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Friday, February 24, 2012

Just the Facts?: The 'Battle of LA' Was Real -- Ghost Wants Justice -- Bigfoot Buffoonery

The "Battle of LA," 70 Years Ago: 5 Irrefutable Arguments Why It Was Actually a UFO Attack

Seventy years ago, the Battle of Los Angeles occurred, a vicious fight that resulted in three civilian deaths.

Haven't heard of it? We're not surprised.

The U.S. government said what happened was nighttime antiaircraft crews protecting Los Angeles got nervous -- it was just two months after Pearl Harbor -- and opened fire on a weather balloon.

The crews also set off flares, and all the confusion just built on itself. So we're told.

Others say the night featured an attempted UFO landing, in which the valiant gun crews fought aliens trying to land.

It's pretty obvious the latter is true.

Obviously the aliens not only attempted to land, they succeeded. Just look at what's happened in Hollywood since then. The logic becomes inescapable.

5. The quantity of UFO/alien movies has increased dramatically
Between 1911 and 1941, UFOs and flying saucers were occasionally a subject for films. Since then -- especially since the 1950s, after a necessary period of time to learn the equipment and infiltrate studio management -- movies about UFOs exploded. Coincidence? who's being naive, Kay?

4. The quality of UFO/alien movies has increased dramatically
In the 1930s, UFOs were laughably portrayed on screen, obvious frauds. While it understandably took a decade or two to import the necessary technology from the home planet to Earth, all of a sudden you got Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Independence Day and the Transformers series. The aliens' unstinting desire for complete accuracy in movies is inspiring

3. Very, very strange people like Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger have reached the pinnacle of Hollywood success
One fiercely believes in aliens and Xenu as if he knows it was true and the other became an influential box-office legend despite documentaries that proved a) he could barely speak English, and b) he was a cyborg sent from the future to kill a specific human. Luckily for the U.S. -- and the world -- the aliens overreached when they had him elected California governor as a first step towards getting his finger on the nuclear button (Yes, their plans included overturning the "natural born citizen" section of the Constitution.)

2. The attacks suddenly stopped
If it was a case of "itchy trigger fingers," why weren't there countless more up and down the coast? Answer: Because the aliens had succeeded in landing and needed no more attempts. Sherlock Holmes's "dog that didn't bark" theorem FTW, bitchaz.

1. They never found the "weather balloon" that started it all
The feds would have you believe the following:
1) A weather balloon was shot at by a lot of antiaircraft guns
2) It, or its pieces, fell to the Pacific Ocean.

If that's true, why couldn't they produce the balloon? Surely the balloon (or the pieces thereof) would have floated in the Pacific for some time, and the Pacific is known by oceanologists to be, as they say, "not very big."

So why couldn't the government find this alleged "balloon"? - houstonpress


Real-Life 'Barbie'

Everyone meet Dakota (at least I think that’s her real name), she’s a 16-year-old girl who goes by KotaKoti and looks a lot like a Barbie doll. Recently, photos of her have gone viral on several Asia and Arabic social sites because of her incredible resemblance to Barbie.

I stumbled upon some photos of KotaKoti while browsing a popular Vietnamese site for weird stories (yes, I do actually visit a lot Vietnamese sites, where else do you think I find all this crazy stuff) and was stunned by the resemblance between this girl and the popular Barbie doll. I mean, in some photos Iwas having trouble figuring out if she is actually a real person or just a life-size toy. I wasn’t able to find a lot of info on her, as she doesn’t seem to be as popular on western websites, and although she has her very own blog, it doesn’t have an “About” page or anything like that.

KotaKoti incredible resemblance to Barbie has made her very popular in countries like Japan and China, where she has been featured on several news stations. Considered a cosplayer by a lot of her fans, the 16-year-old says she dresses like this pretty much all the time and she doesn’t mind it when people look at her funny. I seriously think she should move to Japan, I bet they would worship he there.


The voice of God...'don't steal my roof'

Hundreds of churches are to have “voice of God” alarms fitted to their roofs deter thieves from stripping off lead and copper. Special movement sensors are to be hidden in spires and finials triggering a booming voice to take intruders by surprise warning that they have been detected and that security guards are on their way. The initiative, backed by the Church of England, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Home Office, comes after the rate of metal thefts reached “catastrophic” proportions in some dioceses with an average of seven churches targeted every day.

