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Friday, October 05, 2012

1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids - Part 1

The following article was forwarded by long-time humanoid researcher and colleague Albert S. Rosales. The full narrative will be presented in four parts...enjoy!

Long ago it became clear that the Soviet Empire had begun to crumble long before the bizarre and indeed incredible article in the Soviet daily, Tass on Monday October 10 1989 detailing an account which shocked many in the west due to its bizarre nature, of course that was the report of an alleged landing of a UFO in a park in the Soviet city of Voronezh and even stranger still the fact that unusual looking humanoids exited the craft and apparently interacted with several local children which were apparently the main witnesses of the event. Later research by Russian researchers Genrih Silanov, Fyedor Kiselyov, Yuriy Lozotsev and Alexander Mosolov proved that there had been dozens of other close encounters and incidents in an around Voronezh starting in August through January 1990, the results were published in a book appropriately called “UFOs in Voronezh” published in 1990.

Before these events both leaders, Reagan, and Gorbachev spoke about the possibility of an alien invasion of earth and pointed out that if that happened all the nations of the earth would unite and do away with their petty political and geographical differences. Already in the spring of 1989 Hungary had begun to dismantle its fortified border with Austria, a clear signal that the division of postwar Europe was coming to an end. And before the astounded eyes of the world by the end of the year, on December 22 1989 to be exact the Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin is opened.

After the unprecedented wave of close encounters with humanoids and UFOs during the decade of the 70’s, 1980 signaled a clear slow down of reports or encounters, they had not completely gone away but there seemed to be less interest and hence less reports of UFOs and their occupants. This trend appeared to last until the end of 1988 and the beginning of 1989 when reports of humanoid encounters exploded, but in undoubtedly unexpected locations, mostly the whole territory of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In my files alone I have over 500 high strangeness and humanoid encounters for 1989, more than half from the former Soviet Union, and for 1990 I have over 600 reports, again more than half from the former Soviet Union. As the wall crumbled interest in UFOs and aliens appeared to increase on a daily basis in this vast territory of hundreds of ethnicities with many accounts of bizarre encounters being published by local government controlled newspapers and other cases published by private researchers in their Samizdat newsletters. The wave of encounters, of all types, began in the former Soviet Union at the end of 1988 and lasted well into late 1997. I will concentrate today on 1989...a year that heralded many changes and marked ‘the return of the humanoids’.

The first case I will summarize does not have an exact date, only that it took place in ‘1989’. The witness was a military man and is typical as to the type of high-strangeness report that would become typical in 1989; also many of the witnesses to these events in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were military personnel. Did this fact contribute to the rapid changes at the time?

Location. Near Aktash, Altay region, West Siberia, Russia
Date: 1989 Time: night
According to the testimony of retired Major I. A. Samoilenko a soldier of the local frontier guard detachment had disappeared from his night watch. The military immediately organized a search, but it brought no results. But three days later the missing frontier guard was found 5km from the mountainous settlement of Aktash. The soldier was very frightened, physically exhausted and could not explain any details of what had occurred. After a long rehabilitation period and therapy on him conducted by officers of a special military KGB detachment, the frontier guard remembered that during his night watch a bright flash of light had blinded him and after that he had lost consciousness. When he returned to his senses, he found himself in a strange room with walls that emitted an even bluish light with no visible source. Suddenly a voice from nowhere, that resembled that of the voice of a female or child, greeted him and warned him that he would be taken on a long journey. After that it told the soldier that if he were selected for that honorable mission he would be helping a distant civilization very similar to humans in many aspects and located in the Gemini constellation. After that was said, the soldier lost consciousness again. He vaguely remember that next he saw several humanoid figures “without faces” leaning over him and examining his body. He was then exposed to attacks of sudden unbearable pain during this “medical examination”. After that he fell into a state of powerful euphoria and bliss, as if being narcotized. After examination at a local military hospital a commission found him mentally unstable or insane. And one and a half month later the unfortunate died of a fulminating illness similar to exposure to high doses of radiation. (1)

The next case deals with another aspect of the encounters and reports of the time, that of ongoing contacts by the same witness and of very powerful and beneficial after-effects on the witness, in contrast with the first case. It is also an example of the supposed aliens or humanoids identifying their place of origin.

