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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just the Facts?: 2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival -- Big Cat Remains Found in Scotland -- Alien in a Tree?

2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival To Host “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters” Conference

The 2012 Kecksburg Old Fashioned Days & UFO Festival will be held July 28th and 29th, at the fire department festival grounds in Kecksburg, PA, located in Mount Pleasant Township. This will be the seventh annual such festival founded by the Kecksburg volunteer fire department. Join us for this two day event that will feature many special events including a parade, classic car show, and their famous Burn Out Contest.

Prizes will be awarded this year for the best UFO entry in the parade, as well as for the best alien costume. New this year will be additional contests for the Best UFO Alien Pet Costume, and the Best UFO Motorcycle. On Sunday the very popular “Out of This World UFO Hot Dog eating Contest” will take place at 1 PM.

On Sunday from 1:30-5 PM, The Kecksburg UFO Committee will host their second annual Kecksburg UFO Conference titled, “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters”. The conference is free, but a donation at the door is appreciated to support the Kecksburg volunteer fire department.

The 2012 Kecksburg speaker line up includes:

Stan Gordon, Author and UFO-Bigfoot Researcher. Gordon is the principal investigator of the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident. He will be speaking about, “ Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania”. This will be an illustrated discussion about the history of UFOs, Bigfoot and other strange creatures reported across the state including recent incidents.

John Ventre, Author and Pennsylvania State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, will discuss his recent appearance on the Anderson Cooper TV show discussing UFOs, and how they edited the program.

Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, will talk about past and present Bigfoot encounters reported in Pennsylvania.

Dave Dragosin, Assistant Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for Western Pennsylvania, will discuss the implication of forensic sketches in relation to Bigfoot investigations.

During the two day festival, various Pennsylvania UFO, Bigfoot and Paranormal researchers and groups will set up displays in the social hall. Those who are expected to attend include, Stan Gordon-UFO-Bigfoot Researcher and Author, Eric Altman-Director of the PA Bigfoot Society (PBS), John Ventre-PA State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Dave Dragosin- Assistant Director of the PA Bigfoot Society (PBS) for Western Pennsylvania, Dan Hageman-Director of the Butler Organization of the Unexplained (BORU), Brian and Terrie Seech-Center for Unexplained Events (CUE), Keith Bastianini-UFO Researcher and Graphic Artist, Jim Brown-Brown Electronics Lab-Independent Research Associates, and Joe Kosczuk-Westmoreland Paranormal Investigations.

Kecksburg located in Mount Pleasant Township in Westmoreland County, is located about 40 miles SE of Pittsburgh. This rural community has become a location of international interest after a mysterious object reportedly fell from the sky into a nearby wooded area on December 9, 1965. What that metallic acorn shaped object with strange hieroglyphic-like symbols may have been is still being debated. The military that arrived on the scene that night apparently recovered the device and hauled it away.

The Kecksburg festival will be held on the volunteer fire department festival grounds. The location is Claypike and Rt. 982. The address is 5128 Water Street, Kecksburg, PA. For more information and event details visit the Kecksburg V.F.D. website at: www.kecksburgvfd.com or www.stangordon.info or call 724-423-9540.

2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival To Host “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters” Conference - Facebook Events Page

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Pumas may be on the loose in Scotland as cat corpse is discovered

A dog walker has stumbled upon the corpse of an animal experts believe may have been a puma near a Scottish beauty spot.

John Robertson, 50, was walking his two dogs along a rural path in Cullen, Moray, with his wife Pauline, on Monday when he found the remains of what appeared to be a cat the size of a large dog.

Just metres from the rotting corpse were the remains of what may have been its last meal – half a dozen mauled seagulls.

Mr Robertson, from Drybridge, Moray, said yesterday: “I was walking my two dogs on Monday morning when we came across all these dead birds scattered about everywhere.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen so many dead birds in one area. They were completely mauled, they had their guts totally ripped out of them lying on the ground.

“Then a little further on we came across a horrible rotting smell which was this big cat.

“It looks like it has feasted on the seagulls and maybe it has fallen down the cliff nearby, injured itself and just lay there till it died.”

But despite its 18-inch-long tail and its sharp teeth, Mr Robertson claimed the animal was a cub.

He said: “If you see its skin, it’s jet black and I actually think it’s a juvenile.

