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Monday, October 08, 2012

1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids - Part 3

The following article was forwarded by long-time humanoid researcher and colleague Albert S. Rosales. The full narrative will be presented in four parts...enjoy!

Long ago it became clear that the Soviet Empire had begun to crumble long before the bizarre and indeed incredible article in the Soviet daily, Tass on Monday October 10 1989 detailing an account which shocked many in the west due to its bizarre nature, of course that was the report of an alleged landing of a UFO in a park in the Soviet city of Voronezh and even stranger still the fact that unusual looking humanoids exited the craft and apparently interacted with several local children which were apparently the main witnesses of the event. Later research by Russian researchers Genrih Silanov, Fyedor Kiselyov, Yuriy Lozotsev and Alexander Mosolov proved that there had been dozens of other close encounters and incidents in an around Voronezh starting in August through January 1990, the results were published in a book appropriately called “UFOs in Voronezh” published in 1990.

Before these events both leaders, Reagan, and Gorbachev spoke about the possibility of an alien invasion of earth and pointed out that if that happened all the nations of the earth would unite and do away with their petty political and geographical differences. Already in the spring of 1989 Hungary had begun to dismantle its fortified border with Austria, a clear signal that the division of postwar Europe was coming to an end. And before the astounded eyes of the world by the end of the year, on December 22 1989 to be exact the Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin is opened.

After the unprecedented wave of close encounters with humanoids and UFOs during the decade of the 70’s, 1980 signaled a clear slowdown of reports or encounters, they had not completely gone away but there seemed to be less interest and hence less reports of UFOs and their occupants. This trend appeared to last until the end of 1988 and the beginning of 1989 when reports of humanoid encounters exploded, but in undoubtedly unexpected locations, mostly the whole territory of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In my files alone I have over 500 high strangeness and humanoid encounters for 1989, more than half from the former Soviet Union, and for 1990 I have over 600 reports, again more than half from the former Soviet Union. As the wall crumbled interest in UFOs and aliens appeared to increase on a daily basis in this vast territory of hundreds of ethnicities with many accounts of bizarre encounters being published by local government controlled newspapers and other cases published by private researchers in their Samizdat newsletters. The wave of encounters, of all types, began in the former Soviet Union at the end of 1988 and lasted well into late 1997. I will concentrate today on 1989...a year that heralded many changes and marked ‘the return of the humanoids’.

This next case investigated by veteran Russian Ufologist Mikhail Gershtein among others has sinister implications to say the least:

Location. Malye Shory, Lebyazhskiy area, Kirov region, Russia
Date: August 1989 Time: night
A local resident of this village on the banks of the River Vyatka woke up one sultry night to drink some water. The window of the kitchen was opened and after satisfying her thirst she saw someone walking beyond the window near the wall of the kitchen. The night was light and there had been a slight rain and under the moonlight she could see a tall thin “man” wearing a shiny tight-fitting rubber suit dark in color. The suit covered all the man’s body and his head except for his face and hands. His face appeared quite common, generally human, with white skin. Something resembling a hood covered his head. The witness noticed the disproportional length of the humanoid’s hands. The man stood on the flowerbed prodding the earth with something resembling a syringe, about a 1 meter in length and about 15-20cm in diameter. The woman immediately thought that the stranger was a “typical alien” and dared to step out of her house. The stranger immediately stopped what he was doing and moved away from the flowerbed. The woman then asked, “Why do you to come here? Why do you worry us? The alien answered, “We brought you a contagion. But you die slowly. So now we brought you another contagion, a more effective one” (!!). The humanoid spoke in perfect Russian in a normal human voice. His behavior was quite, but he never let the woman come close to him and began walking away towards the opposite plot of land near the river. The woman followed him and screamed bitterly, “Why is that, why?” She then heard a voice from afar, “It must be done in that matter”. The encounter lasted for about 2-3 minutes. In the morning decided that maybe the incident had been a dream and also failed to find any traces in the flowerbed, and her husband slept throughout the whole episode. However the investigator (Kazakov) found several trees that had been broken and dried up in what appeared to have been a typical UFO “landing site”. (30)

Not to the left-out the following alleged incident involves a UFO crash and retrieval, just one of the several such incidents that surfaced during the period:

