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Just the Facts?: Japan Shuts Down Final Nuclear Reactor -- High Hitler -- Mutilated Calf Mystery

Japan switches off final nuclear reactor

Japan switched off its last working nuclear reactor on Saturday, leaving the country without atomic-generated electricity just over a year after the world’s worst nuclear accident in a quarter of a century.

As technicians closed down the No. 3 unit at Tomari in Hokkaido at 11:03 pm (1403 GMT), the debate over whether Japan needsnuclear power has been reignited, amid increasingly shrill warnings of summer power blackouts.

Hokkaido Electric Power, which runs the plant, suspended power generation for mandatory maintenance and is scheduled to bring the reactor to “cold shutdown” some time on Monday, said company spokesman Hisatoshi Kibayashi.

The shuttering marks the first time since the 1970s that resource-poor and energy-hungry Japan has been without nuclear power, a technology that had provided a third of its electricity until meltdowns at Fukushima.

The tsunami-sparked disaster forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in an area around the plant — some of whom may never be allowed to return.

It did not directly claim any lives, but has devastated the local economy, leaving swathes of land unfarmable as radiation spewed from the ruins.

With the four reactors at Fukushima crippled by the natural disaster public suspicion of nuclear power grew, so much so that no reactor shut for routine safety checks has since been allowed to restart.

“A new era in Japan with no nuclear power has begun,” said Gyoshu Otsu, a 56-year-old monk who joined a protest against nuclear power in front of the industry ministry in Tokyo which supervises the nation’s power utilities.

“Generating nuclear power is like a criminal act as a lot of people are still suffering,” said Otsu wearing white Buddhist clothes. “If we allow the situation as it is now, another accident will occur.”

Protest organiser Masao Kimura said: “It’s a symbolic day today. Now we can prove that we will be able to live without nuclear power.”

Separately, some 5,500 demonstrators staged a rally at a park near Tokyo Tower and later marched through central Tokyo carrying banners, which read: “Sayonara (Goodbye), nuclear power.”

“We have to take action now so that Fukushima should be the last nuclear accident not only in Japan but all over the world,” Mizuho Fukushima, head of the opposition Social Democratic Party, told AFP during the rally.

But Hiroomi Makino, the pro-nuclear mayor of Tomari, which hosts the reactor, said: “It’s so regrettable. I would like the company to resume operation as I believe that they will give the highest priority to safety.”

As the reactor shuts down, Japan’s entire stable of 50 reactors will be offline, despite increasingly urgent calls from the power industry and bodies like the OECD, who fear dire consequences for the world’s third largest economy.

Last month, Kansai Electric Power, which supplies mid-western Japan, including the commercial hubs of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, said a hot summer could see supply fall nearly 20 percent short of demand.

Kyushu Electric Power, covering an area further west, as well as Hokkaido Electric Power also said they will struggle as air conditioning gets cranked up in Japan’s sweltering summer.

Kansai Electric last month booked a $3 billion annual loss, turning around a $1.5 billion profit the year earlier on the increased cost of using previously mothballed thermal fuel plants.

A week earlier, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s government gave the green light to restarting reactors at the Oi nuclear plant, run by Kansai Electric, but regulators still have to convince those living near the plant.

In order to be fired up again, reactors must now pass International Atomic Energy Agency-approved stress tests and get the consent of their host communities — it is this last hurdle that is proving hardest to overcome.

Goshi Hosono, state minister in charge of nuclear policy, told reporters: “Situations surroundingelectric power are severe, but we can’t sacrifice safety. We want to face the reality firmly.”

Critics of nuclear power say Japan has managed thus far with its ever dwindling pool of reactors and need not look back.

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace said Friday the country should concentrate on ramping up renewables and boosting energy efficiency. - rawstory


High Hitler - Cocaine Addict

Adolf Hitler was a cocaine addict who suffered from flatulence and was injected with bull's semen to rev up his sex life, according to personal medical records.

Documents going under the hammer show he was doped up on 28 medications as his Nazi empire crumbled.

Evidence from his doctors shows he used powdered cocaine extensively to soothe his sinuses and throat.

He was also known to break wind during meals with his generals in the cramped confines of the Fuhrer-bunker and took huge amounts of anti-flatulence drugs.

The report also notes he had a less than sizzling sex life with girlfriend Eva Braun and would be injected with extracts from bull's testicles to boost his libido.

The files are expected to fetch £1,250 at auction in Connecticut, US.

Spelling errors: Hitler couldn't spell the German for immediately 'Sofort'

A rare postcard from Hitler recently surfaced at a family history roadshow almost a century after being sent by the future dictator to his comrade Karl Lanzhammer.

It revealed that the then 27-year-old soldier as surprisingly keen to return to the front line after being injured in the First World War - and he had trouble with his spelling.

The missive came to light when its owner, who wants to remain anonymous, took it to a Munich roadshow run by Europeana digital innovation project set up by Oxford University and the British Library - after inheriting it from his stamp-collecting father. - mirror

The Last Days of Hitler

The Bunker


'Navajo Skinwalkers and Legends' Interview w/ Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners

Jeffery Pritchett at Examiner: When I found out Jc Johnson and Crypto Four Corners were knowledgeable about skinwalkers and Navajo legends I got very excited. It has always been hard to find someone to talk about this topic openly. Even running my radio show The Church Of Mabus it has been hard to find someone to talk about these topics. Even though we have had many people on about the Native Americans and shamanism, no one ever really breached the topic about skinwalkers in such detail. Definetly going to have to work to get Jc and crew on the show sometime in the future. So with great anticipation and weirdful joy I present to you my interview about Navajo Skinwalkers and Legends. As well as also about Squatch and much more. Go to 'Navajo Skinwalkers and Legends' Interview w/ Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners

NOTE: As most of you know, I have been reporting strange incidents and sightings in the Four Corners area and the Diné Navajo Rez for a few years thanks to the investigations of Jc Johnson at Crypto Four Corners. Jc Johnson will again be joining Eric and myself on Beyond the Edge Radio in the near future...Lon

The Shape Shifter


Stalking the Tricksters: Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012


Mutilated calf is a mystery

Windell Gillis found something very unusual when he went to check on his cows on Saturday, April 14.

He found a four month old bull calf dead in the field. Gillis noticed that the calf had damage to one of its eyes. Then, he noticed something very unusual. A patch of hide approximately five inches across in a perfect circle was missing from the calf.

The circle of hide had been removed with surgical precision, so much so, that there wasn't even any bleeding.

Gillis had never seen anything like this in his 33 years of raising cattle. He called the Dodge County Sheriff's Department and a deputy came and investigated the incident. Gillis decided to look on the internet and see if there were and more type incidents like this that had happened anywhere else. He found where cows had been mutilated in several other states out west and also on a farm in Hall County Georgia in 2009.

There, an almost exact incident that happened with one of their bull calves. They also had another cow mutilates just two weeks before.

Cattle mutilation is a phenomenon that has been reported across the country at least since the 1960s. It even has its own name: "bovine excision."

Despite in-depth government investigations worthy of the 1990s TV show X-Files, there has never been a clear explanation. While theories have ranged from bizarre blood-drinking cults to extraterrestrials, some believe the mutilations are actually done by small animals or insects who eat away parts of the body but leave most intact.

For now, the sheriff's department and Gillis are keeping an open mind and just hoping to find out exactly how the death and mutilation of the calf occurred.

Gillis is also offering a $1,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The Gillis farm is located on the Hawkinsville Highway. - sott

There's Something in the Woods

If In Doubt, Blame The Aliens!: A new scientific analysis of UFO sightings, alleged alien abductions, animal mutilations and crop circles