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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just the Facts?: Is This An Alien Corpse? -- Alien Abduction In Texas -- Help Wanted: Hangman

Is this an alien corpse?

This image was floating around the internet a few years ago...I can tell it has been enhanced (compare below). Watch the video and you be the judge...

Description: Timber logging employees working in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri find a burned alien body in some nearby brush close to their worksite. This is an enhanced photo of the viral video that came out two months ago which at the time this video was made had close to 60,000 views. Is this an alien or a burn victim? This seems like the big debate over the original video. Maybe this will help people make their decision. I was able to sharpen the image and focused longer on the photo.

Alien Corpse (Enhanced HD Photo) Found In Ozark Mountains

NOTE: Below is the original image from my archives...Lon

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON "They" Are Watching Us!

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity


Alien Abduction - Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park, TX - 8/21/2012 - unedited: 1- I was at home so I went to bed around 10:30 P.M and I usually fall alseep listening to the television so I fell asleep for about thirty minutes then the television went off by itself. I thought it was weird at first so then I started hearing noises like a huming sound so I looked out my window but didnt see anything so I thought I was just hearing stuff so I went back to sleep.

2- The first time I noticed anything was around 11:12 P.M. when my bedroom door opened and I could hear something walking beside me and standing beside me and of course I had my eyes closed so I didnt open them until I started hearing something in my mind saying, "Dont be affraid. We no harm.". So thats when I started to really freak out so I opened my eyes and I could barely see two dark figures, one standing beside me on my right and the second in front of me. So I closed my eyes hoping it was a dream but then things got very real. I could feel being lifted up and being brought out back where I could see a small oval shaped craft in my backyard and another triangle craft hovering right above it just few feet higher.

3- I thought the object was an actual UFO the first time I saw it of course. It was oval in shape, had about ten windows on the front of it, the color of it was dark grey and the second craft [triangle craft] was black with small diamond shaped windows around it.

4- Like I stated in the 3rd paragraph, the first object was oval in shape, ten windows on the front side and grey. The triangle UFO was complete black with tiny diamond windows around it. I thought it was weird that the oval craft landed and the triangle craft hovered right above it.

5- My god, I could feel something for sure. I was like, terrified. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not so scared and 10 being terrified, Id have to go with 15. Once I was aboard the oval craft the only thing on my mind was, "How was I going to get out. . or am I ever going to be released...". So once I was aboard the craft it seemed just calm, I was placed on a silver table while about three beings came by me looking at me then talking. As for me, I dont know alien language so I have no idea what they were saying. Then one of the aliens came next to me and showed me this blue light then I blacked out. So I guess I was out for about twenty minutes because I awoke on the table while one of the aliens took my hand and had me step off the table and walk around. I looked all around the craft and it was just walls and rooms and windows. Nothing very interesting but I did get released about ten minutes later.

6- After being aboard the craft the suppose "leader" of the aliens, came beside me and showed me off the craft. I could hear him talking saying like, "Were sorry we terrified you. These are my students for a complete experiment. We will be back soon so do not panic.". So of course I didnt know what he meant when he said, we will be back soon so dont panic. So he showed me to the back door of my house and opened it while I stepped inside and looked back outside while the leader walked back inside the craft and took off in less then 15 seconds. Thats about it.

-Note- The first picture of my drawing is the picture of the two UFOs and the alien who took me aboard the craft. The second picture I found to be looking like the exact leader of the aliens who I saw. - MUFON CMS

High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

Touched - Alien Abduction and the Extreme Experience Research of Dr. John Mack

Aliens Among Us: 2 Documentary Set - UFO's, Alien Abductions, Government Cover-Ups - 226 Minutes


Help Wanted: Hangman and Assistant

Sri Lanka's Prison Department today will begin conducting interviews to select an executioner among over 150 prospective candidates.

The interviews will be held at the main Welikada Prison by a three-member panel, the Prisons Department said.

The Department looks to fill two posts - the hangman and an assistant- out of 178 eligible candidates selected from the vast number of applications the department received for the posts.

Sri Lanka judiciary imposes capital punishment but has not implemented the death penalty since 1976.

The government reinstated the death penalty in 2004 for murder, rape and drug trafficking following the murder of a high court judge.

Since 2000 there are 1,164 death row inmates languishing in jails waiting for execution or a final decision for commutation for execution. Some prisoners on death row at the moment have served over 15 years while waiting for their sentences to be carried out.

There are currently 357 people are in the death row in Sri Lanka's prisons. - colombopage


British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings

Despite the fact the UK's Ministry of Defense officially ended its UFO investigations in 2009, it appears that the British Civil Aviation Authority decided -- unbeknownst to the public -- to continue collecting reports that involved UFOs with possible flight safety issues.

"They were only interested in sightings that definitely had a bearing on aircraft or flight safety, and were no longer interested in reports from the public, who'd seen things in the sky and reported them to the Civil Aviation Authority," said David Clarke, the official UK National Archives consultant and a journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Clarke told the Huffington Post that the Civil Aviation Authority -- a different government department from the MoD -- kept separate records of UFO cases, "not only by the aircrew, themselves, but also anything unusual that was seen by air traffic controllers on the ground at airports."

Through the filing of Freedom of Information requests, Clarke found that the Royal Air Force specifically requested any UFO reports submitted to the Department of Transport would no longer be forwarded to the MoD.

The RAF specifically states that "members of the public who make such reports are not encouraged to believe an investigation will take place."

It's now known that British air traffic controllers have been receiving UFO reports on almost a regular basis. Continue reading at British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings

UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record

UFO's Exopolitics and the New World Disorder

UFOs: The Hard Evidence, 6 DVD Special Edition


Ricky D. feels left out and wants to apologize

Dyer apologizes for 2008 bigfoot hoax for the 1st time ever

Like this wasn't expected? As soon as these mouth-breathing jokers (including Biscardi) feel people aren't paying enough attention to them, they come up with another stunt or start offering excuses and apologies. In Dyer's case, it seems to me that he has a form of 'Histrionic Personality Disorder'...he wants to be the center of attention among Bigfoot enthusiasts, and feels uncomfortable when they ignore him. This guy could benefit from psychotherapy...though, he'll probably grow out of it as he gets older and gets tired of acting like an idiot...Lon

Big Foot Adult Costume Size Standard



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