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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just the Facts?: Alien Encounter May Not Be Happy One -- Happy Birthdays To Me -- Alien Abductions, Lost Time

Alien encounter may not be happy one, says Nobel Prize winner

Nobel Prize laureate Brian P. Schmidt has said it is probably unwise for human beings to be telling aliens where we are.

"I think it is probably not the smartest thing to tell the aliens where we are, as any encounter with aliens may not be a happy one," said Schmidt during the 28th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) held here from Aug. 21 to 31.

"Aliens may not be something that we need to worry about. It will be so far away and it takes so long to travel from point A to point B in the universe that it won't be a problem. But it will happen when it happens," said Schmidt, who shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics with Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess for providing evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

Before their discovery, it was commonly thought that the expansion of the universe was slowing down. However, their findings show that dark energy pushes every galaxy apart and the universe will continue to expand at a quicker pace and eventually fade away.

According to his research, it will be harder to reach another planet in an accelerating universe, meaning it is less likely to meet higher intelligent extraterrestrial life in the future.

"The future of the universe seems to be dark. Things are getting faster and faster. In terms of looking for aliens, it's gonna be quite a challenge. It may never happen. Things like us are probably very rare in the universe," he said.

In 2010, Stephen Hawking, one of world's most famous theoretical physicists, said humans should be extremely cautious of extraterrestrial life and attempts to make contact with alien races is "a little too risky."

Schmidt agrees with Hawking and said humans have more things to worry about. "The reality is that the sun is going to give out on us in about 4 billion years, and is becoming very hot. So in the future about 800 million years from now we need to figure out how to deal with that first." - xinhuanet

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Woman took part in search...for herself

A tourist in Iceland who was declared missing and the subject of an intense police search had no idea she was missing, and in fact took part in the search itself.

The story began on Saturday when the woman, who was described as "of Asian origin, aged 20-30, about 160cm, wearing dark clothing and speaks fluent English" was declared missing somewhere in the vicinity of Eldgjá, in south Iceland. The search found no sign of her.

However, on Sunday morning, she was reported found - and had no idea she was missing in the first place. This was apparently the result of a misunderstanding regarding her appearance. While it was initially reported that she had stepped off the bus at Eldgjá and never returned, in fact she changed clothing before getting back on the bus.

It appears she had even taken part in the search, without realising that she was the woman being searched for. Eventually, it occurred to her that she could very well be the "missing person" being described, and reported the matter to the police. The search was called off shortly thereafter. - Grapevine


Happy birthdays to me...five birthdays in September and one in January.

By: Posey Lee Gilbert

At the age of 19 I had a most remarkable dream, if that is what it was.
In it I met my oldest brother in this beautiful park, that is he told me he was my oldest brother to which I immediately told him he was not, Chuck was my oldest brother.
"I know Chuck," he said with a gentle laugh and we began to walk down this long winding path.

As we walked he rested his arm about my shoulders, he said, "I know Mother and Daddy too."
He then called off the names of all my siblings, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grand parents too stating that he knew them all.
Some of the names I did not know or recognize.
When I told him that I didn't know those names he gave that gentle laugh again and said I had many relatives that I did not yet know but one day I would know them all.
His voice was so comforting and certain that although perplexing it did not alarm me and despite my knowing he was not my older brother I could not help but to trust, and like him.

At this point we came to a black gate and he opened it to let me through and closed it behind me, "Aren't you coming too?" I asked surprised at this sudden turn of events.
"No, you go on from here by yourself that road will lead you home.
"But don't you want to see Mother and the rest of us too?" I asked.
"Not at this time Butch," he said with that gentle but now disconcerting laugh, "but tell Mother you saw me, OK?"
I turned to look down the road and when I looked back he and that black gate and beautiful park were gone.
I looked back toward the road home, but saw only the prison gray ceiling of my bedroom, I had awakened.