Location. Near Kapustin Yar range, Astrakhan or Volgograd region, Russia
Date: August 12 1989 Time: night
Shot downed by another UFO during a dogfight an extraterrestrial disk was damaged by some type of alien beam weapon. The craft lost control and fell at very high speed on a flat terrain outside the State Central Test Range # 4 at Kapustin Yar. The crash was probably noticed by military personnel or reported to them and a retrieval team was sent to the range. UFO observations over Kapustin Yar State Central Test Range # 4 on the night of July 28-29 1989 had caused a stir (confirmed by authentic KGB documents). This was another case and the military was informed about the downed disk-shaped object partially embedded on the ground, in a tilted position. The disk was about 5 to 8 meters in diameter, convexo, shaped like a lens. Its surface was ideally smooth, seamless, silver metallic, indicating evident non-terrestrial technology, with a broad and slight not jutting gradual dome on top connected in the same line with the rest of the hull and a broad cylindrical base. The bottom section and one side of the object were substantially damaged by the hard impact, with numerous dents and a narrow curved crack on its side. The incident was immediately reported to the Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshall Dmitriy T. Yazov and the chairman of the KGB, etc. Soon a special order was issued by the Military Space Forces of the USSR to the Commander of Kapustin Yar range to dispatch a retrieval team to the crash site. (Mr. Pavel Laptinov of Saint Petersburg saw the written order himself in 1999).The operation was conducted to isolate the rest of the military on the range from any knowledge of the incident, and to enlist only specially selected people called from outside (mostly from Moscow) to the recovery and research procedures. Under the cover of night the crash site was immediately cordoned off and the disk was removed to an isolated hangar on the territory of Kapustin Yar Sate Central Range # 4. The object was then covered by anti-radiation foil & tarpaulin. The research site where the disk had been hidden was almost completely isolated from the rest of the range in order to prevent any leakage of information. The scientific research military team was gathered in top secrecy in a short amount of time after the incident and had been dispatched by airplane to the range to study the disk inside the hangar. The research team made different attempts to penetrate inside the disk, using different equipment. They tried strong drills, diamond tip ones, gas cutting, but nothing helped, the hull appeared very durable. Finally expensive and heavy laser equipment that was brought to the site helped. They concentrated their efforts on the crack in the object’s side and expanded it by laser. The hull consisted of 4 layers. In about 20 days they made the hole large enough enabling the research team to penetrate inside, who were dressed in protective suits and gas masks. Soon the research team finally penetrated inside the craft. The object consisted of 3 levels inside, an engine compartment on the lower level; the main power plant apparently self-destructed automatically. The main control room was on the 2nd level had a screen, a main control panel positioned in a semicircle with multicolored rectangular key-shaped buttons 2 x 5 cm in size, like keys on a piano, positioned in 3 rows and 4 small round chairs. Identity of the dome-shaped cylinder in the center of the cabin’s floor was later identified as a holographic projector. The top level was like a garret, apparently an air lock. Four alien bodies were found on level 2, all dead, mostly next to the chairs. The aliens were about 1.3, 1.4m in height, two were the same and a third was slightly taller, about 1.5-1.6m. They had large hairless heads covered with helmets with 4 webbed fingers, greenish-yellow-brown skin, and thin long arms, like that of a monkey, long narrow legs and necks, huge slanted frog like eyes covered by black eye lenses, just a protrusion with 2 openings on the place of a nose, small and narrow slit-like mouth, tiny ears pressed to the rear part of their heads, and long thin hands. They were dressed in tight-fitting and very durable suits of metallic silver color with a violet tint, with belts and round circles on their chest areas. They had long elbow length gloves. The suits were removed with difficulty, along with the silver-greenish boots and gloves. One of the bodies was substantially damaged by the hard impact. In general, the beings were similar to those found in the disk that crashed in Latvia in the early 1990s. In extreme secrecy the bodies were immediately removed from the disk, placed inside the hangar and put into special support containers to preserve biological materials. These containers were then loaded on a military cargo aircraft and moved to an aerodrome in the Moscow area. From there the bodies were removed to a special KGB biomedical laboratory outside the town of Solnechnogorsk northwest of Moscow (as well as other alien bodies from other UFO crashes, Poland, Latvia, etc) where they were autopsied and hidden in underground bunkers by only 4 officers. During the autopsy yellow-greenish alien blood appeared quickly reacting with oxygen, apparently copper-based. A Soviet engineering team succeeded in a detailed study of the disk from inside, but the technology was hard to understand. Metal alloys were properly analyzed, different parts were taken from the disk and moved outside the range to different military industrial and R&D institutions for analyses (including Vnukovo alien material research underground lab southwest of Moscow). The disk was not moved to the research centers in populated areas by reasons of secrecy. In around 1991 or 1992 the disk had been removed from Kapustin Yar range to Novaya Zemlya Island base in the Arctic region (a former nuclear State Central Range # 6) where is still hidden today in a specially constructed artificial cave. The alien bodies were also taken there. Other UFOs have also been stored at this location, including a small non-piloted probe which crashed and was recovered in Latvia in either 1991 or 1992. (31)

