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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 'Night Stalker': Terrible Being Torments Family

On Tuesday, JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners posted a video titled Video - "The Night Stalker".

JC and his team were contacted on Friday 9/21 in reference to a series of disturbing incidents occurring at a residence in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. The family had experience loud clawing sounds and indiscernible growls coming from outside their home. The daughter has also endured clawing outside her bedroom window as well as unexplained activity within the home. She woke to claw marks on her back and has noticed items moved in her bedroom. There have been several attempts to confront this being but in each instance it has eluded the efforts.

There has been damage to the house and a vehicle as a result of these attacks. Deep claw and chew marks can be seen on the truck headlight housing and grill. There have been a few 3-claw prints left on the side of the house and on the ground around the residence.

I talked to JC through Skype soon after receiving the video. He added a few interesting details.

There were two separate descriptions presented to JC. One depiction was that this being resembled the 'Creeper' from the 'Jeepers Creepers' horror film series. A more detailed summary was offered by a witness who observed this being while it was sitting on the ground. It was covered in gray hair and that a 3-clawed appendage was visible. The torso to head height of this being was about 5 ft. sitting...which would make it approximately 8-9 ft. in full height. There is an indication that the being has wings which would explain the odd patches of trampled corn stalks in the field as it would fly and then land indiscriminately.

Something else that must be considered are the apparent attacks on the daughter within the home. There seems to be a supernatural aspect to this being...lending some credence that it may be a 'thought form' entity manifesting and creating havoc. At this point, it's impossible to distinguish it's intent.

Click for video - "The Night Stalker".

If you have any information of a similar sighting please contact JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners or send me an inquiry and I forward the information...Lon