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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Evil Intentions -- Humanoids and an Ape -- Gigantic White Silhouette -- Short, Horned and Hairy

The 1st two reports were mentioned by Albert Rosales during his appearance on our show Sunday night. He has also included a few interesting reports from Russia and the former Soviet Union. The podcast can be found at Beyond The Edge Radio - 4/22/2012 - Humanoid Researcher / Archivist Albert Rosales



Near Yekaterinburg, Urals Region, Russia - October 1992 - 04:00

The witness and his wife were staying at the Sverdlovsk Engineering-Pedagogical Institute hostel. The night of the encounter he had gone to bed around 02:00 a.m. his wife was already asleep. Suddenly at around 04:00 a.m. he woke up with a start, lying on his back and his eyes wide open. Strangely he felt no fear or any apprehension, the room was lit from light coming from streetlights right outside the window. Suddenly right above his head he heard a noise, he turned and saw a sort of flying ‘white mass’ that appeared to have come out straight out of the wall. The strange mass stopped abruptly right in front of his face and seemed to transform into a three-dimensional image of woman about 20-25 years of age. However she was only visible down to her waist, the bottom section of her body seemed blurry. The strange guest hung in the air vertically above the witness, half a meter from his face. The figure was white in color and he could clearly see through it. It appeared to be dressed in a sort of ‘nightgown’ with long sleeves and gazed at the stunned witness with coal black eyes which contrasted sharply with the rest of her body and according to the witness emitted ‘evil intentions’.

He did not have time to react as a white hand quickly grabbed his right wrist and slowly pulled him. He clearly felt the touch and very strong pressure. Strangely at this point he still felt no fear but realized that something was very wrong, he attempted to pull his hand from the grip of the stranger but was unsuccessful. With incredible strength the woman then pulled the witness’ arm which seemed to pass right through the grid of the bed, unable to control himself any longer the witness emitted a shrill scream. At this point the shape instantly changed her shape and hair to resemble an exact replica of the witness’s still sleeping wife. The witness was taken aback as ‘his wife’ now pulled his arm further. Resisting the witness thought, “No, it’s not my wife! Where is my wife”? Then with his other hand he grabbed his wife’s hand and cried. Incredibly the stranger then loosened her grip and suddenly disappeared. His wife suddenly awakened and inquired why was he screaming. He could only tell her that something strange had occurred, she advised him to try to get some sleep. After walking around the room he lay down again however as he tried to cover himself with the quilt it seemed to resist with incredible force and it even dragged him. As his wife remained sleeping he got up and went to smoke and once back he lay down again. The quilt this time no longer resisted but the feeling of anxiety remained.

To alleviate his fear the witness then cursed out loud at the stranger visitor. The reaction was instantaneous, a powerful blow, as if from a hefty board, struck with full force on the nearby table. He again roused his wife who never saw the strange female visitor and slept through most of the strange activity.




Between Mairiuex and Maubeuge, Nord, France - November 26, 1973 - 01:00

A man and a woman in a parked car on the Canourge road, Mairieux, noticed a white metallic looking hemispherical object some 50 ft wide in the snow covered fields, 100 yards away. Presently a dark opening appeared in this, from which 6 beings, of 3 different kinds, emerged. First were 3 small humanoids with large heads, 4 ft tall. They had protruding eyes with conspicuous whites, holes for a nose, narrow mouths, and bulging cheeks; their arms were long. They were dressed in tight one-piece suits of metallic appearance. Each carried a dark box 6” on a side whose upper surface bore a round white luminous “screen.” They walked slowly, with stiff small steps, and fanned out as if searching for something. Gradually they approached the road, until within 50 ft of the witnesses. Behind them, nearer to the hemisphere, stood 2 human figures about 6.5 ft tall, with light complexions and blond shoulder length hair, likewise dressed in tight fitting one piece metallic suits, closest to the door stood a squat figure, with long dangling arms, apparently covered with dark fur, “resembling a bear or great ape.”

When after about 10 minutes the small beings began to approach the car, the young woman became frightened and jump out, slamming the door, and ran back to her own car which stood close by. At this, the man saw all the figures stood still, then the “animal” reentered the object, followed quickly by the 2 humans and then the 3 humanoids, which ran back with such long, swift strides that they looked as if they were “flying over the ground.” The dark opening disappeared, and the UFO took on a brilliant metallic color, and rose vertically for 30 ft, then shot off westwards, becoming successively orange luminous, bluish, and reddish before dwindling to a point. This all happened with such speed that the young woman observed only the recession of the luminous object. The witnesses did not seek for traces in the snow. However, strange tracks in the snow were found later that morning by a Mrs. Michel and her children in the garden of their house in Maubeuge, 1.1 mile away, implying a connection.

Source: Joel Mesnard, Jean Marie Bigorne



Tbilisi, Georgia (USSR) - February 3, 1991 - 10:20 am

A local female journalist, Irina Adamashvili saw on the slopes of one the mountains that surround Tbilisi a gigantic anthropoid figure which appeared suddenly out of nowhere. It was a massive dazzling white humanoid silhouette that appeared on the gray-brown slope. She watched riveted to the scene the figure which resembled that of a man wearing shiny coveralls. The figure glided rapidly above the ground in a straight line along the slope as it reached a bitumen road it then moved in a strange gait, taking large steps and somewhat bent at the knees. The stunned witness thought that the height of the entity was at least 3- 4 meters. The figure was then lost from sight behind a mountain slope.

Source: “The Georgia Herald” February 6 1991, Mikhail Gershtein in: “Russian Ufological Digest” January 28 2002



Kremenchung, Ukraine - February 23, 1991 - night

After coming back from work at a local bakery, the witness A. S. Tkachuk was trying to fall sleep when suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands gripping her around the throat. Opening her eyes she is terrified to see only at about 30cms from her a strange humanoid with a face similar to humans but completely covered with hair. Around its black eyes the hair was somewhat shorter and humanoid appeared to have two short horns on top of its head. The witness attempted to struggle and grabbed the creature’s hands with her hands. The creature’s fingers were short and the hand’s were more human than animal according to the witness, covered with fur and warm to the touch. The creature’s fur was dark-chestnut in color; it seemed to be short in stature its arms corresponding to that of a 5-6 year old child. The witness attempted to push the creature’s hands away from her throat but the creature was incredibly strong. She somehow “understood” that the creature was male but did not see any genitalia. The witness then realized that she would not be able to escape from creature’s grip and ceased to resist, immediately thereafter the creature let her go and disappeared. The witness remained paralyzed with fear and unable to speak in bed for a long time.

Source: UFODOS Archives, Ukraine

Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity

Rosales' Comments: What sort of creature was this? Why did it attack the witness and more importantly why did it suddenly let go and vanished?

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