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Reader Submission: Austrian Cave Encounter

The original email from the witness was forwarded to me during the Christmas holidays. With honest intent and in deference to Gregor (the witness) I have debated whether to present this anecdote to the readers for a variety of reasons. I have exchanged emails with the witness but there were some communication difficulties that needed to be ironed out since his English was a bit rusty according to him. Anyway, here is the final version of Gregor's encounter:

Hello Lon - I am writing to you from where I live in Gmunden, Austria. Recently I came across your story about the man who had an encounter with an alien type creature in a cave in the United States. The story is similar to my encounter in an obscure cave here in Upper Austria. This area is known for salt mining and Salzkammergut, the salt mines of the former Habsburg empire. I am a trained and certified geologist - I studied at the University of Salzburg and in the United States at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have explored and documented cave systems throughout Austria, Czech Republic and Poland since 1988.

In May 2011 I was in a narrow cave that a colleague had recently found. This was approximately 2 KM north of Obertraun on the opposite side of the descending mountain range in the foothills near the east bank of Halsatter See (lake). As I moved through the difficult passageway I started to hear voices emanating from the darkness ahead of me. I stopped to collect a few sample from the cave wall - chipping it with my pick. I moved deeper - maybe 50 meters - until I noticed the voices again. I am familiar with echos and Doppler effect sounds in caves but this was totally different. I stood quietly for several minutes until the voices stopped.

Again I moved through the cave - almost crawling at this point. After another 40 meters I ascended into a chamber that was big enough to accommodate several people. There were two wide openings on the opposite side of the chamber - each looked like it has been excavated by machine. There was also an obvious rotting odor. As I examined the chamber I noticed an odd red iridescence as I passed the light over the rock floor. When I knelt down to collect a sample I again heard voices coming from one of the passageways. At this point I was terrified and started to hurry back through the narrow cave. After I squeezed back several meters I was able to turn my head just enough to look back into the dark chamber.

A yellow light slowly made its way into the chamber from the left opening in the chamber - then there were several yellow lights following the first. As the lights moved through the opening into the chamber then back through the opening on the right I was able to see the beings. The sight sent fear throughout my body - I was actually paralyzed.

This is the image forwarded by the witness as a fair rendition of the creatures

The creatures were humanoid in stature - but these were not human. Each varied in height but all looked the same - muscular lizards that walked upright like humans. There is not a better term I can use to identify these beings. These creatures wore dark colored full-body uniforms that extended and covered the feet. I couldn't tell the exact color of the skin but each had a pronounced muzzle. The long tails were very prominent and swiftly swayed back and forth as they moved forward. The arms and legs were massive - I could detect the musculature through the uniforms. There were voices also - as if they were talking to each other. The voices actually sounded human though I could not detect the language. There were possibly 20 or more of these creatures as they walked single file through the chamber and into the other opening.

When I conceived it was safe to move I quickly withdrew from the cave. I think I may have been in shock because I barely remember anything that happened from that point until I reached my office. I decided to keep a private journal regarding my encounter - but I have not discussed it with anyone else. My colleague who originally found the cave told me that he has explored the cave since my encounter but never mentions anything about the chamber, other passageways or bizarre beings.

At this point in time, I am starting to doubt that I witnessed these creatures. Is it possible that I hallucinated this encounter - or possibly experienced something from the past or the future? I am a trained professional who deals with reality - but my beliefs have been seriously shaken. I appreciate your introspect and thoughts - as well as observation by your readers. Thank you - Gregor

NOTE: The fact that Gregor wondered if his encounter was a scene from another time in the past or future, he may have answered his own question...Lon

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  1. A very interesting story.

    A lack of fresh air and strange gasses may have caused hallucinations. But when ever I have had hallucinations I have known afterwards that it was an hallucination.
    The friend may have also seen something but is doing the same and not wanting to say anything.
    I am drawn to the conclusion of seeing something from the past/future. Would explain why he didn't feel like he was hallucinating and the friend hasn't seen anything.

  2. Hi Lon,
    This is a very interesting account. It very much has a sincere ring of truth to the witnesses report.

    I have been doing a little research and "look see" into something that Nick Redfern first turned me onto, called hypnagogia. Now, this particular state of intermediate perception is admittedly poorly understood at this point, but with respect for details within the cave explorer's report, symptomatically, it aligns itself quite fittingly.

    Possibly as Kim has stated, there are gases or elements that may be combined within the reactive physiology of the witness to produce such an effect as to that which would make the witness prone or "prepped" for such an induced state of intermediate conscious perceptions.

    But herein (within the realm of CE3) the real mystery is the specific archetype of imagery.

    The near side: An archetype driven sentient overload. A confabulation based upon and within the witnesses collective unconsciousness wherein the witness is literally dreaming while awake. This is actually FAR more interesting than it sounds. Where it really gets interesting is the juncture that one speculatively comes to that seems to reveal two VERY possible causal factors. 1) The electronically induced, intentional efforts of human beings in the form of implemented mind manipulation and control. This is absolutely REAL and clearly documented. Nothing left to ponder with respect to substantiation 2) Naturally or artificially produced interference that results in a near field induced intermediate consciousness EXPERIENCE, as opposed to a more so mundane confabulation or hallucination.

    The far side: The perceptive state of mind that is hypnagogia may be indicative of a state of mind we do not functionally use YET. Just like there was a time when human kind used their obsolescent appendix to digest course edibles. Is the human mind in the process of a "sentient evolution" in which we will become meta physiologically able to facilitate interdenominational access or possibly alternate reality constructs that we will interact with?

    Sorry about the longish post. Been thinking about this report for a few days now. Thanks.


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