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Just the Facts?: Flying Chupacabras Reported -- UFO 'Radar' Attack -- The New Ten Commandments

Flying Chupacabras Kills 35 Goats in Mexico

ABC News Mexico is reporting a farm animal attack last week in the town of Parácuaro believed to be by a Chupacabras. Only this time, the cryptid animal can fly!

The bloody attack, which killed 35 goats, was witnessed by a farm hand who described the mysterious animal as a creature with fangs, claws and wings. The curious thing about this incident is that the goats were killed, but cows, pigs and other farm animals were left untouched.

While the video report below is in Spanish, a translation reveals that the unidentified farm hand is insistent that it was indeed a Chupacabras which killed the goats, apparently its staple food.

In the last several years, hundreds of goats have been reportedly killed by the mythical creature, all drained of blood and ripped apart at the throat.

But this is the first time the legendary animal has been reported to have wings.

Although the witness did not actually see the animal fly, it adds an entirely new layer to the legend of the bloodsucking goat killer. - gather

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Larry Flynt offers $1 million for sex dirt on U.S. officials

Porn mogul Larry Flynt in a full page newspaper ad on Sunday offered $1 million for information about the sexual indiscretions of well-known US politicians or government officials.

Flynt’s offer, appearing in the Washington Post newspaper, asked readers to phone their tips to his hotline, or to send an email to a dedicated online address at his “Hustler” porn magazine.

“Do you have information about infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption concerning a current United States senator, congressperson or prominent government official?” the ad asks in large, bold type.

“Can you provide documented evidence of your claims? Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine will pay you up to $1 million if we choose to used your material and publish your verified story,” the ad said, adding that all correspondence would be kept “strictly confidential.”

It is just the latest of the famous porn publisher’s sporadic forays into the realm of politics.

Last year he offered disgraced US lawmaker Anthony Weiner a job, after the New York congressman resigned over a tawdry “sexting” scandal.

He also offered a $1 million dollar reward last year for anyone who could produce proof of illicit sexual liaisons by then-presidential contender Rick Perry.

Flynt has fought several prominent legal battles involving the First Amendment — the right to free speech guaranteed in the US Constitution — and has unsuccessfully run for public office.

He won a seminal free speech case in 1988 before the US Supreme Court.

That case “Hustler Magazine v. Falwell” came after he was sued by prominent US reverend Jerry Falwell in 1983 over an offensive ad in his porn publication that parodied the televangelist. - rawstory


"I was attacked by the radar of a UFO"

Ewa Beach, Hawaii - 8/15/2005 - unedited: I was living in Iroquois point in Honolulu Hawaii. I came home late at night at around 3am. I went to my room upstairs and sat down on my bed. I had in my room a small radio but this was shut off. I began thinking about things until the event happened. I started hearing a radar in my head.It sounded like a radar from a satellite or a navy ship.I then stood up and said Does anyone else hear that!My sister was sleeping in her room and no one heard me, because everyone was asleep and my door was shut.I sat back down on my bed as the radar continued.I then looked to my right where my window was and saw very bright lights flashing from a u.f.o. extremely close to my window. It began flashing the colors red,yellow,blue,and green simultaneously.As i witnessed this i stood up on my feet and began to walk towards the window.It was then that there was no doubt in my heart and in my mind that this was a genuine u.f.o..I put my hand on the string to lift up the blinds but was sure that i would be traumatized severely if i lifted up those blinds, because of the fact that this u.f.o. was only 5 feet away from my window.I went back to my bed and sat down.The sound of the radar grew louder. I felt as though i was being challenged with this radar.I looked right at the u.f.o. and began to try very hard to make it bow down to me with telekinesis.This did nothing to the u.f.o.. The one who controlled this u.f.o. and this radar decided to end this attempt. Within 3.7 seconds of me trying to do this. the radar jumped extremely loud. I immediately covered my ears and began screaming out of pain from this sound as i fell on my back on the bed.All of these events, i swear to you happened and the attack lasted 8 seconds. The radar stopped and as soon as it stopped my little radio which was turned off came on.The u.f.o. then left.The song lets just kiss and say goodbye the ub40 cover was playing and was this aliens message to me.After 12 seconds of hearing this song i ran to my sisters room across the hallway.I knocked on her door and told her what had happened.I was shaking and she did not believe me.I stayed downstairs after this and continued shaking the rest of the night.I could not go to sleep that night and will never be the same. - MUFON CMS


The New and Improved 'Ten Commandments'

The religious rules, which Christians believe were etched onto tablets by God and given to Moses, have been modified to use up-to-date language and principles.