An insurance company has donated £500,000 to pay for hi-tech alarms to be fitted in 100 churches in England, Scotland and Wales judged to be most at risk. But organisers hope that hundreds of other parishes will raise funds themselves to fit the devices – adapting the traditional church roof appeal model to cope with the metal theft crisis. The soaring cost of metal during the global economic crisis has helped fuel a surge in metal thefts, triggering chaos on the rail network when copper signalling cables are taken. But churches in particular have been viewed as a soft option by thieves, often poorly guarded and situated in all of the most crime-ridden areas of the country.

Last year alone the insurance firm Ecclesiastical – which provides cover for 96 per cent of Anglican churches – received 2,600 claims for metal thefts, the highest ever in a single year. The Church of England, which alone is responsible for almost half of all grade one listed buildings in Britain, has admitted the task of maintaining its buildings is becoming impossible. Metal theft is now being viewed as a treated as a serious threat to Britain’s national heritage. A security campaign called “Hands off Our Church Roofs” is being backed, in traditional style by an actress and a bishop: Liz Hurley and the Bishop of London, the Rt Revd Richard Chartres.

The bishop said: “Since the metal vandals have descended in such hordes over recent years our duty of maintenance has become nearly impossible. New Government legislation will undoubtedly help, but we all need to remain vigilant and try to get a step ahead of these well-organised raiders.” Miss Hurley said: “Beautiful old churches are at the heart of so many of our communities and I find it truly shocking that anyone would steal lead from a church roof. I heartily endorse the campaign to have alarms fitted.” She added: “Beautiful old churches are at the heart of so many of our communities and I find it truly shocking that anyone would steal lead from a church roof.”


Ghost wants justice,‘possessed’ claims

A ghost seeking justice?

A 24-year-old woman from Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines who is employed as a salesgirl at a department store in Bacolod City claims she has been possessed by the ghost of a 13-year-old girl who was brutally killed in the city.

The salesgirl, whose name is being withheld by the DAILY STAR, said she has been seeing the ghost of the girl in her work place since December 13, and that she has experienced a lot of unexplained events.

She cited an incident when she had her picture taken, and when it was developed, a dark image could be seen beside her. When a computer technician tried to edit the photo and erase the image, her own face became distorted, the salesgirl said.

In December, while she was at her workplace, the girl’s ghost appeared to her again and, all of a sudden, she felt heavy and lost consciousness, she added.

Her co-workers told her that her voice changed and that she became unruly. Seven security guards tried to subdue her but could not pacify her, she said.

At her boarding house, on Valentine’s Day, she again fainted and could not remember what happened.

A man, who witnessed the alleged possession, said the ghost who possessed the salesgirl introduced herself as “Lina,” who saidshe was killed by construction workers in 2003 and her body was buried in what used to be a vacant lot in Bacolod, but is now occupied by a business establishment.

The ghost told them that her parents are “Lucito” and “Menita”, the witness said.

The salesgirl, accompanied by a friend, went to Brgy. Ma-ao, Bago City, where they sought the help of an “albolaryo (quack doctor)”, who told her to always wear a crucifix.

Father Felix Pasquin, rector of the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City, said the salesgirl should seek spiritual help if she is indeed being possessed. - visayandailystar


Ricky D and his new buddy speak out

Ricky D and the 'Gonna Catch Me A Bigfoot' team continue on their trek despite burning up the RV. In his latest report, Ricky D states that the "Bigfoot community can kiss my ass." I suppose this was a response to Shawn at Bigfoot Evidence repeating new Bigfoot buddy Tim's statement that Ricky D is "trying to rebuild his reputation in the Bigfoot community."

Ricky D wants everyone to know that he has a television show in production and that one of his 'Gonna Catch Me A Bigfoot' team is in Canada 'right now' attempting to bag a Bigfoot.

Also, Ricky D's new buddy Tim is ranting about some bullshit - "...let me tell you something. Everyone in Bigfoot...and I mean everyone, KNOWS WHO I AM!" Well, I guess they do now...just another knucklehead tag-teaming with Ricky D - Fasanotampa responds to Bigfootevidence.com community