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Monday, February 13, 2012

Just the Facts?: 'Hitting Bigfoot' -- Egg-Laying Rooster -- Half Human / Half Sheep Monster Born -- Missing!

Explanation of 'Hitting Bigfoot' in Virginia

This incident was posted by me when the accident was reported originally reported. posted a synopsis today - Cliff Barackman's notes of the incident - after the 'Finding Bigfoot' episode was presented last evening:

Last year, around October 22 / 23, BFRO investigator Tyler Bounds from Washington reported that he had hit a Bigfoot while driving near High Knob, VA at around 2 AM.

We reported about this incident a few hours after it happened. The next morning, Tyler's story was posted anonymously in the comments section explaining to us what actually happened that night.

According to Cliff Barackman, Tyler's story was shot during the Virginia episode of Finding Bigfoot. Unfortunately it was one of the things that didn't make the cut. "This was the episode when bigfoot-production-assistant, and friend of the sasquatch, Tyler Bounds hit amysterious figure on the road one night," wrote Cliff.

Here's Tyler's story from last October:

Hey everybody, so here is how events of that night (Oct 22/23) played out. For the Virginia episode of 'Finding Bigfoot', the afternoon of Oct. 22 I had to go to an area 90 minutes away from our base, and set up some bait stations. Due to a lack of communication, I had to return to the area later that evening and set up some more bait stations. This kept me out in a remote mountain area until 1:25am (I noted the exact time I left so the show's field coordinator would know how long it would take to go to and from the site, for scheduling purposes.) As I left the gravel road and got onto a two-lane, curvy secondary road, I noted that it was very foggy, due to a large creek adjacent to the road, and because I was down in a hollow (or "holler", as the locals call them). After a few miles, I left the secondary road, and turned onto a two-lane highway, still shrouded in fog. It was now 1:50am. As I was driving the rental Dodge Grand Caravan, I looked down for a moment to set the cruise control and get myself up to 55mph, and was momentarily stymied by the amount of glowing buttons on the steering wheel (remember, I had been hiking all day long, both in the daytime and at night, and had spent a great deal of time sitting on my butt, so I was fairly exhausted). Now, this is where things happened, very quickly.

As I looked up from the steering wheel back to the road, I noticed a large (as tall or taller than the van), upright, all black "figure" stationary, on the centerline (or just to the right of the centerline). I say "noticed" a figure, but, in reality, as I looked up, I was right on top of it. The van shuddered, the drivers' side mirror was forcefully folded into the vehicle, and I felt and heard the object hit the side of the van behind me, like a slapping sound. I stopped the car, after some choice cursing and a lot of "what the f@#k?!?" and tried to look in the side mirror to see behind me, but the mirror had been cranked towards the van. I looked in the rearview, but the brakelights on the fog just obscured anything that may have been in the road. I then drove forward about 40 feet and turned the van around, and returned to the site. Only a handful of seconds had elapsed, maybe 10 to 12. There was nothing in the road, and no sign of anything having been in the road- blood, hair, guts, etc. I drove a bit further, turned around again, and again returned to the site. Parking the van on the shoulder, I immediately grabbed a FLIR that I just happened to have on standby mode, and I thermed the area for 40-45 minutes, while yelling out to whatever, or whoever I had hit. At that point, I was still thinking that I may have hit a person. Nothing answered, and there were no heat signatures anywhere.

Tyler Wm. Bounds
BFRO Investigator

The dent on the front quarter panel
from whatever-it-was that Tyler hit.

In the field notes, Cliff explains his side of the story and mentions DNA samples were swabbed from Tyler's vehicle:

I was asleep, and at 2:24 in the morning my phone rang. Seeing it was Tyler Bounds, I knew it was important, so I picked up. Tyler, in a panicked voice, told me that he had either just hit a person or a bigfoot with his car. He was speeding up through fog banks to get on the freeway at the base of High Knob when he looked up too late and collided with a tall, upright figure standing on the left hand side of the road. Whatever he hit was far taller than his car (later measured to be five feet, five inches tall) and seemingly just standing there. Tyler stopped his car, got out, and ran back to where he hit the figure, but found nobody. He called out to the darkness saying he was just there to help. He told me that at that point he was thinking he hit somebody’s grandfather who had dementia or something. Nobody answered, so Tyler freaked out a little harder and continued to call out while searching the area. Nothing was found.

The next day, Tyler returned to the spot to search the area in daylight. No dead bodies were found in the brush, so the adjacent meadows were also scoured. There was a deer herd nearby, and it is possible that Tyler hit a deer.

I have to wonder what Tyler collided with, though. He is no camping newbie, and when I spoke to him that night in the wee hours, it was clear that at that point he thought he probably hit a person. He was absolutely sober that night, and had his head about him. At the time, I even suggested to him that it could have been a deer, and he admitted that it was a possibility. He just said that it looked like a man at the time.

Bobo and I made a fuss about this possibility with the producers. They eventually let us swab the car for DNA, and they filmed us doing so. It is part of our contract that any evidence gathered belongs to the powers-that-be, so the sample is in the hands of Ping Pong Productions at the moment. I no longer have control over it, but I did my part by gathering it. I don’t think that any testing will be done on it. DNA testing is quite expensive, especially when there is a possibility that it could be a deer.


Scientists check out egg-laying rooster

Chinese scientists are investigating a bizarre case in which a cockerel apparently started laying eggs after all the hens were eaten.