The next case involved an encounter which allegedly occurred deep underground in a mine and describes two unusual looking humanoids:

Location. Donetsk, Ukraine
Date: August 27 1989 Time: 03:00 a.m.
This fascinating encounter took place deep within a mine 1070 meters below the earth’s surface. An electrical worker in one of the mines was working the night shift when he suddenly saw two strangers standing at the end of the electric train depot. The witness stood behind the electric train control station and soon after the strangers appeared he was seized by an uncontrollable fear, something that had never occurred to him before. Using his instinct he hid behind the control box closely watching the strangers. The figures moved slowly along the garage, stopping from time to time and studying different areas and equipment located there. Finally the witness gathered up enough courage to confront the strangers and walked out of his hiding place. Upon noticing him the strangers stopped. Trying to sound as confident as possible the witness yelled at them, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” And he began to walk slowly towards the pair. After taking several steps he looked closely and literally became numb with fear as he realized that the entities standing before him were not human. They were short creatures, dwarf-like with sallow facial complexions, and features he could not recognize as human. Both were dressed in silvery colored coveralls and their chest they had lighted circles and luminous dots circling around, like the screen of an oscillograph. After standing for a while, the entities turned around and walked away, quickly moving away floating just above the ground. In several seconds they vanished behind a bend on the underground tunnel. (32)

The last case to be summarized from August (there is no space or time to include all the cases) also involved a military officer and a very complex abduction scenario:

Location. Saratov Region, Russia
Date: end of August 1989 Time: 2105-2115
One of the military officers from the Shihany chemical weapons test range close to the Volga River was returning home from duty in the control post when suddenly for no apparent reason as if hypnotized or narcotized a feeling of calm fell over him. In a trance-like joyful state he walked a long distance from the base and noticed a rainbow-like object in the air and heard a voice inside his head, “Do not be afraid”. When he came closer he could see a dome giving off a dim bluish light. He then felt as if an invisible escalator that took him into the air and sucked him into the middle of the dome-shaped object. He appeared in a spacious circular room, arena-like and heard the voice again, “Don’t worry. You will not be harmed”. At this point he felt afraid, and kept saying to himself that it was just a dream. But he again heard the voice, “No, this is no dream. Everything is real.” When looked around he could see only wave-like walls, as if they were made out of light. In the center of the room there was a kind of round table or pedestal, with a heap of stones on it that gave off a myriad of rainbow colored light. He had the uncanny feeling that time had stopped; he had no idea how long he had been in the room. Suddenly he noticed 2 silhouettes that seemed to appear out of nowhere. They did not approach from anywhere they just appeared suddenly with a kind of fog or shroud enveloping them. He could see that they had gray-greenish faces with a hint of nostrils (flat faces with an almost total absent of noses), huge almond-shaped or slanted eyes. He shuddered with fear when he looked into the eyes, they resembled bottomless dark pits. One entity was obviously a male and the other a female. Their faces were completely expressionless, nor he sees the slightest movement of their eyes or lips. They stretched their arms towards the witness as they approached him. He attempted to defend himself but to no avail. The beings undressed him in quick “confident” movements, as if they had done it numerous times before. The naked witness was put on his back, on a soft and warm couch. He noticed what appeared to be long wiry needles in the alien man’s hands; the entity then began inserting some of the needles into various places on his body. The witness felt neither pain nor discomfort, he felt very relaxed as if was watching the whole scene from another location. He could not remember how long this procedure lasted for. Suddenly the male humanoid vanished into thin air. After that the alien woman removed what appeared to be a shroud from her body, he was then able to see her very clearly. He could see that she was a rare and amazing beauty, like a statuette made out of polished pistachio tree. She then laid next to him in an obvious attempt to seduce him. He touched her belly and the skin felt warm and velvety. Then he touched her breasts, and he found them to be resilient like touching suede-like skin. The alien woman then touched him and he was amazed at how heavy her hands were, like if her bones were made out of metal. Apparently reading his thoughts, she removed her hand immediately. But this only touch from the alien woman was enough for the witness, it felt like an electric charge, he could not resist her any longer and had sex with her. It was slightly quicker than with a normal earth woman. When the sex act was over she enveloped herself with the shroud again and vanished in plain sight. “Get up and dress” he heard the voice in his mind again. He did what he was told and again an invisible escalator removed him out of the dome-shaped craft. The rainbow colored object then seemed to compress into a whitish globe the size of a watermelon, gave off a blinding flash and vanished. When the officer looked at his watch he realized that only 15 minutes had gone by. After the contact the witness lost 23 kilograms of his weight and his blood pressure and health became normal. On several occasions he attempted to tell his story but each time an inner “voice” prevented him from doing so. (33)

