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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Thanks For Your Continued Support!

Hi folks...I need the full day to concentrate on some personal matters so I won't be posting on Saturday. Thanks for reading and for your support.

Now...I have one question. Why do so many people think that I make a lot of money from my blog? Damn...it's really frustrating reading some of the emails. Maybe I should just start to charge a subscription fee for the newsletter and deep-six everything else? For the most part, I don't charge for the advertising since I like to help friends and colleagues. I only receive commissions for sales through the links...which isn't much. I only ask people to donate out of their spirit of giving back for my efforts...though I do understand that some people think I'm 'beating a dead horse' by making the suggestion. To those readers and others who have shown their appreciation over the years, I truly wish to thank you. Sorry...but I needed to say it. Lon