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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Documented Close Encounters 3


Lake Gwelup near Perth, Western Australia - June 1984 - midnight

The night of the full moon the witness had taken her dog out for a walk to a nearby lake reserve and was walking under some gum trees when she came upon a clearing. As she attempted to cross the clearing she noticed some figures in distance moving towards her. Judging from their height, she thought it was some boys. She also observed a white object that was moving alongside the short figures. Being alone she thought it was prudent to hide behind some trees as the “boys” passed by.

As she crouched with her dog she watched them approach. She slowly became aware that the figures were actually small humanoids; about 3 ft tall whose arms and legs seemed to be too long for their bodies. They moved with a strange gait, almost ape-like and seemed to be unclothed with dark grayish skin. As she watched in amazement the bouncing white object revealed itself as a rolling ball of light trailing behind the short figures. Suddenly the leader lifted his strange long arm high in the air and let out a spine tingling cry, and at this point her dog with her tail between her legs left her behind. The creatures then themselves disappeared into a thicket of lupines not far off.

This experienced was followed up the following night when her cousin, on hearing of her encounter, somehow persuaded her to return to the lake with him, armed with a camera. They did not see any strange creatures but were buzzed by a large craft of white light, which hovered several times over the clearing. Her cousin possible took some pictures of the object.

Source: NUFORC, UFO Research NSW Australia
Type: D - When an entity or humanoid is seen in the same area where UFOs or unknown objects have been reported



Saucedilla, Caceres, Spain - October 17 1984 - 10:30 pm

14-year old Mari Carmen Ramos was walking back home along Gonzalez Amezqueta Avenue, a wide and deserted road. Suddenly as if obeying some invisible instinct she sensed something strange. She looked around apprehensively. After advancing a few steps she noticed somebody approaching in the opposite direction. An unnatural cold and wind filled the air around her. Looking up she noticed what appeared to be a “woman” of considerable height and wearing all black approaching her position at a very high and unnatural rate of speed. It had apparently moved over one hundred meters in a matter of seconds.

Ramos stopped to observe the bizarre figure and noticed that it appeared to slide over the ground effortlessly. It kept its arms rigidly on its side. Its face appeared to be encased in shadows and no features could be seen. The bizarre woman was over 3 meters in height and was moving at very high speed towards the witness who felt petrified with fear and was unable to move. In moments the tall black clad figure shot across in an angle crossing the road and into an adjacent alleyway.

After it had gone the witness looked into the alley and was surprised to see that the figure had completely disappeared.

Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia de Los Ovni en España
Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation)



Santa Lucia, Cabaiguan, Cuba - 1964 - late afternoon

Rodolfo Garcia, was resting after lunch in the tobacco shed, which he found to be cool and quiet. On that afternoon he looked up and saw a ‘man’ wearing a strange outfit. Its face and hands were green, like that of a frog and it had large round protruding eyes. It didn’t have any ears and its mouth was a thin line, it was about as tall as two men and stood on a wooded box staring at the witness.

Terrified Garcia watched as the strange creature seemed to be trying to tell him something. Suddenly it emitted a loud shrieking sound which caused the witness’s eardrums to burst and his ears to bleed. In pain, the witness then fell from his cot. At the same time the creature emitted a second shriek which caused the witness to loose consciousness. Later he was found by one of his sons since the family was concerned that Rodolfo had not returned from his nap. After he told the rest what he had seen they armed themselves with rifles and machetes and searched the tobacco shed but found nothing.

Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba
Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation)

Thanks to researcher, ufologist and experiencer Albert S. Rosales for forwarding these newly documented reports...Lon

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