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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reader Submissions: UFO / Humanoid Encounter - Near Coleman, Texas

I received the following email with images Wednesday evening:

I work as a hazardous material transport driver in the oilfield in north central Texas. I have been following the mystery lights story around the area. I have been seeing these lights as well. I had 3 sightings in an 8 day period in 2010. I was asked by MUFON to capture these images on camera. On the night of March 2, 2011 I got way more than I bargained for.

While at work around 9pm - 10 miles northeast of Coleman, Texas I was observing strange lights above the treeline near me. I took several pictures. Then the lights began to move straight at me. They were large, silent and unnervingly close. The shape of the craft could partially be seen now. It was 50 yards away and just hovering 50 feet above the ground and not making a sound. A large white light came on. I wanted to flee but was paralyzed with fear. I managed to get a shot with the camera.

There was a humanoid figure staring out of the opening. Definitely not human. I could see it from the waist area upward. I thought I would be abducted. To my relief it began moving away slowly. The large white light went out and soon the lights disappeared. Some lights where moving overhead around my location. 20 minutes later a huge craft came in directly over my head. Massive in size it blocked out much of the night sky overhead. It was probably the most amazing sight any human has ever seen. I pulled out the camera and had to wait for it to pass to get a shot. It was so large I could only get a piece of it in frame. It was moving so fast I was afraid I would miss the shot completely. It circled and went out as fast as it came in.

MUFON ask me to return to the sight and inquired as to the location, direction and angle of the photos. They told me the stars in the background had been verified for that time and location. I am amazed that this hasn't made the news. I believe these things came in so fast they were amazed that intelligent life existed here as I was at them for being here. The large ship seemed more like a floating factory built on a piece of meteor than a dwelling complex. The small ship seemed like a scout ship. It appeared to have some stealth technology that was partially disabled when the craft opened the doorway or window.

I have had a year to think about this sighting. I dont believe it matters so much as to whether I believe or you believe this. The fact remains that now they know we are here. Perhaps they always knew or maybe they never knew. Maybe they have been here always or have never been here before. Like the first Native American to report seeing a wagon train. I am telling you what I saw. Have evidence of what I saw. The images here are real images of something that we have always believed and been told doesnt exist. I believe we will see them again. RD

Below: photo captures of hovering craft

Below: attempts to capture image of humanoid

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