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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tunguska Incident: Was There UFO Evidence?

Near Vanavara, Evenkiya, Krasnoyarsk region, East Siberia, Russia - 1988 - daytime

This case was mentioned by a geologist, a member of a prospecting party looking for deposits of Islandian feldspar. The base camp of the geologists was located in the small hamlet of Vanavara not far from the impact site of the famous Tunguska space body, which exploded close to Earth on June 30 1908. This was 80 years after the Tunguska catastrophe.

One day the geologist was hunting in the taiga and had followed a wounded elk deep into the dense forest. He followed the animal but soon the tracks had disappeared, evidently the wound had not been mortal. Preparing to return to camp, his compass needled began to spin wildly (indicating some type of magnetic anomaly) and suddenly he stumbled upon the remains of an old hunting stand. Several stones were positioned on the ground in the form of a circle indicating that there once had been a bonfire there. He also found an old rusty rifle that disintegrated with his touch. He also found the decayed remains of several men, mostly bones and bits of clothing.

Who were these men - it remains unknown today...but inside an old rucksack the geologist found a strange object which to him resembled some kind of “space helmet." It was smaller in size and not round but slightly oval in shape. The strange helmet was made out of some material resembling glass and metal, and was very heavy and, incredibly, without the slightest trace of rust. The “helmet” looked brand new. The geologist then placed the helmet in his rucksack and continued his way.

However he soon was stuck in heavy mud (quagmire) which was very difficult to overcome, because of the weight. He first discarded his rifle and then the rucksack along with the strange find. He understood that he probably had been carrying a priceless item, possibly the solution of the whole entire Tunguska epic, but he had no choice, he could either sink in the mire or discard the heavy helmet, so he discarded the heavy find. Eventually the witness made his way to a camp of prospectors. He only told this story in 1998 while living in Moscow.

Source: “Mir Zazerkalya” Moscow 4 - 2006 / Forwarded by Albert Rosales

Type: H - When there is a report of an alleged crash or forced landing of a UFO with recovery of its occupants, or when an anomalous entity is captured or killed either by a witness or military personnel.

Albert's comments: Was the strange helmet part of the crew of the “spacecraft” that crashed in Tunguska in 1908, was it really a spacecraft?

NOTE: here are a few links that pertain to the Tunguska incident - Russian Scientist Claims Alien UFO Collided With Tunguska Meteorite and Space Shuttle Science Proves Comet Caused Tunguska Explosion. Personally, I think it's odd that very little evidence has ever been found at the location that could be used to bolster any of the theories, though...do we really know what was actually recovered by the Russians? Lon

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