Then came September and high-strangeness was rampant throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe no more bizarre were the occurrences in and around Voronezh Russia. The following summarized cases are the Voronezh close encounters and landings known to researchers, some very well known and some not at all:

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: middle of September 1989 Time: 2000
Igor Yagudin was en route to his job at the local airport had taken a shortcut through a ravine and was climbing up the path that led out of it when he noticed a bright greenish glow to his left. He went to investigate and found a hovering green-colored sphere that remained motionless just above the ground. He walk towards the sphere and heard some footsteps nearby, he looked and saw a very tall, well-proportioned man in a dark silvery suit. The humanoid’s entire head was covered to the shoulders by a large helmet with a rectangular visor. The helmet appeared to contain some type of liquid and no facial features could be seen. A faint glow appeared on the humanoid’s visor and something made the witness look in the direction of the sphere. On the sphere a screen had appeared and on it images of various nuclear power plants, all known to the witness, the plants all appeared to be undergoing some type of emergency and explosions were evident. After a while the images faded and the witness lost consciousness. He later woke up with a slight headache and both the sphere and the humanoid were nowhere in sight. (34)

Leaving the Voronezh area briefly I am including a case that appears to have been some sort of UFO crash after what witnesses described as a ‘dog fight’ in the sky:

Location. Zaostravka, Perm region, Russia
Date: September 16 1989 Time: night
North of this location witnesses watched several disc-shaped objects apparently engaged in some kind of “dogfight” with another gold-colored disc after several explosions in the area the electrical power in the city was turned off. The gold colored disc was seen to crash into a local swamp. At the location of the craft several military personnel approached the site, but the disc had apparently crashed into an isolated location impossible to access. The zone was declared forbidden by the local military and several families were displaced and a barbwire was placed in the area. Aircraft flying over the area reported severe equipment malfunctions and were diverted to other flight paths. The downed object was further described as mushroom in shape, with a greenish-gold cupola and a matt black rim and a narrow base. (35)

After the brief sojourn into unknown territory we return to the strangeness around Voronezh:

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: September 21 1989 Time: 2030
Several young boys watched a large sphere land on a park; two tall humanoids wearing silvery outfits and large black boots briefly emerged. A smaller robot-like entity accompanied them. Landing tracks were reportedly found. (36)

Figure 7. One of the best known images of the Voronezh encounters.

Location. Voronezh, Russia
Date: September 23 1989 Time: after 2000
5th grade schoolgirl Natasha Krylova and her friends Lena Sorokina, Natasha Voropaeva, Sveta Ryzhkova and Yulya Sholohova saw a white Moon-sized spot of light that appeared in the sky. It soon became clear that it was a globe-shaped object with black stick-like protrusions and lights around it. The object was flying towards the city park, and then it began hovering over the ground and then landed. Three tall humanoid beings appeared in the area where the UFO had landed, two were of the same height, very tall; the third was even taller than the other two. The strangest thing was that the humanoids were not seen to have come out of the craft, but had suddenly appeared out of nowhere standing near the craft, right in front of the children’s eyes. The aliens were dressed in blue cloaks and were walking in midair low over the ground. They did not converse among each other. After walking for some time towards a nearby road they confronted a group of about 6-8 people that were going to the park, among them the Nedosekins family. Then a boy named Alyesha Panin reported seeing the landed UFO with 4 landing legs jutting from it. The landing props were grayish or black in color and the object was light. Bright light emitted from beneath, from where the hatch had opened. 2 entities moved towards the boy, and a third alien remained behind next to the UFO apparently guarding it. The light coming from the hatch gradually died out. When the boys saw the aliens walking towards him strangely he was not afraid, but experienced a headache. Then he heard the girls screaming. However he stayed around for some more time but the aliens vanished. Later the boy and the girls returned to the location and heard a loud humming sound and then ran back home in order to obtain additional witnesses. The first part of the episode had lasted for about 15 minutes.

