowy street she saw 3, two-meter tall humanoid figures, as measured by the nearby telegraph pole. One of the figures was wearing gray overalls and smooth “masks” hid their faces. Their arms were long, hanging below the knees and seemed to directly come out of the waist. They walked without bending their knees. The feet were not visible. The second figure was completely black in color. Both aliens were marching in synchronicity almost like marching soldiers. They vanished behind a nearby building. (68)

Location. Blankya, near Sofia Bulgaria
Date: December 17 1989 Time: early morning
That same morning, Colonel Gancho Ivanov, commander of a tank brigade, was awakened by a loud sound. He went out of his room and noticed a fish shaped UFO in the west flying towards the south. The object flew at about 50-60 meters above some buildings, descending, leaving a trail of bluish lights. The object was silver in color, resembling “old white bronze”. The object landed sharply approximately 200 meters from the sanatorium near the Government residences. 15-20 seconds after that, a hatch opened and 3 “pilots” stepped out of the craft. The figures started walking towards the city center. All 3 were more than 3 meters in height. According to the witness, the alien in the center was talking to his companions walking to the right and left of him. They were dressed in soft silver suits, and high boots. They walked awkwardly, stepping heavy “like horses” raising their legs sharply up and down, like soldiers in a parade. The giant in the middle was apparently the leader; he was wearing something like a bag suspended by straps around his neck. They walked by 2 telegraph poles, briefly stopped and then began walking back. As they approached the craft, the hatch opened again and the giants “plunged” inside, the hatch closed and a flame appeared below the craft, which began silently zooming up. After gaining certain altitude it flew north and vanished. Later strange tracks (footprints) were found in the snow, about 40cm in diameter. (69)

The next case is also from Eastern Europe but not necessary from an area that was part of the former Soviet Union sphere of influence, this case was from Croatia which was of course part of greater Yugoslavia at the time, and yes changes would be coming to this region also accompanied by death and destruction:

Location. Makarska, Croatia (Yugoslavia)
Date: December 20 1989 Time: night
A group of adults were on the southern slope of a local mountain when they noticed a clearly defined homogeneous reddish ball of light, about 2 kilometers from their location. Curious they approached the location and observed standing in the vicinity of the light a human-like figure wearing a tight fitting silvery coverall and with close-cropped hair. The outline of the figure was very sharp and distinct. The light was the size of a passenger car, emitting a grayish glare from its surface. Suddenly the light began to radiate red and yellow bands of light and moved rapidly towards the witnesses. The witnesses then sped away from the area. (70)

On the same day as the Croatian report there would be a weird encounter in the tiny former Soviet Republic of Moldova:

Location. Chisinau, Moldova (USSR)
Date: December 20 1989 Time: evening
In the highway leading to the airport numerous witnesses observed the flight of a cigar-shaped object, black and shiny. The length of the object was about thirty feet. Before reaching the airport the object suddenly made a left turn and went down on its belly right on the ground. Pensioner, V. K. Kostikov walking around the area at the same time the object landed decided to approach the object for a closer look. A hatch opened and a strange humanoid slightly taller than 1 meter emerged. It spoke to Kostikov in an incomprehensible language, albeit “sweet and melodic”. The strange entity was described as having no visible legs and resembling ‘a snail below the hips’. On the highway a girl riding her bicycle also noticed the strange object and curious also approached the object. According to her, upon seeing her, the ‘alien slug’ left Kostikov alone and moved towards her and also spoke to her in an incomprehensible language. Frightened she ran off. Soon after the bizarre humanoid re-boarded the craft and left the area. (71)

Next I will summarize a series of events said to have taken place in Baku, the capital of another remote Soviet Republic, Azerbaijan:

Location. Baku, Azerbaijan
Date: December 26 1989 Time: 1800
At the very center of the city several children were gathered in the courtyards playing. One of them, Rashad K. was riding in his bicycle when he noticed standing under the arch of a nearby house a strange humanoid, human like, who was white in color, with red eyes with a fox-like snout and a large mouth. Rashad rode from the scene and told his friends what he had seen. As the other children approached the area they spotted the strange figure staring at them. Several of the children gave it chase but it quickly disappeared from sight. Upon returning to the field the children were surprised to see the entity sitting on a bench there, already waiting for them. It was described as about 1.40 to 1.60 meters in height, wearing dark trousers and a brown jacket. His head was covered with sparse hair. The entity seems to call out to children as they began surrounding it. But suddenly the humanoid broke and to a run and appeared to dissolve to nothingness in front of the astonished children. As it moved, its feet did not appear to touch the ground. (72)