“I didn’t have a tape measure on me to measure the tail, but I’m a builder so I have a pretty good idea that it’s about 18 inches long, which is huge.

“I reckon it’s a cub – its teeth are too clean and there isn’t enough damage to them, which means they must be pretty new. If that’s a cub though, you can imagine how big its mother would be.

“I’m sure we’ll find out from the DNA tests what type of cat it is, but it certainly seems like one of the big cats.”

Bob Wallace, an expert with the Big Cats In Britain research group, is now studying the remains to determine what Mr Robertson found.

While the cat is not big enough to be an adult leopard or jaguar, Mr Wallace believes it is the right size to be a cub.

He said: “If it is a juvenile, it would have to be last year’s cub, as both leopards and jaguars mate between January and March.

“It is also hard to say whether this is the cat that is the subject of the spate of recent sightings.

“Over the past few years, there have been several reported sightings of black panther-type cats, as well as pumas and lynx.”

As recently as 16 April, there was a sighting of what was described as a cat-like animal as large as a labrador, by a man walking his dog at Rathven Burn in Moray.

That sighting was very similar to eyewitness accounts from just two months earlier.

In February, a man from Portgordon, also in Moray, said he saw an animal matching the same description beside an old railway line in the village. Later that week, there was a similar sighting at Buckpool Golf Club. - scotsman

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From the 'you can't make this shit up' department:

'Donkey rape' sparks tribal massacre in Yemen

Fifteen people were killed or injured in tribal fighting in Yemen after a male donkey chased an ass and raped it just near the house of its owner.

The owner of the ass became mad after he saw the donkey attacking his animal, prompting him to chase the donkey and hit it. The attack infuriated the donkey owner, who called his armed tribesmen and asked them to take revenge.

“The problem snowballed into an armed fight between Makabis tribe, which owns the donkey, and Bani Abbas which owns the ass. 15 people were either killed or injured in the battle.

A large police force intervened and stopped the fighting at a village in the southwestern province of Abb. Police have arrested eight persons involved in the conflict. - emirates247


UFO over Clifton, NJ

On May 21, 2012, while driving in Clifton, NJ, I was distracted by an image on an oil truck driving ahead of me. I was able to get a quick picture of it as I was driving. After observing the picture later in the day I noticed something in the top corner of the shot. It looked like an oval shape that didn’t seem to be any type of familiar object. After zooming in to get a better look, it occurred that the object looked similar to a UFO.

After viewing the picture a few times I was unable to come to any other conclusion. I believe I captured the image of a UFO passing over RT 3 in Clifton, NJ. I returned to the site several hours later to see if the object was still there but it was gone. - MUFON CMS

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Alien in a tree?

Hi, my name is [Item Moved/CMS/nd] On Friday 5/11/2012. After dropped a lady at Elementary school, SE Powell Valley road, Gresham. I driver [Item Moved/CMS/nd] to find somewhere to get a good shot of Mount Hood because that day the sky was very clear! ( my hoppy is to take photos). I shot some pictures of Mount Hood but I wasn’t happy because they were not good enough! Then I accepted one order from Highway 212, North Clackamas. I used GPS and I had to drive 20 miles to get [Item Moved/CMS/nd] When I was driving on Waybill road, Gresham. I saw the Mount Hood with very beautiful view. I stopped [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and took 02 pictures. I was so happy because I had very good shots. And then I come to pick up and drop off customer at Estacada. When I come home at night, after download memory card to my laptop. Open the pictures,I saw one UFO next to Mount Hood. I was very excited because I had one UFO picture. (Last year, I saw something with diamond shaped above the trees when I drove my cab on Ross Island bridge about 7a.m. It moved slowly and disappeared).
The next day. I called my closed friend [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and he believed on UFOs, because he saw one brown round on Gresham areas. When I showed him the picture of UFOs. He said” Wow! You got one”. Latter when I zoom in the picture, I saw 04 other UFOs around the big one. Then I looked around my picture I saw something like a man above the tree! Was that an Alien?
This is my story about UFOs Pictures.
[Item Moved/CMS/nd]
P/S: These pictures were took with Nikon D 90/ lens 18-105mm.
1/The first picture there were one blur big and 2 little dot of UFOs. But the alien was above the tree.
2/The second pictures there were 5 of UFOs with the alien.
and included my 04 another zoom pictures. - MUFON CMS

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