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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Actuality of Alien / Human Hybrids

In George Filer's latest newsletter, he describes a couple who state that their son was conceived during an alien abduction. It's an interesting narrative (posted below) with an 'RH blood factor' theory that makes one ponder as to its relevance and implications.

Most of us are familiar with the 'alien probe' abduction scenario. Human males have reported sperm being removed or, in some cases, they are forced to inseminate an alien 'female'. As well, many human female abductees claim that they are artificially inseminated with 'alien sperm'...thus having a relatively short gestation period then giving birth to a hybrid being. In most cases, these hybrid offspring are taken by the aliens and raised by them. Here is a link to a page that goes into greater detail - Straight Talk About UFO Abductions.

On the other hand, if one assumes that the theories of aliens on Earth are true, then there has been a very long history of interaction. This would involve altered genetics...a mixing of the species. If this is the case, then we are all alien / human hybrids anyway. What makes one person a 'hybrid' and the others not?

I've included a few anecdotes of those who claim their children are 'hybrids' and/or consider themselves the same.


The Reed's truly believe their alien encounters involved gene manipulation, and why the amplification of insight documented was so apparent in the children. Much has been witnessed by others outside an academic and testing environment, with academic and medical testing supporting something vastly elevated.

With regard to this heightened ability Thomas shares a thought regarding another possible level or plan within ourselves, an understanding that 99.99% of us can't access, this insight is fueled by his son. He suggests that perhaps we are not ready to access or even understand this, or is it something that has just yet to fully develop. We cannot access more than a fraction of our brain to begin with, so why have it? Even those with 140 - 170 IQ's that suddenly become a member of Mensa, are not using any addition part of the brain, just using it a tad more proficiently. It's safe to say we're barbaric in nature, would it not be used for the wrong reasons. Even In its mildest examples in or around the Reed's home it has lasting impressions, and at times troublesome realizations.

With that said many whom they have spoken with that have also had a similar abduction encounter, were exceedingly intelligent, most were adolescents with high IQ's, healthy and were primarily RH Negative. All by chance? (Healthy and advanced in multiply ways already, w/ immaculate blood cells, no coatings)

They share a theory that we will one day find that the RH Negative factor may have many variations as blood types themselves. Leading Tom to feel because the rh. negative factor or cell is flawlessly clean and in its pure form, it's also key to something much larger. Such as having traits to something other than prehistoric man, and having some relevance in the stimulating of regions within our brain. Combined with other factors, promoting an elevated consciousness, or a better word, wakefulness.

This elevated awareness and heighten ability is quite evident in Tom's brother's youngest child and his son, the abilities are also medically documented, support by their school records, to include IQ testing and epidemic placement. He has yet to find any other link or association that would support or have contributed to the level in which these two can almost flaunt this wakefulness at times. Per the boy's school records, Chance is a remarkable boy testing well in the superior rang and classified at 127% in the country, per the Gifted Matrix, the Exceptional Student Evaluation, a KABC-11, and The Kaufman Achievement. Chance has also experienced surprisingly accurate foresight in relation to seemingly ominous but deceptive or harmful situations. He predicted a considerably detailed event, weeks prior to the actual occurrence, involving a woman, a white automobile, and several occupants. It's recorded that the boy normally achieves, more than twice the national standard of coincidental accuracy when selecting numbers and or Zener cards. Chance has routinely exercised a much greater then chance ratio, when tested for Coordinate, Outbound, Beacon, and Associative categories of remote viewing. His blood type is A Rh Negative' and his nick name is Chance. Thanks to Tomas Reed. - George Filer - Filer's Files #6 - 2012 - Star Child Born after Abductions



Delia, a Puerto Rican woman, is just one of many women who have been abducted by a UFO. Delia is married and has two other children, one is 16 years old and the other 5.

The following is a narration of Delia's extraordinary experience. She describes how she was abducted, got pregnant by an extraterrestrial, and finally gave birth to a child which she describes as "half human and half extraterrestrial."

Here is her story.

"One day during the month of October, a friend and I were at a Yoga Center. In this place various yoga activities are celebrated and also people go there to meditate. It was 7:30 p.m. when my friend and I decided to retire and go to sleep.

Then, all of a sudden somebody put their hand on my face. I couldn't see who it was because the room was dark.

Suddenly, I was suspended in the air flying towards a direction that was totally unknown to me. While I was being transported in the air, I could see below myself houses and trees. At that moment I was so scared that I couldn't move, speak or scream.

I calculate that the time had elapsed while I was being transported was approximately from 7:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. I was in my room when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. Immediately, I started vomiting and all my body was in terrible pain.

After a while, I felt a little better and I went to talk to Swami, who is the director of the Yoga Center. I told him how terrible I felt and what had happened to me. He told me to go back to my room and sleep until 12:00 noon and that when I woke up I would feel much better, which happened.

After this I was left with a strange sensation which is difficult to explain. One of the sensations was in my vaginal (area), the other was in my mind... my way of thinking. Before I didn't give too much importance to the simple things that surrounded me, and now all of a sudden I began to notice how beautiful the sky was and also feeling a great amount of love towards other people. In other words, my life had changed completely.

