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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Documented Close Encounters 2


Location: Kremenchung, Ukraine - February 23, 1991 - night

After coming back from work at a local bakery, the witness A. S. Tkachuk was trying to fall sleep when suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands gripping her around the throat. Opening her eyes she is terrified to see only at about 30cms from her a strange humanoid with a face similar to humans but completely covered with hair. Around its black eyes the hair was somewhat shorter and humanoid appeared to have two short horns on top of its head. The witness attempted to struggle and grabbed the creature’s hands with her hands. The creature’s fingers were short and the hand’s were more human than animal according to the witness, covered with fur and warm to the touch. The creature’s fur was dark-chestnut in color; it seemed to be short in stature its arms corresponding to that of a 5-6 year old child. The witness attempted to push the creature’s hands away from her throat but the creature was incredibly strong. She somehow “understood” that the creature was male but did not see any genitalia. The witness then realized that she would not be able to escape from creature’s grip and ceased to resist, immediately thereafter the creature let her go and disappeared. The witness remained paralyzed with fear and unable to speak in bed for a long time.

Source: UFODOS Archives, Ukraine Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation).

Comments from Albert Rosales: What sort of creature was this? Why did it attack the witness and more importantly why did it suddenly let go and vanished?

NOTE: a humanoid / hominid that small and generating that much force was most likely not terrestrial in my opinion...Lon



Location: Near Murmansk, Siberia, Russia - Summer 1995 - 8:30 PM

Two men were riding a car on a local road outside of Murmansk, despite being evening it was still light out. The road was about 4 meters wide and was asphalt and surrounded by fields of tall canes on both sides. The road was straight and there was excellent visibility. Suddenly at approximately 15-20 meters in front of the car a strange creature was seen running across the road. The creature looked bird-like and it was visibly huge. The entity had long legs, about 2 meters long, dark feathers along the back and an odd shaped body. Unfortunately the witnesses were unable to see any additional details, but discerned that the strange ‘bird’ was similar to a ‘running reptile’. They stopped the car but realized that it was useless to look for the strange entity amid the dense cane fields. Later one of the witnesses while reading a book on dinosaurs, found a picture that depicted almost exactly what he and his friend had seen. The image was later identified as a dinosaur from the order of Ornithischia Local naturalists stated that no species of ‘animal’ fitting the description lived in the region.

Source: Denis Kashin, St Petersburg Russia
Type: E? - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation).

Comments from Albert Rosales: Did the men drive through a time warp?



Location: Naryan-Mar, Nenets Autonomous Region, Russia - 1994 - afternoon

Several deer herders watched a large metallic disc-shaped object descend and land among a herd of deer. Immediately from the craft emerged several short humanoid figures, while ignoring the stunned herders, began to conduct on the seemingly paralyzed animals what appeared to be ‘surgical operations’. One of the shepherds approached the group of aliens, intending to drive them away. However the other men watched as the herder apparently came under the same hypnotic control that had affected the herd. Without trying to escape he approached the aliens and ‘voluntarily gave himself to them’. His body was found the next day, completely drained of blood, his genitalia removed along with the prostrate and pancreas; also several pieces of skin were removed in other parts of the body.

Source: Igor Voloznev Anomaly news 2010
Type: X

NOTES: if this report is accurate it is one of a very few first hand accounts of an alien mutilation on an animal...Lon



Location: Carranza, Maule Region, Chile - February 1994 - morning

Local laborer Florencio Arellano was performing his morning chores and was sitting on his tractor preparing to go into the fields when he suddenly looked to the nearby trees and noticed a strange figure with its arms outstretched and staring at Arellano. The figure was at least 3 meters and a half in height and wore a white tunic. It stood without moving staring at Arellano. The figure’s clothing was very white and the entity seemed to have pale features. The witness sat stunned on his tractor and stared back at the figure for about 3 minutes when it suddenly just vanished in plain sight. He took the encounter as a “sign from God”.

Source: Revista Revelacion Año 3 - #23
Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation).

Thanks to researcher, ufologist and experiencer Albert S. Rosales for forwarding these newly documented reports...Lon

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