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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reader Submission: Unknown Entity

Researcher and friend David Garrison forwarded a few emails sent to him by one of his paranormal newsletter readers in Connecticut:

Last Thursday night I went out on my back porch to smoke a cigarette. I let my dog out first, and he went off to the left about 10 feet away. I heard a rustling noise to my right but didnt see anything. I looked at the dog to see if he heard it but for some reason he didn't. I immediately looked back to the noise again as it rustled a second time. The thing stood about 2 feet tall. I actually saw it lift it head up and look at me.We locked eyes for about 3 or 4 seconds before my dog ran over there. David, this thing had red eyes...They were BIG round eyes. I could see the whites of the eyes and I could see a brownish color in the middle. Here's where it gets freaky. Around the whites of the eyes was glowing red. Not as if a light/glare caught it's eyes. But it wasn't normal. It was a red glowing outline around the eyes. I could barely make out the rest of the body...but the head was, the only way I can explain it is the head looked like a Gremlin from the movie before they went bad. Round head, and ears much stouter than a cats ears but i could make them out. It almost looked as if it had 2 tone patches of fur, light and dark. He also disappeared right before my eyes. Between the time that the creature and I locked eyes....my dog was onto him...he ran over & expected him to chase it. He got to the spot and looked around. I figured I was mistaken about it disappearing and it ran off behind the fence and into the woods. So I listened. I listened for it to run because there's leaves everywhere over there. My dog got to the spot and looked dumbfounded. He spun around. It was gone. I took one step forward to look up into the trees to see if it ran up the tree to escape my dog. The moon light the trees up & I could see clearly there was nothing in the tree. I don't know what to make of this, but it's been nagging at me.

Here's something weird I've been thinking about...I set my alarm for 3:00a.m. to get up for work. Between 3 and 3:30 a.m. I let dog out for a pee before I leave the house at 4:00 a.m A few days of the week, as soon as he steps off the porch, he sees something and chases it. I have yet to see what he chases. This behavior has been going on for months. I hear him in the woods chasing something then he will bolt out and chase it thru my open yard. I always thought the thing got away but then he doesnt stop. He chases whatever it is back into the woods. I NEVER hear or see what it is he's chasing. Until I saw this thing the other night....I never thought about it....I have tried to see what he chases more than a few times. I assumed a rabbit, or cat etc, but I have never once seen or heard it. But he does. I dont know what to make of this. I have tried to rationalize this as to maybe the thing I saw was a racoon, or an owl. I know what I saw. I told an acquaitance about this experience and he said that because this was Indian land (Mohegan's & Pequots) there's weird things that go on.

Please don't think I'm nuts David, but I'm a little freaked out only because I know what I saw. As far as I know there's no animal with glowing red eyes. And tell me how the F*** it can just disappear like that. My dog was a bit freaked too. The thing didn't have time to run away from the dog....just poof it was gone.

Anyways...Not sure if you know about this subject, or have heard about anything or type of creature like I have described please let me know. I'm a little freaked out, but I am curious too. I have to be nuts, because I'm sitting here telling you that I have a creature on my property with red eyes that comes close to my house and around my yard that friggin disappears! Please get back to me and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening to me rant, sorry to bother you lol~ Kelly

Follow-up email....

Well, I have an acre and a quarter. It's a huge lot that has trees and also open spaces. There's an old stone wall out back at the property line and behind that, there's 7 acres of non-access woods behind me.There's also a lake with a damn within walking distance by road or thru the woods. Also, someplace in that woods....i have never been the kids go exploring there is an old abandoned boy scout camp. There's old abandoned boats, a huge lodge and a bathhouse. There's antiques in the lodge. No one goes back there. Some friends of mine did a ghost hunt a while back at my house & most ended up going to the boy scout camp instead when they found out about it.The name of the lake is oxoboxo lake. It's supposed to be some type of indian name, and that's the name of my street, oxoboxo cross rd. spelled same forward as back. The name of the town I live in is Oakdale. It's actually the village of Montville. At one time the Mohegan Indians owned most of the land there was some type of war between the Pequots & the Mohegans way back. They both have casinos now & own a ton of land. Most of my property is very rocky. Nice lawn but it seems to be on a rock ledge. My neighbor had to blast to put in a pool. That's about all I know off hand. I'll put in a link of the town. As you can see it's a huge indian area.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Subsequent email...

One other thing...from the day I moved in here I hated being outside in the dark. Even during the day. I always felt like I was being watched from the woods, which is even creepier when I have to go to work in the middle of the night. I've never been comfortable here. My daughter either.When i go outside to go to work...I park my car as close as I can to my back porch so I can just jump in my car. sometimes it's almost in a panic state because I think something is outside close. weird, I know. I'm not normally a fraidy cat, but that's a huge issue I have had with this place, and I can't wait to move because of it. Thank you for taking the time :)


David forwarded a few links that may shed some light on the Kelly's experiences:

Mohegan People

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The Mohegan Tribe


Today, David forwarded an interesting response to his post:

Hi David. That's a trickster spirit known to the Algonquins as Nanabozho (pronounced Nanaboozhoo). Other names are Wabooz (pronounced WaAbooz) and Mishaaboo (in English Mich a bou). This is a shape-shifter, trickster spirit that likes to show itself as a huge rabbit; a frog; porcupine; skunk;a reptile-like creature and a coyote, (on the plains). Also can appear as a child - adult. In their religion Nanabozho was the Trickster & Co-creator of the Earth; is heroic in nature, (fought Paul Bunyan eventually killing hin with a Red Lake Walleye). As with most Algonquin concepts, his appearance represents a dual message; he brings strife along with human error & stupidity, (their words not mine). The idea, rather, reason for his appearance is to bring about spiritual transformation & growth. He shows up when there is something "not right" about the way the person is living, (often personal and/ or leud interferences in the viewer's life). He comes to point out strife in the person's life in order to restore balance to the their life and also to the land. (He is very territorial). I've been waiting for this question since Tuesday and so I dusted off my notes and reconnected myself with him. He is as old as the Miamis; the Micmacs; the Mohegans & the Mohicans themselves. He is there to restore some balance to the land and the life of the person living there. Hope this helps.

‎...he will be showing himself more & more as Treaties continue to be broken...There has been a string of political moves from local governments all the way to Federal that jeopordize several treaties from 1836, etc. from treaties to protect the waters to preventing mining on Native lands. The more this occurs; the more he will show himself to those who live on Native lands. He restores balance through strife.

*Thanks to David Garrison for submitting these correspondences...Lon

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Uncas and Miantonomoh; a historical discourse, delivered at Norwich, (Conn.,) on the fourth day of July, 1842, on the occasion of the erection of a ... man's friend, and first chief of the Mohegans