Time passed by and it was already December - three months after my extraordinary experience. During these three months, I had noticed that my period occurred every 50 days, not every 27 days, or so, as would normally happen. Also, my stomach had enlarged just a little. Time passed by and then I had another encounter with a UFO.

Suddenly, I found myself in a metallic room where there were 12 small men (not human) all dressed in grey. In this room I was lying in a metallic bed where I can clearly remember giving birth to a child, just like a normal birth to this child, because my two other children had been born by Cesarean. Then suddenly I fell asleep. when I woke up I saw one of the extraterrestrials with a child in his arms.

When I saw this child something deep inside of me told me he was my child, but I also remember being afraid. I remember telling one of the extraterrestrials that I considered this child strange (because he was "half human and half" extraterrestrial)

Also, I can remember telling myself that even though this child was strange I had to accept and love him because he was my child. Also, the way he looked at me and the expression on his face confirmed this to me. After a moment, the extraterrestrial brought the child to me so that I could hold him.

Even though I know he belongs to me, I cannot have him. And, because of this, my pain and sorrow cannot go away. They told me that he could not live with me because he could not eat the food that we human beings eat. While I held him in my arms I didn't want to let him go. I held him very tight. Then the extraterrestrials took him away from me and escorted me to the entrance of the flying saucer.

After these two experiences, I have had two more. The other two occurred when they brought me the child so that I could be with him. They do so by transporting me by air, holding the child in my arms.

While I am being transported, I have noticed that they make like a certain experiment with me. I remember feeling fear, like if the child would just fall right out of my arms. I suppose that they do this to see how mother human beings instincts are towards their children.

At the present, my two children have also had UFO experiences. They both have developed a certain kind of mental abilities and presently are being studied by them. I can't help worrying that probably one of these days my children can also be abducted."

Willie Durand Urbina, Puerto Rican Research Group



In September 2009, a Memphis, TN woman called into TN MUFON to report that she was sure she had just had an encounter with an alien/human hybrid baby at Cosco's in Cordova, Tennessee. She and her granddaughter had gone there to pick-up a birthday cake. As soon as they walked through the entrance, a tall Asian-looking man, who was apparently in a big hurry, walked directly across their path almost running into them. He was dressed casually in all black clothing and had a Caucasian-looking infant in a carrier basket strapped in front of him. He seemed to take no notice whatsoever of her and her granddaughter as he marched on past them without one word of apology for his near collision with them. My correspondent, who has asked to remain anonymous, told me that seeing a man of Asian descent who was over six feet tall was in itself unusual, but she had to confess that the racial contradiction between himself and his infant companion startled her more than anything else.

She didn't get a good look at the baby at that time. If she had, she might have stopped in her tracks right then and there and asked her granddaughter, "did you see that?" But neither she or her granddaughter commented at that moment about this sudden "close encounter." They just proceeded on back to the bakery as if nothing had happened. After they purchased the cake, they started heading towards the entrance to leave. As they did so, the lady told me she spotted this Asian fellow moving rapidly down some aisles and taking a quick, sharp right-angle turn to cross over to another aisle. He didn't have a shopping cart and hadn't picked up one item from the shelves. Maybe he was just anxiously looking for one thing for some emergency need, possibly to do with the baby.

Just as the lady and her granddaughter were approaching the front of the store to leave, the second "close encounter" occurred. The Asian man suddenly appeared again and walked by them. My witness then got a good look at the baby. This woman swears to me that this infant had intensely bright blue eyes with no white area surrounding them! I talked to other researchers like Linda Howe about this report and was assured that these all blue-eyed people are being seen all over now in different parts of the country, adults as well as children. The Native American Medicine woman Three-Spirit Wolf who spoke in Memphis last June told us after hearing this recent story from Memphis that she had met some of the hybrids out in New Mexico last year. They were wearing dark sunglasses. One of them removed his glasses to reveal his utterly eerie-looking all-blue eyes without the white. He asked her if people had commented to her about seeing him or some of his other hybrid companions. Apparently they are trying to be as inconspicuous as possible in public.

Top alien abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University is convinced that the alien hybridization program is alarmingly evident in our society now. I know this lady who reported seeing the all blue-eyed baby in Memphis just the other day. I can vouch for her credibility. She saw what she saw. Maybe this can be explained as some weird new mutation showing up in the human eye at this time...or maybe it is true that "they" now walk among us.

(Postscript: the lady told me that when they got back home, she asked her granddaughter what she thought about seeing the strange Asian man and his blue-eyed baby in the carrier. The lady had thought it a little curious in fact that her granddaughter who usually comments on seeing cute babies in public had not said one word about this. The granddaughter said she hadn't noticed this man or the baby!) - Witness statement



Then there's the case of Milagros Garcia who claims she is an alleged Alien and Human inter-species hybrid. The blood DNA from this Puerto Rican woman has yielded analyses so unusual and interesting that the physician involved is now interested in meeting the subject for further study. The DNA is possible in humans but is very rare.