Getting up the scent of fresh coffee called me to the kitchen where Mother was making Breakfast.
"Happy birthday Butch," She said setting a cup of coffee on the table for me.
"It is your birthday today isn't it?" she asked.
"One of them," I answered grumpily picking up the cup, "Every time I send off for a birth certificate I get a new date, the last said January eleven."
Mother laugh.
"How many does that make now?" she asked.
"Six" I said "Five in September and one in January."
"Well, I do believe I was somewhere in the area at the time you were born Butch," she said, "and I think it was just before midnight September eight."
"Well, why the hell can't they get it right?" I asked, " It's a pain in the ass not knowing."
"That's my fault," she said, " You were so quiet in me I was sure you were going to be a girl, you were not like your hard headed brother Chuck, he kicked the hell out of me.
So when you were born they put down Boy Gilbert.

Then when your Grand Father Posey found out you were a boy he demanded I name you after him, but I didn't want to name you Posey.
It wasn't until I was ready to leave with you five days later that a nurse friend of mine saw your birth certificate still said Boy Gilbert and asked why I hadn't named you yet, I'd told her I didn't want to name you Posey, after my father and started to cry, she said "For God's sake name him Posey and call him Butch!"

Then Mother gave a laugh and said, "Everyone thought you were the cutest little girl they ever saw."
"What?!" I choked into my coffee.
"I told you I and everybody thought you were going to be a girl.
Everything you had to wear was pink," she said laughing again, "That's probably why you wear all that black today."
She pointed to the clock.
"You better get some speed on," she said, "you don't want to be late for work your first week on the job."

It was later that week as I was sitting at the table watching Mother as she was preparing dinner that my dream from earlier in the week came into mind.
"Mother," I asked, "do I have an older brother?"
"Of course you do,' she said turning away from the simmering pots, "Why are you asking me such a foolish question?"
"No, I mean one older than Chuck?" I asked.
"Not unless James was whoring around and has one out there that he or I don't know about," she said wiping her hand on a towel and sitting down at the table.
"No," I said, "I meant you and Pop."

An over boiling pot interrupted and she quickly returned to the stove.
Lowering the flame and stirring the pots contents she suddenly said, "You know Butch, I did give birth to a baby boy before Theresa was born but it did not live long.
It was born without any pigment at all; you could see its guts.
They would not let us take him home, the doctor said those type of babies never lived long.
He died before we left the hospital.
She became saddened and silent and returned to her work I regretted asking her the question.

I later found out her sister my aunt Gerlene had also gave birth to one of these babies, as did my godmother.
It was the same with all of them they were not allowed out of the hospital, and died soon after birth.
But now for the Bplgean (Butch Posey Lee Gilbert-ean) Twist as my younger brother Ralph labeled these strange twists my life often took.
Later Mother told me my oldest brother's birth name was Posey Lee Gilbert, and that had been the only reason she did not want to give me Grandpa Posey's name.


Missing Time

Wilton, CA - 8/25/2012 - unedited: Me and my two children we were heading back home to Sacramento from relatives at 11:40 sh from Alta Mesa Road On August 25, 2012. As I headed down Alta mesa road and then made left on Dillard heading towards highway 99 my usual route back.

I was driving straight ahead when I noticed that I was in an unfamiliar area. I saw great gray brick walls to my left and came to an unfamiliar stop sign. I proceeded to drive thinking I must have passed highway 99 or something. I came to unfamiliar T intersection directing me to make left or right. It was Jackson Freeway towards east by Rancho Murietta all the way east far from my destination towards... highway 99. I made left on Jackson pulled over at Sloughhouse and turned GPS to direct me from home from there. When I got home I realized that I had left my relatives place at 11:40 sometime and the time when I realized I was lost (unfamiliar area) it was 12:38 midnight. I finally got home at 1 midnight with GPS. There had been a missing time experience of almost an hour I cant recall anything about. When I questioned my children about anything unusual about my driving they said no. I never drink and was super alert. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get home from Wilton to Sacramento where this day it had taken me an hour and half. Id never experienced anything like this and find it incomprehensible. - MUFON CMS