Soon a larger group of boys and girls returned to the UFO landing place. Then one of the creatures raised its hand and something descended on it, shaped like a shiny beak, the shiny object was emitting light and had appeared from nowhere. Then the entity pull down its hand and the shiny object remained hovering in midair and then descended towards the earth and vanished. At this point the children became afraid and began crying. The entities then moved back to the landed globe. However the object did not fly away, but disappeared in front of their eyes. Apparently many of the adults had seen nothing. (37)

Figure 8. Voronezh alien

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: September 23 1989 Time: 2100
5th grade student from school # 33, Roma Torshin was returning home through the city park when he noticed a large reddish globe with a dark hatch in the sky. Diameter of the object by his estimation was about 5 meters. Before landing, the object emitted 4 landing “legs” or props. Several seconds later the hatch opened, a stairway or ladder then moved out and a robotic entity “rolled” out of it. The “robot” was of chest-height of an adult man. The robot resembled a “large TV-set with buttons on it” with visible rigid legs and arms jutting from it. The boy discerned fingers on the robot’s hands that were constantly moving. The robot was dressed in a bronze-colored suit and black boots, resembling high jack-boots with rolled tops. As appeared to Roma, the robot then noticed him, but did not have any visible reaction to his presence. Then an alien being came out of the globe, about 2 meters in height. The humanoid had an oval-shaped head with 3 eyes; a mouth and nose were not visible. The color of its face was dark brown, with very smooth skin. The humanoid was dressed in a bronze-colored tight-fitting suit. After some time the alien and the robot returned to the spacecraft, the hatch closed emitting a clasping sound and the UFO sharply zoomed up, emitting something like “sparkles” from beneath. During the whole encounter the witness experienced a very strong sense of fear but could walk or run away. (38)

Figure 9. Voronezh alien with weapon?

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: September 26 1989 Time: 1900
A young witness saw an object with portholes on the ground. A figure more than 3 meters tall emerged from it. The entity had two large eyes on its head and a red light on top. On its chest it had a silvery disk with three round spots of different colors. Below that it had a rectangular box that protruded out. The being also wore large silvery boots. (39)

Location. Voronezh, Russia
Date: September 26 1989 Time: 2000
A young student named Sergey Goloszhapov a pupil at the local technical college # 13 after finishing playing football (soccer) was returning home with two other boys, Dima Ligachyev and Slava Kovtunov. They were walking through the park towards the local “preventive clinic” when suddenly they saw a small entity near a tree, it remotely resembled a small child and the witnesses also noticed that the tree had a broken branch. The entity was about 1 meter in height and was completely black in color; the witnesses could not see the humanoid’s face. When they came closer Sergey began speaking to the humanoid, saying, “Come here”. The entity seemed puzzled at first and then began climbing up the tree. The boy also began climbing up the tree after the entity but it suddenly vanished in plain sight. The boys became frightened and ran home. (40)

Figure 10. Another iconic Voronezh image.

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: September 27 1989 Time: 1830
Several children playing at a local park first observed a pinkish glow approaching in the sky, as it came above them they could see that it was a deep red ball shaped object. The object flew around in circles for a few minutes then left. It then returned, hovered briefly, and descended very close to the ground. A hatch opened and a heavyset figure appeared. The being moved very slowly and looked around, he had a very small head resembling that of a doorknob set in between its shoulders, it had three luminous eyes, the middle one moving around like “a radar.” On his chest there was a shield-like object. The being then closed the hatch and the object landed gently on four legs. The hatch opened again and three huge humanoids with small knob-like heads stepped out. These wore silvery overalls and bronze colored boots. A strange robot-like creature accompanied the giants. All four of them walked around the object several times. A beam of light came out of one of the being’s chest and hit the ground creating several luminous triangles that later faded. At one point the craft and beings became briefly invisible then reappeared. One of the boys screamed out in fear. Then one of the beings looked at the boy, pointing a tube at him, it hit the boy with a luminous beam that made him disappeared. The boy later reappeared after the beings and the objects had gone. Later information revealed that on the craft’s hull and on the landing prop of another craft was the letter or symbol “Zhe” reported to have been an “UMMO” like sign. (41)

