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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just the Facts?: 'Beast of Bont' Returns -- Witness Chased By UFO -- Sleepwalking More Common Than Thought

'Beast of Bont' returns as 20 sheep found massacred

Fears a savage big cat could be roaming across a remote mountain range have been reignited after 20 sheep were found “massacred” in their fields.

The mutilated carcasses were torn to shreds and scattered across moorland near to the Devil's Bridge in the Cambrian Mountains near Aberystwyth, west Wales.

The area has long been linked to the so-called “Beast of Bont”, a big cat believed by some to have been on the loose for decades.

Locals have reported sighting of an unknown creature since the 1970s, and now fear the predator could have struck again.

Mark Davey, 43, discovered the latest "sickening" scene and insists the attacker could not have been a fox or a dog.

He said: "The whole area just stank of dead animals and was quite sickening. I could see that the inside of the animals had been ripped out and body parts were lying all around.

"I thought it could have been foxes or badgers but it was just the increasing number of dead sheep that started the alarm bells ringing in my head.

"As we walked further we saw several more sheep scattered closely together, again as though some large animal had attacked them.

"We were getting quite scared and wondered what the hell was doing this."

Mark and his partner Annette, 40, were walking down a valley at Devil's Bridge when they began stumbling across the sheep carcasses.

They found two big groups of mutilated sheep and lambs in fields about two miles apart. Most had been stripped bare - leaving just mounds of wool and bones.

Mark, from Borth, Ceredigion, said: "After about an hour of walking in remote land, quite high up on the mountains, we found a couple of dead sheep.

"As we walked further and higher we came to some woods and again we found several more dead sheep.

"Each time we saw them we thought that something had quite clearly attacked them because they looked like they had been ripped apart.

"It was a very strange feeling when we saw the sheep because some of them were lambs with just half of their bodies, or just the rear of the back legs left on the field.

"I could also see a small lamb which looked to me as if it had been carefully placed in the corner of some building ruins.

"This one was untouched but it appeared that it had been put there for a reason - maybe to come back to it later."

Rumours of the elusive beast have circulated in the area since the 1970s with numerous sightings of a “puma-like creature”.

In June 1981, 12 dead sheep were found mutilated at nearby Ysbyty Ystwyth.

The killer was dubbed the Beast of Bont after the village of Pontrhydfendigaid, which was at the centre of the animal's hunting area and just a few miles from Devil's Bridge.

During the mid 1990s farmers again began reporting a mysterious predator which was stalking the sparsely populated countryside, killing stock swiftly and savagely.

Then Ministry of Agriculture vets at Aberystwyth examined a sheep carcass and declared that the killer was a great deal more powerful than a fox or dog.

After several sightings, Dyfed-Powys police officers swept the area without success.

Since then, there have been sporadic sightings and reports of big cats across Borth, Talybont, Talgarreg and Bontgoch over recent years. - telegraph


Teacher Goes Batshit...Claiming She Is Married To God, Ranting About Impending Apocalypse

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After launching into a bizarre rant in which she claimed to be married to God, pregnant with his child, and predicted the pending apocalypse, a teacher at Veterans Memorial Academy in San Benito, Texas, has been removed, the Houston Press reports.

According to the paper's blog, the teacher claimed God's army would destroy the world on December 21, 2012, but that Jesus had another planet ready for them where everyone "was always 25 years old," and money doesn't exist.

“I am married to God, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to my husband that’s here (on earth),” she said, according to the San Benito News. “One of my eyes is mine and the other one belongs to God, so God is watching what you all are doing.”

At the end of the video -- most of which is in Spanish -- a school official can be seen entering the classroom and leading the teacher into the hall.

While San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Antonio G. Limón would not reveal the identity of the teacher to the San Benito News, the district did provide a formal statement about the incident:

“An incident involving a San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy teacher remains under review by campus and district officials. Students in the classroom alerted other school personnel who responded by escorting the teacher out of the classroom during the recent incident. San Benito CISD wants to assure the parents that a replacement teacher has been assigned to fulfill the classroom duties of the teacher in question and will remain there for the remainder of the school year. The issue in question is considered a personnel matter, therefore, the district is not at liberty to disclose any additional information or divulge specific details about the district’s specific course of action.”

According to the Monitor, district officials said the incident may have been the result of the teacher having an adverse reaction to medication.

KGBT-TV reports the 12-minute video was filmed by a student while others ran out of the classroom to get help. - THP


Witness chased by UFO

Lebanon, Missouri - 5/16/2012 - unedited: I dropped my husband of at work about 3 miles outside of town as I got to the end of the driveway I saw 4 blue/white lights on the ground in the yard across the street as i looked at them about 3-4 feet above a blue-green light pulsated as if under rippling water the light started on the left changed color to a dull yellow in the middle and then back to blue green on the right it did this about 3 times.my first thought was this is not normal so I turned left on the road and started to drive fast to get out of there, I looked into my rear-view mirror and and it lifted about ten feet off the ground the bottom angled toward me and on the bottom there was a very bright orange red light it sped up with the bottom angled toward me and was following my car I barely stopped at the stop sign and turned left, I thought it had stopped but I looked in my mirror again and it was chasing me I sped up to about 65 and it stayed within 20 ft of my car, I got to the end of the road and turned right at this point I was at the edge of the city and its lights disappeared. I did not see it after that. - MUFON CMS


Sleepwalking more common than thought, research shows

This, finally, may explain our cultural obsession with zombies: Long after dark, millions of Americans basically become one.

