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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Michalak / Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

Canada's most noteworthy and dramatic UFO report came out of Falcon Lake, Manitoba, on May 20, 1967. Around noon on that day, an amateur geologist named Stephen Michalak was chipping rock samples when he was startled by the appearance of two red, cigar-shaped craft descending to the earth close to him. While one merely hovered briefly, then shot upward into the cloud cover, the other settled to the ground. It slowed and made a sound what Michalak said sounded like an engine. As it cooled down, its color changed from red to gold. Michalak, who managed quickly to sketch what he was looking at, estimated the UFO to be 12 feet high and about 35 feet across at the base. His sketches included slots surrounding a dome-like projection at the top, and ventilation or exhaust grids along the sides. He also observed purplish light glowing through the side grates and a powerful odour of sulphur coming from the ship.

Stephen Michalak's UFO Encounter - Part 1

Stephen Michalak's UFO Encounter - Part 2

Suddenly, a hatch opened at the side of the UFO, and Michalak was able to make out voices just inside the hatchway. He tried calling out, in several different languages, to no avail, there was no response. He approached the craft, and the hatch shut abruptly, as though the UFO discouraged any further attempts at communication. The geologist was wearing heavy, protective clothing, including gloves and goggles. Still, he could detect warmth radiating off the structure's surface. When he reached out to touch it, his glove melted. Then, without warning, Michalak was blown off his feet by a blast of incredible heat from one of the UFO's side vents.

As the craft shot upward, Michalak was left lying on his back, stunned, with his clothing on fire. Michalak's fantastic tale might have been dismissed as the product of an overactive imagination had he not been admitted to a hospital with severe radiation burns and many symptoms indicative of radiation poisoning. His stomach even showed a pattern of 30 circular burns exactly matching the grid pattern of the UFO's side vents. Specialists who examined him advised him that any additional exposure to the radioactive source would have proved fatal.

Since the Falcon Lake Incident, UFO activity has continued in the southeastern part of Manitoba. In fact, there has been a notable increase over the past year.

In the summer of 2008, the average number of reported UFO sightings nearly tripled, according to Chris Rutkowski, research coordinator for Ufology Research of Manitoba, a Winnipeg-based independent centre that investigates and researches Canadian UFO sightings.

"It's significantly above what we normally get," said Rutkowski, adding 11 sightings in Manitoba were submitted in September alone.

The monthly average is about three or four, he said.

Ufology Research is concerned that most of the sightings were not reported to investigators in Manitoba but were instead submitted to websites around the globe.

That makes it difficult for researchers here to speak to witnesses, collect further information and potentially rule out objects as planets or stars instead of UFOs.

"Every year, it's whittled down to about 3% to 5% that don't have an easy explanation," said Rutkowski.

One of the more interesting sightings came from a witness parked near Headingley about 2 a.m. on Sept. 10, 2008.

The man claims he heard a humming sound and then saw a light in the northern sky. He turned and saw a "floating disc" land in a field. Scared, he jumped in his car and drove away. In his rearview mirror, the witness said he saw the object rise from the ground and race across the sky before vanishing.

As for the rise in UFO sightings, Rutkowski said it's possible there's something out there or that "people are paying more attention to their surroundings."

MUFON received a report on an unusual sighting on July 28, 2008 that took place over Lake Winnipeg.

“My father took pictures of a UFO event while at the lake. These pictures were taken over Lake Winnipeg near Gimli, Manitoba - Willow Island. These objects were in the sky hovering for approx. 5 minutes then disappeared. The pictures were taken with an 8 mega pixel camera and have amazing.”

On September 14, 2008, Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research reported an incident that happened on November 2, 2006 near the community of Steinbach in southeastern Manitoba.

Reported on Winnipeg radio station (s) in the early am, people phoning in with reports from the Steinbach area of flaming objects passing overhead and falling out of the sky. No reports of any kind on Steinbach Radio. Military dispatched to the Steinbach area, jets seen flying low overhead around Steinbach area (reported only on Winnipeg Radio). From Winnipeg 5 or 6 nearly parallel contrails can be seen in the sky, going Northwest to Southeast (toward Steinbach) another contrail in the Southeast in the shape of a spiral going down. The Contrails may or may not be related.

Radio reports in Winnipeg end around 9:00AM, no more said until the afternoon when Steinbach stations begin reporting that rumors of UFO's turns out to be men in white suits performing Avian Flu practice at a farm near Steinbach. Nothing is mentioned about flaming items flying overhead, military investigations or about anything else suspicious currently happening Southwest of Steinbach.

That morning around 10:30am a group of residents, unaware of the reports of flaming debris reported only on Winnipeg radio stations are surprised when 5 Black Suburban's (MIB) and 2 Black, 1 white, 3-ton panel vans with satellite dishes and a hearse in convoy with a police escort show up in a farming area Southwest of Steinbach.

Residents are quarantined to their homes. They are told to stay inside, lock all doors, close curtains and keep dogs and children inside. Residents with children in school are told if the all clear is not given when the children come home from school they are to unlock their doors, one of them is to meet the bus at the road and walk their children directly into the house then relock the doors.

Some Residents are told a search is on for BNE suspects for a local robbery - there had been a BNE a few miles away on the weekend. The guys were already caught when this happened. Some are told there is drug bust in progress - even had one guy tell a friend they were looking for a downed spacecraft - would really like to know why he said that.

Area is somewhat remote - only 5 farmyards in one square mile. That same day around 6:00 PM, residents are given the all clear and again given differing stories, but generally told that the MIB have caught the bad guys. Residents expect to hear more on the news but never hear another word about "the bust". MIB remain in the area until the weekend, when residents observe a fire in the area where the MIB are set up and the MIB leave somewhere around this time.

Original Steinbach radio reports state Avian Flu operators working at a farm 3 miles southwest, (same area Men in Black currently working) then changes to near Landmark Northwest of Steinbach.

Evening TV stations reports avian flu preparedness measures (training) 3 miles S of Landmark - about 20 miles north of morning reports and SUVs' and quarantine.

Reports of flaming debris or military investigations in the Steinbach area never are discussed on the news again. Stories of the MIB performing a drug bust/ arrest, never make it to the news at all.

I was out of town - got back 3rd in evening to catch TV reports of avian flu but didn't think anything of it. I didn't hear the rest of the story till the 8th. One week later a fire is reported in the vicinity. Two weeks later it snows and all trace is gone. Unfortunately it was only at this time that I found the exact location of these events or I would have gone snooping.

Vike speculates that for WPG radio stations to report an event, one of two things had to have happened. Enough people have to call in or they have to have credible witnesses or reporters. If this had happened really early in the am, no one or very few people would have seen anything. If it had happened a little later in the am, way too many people would have seen it and it couldn't have been covered up so easily.

His conclusion was that the US lost a secret aircraft (that probably shouldn't have been in Canadian airspace) and then came up from Grand Forks to investigate and recover.

This theory may be correct because this area is very close to the US / Canada border and since 2005, Grand Fork AFB harbors many new UAV and emerging missions under Homeland Security. It’s safe to assume that ‘black book’ operations are also conducted at this location.

But military exercises cannot account for all of these sightings in this area.

NOTE: Some of this information has been updated. Also check the Condon Committee/Report Investigation of Steven Michalak Case...Lon

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