Location. Voronezh, Russia
Date: September 30 1989 Time: 2045
Natasha Gladkova an 8th grade student was with some of her friends near the fence of the kindergarten near the city park when they heard a strong humming sound. At first they thought it was an airplane, but then they saw a flying globe encircled by lights on the edges. The UFO created a strong wind, flew over the park and landed on a glade. Several minutes later humanoid figures appeared near the landed UFO. Some of the aliens were dressed in black cloaks and the rest wore silver colored cloaks. In total there were 5-6 humanoids. They walked out of the landed globe. As seemed to the witnesses, the aliens had no heads. Numerous buttons were seen on their cloaks. The aliens were of average height. They began walking around the globe, apparently examining the environs. The witnesses heard no sounds and attempted to come closer but the aliens suddenly vanished, disappearing in plain sight. The globe the rose up into the air emitted sparkles and disappeared. (42)

Location. Voronezh Russia
Date: late September 1989 Time: evening
Young Denis Valyerevich Murzenko was taking a walk alone when he saw a pink egg shaped craft overhead; it was emitting bright beams of light from inside. The object descended closer and began to swing from side to side like a falling leaf. At this point two supports came out from underneath. Denis could now see the outline of a figure inside the craft, the being seemed to be about 4 ½ feet tall, and appeared to have an “elderly” looking face. As the craft kept descending lower and lower the witness became frightened and ran off. He turned to look and saw bright beams of light coming from the craft; the object was also emitting some type of strange sound resembling “electronic music.” (43)

Next comes October which unbelievably surpassed September in the amount of reports and high strangeness incidents, the following are some of the most bizarre in my estimation:

Location. Altay Province, West Siberia, Russia
Date: first half of October 1989 Time: evening
In this mountainous area two 10th grade school girls were returning to their village from an agricultural farm on their motorcycle when at about 1km distant from the village the motorcycle engine suddenly died. All attempts to re-start the engine failed. So they decided to leave the motorcycle in the bushes until the next day and began looking for shelter. Suddenly they spotted an elongated object in the sky that was emitting light. When they looked at it more closely they realized that it was a large object somewhat shaped like a “shuttlecock”. The object then initiated a sharp descent shedding light all around the area, both witnesses became frightened but soon both behaved in totally opposite ways, one became extremely scared and began to run away, while the other became extremely curious and approached the supposed landing site. The girl that was running away suddenly heard a voice in her head, “Don’t be afraid, you will receive information”. She stopped and returned to where her curious friend was. The UFO was hovering at about 8-10 meters above the ground. A beam of light was then projected to earth, at first the beam was dull but soon became brighter and brighter. The girls were under the impression that the craft was somehow supported by the beam of light. Seconds later a tall humanoid entity stepped out of the craft. The man was about 3 meters in height with beautiful features, and wearing a tight-fitting silvery overall. His head was encased in what appeared to be some type of luminous “halo” or aura. The alien man then began to speak and at the same time the halo above his head began to pulsate, changing brightness and color. The girls heard his voice not from his mouth but inside their heads. The conversation lasted for about 5 minutes and both witnesses did not remember what they talked about only that the alien man told them something very “interesting”. But they remember very well that their next meeting with the alien was going to be in the near future. The alien the re-entered the beam of light and the object zoomed up vertically into the sky disappearing into the sky and soon resembled a star. No one in the village believed the girl’s story. (44)

Location. Volga region, Russia
Date: October 1989 Time: noon
In a village settled by Germans---immigrants from Kazakhstan, resettled there during the war, the witness Richard Ungefuga was mowing a cornfield on an E-281 combine. His partner loaded the allotted limit of corn and left. Richard remained in the field alone and decided to take a well deserved break he sat in the cab looking around. Suddenly from somewhere came a sharp whistle and in the sky appeared a ball that approached changing into a sphere-shaped object which in a few minutes descended and landed on a nearby field next to the water pump. The object was green in color and was about 3 meters in diameter, there appeared to be a sort of glow on the top. A hatch opened on the object and a figure no more than 5 feet in height emerged. In the meantime Richard watched from a hundred feet away. From that distance the object first appeared to be a helicopter. Surprised, the witness exited the combine cab and in an unhurried pace walked towards the object. He froze in place when he realized that the object was not a helicopter, but a perfect round ball and next to it stood a short ‘pilot’ dressed all in white. On his head it wore a helmet with a red antenna. The figure stood motionless with his hands on the sides. The next moment, according to Ungefuga a second pilot exited the ball; this one was very similar to the first one except it did not have a red antenna. The two short men approached the witness and stood next to him briefly and then went back to their flying craft and re-entered through the opened hatch which immediately closed, before the hatch closed the witness was able to see a bright yellow light shining out. Quietly the ball rose to the air and on the bottom of the craft the witness saw three legs sticking out, apparently landing supports. A bright flame shot out from between the legs. The object then flew away at very high speed. At the same time two other workers and were able to see the object disappearing into the distance. (45)