Ms. Garcia claims that she is the offspring of an alien encounter. The Doctor is not interested in the UFO/ alien phenomena he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities.

A case similar to this was also investigated in New Paris, Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and gets by on two hours of sleep a night....this according to a witness report.



Murwillumbah Highway, near Lismore, NSW, Australia - 1996 - 7:30 am

John, the witness, was driving back from Lismore when his car suddenly stopped. He checked under the hood but could not find anything obvious, so he decided to start walking to get help. John stated that he had a strange feeling like something was touching his spine. He looked up to see 2 bright white lights about 500m above and heard what he described as like the sound of an arc welder.

He noticed that there were trucks driving by on the road. John then hit the ground and rolled down the embankment. He then noticed a "gray" alien, which said to him, "you can't get away" and grabbed him by the arm and proceeded towards one of the "motherships". John stated that the craft was shaped like Egyptian "Eye of Osiris", metallic and gunmetal gray with no apparent openings. He said that both walked straight through the wall.

The alien (who John learned his name was Theoraba) took him inside and observed other aliens working on computers etc. He also noticed what he now calls "baby aliens" in flasks of red, green-orange solution. John asked Theoraba "what are those"? Theoraba replied that they were "baby aliens". Theoraba then asked him, "Would you like to have something to do with these in the future"? Two aliens then grabbed his arms and legs as he was approached by a female alien who he thought was a half human "hybrid", with the body of a woman, long arms, 5 fingers and very dark black eyes. He was told that the aliens wanted him to father children for them, and at this point John began to panic.

The female alien then took on a more human appearance as he then became sexually aroused and made love to the female alien. A metal object was later introduced into his anal cavity and a patch of skin from his left palm was taken for "DNA" samples. When he asked about the skin sample he was told that their planet had "blown up" and that in order to continue their species and ensure that genetic inbreeding didn't occur that hybrids were the only alternative.

That same year on another occasion John was walking along the road at Kingscliffe and saw two "motherships" again, and shouted at them to leave him alone. Apparently he met the now familiar gray alien who told him that they had inserted an implant in his finger.

On another occasion whilst out in the bush John encountered a female alien hybrid, which he assumes was one of his offspring. He communicated with her telepathically. He states that she was quite young and because of this was wearing what he assumed to be breathing apparatus, which went from around her head into her mouth and nostrils. He was told that she was unable to breathe in our atmosphere yet. John claims he has 5 male and 1 female hybrid offspring.

Source: AUFORN Queensland



On October 15, 1957 near Sao Francisco de Salles in Minas Gerais, Brazil - Antonio Villas Boas, a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer, was working at night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day. On October 16, 1957, he was plowing fields near São Francisco de Sales when he saw what he described as a "red star" in the night sky. According to Antonio, this star approached him, growing in size until it became recognizable as a roughly circular or egg-shaped craft, with a red light at its front and a rotating dome on top. The craft began descending to land in the field, extending three legs as it did so. At that point, Boas decided to leave.

According to Boas, he first attempted to leave the scene on his tractor, but when its lights and engine died after traveling only a short distance, he decided to continue on foot. However, he was seized by a five-foot tall humanoid, who was wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. Its eyes were small and blue, and instead of speech it made noises like barks or yelps. Three similar beings then joined the first in subduing Boas, and they dragged him inside their craft.

Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped of his clothes and covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. (claimed that he was able to memorize these symbols and later reproduced them for investigators) In this room the beings took samples of Boas' blood from his chin. After this he was then taken to a third room and left alone for around half an hour. During this time, some kind of gas was pumped into the room, which made Boas become violently ill.

Shortly after, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was female, very attractive, and naked. She was the same height as the other beings he had encountered, with a small, pointed chin and large, blue catlike eyes. The hair on her head was long and white but her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. Boas said he was strongly attracted to the woman, and the two had sexual intercourse. During this act, Boas noted that the female did not kiss him but instead nipped him on the chin and, like the others he had encountered, made barking noises instead of speech.

When it was over, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upwards. Boas took this to mean that she was going to raise their child in space. The female seemed relieved that their "task" was over, and Boas himself said that he felt angered by the situation, because he felt as though he had been little more than "a good stallion" for the humanoids.

Boas said that he was then given back his clothing and taken on a tour of the ship by the humanoids. During this tour he said that he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his encounter, but was caught by the humanoids and prevented from doing so. He was then escorted off the ship and watched as it took off, glowing brightly. When Boas returned home, he discovered that four hours had passed. You can read more at The Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

NOTE: you may want to look back at The Autopsy of an Alien Fetus...the videos have been removed but there is a translated transcript. If you search YouTube I'm sure there are others videos available. Also, The Donna & Clayton Lee Abduction and a post I updated last month - A New Mother's Concern: Update. ‘I came from a government experiment...I’m only 34% human' and Alien Abduction: Children Recall In Drawings (Video). I wonder which of these kids, if any, were hybrids? Lon

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