Inspired by last year’s riots, the new vows include “manage your anger”, “know God” and “catch your breath” and are understood to be used in more than 600 churches in Britain.

The original “thou shalt not steal” has become “prosper with a clear conscience”, and the lengthy “thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” becomes “take God seriously”.

The commandments, designed by popular evangelical preacher J John, have been praised by religious leaders for bringing practical advice to modern congregations.

Using short, simple language interspersed with slang, the new rules have now been released on a DVD called “just10 for churches”, aimed at providing guidance.

The tenth commandment, for example, has altered the Biblical “thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's” to just “find contentment.”

“Thou shalt not commit adultery” have been edited to “affair-proof your relationships”, and “honour thy father and thy mother” has altered to “keep the peace with your parents”.

J John claims his commandments enable "everyone to understand God's timeless principles on how we should live" and said he was inspired to write them by last summer’s riots.

He said: "Along with a lot of people I think about the way that we live nowadays and what leads people to do the sort of things that happened in the riots - whether or not we have forgotten something about a good way of living."

The Reverend Paul Roberts, 54, vicar of St John the Evangelist in Old Coulsdon, Surrey, which dates back to 1210 AD, is among those using the new commandments.

He said: "It's basically a way of presenting the Ten Commandments to help people connect with them in a positive way.

"Rather than just seeing them as a list of things you shouldn't do, it is meant to help people live as God intended for our good.

"Unlike the dos and don'ts most people imagine when quizzed about the maker's instructions, the message is meant to be both a challenge and an encouragement."

Wayne Dulson, 40, minister of Loughton Baptist Church, Essex said: "People really engaged with the Ten Commandments in a new and fresh way.

"People now see these commandments not as a set of rules but as a template for living so that we experience God's best for our lives.

"All ten commandments were extremely challenging, especially as the series helped us see them in the context of modern day living.

"People keep telling me how just10 has made them think much more about how they live their lives and also how much they have learnt about the commandments as they found out things they never knew before."

Steve Jenkins, spokesman for the Church of England, said they supported new ways of communicating and added: "The Book Of Common Prayer is very clear that the faith needs to be taught afresh in every generation."

Even former Conservative Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe, who left the Church of England after objecting to women priests, has backed J John's rules.

"I'd say it's not a patch on Moses but not a bad set of rules really," she said.

"What he's trying to do is offer a modern take on the original to explain it to a modern audience, which is fine as long as he doesn't dispense with the original." - telegraph


Angler's Whopping Tuna Catch

A fisherman is waiting to hear if he has reeled in a new world record after catching a whopping tuna fish in New Zealand.

The Pacific bluefin weighed in at more than 335kg - and if approved by the International Game Fish Association it is the largest of its kind ever snapped up on a rod and reel.

But what makes the catch even more of a feat is that Nathan Adams caught it from a six-metre tin boat.

"It was pretty cool because when I first started fishing my dream was to catch a bluefin tuna exactly like that," said Mr Adams.

He said the fish was "pretty hard" to reel in because the line "was right on the point of the line breaking".

The 42-year-old angler and member of Muriwai Sports Fishing Club caught the monster fish near Houhora, off the east coast of the country's North Island.

He is hoping his wife Lisa will allow him to hang up a cast that is being made of his jaw-dropping catch which was towed back to shore and shipped off to a chiller.

But she may take some convincing, having already said that "it will be like mounting a sofa" onto a wall in their lounge.

The Pacific bluefin was not the only prize-winning catch of the 2012 New Zealand Sport Fishing Council National competition.

Just days later, Mr Adam's friend Alan Langdon reeled in a 358kg black marlin near Ahipara on the west coast.

Mark Nobilo, president of Muriwai Sports Fishing Club, said: "It's pretty awesome, pretty special, especially for our little club."

Last year, a giant bluefin tuna fetched a record $396,000 (£251,000) in auction at the world's largest wholesale fish market in Tokyo, Japan. - sky


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