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UFO encounter: multiple hours with only minutes of memory, videos, pictures

Guilford, CT - 9/3/2011 - unedited: I was living at a sober house with multiple residents right on post road in Guilford, CT. That evening, around midnight, I went out for a smoke and saw an incredibly bright star that also looked to be very close, it was odd enough for me to text my friend to ask him to look at it with me (I have always been an avid observer of the skies and all weird things in it). He agreed that it was very strange, and we went off to bed. Around 3 am, I was still awake and still curious about the object, especially whether or not it was still there. So I went outside alone for another smoke. This is when my memory starts getting very fuzzy. I remember locating the object Very easily. It was like Venus but much larger and even brighter. I took out my cell phone to take a video. I couldnt pick up the light with the normal light effect on so I switched to a negative light filter. I was happy with the results and also very suprised at how much closer it seemed. This is when the object began moving erratically. I remember just being in awe at how it was moving, up down zooming to right above me to miles away then right back. It was incredible! After this, I have no memory until around 5:30am then nothing again til 7am. My memory around 5:30 is of me sitting on the front lawn with my cell phone video on, smiling, very happy and saying out loud "Come on! This is your last chance for me to videotape you before everyone starts waking up! Come on out! Its ok!". Around 7am I started talking with the residents from the house about it, though I didnt remember what I had told them until I asked the day after. I rememeber thinking that I had been with ghosts and that was what I told them. I actually told them that I had "a rough night", that I had seen orbs in the driveway, that there was a presence that communicated with me, that the presence wanted me to have my cat Buddy with me. I also had left a voicemail for my twin sister telling her about the star that was moving when it was happening. She said I was crying but that it didnt sound like I was sad but rather that I was witnessing something incredibly beautiful and amazing. I also remember when I was talking with my friends that I had my cell phone out, trying to make sense of these videos taken in negative effect. I remember showing them and asking "What the hell can that be? Where am I that I could film the roof?" Later that day I went to download the videos and pictures from my phone to my computer, where I saw I actually had 12 videos of that night already on it plus another 6 on my phone! I mustve been going up to my room during all of this to empty my phone when it ran out of memory! So I have 18 videos and 15 pictures. It took months to see any of it somewhat cleary as I dont have the equipment to view the videos in their positive image other than my cell phones which do not do these videos justice. There are videos of me with my cat, at least 2 small craft, an entity opening and closing my car door, more entities, multiple orbs in multiple colors, one of me in my bedroom filming out the window of 2 hovering craft and then this very strange and geometrical light on my just have to see them. I felt very strange after all this and have since constantly seen lights, felt a presence, and mostly seen hovering lights in the woods where there are absolutely no homes. I actually didnt sleep with the lights out for months and have gathered hundreds of videos. I am looking for someone to help me view these videos to put some of my fear to bed. That my one memory was of me laughing and happy, I know no harm came to me, especially since my cat interacted so readily with me during all this. But every time I get that feeling (feels like electricity running through my skull and the outter edges of my vision starts to flutter with a white light) I just get terrified, and I dont want to be terrified of something with such majesty. I also feel burdened with the reality that I have the videos that Ive Always wanted to see when I hear someone has evidence of UFOs. That this entity, this phenonema allowed me, encouraged me even to film it. I also have had very strange things happening with my skin and my hair. White thread-like but plastic-like substance coming out of my pores and out of my hair, my nose...just weird stuff and I cant help but think that being That close to these objects had some sort of effect on me. Buddy had the same symptoms but he has since disappeared (a couple weeks ago). By the way, I didnt click the abduction option above but the interaction the videos show along with my loss of memory as well as the height at which I seem to be filming from, I dont know what happened. I really dont. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: video evidence was removed from report by MUFON...Lon

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