The birds owner Huang Li, 47, kept the rooster together with seven hens on his small farm at Chumiao village, Mengcheng city, in central China’s Anhui province.

He said that his family had been gradually eating the chickens over winter until only the rooster was left - and he was amazed when he went into the cage the next day to discover an egg.

He said: “I thought it was a joke and that one of my neighbours had put the egg in there for fun. But the next day there was another egg and so on the third day I waited - and was amazed when I saw that the rooster laid an egg.”

He said word quickly spread to the local TV station which did a story on the egg laying rooster and after that scientists from the local agricultural ministry office turned up and borrowed the rooster to carry out tests.

He said: “They want to find out if it was a hen all the time that simply looked like a rooster or whether it actually changed to become a hen as a result of the fact that all the females had vanished.

“All I can say is that it did a good job waking us up every morning like every other rooster and it certainly treated the hens as if it was a rooster.” -


Man gets pregnant and gives birth

A woman who underwent sex change gave birth to a child now as a man. He got pregnant although he is a man now.

He has become Britian's first "male-mother" despite sex change. He gave birth last year after reactivating his womb through hormonal treatment.

Thankfully the womb was intact and was not removed during his sex change, reports The Sunday Times.

However he went through proper investigation and research about health issues if he ended up become pregnant. He took care of all the possible health implications of retaining his womb.

It is suspected that he might have given birth through caesarean although it is is possible the man may have retaiined the ability to give birth naturally.

Beaumont Society, which help individual who want to have sex change, believes that this case might be the first of its kind in Britain. Earlier on such case has been registered each in America and in Spain. - emirates247


Sheep gives birth to monster baby

Residents of Sokoto, Nigeria metropolis are coming to terms with an unbelievable incident that occcurred in the city recently, when a sheep gave birth to a monstrous being at a government owned veterinary clinic in the Sokoto State capital. On Monday, January 22, at about 5pm a monster-like creature was discovered in a sheep’s womb during an operation carried out by veterinary surgeons. The inability of the sheep to deliver made it necessary for the surgeons to carry out the operation, after which the sheep delivered a monster baby that looked half-human. The scene which took place at Fakon Idi Veterinary Clinic, drew thousands of onlookers that trooped out from different parts of the metropolis to catch a glance of the strange being.

It took the intervention of men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NCDSC) in the state to disperse the huge crowd who were demanding that the owner of the animal should come out to explain what led to the mystery birth even as they insisted that the owner must be probed and possibly executed. Some of the onlookers queried the occurrence that led to the discovery of the monster-like lamb, with many arguing that a man might have copulated with the animal. Garba Aminu, a commercial motorcycle rider, said: “This is an abomination in our land. To see a sheep give birth to a half human being is a mystery and that shows how terrible some people are. It is unimaginable that some people will be having intercourse with animals.” Another onlooker, who simply gave his name as Danladi, wondered how such a development could happen in a morally upright state like Sokoto where the Islamic faith is so deep.

Surgeons that carried-out the operation had a different view. Deputy Zonal Director, Veterinary Clinic in the state Ministry of Forestry and Animal Health, Dr. Ismail Usman, debunked the rumours going about that the sheep was delivered of a human-like being. “It was a surprise that people’s perspective could be so negative when it comes to scientific reasoning and thoughts. In fact, the meaning attached to the development on the pregnant sheep by the onlookers was embarrassing.” Dr. Usman stated. He explained that the sheep was supposed to have been delivered two days earlier but could not, a situation that he described as unusual among animals, especially sheep. He continued: “When they brought the animal down to our office here, it was discovered that the sheep had some problems during its pregnancy. That was responsible for the abnormal growth and the shape of the inborn lamb.”

He advised all owners of livestock in the state to take the health of their animals very seriously, noting that there are enough veterinary personnel in the state to attend to their health cases. “Bringing animals for antenatal exercise would be a great help in curtailing any abnormalities during pregnancies.” Another expert, Dr. Dahiru Sani who was one of the surgeons that carried out the operation on the controversial sheep said infections such as German measles, excess drugs and radiation could cause such abnormalities in animal pregnancy. According to him, “every layman would believe that such a picture is a human-like animal, but in science, it is just a condition that caused the incident.” - sunnewsonline


What a comeback! But...

Link ---> Eleven months after the tsunami ravaged Japan, a series of pictures reveals the incredible progress being made to clear up the devastation

But...a comment: This article tells two stories: (1) all the debris has been cleared away and (2) exactly zero reconstruction has happened to date. The debris has all been piled up on the outskirts of towns, neatly sorted by type: wood, cars, tyres, metal etc. There is too much debris to put into landfills etc. (Ishinomaki, for example, has more debris than would be created in 100 years of normal activity) so, out of sight of your cameras but not hidden from local residents, there are massive debris piles that serve as a daily reminder of the tragedy. There are also tens of thousands of people still living in temporary housing with no clear indication of when they might have a new home to go to. Clearing up the rubble over an 11 month period isn't really something to boast about - it was actually done much quicker than that but, the key issue, is that no reconstruction has yet happened. - Andrew Coad, Tokyo, Japan, 13/2/2012



On Friday February 10th, Jeanett Rask, wife of cryptozoologist Lars Thomas, left home and was only meant to be gone a few hours. Now it appears she has disappeared....there has been no contact from her.

Lars has contacted the police, but asks: "Please, if you know, or have heard anything, let me know". Lars can be contacted at