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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update: Abductee Exposes Reptilian Activity

I was recently contacted by Matt R., who is providing a written update to two previous posts from 2010 - Exclusive: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings and UPDATE: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings The narrative and views are entirely those of the writer:

My name is Matt R_____. I served on the New Orleans Police Department during Hurricane Katrina. I stayed with the department for almost 2 years after the storm. It was only after I was seriously injured in a car accident that I left the department. I have almost completely recovered, and now work in finance. Throughout the past 9 years, I have had several abductions involving reptilian aliens.

Probably the most interesting of my abductions is the one that took place in 2005, just a few months before Katrina. I was abducted by reptilians, and then forced to help them train in anti-riot techniques. This training was coordinated in concert with a US military group of indeterminate affiliation. They wore Dark BDU's, no insignias. I detailed this training session in a previous post on your blog: Exclusive: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings

Since I last updated your blog, I've had many experiences.

The most traumatic being when I learned that over 10 other cops and military members had reptilian training abductions similar to my own! Half of them were taken to the same mall training as myself. The other half were taken to the UNO college basketball arena. On the floor of the arena, they trained the reptilians in hostage rescue training, and dynamic room entry/breaching. I learned about this fact during a radio appearance on Joe Montaldo's show. He is the current head of the ICAR research group. Next to MUFON, they are the largest UFO group - but, focus more on abductions, rather than UFOS.

As detailed on the radio show, many of those taken to the mall even recalled the same flower kiosk. Not surprising, because the reptilians spent most of their training in the middle of the mall. Probably to maximize the shielding of the training noise from the outside. This revelation was made by Mr. Montaldo, on this episode of his radio program: Joe Montaldo - Paranormal Radio Network

Image provided by Matt R.

All of these abductees reported this to Joe Montaldo 's organization (ICAR), independently. Without having ever met each other. The only common thread is they are all police, or military, and currently active in Louisiana. Many of them were also residents at the Forest Isle Apartments complex. It is a massive complex on the west bank of New Orleans. But, it has a very high density of police and military residents, due to the discounts they offer.

Since the radio show, I have learned more details from Mr. Montaldo. One of these other abductees, a detective in the 6th district of the New Orleans Police, has had some harassment experiences similar to what I've experienced. He actually had a black SUV, with military plates, follow him while on duty. The harassment only stopped when he hired a private detective to follow the SUV!

Another of these abductees, a patrolman, cannot shop at Winn Dixie any longer. An implant located behind his knee crashes the checkout register. And, every time, it causes the register to bring up the same error code.

A third among these abductees is one of the highest ranking members of the NOPD. I wish I had known that when I was employed there, it would have given me some clout :).

The most recent to contact him was a detective from Jefferson Parish, about a year ago. Jefferson Parish covers much of the suburban area around New Orleans. This JP detective remembers a detail of the mall abduction, which most of us did not. Apparently, one of the stores was converted into a medical triage center. Complete with cots. But, it was unclear if this was to handle injured civilians, human military/police, or even reptilians. The cots were empty.

​I was hoping to update your blog, once I could get a few more of us to go public. But it looks like that won't happen -so, I'm going to have to go forward alone. I can understand their hesitancy. Most TV alien documentaries don't pay anything. They certainly can't replace a steady salary. As I work in stock trading, I am somewhat immune. Its one of the few professions on earth that you can't be blackballed from. Unless, you engage in some direct financial crime.

The good news from learning this has been that several of these other abductees confirmed details of what I saw in the mall training. Specifically, the fact that I stood with the reptilians, rather than the humans. In fact, my rank was higher than any other human there. This would fit with a detail that I was withholding, but would now like to reveal. I was standing near 2 of the reptilians, as they spoke after the main training session was over. One of them referred to me as an "advisor". He complained that there are not enough advisors like me, to go around. And he also said, to my surprise, that he would trust my opinion over those of his superiors! The other element I gathered from their discussion is that, as an "advisor", I am not allowed to give orders - nor am I actually in the command structure, so I don't really need to obey orders either. I can basically only offer suggestions. Strange that the reptilians even have such a position in their military. As far as I know, the only human equivalent would be a business consultant in the private sector. I don't know of any entities that follow our military around, and actively audit their performance. I was very hesitant to reveal this detail, because it could make me a target for capture, and interrogation by the human military. Although this reptilian group clearly has military cooperation, I have no idea how many competing factions are out there. There are many instances of "allied" governments spying on, and even kidnapping, each other's people.

There has been a recent escalation in my own harassment level. While doing pre-production for 2 separate cable TV documentaries, I have had voice mails and calls appear 10 hours late with backdated timestamps. I have even had producers here audible clicks and static, a few seconds after I would start speaking. Interestingly, these issues do not appear when I am conducting non-alien related conversations at all. Recently, while calling me from his cellphone, Joe Montaldo was routed to the Pentagon's public switchboard. Clearly, whichever faction is doing this is getting a bit sarcastic with their stunts. I have had, literally, too many bizarre phone incidents to list. But, they are far beyond normal technical glitches.