Location. Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, Russia
Date: 1989 Time: night
Strange and mysterious events began occurring in the home a local resident named Tamara, unexplained disappearances of metallic objects, sounds and knockings from an unknown origin. At times Tamara and her guests felt the presence of huge tall “men” or entities in the room that were watching all the proceedings. One night Tamara saw a small star-shaped object flying amid her room. Her fear suddenly changed to strange tranquility or expectation of something good about to happen. Several days later, again in the dark, she again saw the “star” floating in midair 50cm above the floor. She watched the star-shaped light stopped by the front door. Once there, a “screen” appeared, resembling that of a TV screen, but much smaller in size. In both sides of the screen she noticed unknown symbols, and geometrical figures black in color, triangles, squares, circles, etc. Soon after, faces began appearing on the screen; in the bottom section she saw a male face with beautiful, perfect features, with a non-human peachy color skin. He wore a silver cap that was tight fitting on his head. He had large beautiful eyes that stared at Tamara in a benevolent manner, full of understanding. Two other faces were clearly seen above. One of them was humanoid bluish in color, with closely set eyes, which looked intently at Tamara. This alien began a telepathic conversation with the witness. The other alien face was more Asiatic in appearance, but with round dark eyes without whites. The face was somewhat unpleasant to her; she felt something it was some kind of biological robot. Later UFO researchers from the Yaroslavl group showed her pictures of alien portraits and she was able to identify some of them. She does not remember how much time she communicated and how much information was given to her. Only the feeling of trust and quiet communication remained. She distinctly remembered saying the following words, “I wish to be cured, if that happens, I could help people the rest of my life”. Soon the screen switched off the same way it was originally activated. In the morning nothing was evident of what had occurred the night before, except for the scorched flowers on the windowsill and the witness felt her hands “burning” in an unexplained manner, she wanted to do something, to help someone. Apparently her contacts continued and she was told she was communicating with the forces of light, or representatives from a civilization in the Orion constellation. (2)

The next case again involves a military witness, this time a member of the elite KGB border guards. Again there is no exact date, only 1989:

Location. Near Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia
Date: 1989 Time: late night
Near the Polish border a UFO apparently abducted a frontier guard from the Soviet KGB frontier troops. The soldier was on night patrol near the border with Poland when he saw a tall humanoid entity without a neck approaching his location from a nearby forest. The entity appeared completely black, apparently wearing a tight-fitting black outfit. It was very tall no less than 3 meters in height. The stunned soldier challenged the strange figure threatening to shoot, but the entity did not appear to react. The soldier then fired some warning shots into the air, but this also did not make any impression on the strange figure. Finally the soldier fired at the figure hoping to wound it or kill it. Incredibly the bullets did not appear to have any effect on the figure and it continued to move towards the soldier. The terrified soldier then apparently lost consciousness. Later all he could remember was seeing a large black cylinder-shaped object in the sky and a bright light. KGB experts inspected the scene of the encounter and found eleven spent cartridges from the soldier’s Kalashnikov. Additionally an area of flattened grass and broken tree branches was found. According to the investigators it appeared that the branches have been broken off as if something had suddenly risen from the ground upwards at very high speed. Large footprints were also located. Other locals have reported fireballs over the forest and strange glows deep within the forest. (3)

The following (alleged) report also involves military witnesses and this time at a ‘secret’ military installation or missile base:

Location. Kozelsk strategic missile base, Kaluga region, central Russia
Date: January 10 1989 Time: night
This remarkable incident occurred at a strategic missile site south of Moscow. This base contained SS-11 rockets (Sego class according to NATO) with nuclear warheads. (This regiment was disbanded in 1991). The witnesses were 2 privates and one sergeant. A lone one sentry stood alone on top of the sentry tower (about 6-8meters high) made out of brick and connected to the white one story building the housed the other soldiers. And nearby was positioned the SS-11 shaft or silo. A sergeant and another sentry were in the guard house. Suddenly these heard a very loud knocking sound on the roof of the sentry box. The sergeant then called the sentry on the tower to turn the projector on the roof of the sentry house. He did and reportedly didn’t see anything unusual. Everything was then silent. The projector of light was then returned to its original position (on top of the silo). But again the two other soldiers heard the loud knocking sounds and suddenly the sentry door was flung open, even though it had been bolted shut. At this point three humanoid entities appeared before the stunned soldiers at the door. All three were about 1.50m in height; one was red in color, and the other two white (they could not tell if the coloring was a result of clothing or skin). The sergeant, who was standing further away from the humanoids attempted to climb up the wall to a window after seeing the creatures. The other soldier stood in the middle of the room staring in shocked disbelief. He looked at the terrified sergeant and then back at the entities and did this one more time but the last time when he looked back at the entities they had disappeared. The door was now closed and somehow bolted shut. After a few minutes the soldiers called the chief of the watch and wrote an official report describing unknown trespassers in a restricted guarded nuclear arms facility. A month later there were rumors that at an air defense installation in Kazakhstan was also visited by three humanoids which managed to take a Kalashnikov rifle from one of the sentries and exchanged it for one without a serial number (?). (4)

