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Just the Facts?: Let's Play 'Name That Organism!' -- Bigfoot Skepticism -- Mass Cattle Mutilations In Argentina

Let's Play 'Name That Organism!'

Richard Turner was on a walk in southeast Stockholm when he and his friend made a startling discovery on the side of the road — a small mass of what appeared to be organic matter, roughly the size of a tennis ball and crawling with tentacle-like projections.

"It wasn't attached to the ground or anything," explained Turner in an email to io9, "[it was] just lying there in the grass. I've shown the picture to a bunch of people and nobody has any idea what it is."

Turner described the mass as unusually soft, almost like jello, a characteristic he deduced by poking at it with a pen. Even though it didn't appear to be alive, Turner said he "didn't want to touch it or bring it home, since I just saw Prometheus, and know better than to get my face close to it."

Turner says he's done some really awkward web searchers in search of answers, including "Chtulu baby" and "mutated worms," but to no avail. We've done a little digging, too, and thus far have come up empty handed. So we're asking you, dear readers, to help us find the answer. Is this thing an animal, expired (my first thought, upon seeing this thing, was that it was a baby Marlboro from Final Fantasy)? Is it a plant — some weird root, perhaps?

Or is it not an organism at all? Is this just a case of a misidentified, deflated rubber dog toy? The mind reels! We're open to your speculations, so let's hear them! Below is a Google Maps pin indicating where the mystery blob was first spotted, along with a screen shot from a video, shot by Turner, that shows it beside a pen for scale. - io9

Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth

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Could escaped animals account for Bigfoot?

The following is the beginning of an article by skeptic Benjamin Radford...basically, another snipe at cryptozoology:

A chimpanzee who rampaged through a Las Vegas neighborhood last month made a second escape from her backyard enclosure this weekend, but her caretaker thinks she had human help this time. Timmi De Rosa says the 13-year-old chimp, CJ, didn't get loose Saturday by bending steel bars without help. She thinks someone let CJ out of her cage. De Rosa says the 180-pound animal was captured quickly and was never a threat to neighbors. On July 12, CJ and her mate Buddy broke free and roamed the neighborhood, pounding on vehicles and climbing in an unoccupied car. An officer shot and killed Buddy when the animal frightened bystanders.

What might this sort of bizarre and scary incident have to do with Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures? Plenty.

The field of cryptozoology doesn't merely include unknown animals like Bigfoot, but also those "out of place" -- animals known to exist but rarely if ever reported outside of their natural habitats.

If a person walking in the woods sees a large, hairy bipedal creature, he or she is likely to assume it's Bigfoot. But Bigfoot is of course not the only large hairy animal that can stand on two legs; bears, for example, can stand and even briefly walk on two legs, as can chimpanzees, bonobos, baboons and other animals.

Other large animals such as moose or elk, when seen from behind and/or in near-darkness, can also appear to be standing on two legs and therefore Bigfoot-like.

In these cases the reason that an eyewitness rules out a known animal in favor of an unknown one is that he or she assumes that there are no wild animals in the area that could look like that. Clearly, that is not always the case. Continue reading at discovery

NOTE: Big cats...sure, they may be escaped animals and all a familiar profile. But beyond that...hardly. Few people are going to misidentify an escaped elephant or camel. (Now...if there's a 7ft tall chimp lurking about....) Lon

Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature

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2011 Virginia earthquake provides interesting details

Residents from Maine to Florida, from Cape Cod to Chicago, felt the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck Virginia last year. And as the one-year anniversary of the 23 August quake approaches, scientists are continuing to discover more about the rare event.

Key information on the quake came from the U.S. Geological Survey's website, "Did you feel it?," which lets people report when and where they felt an earthquake and describe its intensity. About 148,000 people, from more than 3,400 zip codes, logged on in response to the August 2011 quake - a record for the site since it went online in 2000. USGS scientists Wright Horton and Robert Williams report on this and other quake-related findings in this week's issue of Eos, the American Geophysical Union's member newspaper. Reads the full report at

Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes

That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back

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'Aliens told me to do it....'

John Michael Kirby told police aliens had told him to burgle his mum's house when he was arrested for burgling the homes of two members of his own family. He claimed the aliens told him to go into his mother’s home in Middlesbrough. He also said the extra-terrestrials told him to give stolen food to the homeless, Teesside Crown Court heard. The invader smashed a window and stole food, aftershave and toiletries from his uncle’s home in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough.