Location. Baku Azerbaijan
Date: December 27 1989 Time: evening
In the same area of the previous encounter, several children 10 to 12 years of age saw a head coming from behind the arch, and then the figure appeared, a little girl who attempted to approach the site, suddenly bounced back falling to the ground crying. She described the entity as having glowing eyes, cherry red in color. Later another one of the children threw a stone at the entity; however the stone and the entity disappeared in plain sight. The children noticed that the entity’s hand had only three fingers. (73)

Location. Baku Azerbaijan
Date: December 28 1989 Time: early morning
Unable to sleep because of the previous events, two youngsters, Agaselim and Dima they heard coming from the area of the previous encounter a terrible howling sound, which they said did not belong to either animal or man. They were too afraid to look out the window. Later that same day the entity again appeared in the courtyard, but now it was almost 3 meters in height. Terrified the children watch, as the entity appeared to dissolve into thin air. 30 minutes the entity again appeared but this time in a “reduced” version almost at a normal height. (74)

Location. Baku Azerbaijan
Date: December 30 1989 Time: evening
Children in the area of the courtyard again reported the appearance of a strange entity, which ran along the roofs of the houses. It appeared to have a glowing head this time. One of the children stood near the house and looked up at the entity but was struck by a beam of blue light emanating from the entity, which caused temporarily blindness and his eyes to water. (75)

I will stop with a very curious case (they all seemed to have been very curious) that apparently took place in the capital of Russia, Moscow:

Location. Moscow, Russia
Date: late December 1989 Time: 04:30 a.m.
L. I. Spirindova sat up in bed unable to sleep and looked at her watch, again she tried to sleep but to no avail. Suddenly a flash of light that came in through the window lit up her bedroom. At first she thought it was lighting but did not hear any thunder and now realized that the light appeared to be constant. Curious she walked to the window and watched a disc-shaped object slowly descending to the ground near her building, above the disc there was a cone-shaped plume of glowing lines. The disc then gently touched down behind the houses. As soon as that happened she saw in the garden a large human-like figure flying horizontally above the ground, the figure was wearing a tight-fitting diver’s suit. The figure stopped and floated silently in mid-air, it then suddenly took a vertical position and dropped to the ground. From her bedroom it was no longer visible, so she went to the kitchen, still she could not see it, as she walked back to her bedroom she suddenly saw a tall gray clad figure standing on her balcony. The height of the figure was about 2 ½ meters in height. He stood looking down to the ground from the balcony, and soon the witness realized that there was another entity on the ground below the balcony. Moments later the 2nd figure appeared next to the tall one on the balcony, this figure was shorter, only about 1.5m in height and was wearing a helmet visor. Terrified, the witness backed away towards her bedroom. As she did this the shorter figure suddenly threw her helmet back and the witness saw the face of a young woman, with eyes that radiated warmth, friendliness and intelligence. Immediately a strange feeling came over the witness, who almost convinced herself that she was looking at her daughter (!), even though she realized that was impossible. The female entity stared at her as the witness slowly sat on her bed and then laid back. The witness felt trapped and in a stupor her eyelids were heavy, she froze and fell into a deep sleep. Later when she came to the balcony was empty. Later she read in the newspaper that the same night other witnesses had seen a hovering disc-shaped object about 10-15 miles from her house. (76)

Incredibly this was only the tip of the proverbial “Iceberg” describing what was taken place behind the scenes in this part of the world at the time, especially between 1989 through 1991. Even more incredibly still 1990 surpassed 1989 in the amount of cases and high strange situations in the region and things didn’t really ‘slow’ down until about 1997.Of course perhaps at this point most of these cases would be impossible to verify I leave it to the reader to make their own decision. But it cannot be denied that at the time of profound world changes especially in the region of our planet there appeared that something besides political change was occurring, something behind the scenes perhaps accelerated the incredible sudden changes of the time. The mindset of a whole region was being changed millions began to realize that they were part of a bigger world and Universe that they could ever had imagined. Did UFOs and humanoids play a role on the changes? perhaps we will never know but I would like to think so.

Figure 12. Giants in the park, Voronezh, Russia.

Albert S. Rosales
September 29, 2012

I can be contacted at or for any questions, suggestions or personal observations.

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NOTE: I want to again thank Albert for his tireless research and commitment to the subject of humanoids. It's a privilege to publish his material...Lon

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