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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sasquatch Habituation Location: Update

I came across an article today (posted at 'Just the Facts?') about John Bindernagel where he states that Sasquatch is just waiting to be discovered in B.C., but too few want to admit or investigate it. Canada has been a particular hot spot for the past few years...but not just in British Columbia. There have been credible accounts throughout the country.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had knowledge of a Sasquatch habituation location and that I would be gathering the available evidence before disclosing any information. I am now working on a narrative that I plan to post in the near future. In the meantime I have decided, with the permission of the witness, to reveal a bit of what I have so far.

I don't plan to release the actual location but I will say that it is in the Atlantic Maritimes of eastern Canada. It is a somewhat remote area with sufficient game and hidden space for a population of Sasquatch to thrive.

There are, from what I can gather, more than 4 hominids in the group...simply because of the evidence and that 4 hominids have been seen and identified since 2008. This group included a female (seen in 2008) and a juvenile (seen in 2009). The anecdotal evidence and sighting timeline is impressive. The witness knows of one person, outside of his family, that has seen members of the Sasquatch group.

The witness has been unable to capture identifiable images because of the lack of available light...but he has offered effective foot track and scat images as well as other non-conclusive photo evidence. Hair samples were submitted to a laboratory in Calgary for identification. If other physical evidence is discovered, I will have it tested. The current available evidence has been forwarded to other Bigfoot researchers for their opinions.

I really don't want to disclose much more at this point but I didn't want to leave the readers hanging after my previous announcement. I am working to get the story to you.

Again, it is important to the witness and I that the specific area is not revealed. We want these beings to continue flourishing if, in fact, they are terrestrial. I have preached the 'interdimensional' theory and I still believe that some of these beings may have some supernatural aspects to them. But I also believe that there is solid proof that there are terrestrial groups of these hominids living among us.

Below is an adult track image:


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