The next case is from another city in the former Soviet Union, Rostov-on-Don, which had more than its share of encounters and incidents during the incredible wave of 1989-1990. It has to do with a type of event known to western researchers as a “bedroom visitation” which were very common during the Soviet wave.

Location. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Date: late February 1989 Time: evening
Local resident Ludmila Yanshina was watching the evening television when she suddenly heard the anguish cries of her young daughter, sleeping at the moment in the adjacent room. She rushed in and found the girl crying hysterically. The girl told her mother that while she slept she was suddenly awoken as something pushed her. She sat on the bed filled with fright and looked around the darkened room. There was an area of scattered light directly in front of the bed and within the light stood a medium height figure, similar to a man wearing a tight fitting diver’s suit, bulging as if filled with air. It had a round large helmet similar to a balloon which left its face exposed. The suit was dark in color. The face was also dark and according to the girl it was apparently a female but with thin long whiskers hanging under the nose. Terrified the girl asked who she was; the only answer was a strange growling sound. Continuing to growl it suddenly rose up into the air floating in the middle of the bedroom. Terrified the girl hid under the blankets and waited. The growling noise stopped and the girl looked from under the blanket hoping that the strange creature had gone. But the figure, now slightly glowing still stood in the room. Terrified the girl now yelled, “Please leave! I am afraid”! Seconds later the head of the humanoid disappeared leaving behind only the bulging body now floating in mid-air, rocking back and forth. The girl continued to scream as the figure moved back and appeared to decrease in size becoming the size of a fly until it completely vanished. The girl continued screaming terrified after that. (5)

The next case contains another common theme during the events of 1989-1990 in the former Soviet Union that is the cure claim by the witness or witnesses after having a close contact with a humanoid or a UFO. This case was among the first known in the west from that region:

Location. Krasnoperekopsk, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: April 18 1989 Time: night
A terminally ill patient staying at the cardiology ward of a local hospital suddenly felt a strong wind which penetrated the room, even though the doors were closed. A dazzling white light and a man dressed in white then appeared. The man’s eyes radiated a brilliant light. The witness asked where he was from and was told they were from the “tenth dimension.” She was then told that she would soon be able to walk, after that was said the man and the light disappeared. The next day other witnesses saw strange white and red lights moving slowly along the body of the terminally ill patient, who then heard a loud clear voice telling her to “get up and leave.” She was able to do so and is now apparently cured. (6)

It is interesting to note that the entity or humanoid did not claimed to have been an extraterrestrial but that he hailed from the ‘tenth dimension’, wherever that may be.

The next incident was from the former Soviet republic of the Ukraine now an independent country and an area which experienced hundreds of UFO and humanoid encounters during 1989 through 1992:

Location. Near Zhitlovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine
Date: April 30 1989 Time: 2300
During numerous UFO observations by local residents of the “Pobeda” (Victory) collective farm, between the villages of Zhitlovka and Kudashevo several boys noticed three entities dressed in entirely bright red clothes; one was taller than the other two, appeared dwarf-like. When they boys attempted to sneak up to the entities in order to obtain a closer look, they experienced severe headaches, and one boy began bleeding from his nose. The boys became frightened and fled the area. The UFO observed by the other witnesses, was disc-shaped, with blinking, blue, red and green-violet lights. The disk emitted 2 fiery beams of light and zoomed up into the sky at high speed. Other boys watched a smaller disk separate from the larger one, and then flying away with the larger object. (7)

Of course Vladimir Azhaha was at the time one the pioneering Ufologists in the disintegrating Soviet Union. The next report represents yet another old Soviet republic which eventually also declared its independence that is the republic of Georgia which was still another region ripe with close encounters and UFO reports during 1989-1990.