Location. Omsk, Russia
Date: October 1989 Time: evening
A man named Kraverov was working on his vegetable garden when suddenly five strange figures materialized before him. According to the witness the figures were apparently man-like, about 2 meters in height and all identical to each other. All wore some type of shimmering uniform. Whether from fright or confusion Kraverov grabbed a knife and rushed one of the tall humanoids. However, to his surprise the knife seemed to pass right through the body apparently causing no harm to the humanoid. In response to his act of aggression one of the humanoids told Kraverov that they were going to drain him of his energy, after which Kraverov lost consciousness. Around the same time a watchman at an area stud farm watched a bright sphere-shaped UFO hovered 25 meters from his location. Soon after the encounter the unfortunate watchman became gravely ill with numerous diseases as his immune system apparently broke down and died. (46)

Location. Viytna, Estonia
Date: October 1989 Time: evening
A 10-year old boy, Raido, was reportedly visited by several entities that penetrated into his bedroom. The humanoids were very short, resembling dwarves. They began to “play” with him, at times performing different pranks, soon after the aliens proposed that the boy travel with them. Eventually the boy agreed after persistent alien requests. But then he became afraid and the aliens then told him, “If you are afraid to travel in our ship we will build an individual module for you”. Soon the aliens returned and delivered a personal craft or “box” brown in color to the young witness. A bearded and kind man (possibly a hologram) entered this box and sat next to the boy. The brown box then flew into space and the boy clearly described the distinct feeling of leaving the terrestrial atmosphere and entering outer space. Estonian researchers as well as child psychologists and psychiatrists investigated this case and found the witness to be sane and truthful. (47)

Bizarre reports were coming in from all parts of the vast territory of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and they were getting stranger by the minute, high strangeness had gone out the window, it was beyond that.

Location. Haimre Estonia
Date: October 2 1989 Time: 06:30 a.m.
Two men, Tomas Vendel and chemist Laine Pilova were driving to town on a delivery run when they noticed smoke up ahead. Thinking there was someone burning debris they approached the area. As they neared a cross roads they noticed a large barrel shaped object on the ground, silvery on top and darker on the bottom. Soon they noticed two figures standing nearby that appeared to be moving their arms. The figures approached the vehicle and the frightened witnesses locked all the doors. The figures were described a short humanoids, with long knee length arms. The faces were obscured. They wore shiny silvery outfits. The figures emitted some type of strange unknown sound and were described as having very thick legs. The barrel or silo like object was now emitting a very bright blue light form the bottom section. The humanoids then turned around and walked back towards the object. The blue light then became brighter, there was a loud rumble like sound, and the object shot up at incredible speed quickly disappearing from sight. (48)

The following two cases are also from Voronezh and involve definite weird-looking entities:

Location. Mashmet station, Voronezh Russia
Date: October 2 1989 Time: 1910-1915
About 40 witnesses had just disembarked the electrical suburban train on the “Mashmet” railway station located several kilometers from the southern city park where the previous UFO sightings had taken place several days before. According to witness Alexander Nikolaevich Kutiszhev the group saw a floating globe-shaped object which emitted light. The object was executing “jumps” over a nearby field, 3-4 times, up and down. The most curious of the group ran across the road to see it closer. Alexander stood on a hill. The globe then landed and a door opened on it. A humanoid entity was visible standing at the door, while the onlookers yelled out in awe. The humanoid figure was of robust built, with a “mighty countenance”, and taller than average. Instead of a head it had only an arc-shaped protrusion. The alien was similar to a robot and seemed to move with awkwardly and sluggishly. It had what appeared to be a square shield on its chest and was carrying a baton or “crutch-like” stick. The humanoid then pointed the stick down, apparently in an attempt to obtain soil samples. Alexander could not tell for sure because of the distance. The globe-shaped UFO was flattened, gray in color and three red lights similar to brake lights on cars. It did not rest on the ground but hovered just above it, about one meter from it. The humanoid then turned around and walked back inside the craft and then the object began flying away emitting a peeping sound. It ascended slightly, stopped momentarily and then seemed to vanish instantly. The landing site was examined by UFO researchers from Voronezh. They found damaged plants on the site and other evident traces of event. (49)