Recently, I was phoned by the owner of that property in Punta Gorda, FL. Specifically, the house where there were numerous sightings of large winged reptilians. I detailed those experiences here: Exclusive: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings

Forty minutes into the phone call, a helicopter appeared just over his roof. He held up the phone so I could hear it, and it literally sounded like it was just outside the window. His phone was knocked out for a few minutes. The chopper only left after neighbors started to come out to stare. This witness had had zero incidents for many months. But, upon calling me, he had a black helicopter dispatched to his house in under 40 minutes? Neither of us have any kind of history of paranoia. But, a 40 minute response time for a phone call? You can't get pizza in 40 mins, in that part of Punta Gorda. This happened less than a week ago. This particular experiencer has had very vivid close range sightings of large reptilians, but, does not recall any abductions.

Frankly, the incident was incredibly intimidating. I am not a paranoid person. I certainly don't have ​schizophrenia. Aside from my few abductions, I don't have voices, visions, or ever think anyone in public is following or looking at me. But, the speed of that response was frightening. Not only do these guys have some kind of rapid response team in Central Florida, but they are also able to reroute them extremely fast. I wanted to laugh this incident off, but, I'm amazed there is still that amount of heat attached to me. You'd think they'd be busy worried about the entire Bideast being in chaos.

I am in pre-production stages with a few cable TV documentaries on my experiences. So, that may have bumped me back up the list of priorities. I'm fairly well known in the financial blogging circuit. I tweet regularly on Stocktwits. I have almost 500 followers for my views on trading the market. Several of my twitter followers are well known traders and prominent fund managers. Not to brag, but, I am extremely accurate at gaging bonds, equities, forex, etc. I'm not comfortable giving out my twitter handle here. Although, I may create a 2nd one for the subject of my abductions. Unfortunately, it has my real last name attached. I am somewhat renowned for having a common sense, and clear headed, ability to evaluate financial news and charts. This also speaks to my strategic ability, which may have been a factor in the reptilians choosing me as an advisor. But, there is another oddity to the ranking system that was used in that training.

That oddity is, among the military and police abductees present at the mall training, I was by far the LOWEST ranking person in human terms. I was only halfway through the academy. Why would the reptilians give me a higher position like that, unless there was some kind of issue with my "bloodline" ranking? This is why it is important to understand the differences between reptilian, nordic, and grey alien abductees. There seem to be clear lines of delineation in why different groups become interested in specific humans. In terms of reptilians, there seems to be a strong genetic bloodline interest. This also ties into why many rep abductees display a bit of "Stockholm Syndrome", in relation to their abductors. The reptilians go out of their way to convince such abductees that they are related to them.

They do seem to have some kind of ability to activate this recessive reptilian DNA. This causes numerous side effects. But, the most common seem to be amplified senses and aggression, and spontaneous appearance of new food allergies. I have experienced all 3. And they are very severe. Not surprisingly, this aggressive orientation makes reptilian abductees FAR more likely to go into police or military lines of work.

Its NO ACCIDENT that so many military and police employed people just happen to be reptilian abductees. When you talk to many of them, you find that these abductions were sometimes the primary reason why they went into that line of work!. Once you have been subject to a few violent initiations by any reptilian group, military and police training seems alot less intimidating. Perhaps you could say they are even seeking out, and replaying past trauma, by going into such careers.

This is almost like an inversion of what Greys do with their abductees. Greys are mostly concerned with harvesting genetics FROM abductees. While reptilians seem to be far more interested in activating the genetics that are within the abductee. The reptilians have explained that they need a certain percentage of their DNA in an abductee to begin with. Or this gene therapy process has nothing to build upon. They are able to complete these broken sequences, which are mostly hidden within "junk DNA". Another strange side effect of activating this DNA is the awakening of genetic memory. Joe Montaldo describes this side effect in this interview. He has spoken with hundreds of reptilian abductees over the years:

Click for video

Researchers need to understand, reptilian abductees will be the most difficult type of abductee you deal with. They can be very stubborn and defensive, even when dealing with other reptilian abductees. Personality wise, these can be positive traits. They are definitely not the ​passive follower type. And if there is one good
aspect of many reptilian lessons, they seem to emphasize individuality. This is a stark contrast to some of the new age obedience doctrines pushed by many greys and nordics. In fact, reptilians almost seem to demand that many of their abductees fight back, or stand up them on a regular basis. The problem is, many of those feudalistic values and behaviors do NOT correspond to modern society. Many of these reptilians even still carry knives, swords, spears, armor, etc. They are, in some cultural ways, complete throwbacks to some kind of feudalistic society. And it certainly is not for show only. Many have visible scars. Due to these personality aspects, many rep abductees seem to have trouble participating in traditional abductee groups. They seem to be easily repelled by new age doctrines, in relation to "love and light" type of groups. It doesn't help that many in the new age crowd, especially the channeled doctrines, are staunchly anti-reptilian.

