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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Just the Facts?: Madonna's Secret Satanic Conspiracy -- Psychic Encounters -- 'Killer Beast' in North Scotland

The Secret Satanic Conspiracy Behind Madonna’s Halftime

Sure, M.I.A.'s waggling middle finger caused a grand mal kerfuffle among the 37 Super Bowl viewers who were still sober enough to notice it. But far more insidious symbolism was at play during the 2012 halftime show. We are referring to, of course, the subliminal Satanic-Illuminati-Freemason messages that permeated Madonna's set.

What's that? You didn't see them? For shame! Well, fortunately for you, the internet is with teeming with eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists who can distinguish a covert Baphomet from your run-of-the-mill Rosicrucian sigil. Here are the underworld implications of Madge's song-and-dance number.

First off, here's the halftime show in case you missed it. Just to editorialize for a minute, last year's Black Eyed Peas performance was infinitely more hellish, but that halftime show was obviously in cahoots with the Antichrist's global technocalypse plot, which is a totally different thing. Also, fuck this year's show for no "La Isla Bonita." The only time a halftime show disappointed me more was when Prince eschewed "Erotic City."

Moving on, the show's pan-antiquity pageantry has caused a deluge of digital ink to engulf the electronic diaries of folks who presumably divined the name of JFK's true assassin from Where's Waldo books. Here are some salient observations from the website Hollywood Illuminati, who dubs the flippant M.I.A. a "Satanic rapping cheerleader":

One couldn't help but notice the two Satan horns coming up from Madonna's head gear. The Romans didn't wear helmets with horns nor can this be found in Egypt head gear being that she did mix in some Egyptian ritual dancing [...]

We see a black guy dancing around Madonna with Angel Wings and a harp. Lucifer, was the angel of music and the arts before he fell from heaven [...]

We see the male dancers doing acrobats for her track "Music". During this chaos, there were two male dancers that got down on all fours, like the Muslims do when they pray to Allah [...]

Well, someone really went the extra mile to indict both Islam and the greeting card industry! The Sumerian symbolism watchdog site Vigilant Citizen also weighs in and accuses Ms. Ciccone of aping the Babylonian deity Ishtar and brainwashing Nicky Minaj:

Instead of being presented as full-fledged artists contributing to Madonna's song, they are portrayed as her "minions" who are cheering for the industry's High Priestess. This "relationship" where Madonna is in power – and therefore the handler – is drenched in Mind Control symbolism, specifically Beta Programming, also know Sex Kitten Programming. Another symbol associated with Sex Kitten programming is feline prints clothing and textiles. The entire half-time show was an animal-print extravaganza. - io9


'Killer Beast' warning in northern Scotland

North-coast crofters are being warned to be on the lookout for a "killer beast" which is rumoured to be prowling the fields of the Far North.

It comes after the carcase of a ewe was found stripped to the bone at Swordly, near Bettyhill, in north Sutherland.

Andy McLachlan (54), of Kirtomy, said a big cat has been spotted on the border between Caithness and north Sutherland on a number of occasions. He said the potential danger the animal presents was displayed last month when the sheep was killed.

The attack is thought to have taken place around Saturday, January 28, on livestock belonging to crofter George Mackay.

His son, Liam, was looking after the croft when he went to replenish the ring feeder. During the course of his duties he found the carcase of the sheep, which was left with nothing but its hide and skeleton.

Mr McLachlan said the carcase may have been around a week old, but claimed it would have taken a large animal, not native to the Far North, to kill the sheep.

"The carcase was lying right beside the ring feeder when it was found and nobody had seen it the week before," he told the Caithness Courier.

"The kill was far too clean to have been done by a fox as they would have ripped the fleece and pieces of skin would have been scattered when eating the sheep.

"But this was like the entire skin of the animal had been peeled back by whatever had consumed it. I have never seen anything like it in this part of the world and have warned crofters to keep a lookout."

Mr McLachlan claimed he first saw the big cat when he was lamping for foxes in the Swordly area in December. He said the animal is around the same size as a medium-sized dog but looks like a jet-black cat.

"I first saw the animal when I picked up a set of eyes and presumed it was an ordinary cat," he said.

"But when I started to use my squeaker, which simulates a rabbit’s scream and which I use to attract foxes, it started to come closer. I shone my lamp on it when it was around 125 to 150 yards away from where my vehicle was and, when I saw it properly, I realised it was a very big cat.

"It had to be around the size of a collie or a springer spaniel, but it was definitely a big cat. Once it caught my scent, it took about two leaps, which stretched 30 feet, and ran back into the woods."

He also claimed to have seen the cat last week, once again in the Swordly area, near the A836, but was unsure whether it was the same animal.

He is continuing to look for the creature as he said it could be very dangerous if a member of the public encountered it alone. - johnogroat


UFO report in North London after mystery deep humming

A mysterious deep humming sound coming from all directions at once has inspired a UFO report in Primrose Hill.

The green open space has been a site of pilgrimage for Druids throughout the centuries, but at least one person thought otherworldly forces were at work at the nature spot this week.

An eyewitness, who recorded his name only as Andy G, made a report to the UK UFO Sightings website at 6am last Friday.

It said: Having a break at work in the early hours on Primrose Hill, no sighting but a deep resonating humming sound coming from the near distance but unable to place the source as it came from all directions at once, but strangely from no specific direction.

