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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reader Submissions: Reddish Cloud -- UFOs In Chesterfield, VA -- Stalk by a Skinwalker?


Dear Mr. Strickler,

When I saw in the newsletter that mentioned to write if we had experienced any unexplained phenomena, I thought I would write and mention something that me and my husband experienced in the winter of 1974 or 1975. The time was about 12 midnight and we were driving home, a distance of about 85 miles. My husband was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. My daughter was asleep in her car seat in the back seat. It was pretty chilly that night so we had the car heater running to keep us warm. I was making idle chit chat to keep my husband alert since we were tired and the heater could lull us to sleep. The road we were traveling on was then just a two lane black top and narrrow. Rarely did you see another car pass by or see any signs of life as the houses thinned to one here or there. The roads on either side for a good distance were lined with tall trees.

We were riding along and something told me to look out my window to the right. I should explain that the voice was not a voice I heard but nevertheless I obeyed the thought and looked out to my right and didn't see anything. Once again the thought occurred to me to look out my window and again I did so and didn't see anything. But this time I kind of ducked down in the seat and looked above the car to the right. It was then I saw what appeared to be an orange red light moving at the same speed of the car and I screamed at my husband that something was flying alongside of the car and at the same speed. I told him to stop immediately and we did. We watched as this reddish cloud moved past the car and gradually descended like an airplane and stopped off to the right and was about a foot of the ground. The cloud looked to be about the size of a small vehicle. You could not see through the light and the light was not bright enough to hurt your eyes as you looked at it directly. My husband and I sat there in amazement and were trying to figure out what this thing was! I rolled my window down an inch or so and I could not detect any odor from exhaust and I could not hear any sound. I think we were both anticipating that something was going to walk out of the cloud toward us. I was then frightened at that possibility and told my husband to hurry up and get us out of there. We took off as fast as we could and I looked back to make sure the thing wasn't following us and it was a while before we even slowed down any. Sincerely, Drenda



Ever since I was extremely young, I always had an interest in the paranormal - nothing much has happened to me. My parents have had a few odd sightings of strange objects in the sky, but nothing beyond that. But around my birthday in 2011 (Oct 20th), I had gotten a new camera. I had been using it for a couple days and then I uploaded my pictures to my computer, I noticed 3 of them had extremely strange objects in the sky (note, I didn't see them while taking the photographs) I live near Chesterfield, Virginia. Also, the dates on the photos date around 2010, because I never got around to correcting the date on my camera. Also recently, I've seen strange odd "aircraft" flying around the area at night.

Pretty strange, I'm thinking about going out and taking some more photos of the sky and seeing if I get anymore. I don't use this email often, so I may not read your response on here, but I do read your blog daily, so responding to me on there is preferable.

NOTE: The top image looks like a plane or jet. The second may be a balloon...but we have seen these cylinders shaped objects before. The third image is I went ahead and enlarged it. OK folks...let the writer know what you think. Lon



Lon - A few months ago I started dating a Navajo girl. There has been some trouble with an ex-boyfriend of hers. Strange things have started to happen around my property. I live on a ranch in southern New Mexico and it's very isolated. Lately I've started seeing shadows and shapes moving around outside at night. Coyotes (which have never been much of a problem) have started coming into the yard. I even think I saw one in the house one night, but I can't be too sure. One morning I found a feather laying in front of my door. I quickly called my girlfriend, she told me not to touch it, but wouldn't say why. Can anyone give me any information as to what is going on here exactly. I can't explain it but this is starting to seem like something out of the ordinary. Could there be a skinwalker stalking me?

NOTE: Feathers can be used in Navajo magic-making. Navajo shape-shifters, the Skinwalkers or Yea-Naa-gloo-shee, are witches who assume animal forms. It's save to say that a feather left by a Navajo witch could be part of a spell or curse...Lon

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