I have had 2 other abductions aside from the ones Iv'e detailed on your blog. One in late 2003, and one just this past June 2011. Both complimented the same themes I encountered in the training abduction. I went into detail on these in a recent radio interview: Darkness Radio

The 2003 Abduction involved my being compelled to fight a reptilian, in an initiation type of procedure. I've since learned that this brutal surprise initiation procedure is a common element in many reptilian abductions, according to several notable abduction researchers. Even though this was in late 2003, the setting was that of a boarded up abandoned grocery story, after dark. This implies that the reptilians were taking interest in urban warfare scenarios long before Katrina. A second interesting aspect to this abduction was the strange symbol that appeared on the hood of my car shortly after. It was 9 dots in a semi-circle. At the time, I was certain It was some kind of occult graffiti, painted by some neighborhood kids. The coincident timing with my abduction worried me, but, I was certain it was just an unpleasant coincidence.

A few months later, I visited a local expert on the occult, who has himself claimed to have many alien experiences (Stewart Swerdlow). He informed me that the symbol was commonly seen in many reptilian abductions including his own. The 9 dots in a semi-circle are apparently the backbone of the “Draco constellation”. Around the same period of time, a “serpent eye” crop circle formation appeared parallel to the “Ohio serpent mound”. This mound is a Native American burial mound that was fashioned in the shape of the Draco constellation: Crop Circles - ICCRA

My most recent abduction was in June 2011.I was receiving 3:33 am voice mail alerts nearly every night, for months. There is NO phone number or message attached - no actual voice mail. They aren't automated, because they are often 1 min late, or early - 3:34 am , 3:32 am , etc. I dismissed them as some kind of military harassment, because of the featuring of 3:33 am in that "Fourth Kind" movie. But, I later learned that that movie plagiarized that detail from some actual abduction

In early June, I awoke to a large object looming over my bed. This object was so large, that my first thought was " a refrigerator is falling on me". Within seconds of jumping out of the way, I became fully awake. It took me about 3 seconds to orient myself to what room I was in. I was able to see it very clearly then, and realize it was a massive reptilian, in a cloaked garment. In terms of body build, it was literally the width and density of a refrigerator.

Although the cloak was dark, it had ornate silver decorations sewn into it. After some exhaustive image surfing, I found another abductee who drew a very similar image. This face isn't quite right, but the cloak/cape design is very close:

Image provided by Matt R.

As I sat up in bed, it simply turned around and walked off. I was not able to sleep the rest of the night. I don't think this could have been "sleep paralysis", because I had FULL muscle control. I literally leap about a foot off the bed when I saw him leaning over me. I can only ​presume he had just placed me back in the bed, because I was on top of my blanket. I have no history of sleep walking. And, the night this reptilian appeared, my voice mail read almost ALL 3's , even down to the second - 3:33:32 am. So, I learned the hard way that there was an actual alien component to these messages, and it wasn't just military psy-ops imitating my previous encounters. 33 is a very sacred number in masonic and Illuminati circles. So, if the reps were to throw a number around, that would be the one to use.

I definitely feel he did something in regards to my DNA. All of my present symptoms got far worse - overnight. Aggression issues, hypersensitivity, etc. How reptilians do this, I have no clue. I was in denial about their gene therapy projects for years. But, it does turn up in so many reptilian abductions. But, it is NOT like what is seen in a movie. They can't just slam new DNA into you. They can only work with what is already there. This is why people like David Icke are right about the reptilian obsession with bloodlines.

With recent developments in global news, the purpose behind these crowd control training abductions is becoming clearer. Until the recent Mideast uprisings occurred, no one could have surmised that powerful regimes could fall to the will of angry crowds. When I first started speaking out about my abductions, I received a great deal of criticism. The premise of reptilian aliens being used to control crowds seemed absurd to many. But, it is becoming clear that these mass citizen uprisings are a credible threat to every major government on earth. They have been augmented by social media, to the point that the most powerful regimes on earth are on the defensive. From what I have experienced, I have come to realize that the last point of desperation for our government would be to use alien assistance. Its possible that the government has been preparing for years, for the very moment we are seeing in Europe. The day they tell much of their population that they will not receive the retirements they were promised. Someone is spending a tremendous amount of time and money, to provide these training spaces to the reptilians. The question is, what is our military receiving in return? New weaponry we can't imagine? I never meant to report any of this. But, almost 3 years of phone harassment, coupled with my health issues, have left me little recourse. I was as patient as I could be. But, the reptilians did appoint me as an independent "advisor". So, it is time for me to assert some independence.

If there are any established researchers, or documentaries, who wish to contact me -- please use I've created that email just to field such inquiries. Lon does have my
main email and phone number. I'd love to post them here, but, they would likely be flooded with spam. This is quite a popular blog. If the email I've provided ever fails to work, or bounces messages back, please contact Lon. I have given him permission to hand out my contact info to serious established researchers, and production companies.


Matt R.

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