Location. Voronezh, Russia
Date: October 2 1989 Time: about 2000
A boy named Denis Murzenko from school # 33 had gone to the same area of his first alien encounter of September 28 in the city park. He again saw the strange alien figure. The humanoid was more than 2 meters in height, dressed in a “jacket” with 3 zipper fasteners. When Denis approached the humanoid he noticed an iron plate on the alien’s chest area with something written on it. The alien stood for awhile and then went down to his knees, touched the grass and then moved its hands up and down, stood up, ran a bit and they began to walk. The distance between the boy and the humanoid was about 20 meters. The humanoid then walked at a quick pace and then it slowed down. He turned around several times looking at Murzenko and then walked behind a nearby shed. Denis ran after the humanoid behind the shed but it had already vanished. Denis could not understand where the humanoid had vanished to. There was no place to go only a very narrow slit between two sheds, even to narrow for the boy to fit through. (50)

This following case, from the Caucasus region a location that would undergo terrible wars and misery appears to involve some type of ‘crude’ abduction attempt:

Location. Mayskiy, Kabardino-Balkariya Republic, North Caucasus Russia
Date: October 11 1989 Time: evening
16-year old Hatawa Barinova was returning home on her moped from trade school. Suddenly from an unknown location she heard a low mechanical, monotone type voice, resembling that of a robot. It loudly and clearly sounded in his head, “Sit down quietly!” The witness looked up and saw a thin and transparent “grid”, resembling the material polyethylene falling over her. Beams of light seemed to emanate from each polygon or cell. The grid like net began to control the moped, covering the witness from all sides. She felt compression on her head and her respiration became shallow, soon both the witness and the moped began to rise in the air. She began screaming for her mother, but her voice sounded like an echo inside a “barrel” Attempting to jump from the moped she momentarily grasped the luminous grid and received a mild electrical discharge. Through the grid she saw her aunt Galya approaching and yelling something, the witness could see her lips moving but heard no sound. Her aunt along with her husband managed to grab the terrified girl and pull her away as the grid rose upwards and disappeared. She was taken home where she was treated for burns to her hands and fingers. Around the same time other locals had spotted a large luminous sphere hovering above approximately the same location. (51)

The next case is troubling in many aspects, the witness or abductee appears to have encountered entities that were aware of the coming events of 1991 or attempted “Putsch” in Moscow:

Location. Karabikha, Yaroslavl, Russia
Date: October 15 1989 Time: daytime
Nikolai Slezkin was walking back home along a forested area when he spotted above the forest a hovering yellow-silvery sphere, which swiftly approached his location and ejected an object from the bottom resembling a dark “skirt”. At the same time Nikolai felt a severe vibration in his body, he seemed to lose control of his muscles and his head he heard a question, “Who are you?” He answered that he was a simple hunter and just wanted to be left alone. His body suddenly rose into the air and a revolving bright yellow light surrounded him, at this point he lost consciousness. When he came to, Slezkin saw the sphere above him departing from the area. He could not remember what had happened. Months later under hypnotic regression he remembered traveling in some sort of “space vehicle” and human like aliens talking to him, predicting the events in Moscow of the attempted putsch of 1991. When he first spoke of this prediction no one believed him. (52)

Location. Urgench, Uzbekistan
Date: October 18 1989 Time: midnight
Mr. Ruzimat Khayitov, a teacher at a local school heard knocking on the door of his opened balcony. Then a beam of light appeared on the floor. As he turned back he noticed a strange man sitting in his apartment, located on the fourth floor. He felt afraid. The strange man was dressed in a silver suit. He was about 1.70 m to 1.80 m in height. His clothing was so shiny that the room was clearly illuminated. He wore silver boots and two antenna-like protrusions on his chest area. The alien had short legs, long arms and wide shoulders, with large “beautiful” black eyes, resembling those of Uzbek women. Soon a second alien entered the room, carrying something resembling a flashlight in his hand. A dialog was started between Khayitov and the aliens. They told him that they had no evil intentions and that they did not wish to harm anyone. But they refused to answer Mr. Khayitov’s questions about their place of origin. The aliens poured tea from a teapot into a container and put a piece of flat cake (typical Uzbek food) into a shiny packet. All this was done with permission of Mr. Khayitov. The contact lasted for 5 minutes, after that they went out into the balcony and vanished. (53)

Albert S. Rosales
September 29, 2012

I can be contacted at garuda79@att.net or alberthumanoid@gmail.com for any questions, suggestions or personal observations.

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