It is difficult to explain, and was witnessed by three other people at the same time.

Camden Town Cllr Chris Naylor speculated the activity could be linked to recent revelations that a 30-metre statue inspired by the iconic Christ in Rio de Janeiro could be erected on Primrose Hill to celebrate the end of the Olympic Games.

He said: Maybe the plans to put the Rio Christ on the hill have started to attract alien attention.

Or maybe its the same PR company trying to divert attention from their Rio Christ plans.

Primrose Hill is known for its links to paganism and spiritual activity.

The poet William Blake used the north London beacon as inspiration for his poems in remembrance of Celtic Albion.

It was on Primrose Hill, a site cherished by the early modern Druids, that the poet had a vision of the Spiritual Sun which he compared to the true light of the imagination.

It was also there that Blake had his vision of Celtic Albion and the divine Jerusalem that he predicated would rise from the capitals ashes.

Perhaps the unexplained deep rumbling is a portent of the poets vision or just the true sound of imagination run wild? - hamhigh


London doctor and Belgian medium tell of astonishing encounters

In exclusive interviews with Spiritualist magazine Psychic News, a London doctor has told of his strong psychic impression that successfully diagnosed the condition of a young girl he had never met and prevented serious complications to her health, and a Belgian medium recounts how an invisible force saved her from the stricken Costa Concordia cruise liner.

Their accounts suggest that unseen spiritual influences can sometimes play a vital role in our lives.

Talking openly about the gradual development of his mediumistic abilities in the first of a two-part interview, Dr Ian Rubenstein, a GP whose practice is in Enfield, north London, tells Psychic News editor Susan Farrow about a remarkable experience while at the gym, where another of the regulars, Cathy, remarked that her granddaughter had swallowed a plastic pen top the previous day, but now seemed fine.

“As she was telling me, I just knew there was a problem,” Dr Rubenstein explained. “There was no doubt in my mind. I had to say something and I’d never had that feeling before.”

Having voiced his concerns and spoken to the paediatric doctor on call – even though he had not even seen the girl – the child’s mother was convinced she needed to arrange for her daughter to have a series of tests. They found nothing amiss. Nevertheless, she was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which specialises in treating children, and under general anaesthetic small barbs from the chewed pen were found embedded in her respiratory tract and were surgically removed.

Where did his “knowledge” that something was wrong with the girl come from? “I know what a sceptic would say,” he responds, “but I veer towards the idea that maybe someone [in the spirit world] was trying to contact me.”

As a Spiritualist and medium, Yvonne Adriaensen-Pols takes spirit communication for granted. But expecting the spirit world to intervene in a life-threatening situation was a totally new experience … and she lived to tell the tale to Psychic News readers.

Yvonne and her husband Roger, who live in Germany, were on board the cruise ship Costa Concordia when it struck a rock off the Italian coast on 13 January. The medium gives a graphic account of the devastating incident and the crew’s lack of a proper response to the emergency.

Eventually, in the darkness and confusion, with the vessel almost on its side, the couple became separated. Roger made it safely into a lifeboat buy Yvonne found herself totally alone on Deck 3 with water up to her knees. It was a desperate and frightening situation and Yvonne admits she “gave up” hope. So she sent out a thought to the spirits with whom she is in regular contact:

“Well, that’s it,” she told them. “Where are you now?” What happened next still astonishes her:

“There was nobody around me – and no lifeboats in sight. Suddenly I was ‘grabbed’ from behind and lifted over the invisible railing (already under water) by … whom? Because there was no one there, but, oh wonder! There was a raft coming and I was sort of thrown on top of it. The next thing I saw were four hands coming from underneath. They pulled me down into the boat.”

The full accounts of these remarkable stories can be found in the latest issue of the fortnightly Psychic News (Issue 4070), the independent voice of Spiritualism and the paranormal. - prweb


Asian Carp Killing With Swords, Bats and Tennis Rackets

Video - killing Asian Carp

The Peoria, Illinois Carp Hunters decided to have a little fun in their noble attempt to take out as many Asian carp as possible by dressing as gladiators and outback warriors from Mad Max, and then taking to the water armed to the teeth on water skis and inflatable tubes.

My personal favorites are the “treble trouble,” a tennis racket affixed with dozens of treble hooks, the “barbed batterer,” a wooden bat pierced with nails, and a sword called the “carp dicer.”

Although the video begins by warning not to follow this example, the Peoria, Illinois Carp Hunters are actually doing something worthwhile here by bringing to light just how overrun the river has become with invasive fish. Asian carp cost the U.S. millions of dollars every year in ecological damage so ridding the river of as many carp as possible is a great idea. Doing it while with a sword while water-skiing? Maybe not so much. - autdoorlife

NOTE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. EPA, the State of Illinois, the International Joint Commission, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service installed and maintain a permanent electric barrier between the fish in the Illinois River and Lake Michigan. Regardless sluice gates at the O’Brien Lock and Dam and the Chicago Controlling Works are closed and remain closed until a better strategy is developed. I've seen the Silver Carp species in the Missouri River firsthand. These fish are easily frightened by boats and personal watercraft, which causes them to leap high into the air. The fish can jump up to 8–10 feet into the air, and numerous boaters have been severely injured by collisions with the fish. According to the EPA, "reported injuries include cuts from fins, black eyes, broken bones, back injuries, and concussions." Lon