Without warning, they suddenly rise from their silent, supine states then roam aimlessly, eyes open and mouths sputtering gibberish.

About 8.5 million U.S. adults -- or 3.6 percent of the grownup population -- have taken at least one sleepwalking jaunt during the past year, according to research released today by the Stanford University School of Medicine. That figure, calculated via a survey of nearly 20,000 people, means there are far more nocturnal wanderers than scientists previously suspected.

“It’s something, we were thinking, that was not frequent among the general population. And here, big surprise, it is,” said Dr. Maurice Ohayon, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford and lead author of the paper. A previous report done a decade ago in European adults showed that 2 percent of that population were sleepwalkers. “It’s astonishing.”

The finding offers American doctors their first, solid sleepwalking benchmark, Ohayon said. Earlier speculation on how often the phenomenon occurred were based on anecdotal clinical reports as well as court cases and media tales of people who had gone sleep-driving, sleep-shopping or sleep-eating. Typically, those more sensational examples were linked to Ambien use.

But Ohayon and his colleagues found no significant link between prescription sleeping pills and increased sleepwalking. What they did discover: Folks who take certain anti-depressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs) are three times more likely to also take a snoozy stroll than the general population, and people who swallow over-the-counter sleeping pills have a higher likelihood of experiencing sleepwalking episodes at least twice a month month.

Brand names for anti-depressants in the SSRI category include Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lexapro and Celexa. Non-prescription sleep aids linked to increased sleepwalking by the Stanford team contained diphenhydramine. Products laced with that chemical include 40 Winks, Simply Sleep, Sleep-Eze, Sominex, Unisom Sleep, Advil PM, and Tylenol PM, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Chronic sleepwalking also runs (rambles?) within certain families, Ohayon learned: Nearly one-third of individuals who often do it can point to parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or siblings who have a history of shuffling while slumbering.

To assess the sleepwalking rate in America, Ohayon and his Stanford colleagues used phone interviews conducted with 19,136 randomly selected individuals from 15 states. The participants offered baseline information on their mental health, medical histories and use of medications. They were quizzed on the frequency of any sleepwalking episodes as well as whether they had ever suffered any inappropriate or possibly perilous behaviors while asleep.

What's more, participants were asked if they'd sleepwalked when they were kids and if any family members were known to take unintended, nighttime strolls. In addition to the more more than 3 percent of the U.S. population who sleepwalk chronically, the researchers found that 29.2 percent of the test sample had gone sleepwalking at least once during their lives.

Personal trainer Robert Budd figures he sleepwalks about once a month. When he gathers with his kin, sleepwalking lore is a common topic: while seemingly in dreamland, his grandfather once urinated in a friend’s drawer, his uncle often meandered the decks of navy boats, and his dad dismantled tents and ceiling fans.

“All the boys in the family do it,” said Budd, who operates a gym called PHYZYKS in Encinitas, Calif. “I've done it since I was a kid. I would walk out the door and my parents had to grab me and get be back inside. The commonality with my family and myself is it seems to happen when we’re really tired, really drained. When you really need sleep, that’s when you get up and sleepwalk.”

Budd has sleepwalked out of a tent at the Grand Canyon (on the floor, not near the rim). His friends spotted him heading off alone -- apparently wide awake -- but he remembered nothing the next day. While dozing, he once packed for a vacation, even remembering his toothbrush. And there was the night he tried to climb out a second-floor window only to be stopped by the woman who is now his ex-wife.

Was that intended exit possibly symbolic, even for a sleeping man? “It might have been,” Budd said with a laugh.

“It drives my girlfriend drives nuts because sometimes we have conversations and she doesn’t know if I’m awake. Like, I can’t be accountable in the middle of the night.”

Sleepwalkers typically have their eyes open and may speak, making detection tricky. But Ohayon isn’t certain, he said, if they are actually seeing what’s in front of them or if sleepwalkers’ brains have simply mapped out their homes in their minds, allowing them not to bump into walls or furniture. He is sure they’re not dreaming, though, because sleepwalking coincides with a period of “slow-wave sleep” or SWS when brain activity is diminished.

During another sleep phase called REM (rapid eye movement), brain neurons are firing as if a person is awake. This is when you dream. A mechanism within the brain blocks stirring and shifting when you’re in REM sleep, Ohayon said.

“During slow wave sleep, you can move,” he added. “This is an old function of our brain, (possibly a evolutionary leftover). You know, when birds fly, they can sleep with one half of their brain, while the other half is analyzing the flight.

“That is why you see the bird going for thousand of kilometers without any problem. They sleep when they fly.” - msnbc


UFO Crash/Retrievals in Chile

Scott Corrales - Inexplicata: Stories of saucer crashes and retrievals are not the exclusive province of the American Southwest. The Pacific coast of South America has some interesting cases to offer, as we can see from Raul Núñez's "UFO Crash/Retrivals in Chile. Mr. Núñez is the director of his country's branch of the Instituto de Investigaciones Espaciales (IEEE) and a frequent contributor to Inexplicata. This article appeared in Issue #9 of the INEXPLICATA journal. Continue reading at UFO Crash/Retrievals in Chile

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