His uncle, who was at work at the time of the June 6 burglary, had felt sorry for Kirby and given him £2 three days earlier when he was looking for money for utility bills. Bailed pending police inquiries, Kirby burgled his mother’s home on June 27, shortly after asking her for money. He left his fingerprints at the scene. Both Kirby’s mother and uncle said they’d had trouble with him stealing from them before.

He had never been inside his mother’s house after stealing from her to buy drugs, the court was told. He made full admissions in police interviews, where he said aliens had told him to enter his mother’s house and give the food to the homeless. Kirby, 29, of no fixed address, admitted the two burglaries. He had previous convictions for burglary more than 10 years ago but there had been a nine-year gap in his record.

Kirby represented himself in court, despite being warned by the judge that he could be imprisoned for his crimes. When asked whether there was anything he wanted to say about the offending, he said: “No, thank you.” The judge, Recorder William Lowe QC, said it was a serious matter but gave Kirby full credit for his guilty pleas. He jailed Kirby for 12 months, of which he will serve half. - gazattelive


Argentina: Mass Cattle Mutilations in Formosa

Source: Planeta UFO and VISION OVNI
Date: 08.14.2012

By Andrea Pérez Simondini


We had barely emerged from the commotion caused by cases in Entre Rios when news of a mutilated calf found in Formosa caught our attention.

We are facing a case that suggests many others being hitherto concealed, due to cattlemen’s fear of being exposed to public scorn and ridicule.

Technical Information:

Location: Fontana – Formosa Province
Animal Owner:
Case 1: Roxana Sanchez
Case 2: Neco Canesin
Case 3: Neighboring Field (NN)

Case 1: 1 calf
Case 2: 6 cows
Case 3: 9 cows

Case 1: Extraction of eyes and tongue. Animal missing its tail, testicles and reproductive organ.
Case 2: Tongue missing up to the hyoid bone. Extraction of the ocular organ.

The first news item on the case appeared on Radio Siete 93.7 FM with the following title:

“A Chupacabras Report from the Fontana Area”

Cattlewoman Roxana Sanchez reprots that nearly a dozen animals were attacked, expaining that she witnessed – along with her son – how a calf “was being eaten from the inside while still alive, missing its eyes and tongue, but still making sounds.” The animal was missing its tail, testicles and reproductive organ.

She noted: “Over the past year, five calves [were mutilated] in our own property, but six cases involving cows can be added to them. There nine cases in a single night in a neighboring field. There are people who do not believe, and when one tells them [what happened] they look at us as if thinking we’re crazy. So one no longer wants to discuss such matters, since no one will believe.”

“We had our first case last year. One day we woke up at five in the morning because my husband had to go to work. One of our calves was lost. It reappeared at night, and when we went out – just about to get out of the pickup truck, we saw large fluorescent green eyes, but couldn’t tell what animal [they belonged to] but it was very tall. When I went to see what it was, it vanished. When we returned by midday, we found it [the calf] without eyes or tongue,” explained the witness.

She stressed that “the last calf to die had been on the ground for four hours. It was my husband who picked it up. It walked around like a zombie. We then took it to pen and kept it under observation. We couldn’t see any crows; we could tell they were around, but they didn’t fly until four days later, and the dogs won’t come near.”

She finally added: “The calves become paralyzed from back to front. This lasts between 24 to 48 hours until the calf is completely paralyzed. It doesn’t move at all, doesn’t kick, nothing. No blood is spilled.”

The other case involved local cattleman Neco Canesin, bearing the title “Local Rancher Displays Dead Calf Oddly Slain in its Pen”, where he remarks on what happened to one of his calves.

Neco Canesín remarked in a video on Facebook that he found one of his calves dead in its pen. “There are no marks, nothing at all. Something removed its tongue and even the torso,” says the video. “The incision is like a burn; the bones are white.”

“It’s a mystery to me,” says Neco, his face displaying astonishment and surprise. “I was in Formosa and then I found out about this. I never believed in this stuff, until it happened to me.” He is astonished by what happened on his own property, being unable to find a logical answer to the case, to which other animal deaths in Formosa can now be added.

Source: Canal 7, Ibarreta

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Silvia and Andrea Perez Simondini, Vision OVNI)

UFOs: Hard Evidence Vol 1, UFOs & NASA / Animal Mutilations / Abduction / UFOs & Radar / Pilot Encounters / UFOs over Mexico / Area 51

Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms




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