Location. Near Ortachala, south of Tblissi, Georgia
Date: May-June 1989 Time: evening
Several witnesses, including 9-year old Evgeniy Nikolaevich Gigauri and an older friend observed the flight of a round silvery object near this hamlet. When the object approached their position in appeared to be a silver oval-shaped craft that was semi-transparent in the center. They could see a humanoid entity inside. The entity resembled an elderly man wearing silvery clothing, which emitted a faint light. The man was in a sitting position, typical that of a driver or chauffeur, but visibly he appeared not to be operating any controls---his immovable hands were positioned on his knees or on some panel that was only faintly visible. No other details of the object’s interior could be seen. The object was about 1.5-2 meters high and flew very low over the witness’s heads. The UFO turned slowly and flew towards the mountains south of Tblissi. The youngsters rushed to tell their parents what they had seen. (8)

The next case in our list also involves military personnel and appears to have been an abduction from the heavily visited area of Rostov on Don:

Location. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Date: May 1989 Time: unknown
Two soldiers were returning to their unit, which was the radio or communications center of the city located on the outskirts between the Northern cemetery and the former city dump. But only one of the soldiers made it back to his unit. And he could not understand or remember what had occurred to the other soldier. The second soldier returned the next day around the same time. He was in a confused state. At first he could only remember that he had lost sight of the other soldier and was very stunned when he was told he had been gone for 24 hours. Later after resting and relaxing he remembered appearing inside a lighted sphere. There he met strange entities wearing white clothing and carrying strange devices. The entities communicated with him telepathically and he understood them perfectly. The entities apparently gave him something to eat and then sent him back. He came to his senses on his way back to the communications center around the same place where he had lost sight of his partner. In an attempt to prove the reality of the event the soldier drew sketches of what he saw inside the sphere. He was then sent to a rehabilitation center in the Moscow area. Later his superiors decided that he his mental status was “troubling”. Soon after his discharge papers arrived at the communications post and he was never seen or heard from again. (9)

It is interesting to note how military witnesses were treated after these anomalous encounters, some like the above witness ‘were never heard from again’. The next case is from another one of those Eastern European countries that were part of the changes to come and also experienced numerous encounters and sightings. This case appears involve an atypical bedroom visitation.

Location. Gyomaendrod, Hungary
Date: May 1989 Time: night
A man was woken up by strange muttering and whispering sounds. He then turned to see standing at the foot of his bed a bizarre figure about 130cm tall, with large ears and wearing green coveralls. The creature was staring at him with large unblinking eyes. Terrified he grabbed a shovel next to his bed and attempted to strike the figure. As he lowered the shovel it suddenly stopped in mid-air as if striking an invisible wall. The figure then vanished in plain sight. (10)

The next case also involves an Eastern European country which was also part of the upcoming changes and of the unrelenting UFO wave in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It seems to have been a high strangeness incident involving an otherworldly journey:

Location. Katnik, Bulgaria
Date: May 18 1989 Time: 23:00
The witness, Jiril Jakimov who had previously taken photos of apparent UFOs (in February) was picking herbs in order to make some infusions when he saw a UFO proceeding slowly over a nearby chestnut tree. The object came towards him and Jiril became frightened as the object started to turn just above him. He was able to hear some bizarre crackling noise emanating from the core of the machine also the object was emitting light. He then attempted to take a photo but the camera suddenly failed. Suddenly a noise struck his ears and he felt a violent pain in his skull. He then saw four small ‘asterisks’ in rotation like a swarm of bees, they were turning above his head, and he felt ill. At this moment he perceived a whitish blue mist in the sky and small stars, and then the light source disappeared. Suddenly he found himself in a mist and when he opened his eyes he was in a sort of desolate landscape with large craters and some bluish-white mountains in the distance.

There was thousands of flying light sources as well as some small humanoid beings of about 1m in height. Others were bluish with green eyes, and others were bounding along like grasshoppers, resembling robotic movements. Next he was transported towards a kind of laboratory having the appearance of crystal from which shone numerous light sources like stars, the small blue creatures attempted to communicate with him. Next the luminous source, which he had seen at the beginning of the encounter reappeared and carried him away. It was as if he was sucked up in the midst of the light and there he heard an incomprehensible language. Suddenly he felt the hardness of the ground on which he was lying and everything had disappeared. He was not capable of estimating the time which had elapsed between the moment when he saw the object and when he found himself lying down on the ground, to this day he is still unable to say. (11)

Albert S. Rosales
September 29, 2012

I can be contacted at or for any questions, suggestions or personal observations.

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