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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lloyd Pye: 'Starchild' Update

According to the AMMACH Project Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye author of Human Origins: Intervention Theory revealed the following information in front of a small audience at StarChild Sponsor Belinda McKenzie's Highgate residence in the UK:

Revelations in this update:

1) Though from a very short 'humanoid'...this is the skull of an adult being.

2) The thin-boned tough-boned i.e. fiber-reinforced tooth-enamel-like skull of the Starchild has a capacity of 1600cc, that's 200cc more than a full-grown human adult.

3) A piece of collagen was discovered in the area of the eye. From this sample, it was determined that the eye of this being was fixed and the outer lens that we associate with Grays (the black almond-shaped eye) is actually some sort of lens giving 180 degree vision.

Click for the video - Lloyd Pye

From what I can gather from the video, Lloyd is stating that the Starchild skull is actually 'the skull of an adult Gray'. In our last interview with Lloyd at 'Beyond The Edge Radio, he stated the characteristics of the fiber-reinforced tooth-enamel-like skull. The other information, in reference to the Starchild being an adult and the eye collagen discovery and configuration, is new. I intend on contacting Lloyd for an update after he returns from his series of lectures in the UK.

I posted the following information the day after our most recent interview:

Researcher / author Lloyd Pye joined Beyond The Edge Radio Sunday evening and discussed his ongoing research into the Starchild Project and Intervention Theory. Lloyd presented new strong evidence that the Starchild Skull is indeed extraterrestrial in origin.

Podcast - Lloyd Pye on 'Beyond The Edge Radio' - June 17, 2012

More information can be found at

In the interview, Lloyd stated that he had intended to prove that the skull was a cross between a normal human female and an extraterrestrial male. With more sophisticated DNA testing available, he's not only uncovered potential alien DNA, he thinks the Starchild Skull may be entirely alien.

As well, you may want to check out Peruvian "coneheads" possible aliens?. In June 2011, Lloyd Pye received samples from several Peruvian "conehead" skulls. Thanks to the diligent work of Brien Foerster, who has a website at Hidden Inca Tours and obtained the samples, Lloyd's geneticist is now working to obtain viable DNA results from these unusual skulls for comparison to the Starchild Skull. Results are not anticipated until later in 2011. but apart from the Starchild Skull, these Peruvian relics provide the best possibility for obtaining alien DNA.

NOTE: The Starchild Project is currently seeking major funding for complete genome sequencing and documentary production. If you or someone you know personally may be interested, please email