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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Just the Facts?: Germany's Super Volcano -- WH Denies Obama Teleported to Mars -- We Want To Kill Your Bigfoot!

Super volcano in Germany could be awakening

A sleeping super-volcano in Germany is showing worrying signs of waking up.

It's lurking just 390 miles away underneath the tranquil Laacher See lake near Bonn and is capable of ejecting billions of tons of magma.

This monster erupts every 10 to 12,000 years and last went off 12,900 years ago, so it could blow at any time.

It covered 620 square miles of land with ash and rocks and several small earthquakes in the region last year indicate that it could be awakening from its deep sleep.

Experts believe that if it did go off, it could lead to widespread devastation, mass evacuations and even short-term global cooling from the resulting ash cloud blocking the sun.

The effect on the UK is hard to predict but it's possible that large parts of southern England could be covered ash.

It's thought that the volcano is similar in size and power to Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which blew in 1991 and became the biggest eruption of the 20th century.

It ejected 10 billion tons of magma, 20 billion tons of sulphur dioxide 16 cubic kilometres of ash and caused a 0.5C drop in global temperatures.

Volcanologists believe that the Laacher See volcano is still active as carbon dioxide is bubbling up to the lake's surface, which indicates that the magma chamber below is 'degassing'. - sott

Supervolcano: Eruption


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Oops...dash cam catches cop planting evidence - video link

An officer in Utica, New York is being accused of planting evidence — and he was busted by the dash cam in his own police cruiser.

The Utica Phoenix recently obtained dash cam video of a February 11, 2011 traffic stop, where officers Palladino and Padulla search an African-American couple.

At about one minute into the video, one of the officers is seen taking a plastic bag out of his back pocket and seems to place it inside the vehicle. Several moments later, he emerges from the vehicle with a larger plastic bag, presumably evidence.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams was reportedly contacted by Venice Ervin, chairman of the Legal Redress Committee of the NAACP, about the video.

“We have an on-going internal affairs investigation regarding this matter, therefore I am not able to speak about it,” Williams said. “I’ve already met with Venice Ervin of the NAACP on this complaint. When this matter has been thoroughly investigated, I plan on meeting with Mr. Ervin first to discuss the results of the investigation.”

According to the Phoenix, suspicions about police abuses are nothing new among Utica’s black community.

In one recent interview, a black woman accused police of kicking down her door and coming in her house while they “waited for a warrant.”

Although a drug-sniffing dog found initially no contraband, police later claimed to find drugs in that case as well.

“All I can tell you is this; if I have an officer that I feel is planting drugs, he’s not going to have a job with the Utica Police Department. It’s not in my bests interests to keep someone like that around,” Williams told WKTV. - rawstory


WTF!...White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Forget Kenya. Never mind the secret madrassas. The sinister, shocking truth about Barack Obama’s past lies not in east Africa, but in outer space. As a young man in the early 1980s, Obama was part of a secret CIA project to explore Mars. The future president teleported there, along with the future head of Darpa.

That’s the assertion, at least, of a pair of self-proclaimed time-traveling, universe-exploring government agents. Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings insist that they once served as “chrononauts” at Darpa’s behest, traversing the boundaries of time and space. They swear: A youthful Barack Obama was one of them.

Perhaps this all sounds fantastical, absurd, and more than a little nuts. We couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons we love conspiracy theories — the more awesomely insane, the better. Each week during 2012, when the Mayans tell us to expect the apocalypse, Danger Room will peel back a new layer of crazy to expose those oh-so-cleverly hidden machinations powering this doomed plane of existence. Welcome — back — to Tinfoil Tuesday.

According to Basiago and Stillings, Obama isn’t just lying about his identity. He’s lying about his military service record, too. While his political opponents in 2008 attacked him for never serving, in truth, he was concealing his participation in a hidden CIA intergalactic program hosted at a California community college in 1980.

Officially, the White House says Obama never went to Mars. “Only if you count watching Marvin the Martian,” Tommy Vietor, the spokesman for the National Security Council, tells Danger Room. But that’s exactly what a secret chrononaut wants you to believe.

Obama wasn’t the only one making the otherworldly voyage. As “Barry Soetero,” the 19-year-old Obama was one of 10 youths selected to secretly teleport to and from Mars, forming a band of interplanetary Teen Titans. Regina Dugan, the director of Darpa, was another member.

Between 1981 and 1983, Obama is supposed to have visited Mars twice, by way of a teleportation chamber called a “jump room.” Basiago, a fellow chrononaut, told the website Exopolitics that he saw Obama “walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain.” To acknowledge his comrade, Obama is said to have told Basiago, “We’re here” — apparently, “with some sense of fatalism.”

It is not known what exactly Obama did on Mars. (Socializing Martian health care, perhaps? Building a birth-certificate printing press?) His mission was a perilous one, according to Basiago and Stillings. The CIA wished to “establish a defense regime protecting the Earth from threats from space” as well as a legal claim to “territorial sovereignty,” making Obama something of a Martian conquistador. Presumably, Obama’s CIA handlers needed him to “acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence” in order to secure the U.S.-Martian alliance. (We’ll bet you weren’t even aware of Martian animals.)

“Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten,” an elder chrononaut, retired Army Maj. Ed Dames, is alleged to have told a young Obama.

You can scoff at the idea of Obama on Mars. But it explains a lot. Obviously the birth-certificate controversy is a side effect of Obama forgetting to sufficiently establish his fake identity as he learned to manipulate time and space. (Dugan has a demonstrated record of supporting space travel; the “jump room” must be broken.) And who else but a man accustomed to keeping the country’s most explosive secret would be comfortable waging so many undeclared wars? Ignore Basiago and Stillings at your own peril. If Obama’s reelected, the U.S. is finally colonizing Mars. - wired


We want to kill your Bigfoot

The 'best Bigfoot trackers in the world' need your help! They want to come to your town armed, go into your woods and kill your Bigfoot. In their own words "...by any means necessary"


Kim's death no joke for 'Dear Leader' double

He's been cursed in the street, appeared in a movie and perfected the wave of North Korea's "Dear Leader". Now Kim Jong-Il's leading look-alike feels that part of himself died along with the late ruler.

Passers-by stop and stare as a short, stout man with a bouffant hairdo, large glasses and olive green suit stands at the door of his small engraving shop in northern Seoul.

For more than a decade Kim Young-Sik has been moonlighting as an impersonator of North Korea's longtime leader.

But since Kim Jong-Il died on December 17, the 61-year-old father of two fears he may have to hang up his tailor-made suits after an illustrious career that saw him appear on Japanese TV and in a Middle East chocolate commercial.

"I feel very empty, as if a part of me died. People try to comfort me, saying some figures are more famous when they're dead, but I don't think it will be the case with Kim."

As a child, he never dreamt of becoming a communist ruler, and fell into the role almost by accident.

"One day after I got out of the shower and my hair was very curly, people told me I looked like Kim Jong-Il," he explained, during a break from serving customers at his store in a working-class district of the South Korean capital.

His break came with a role in the 1995 South Korean film "The Rose of Sharon Blooms Again" about a South Korean scientist who secretly helped the North develop nuclear weapons to prevent a Japanese invasion.

Since then he's rubbed shoulders with celebrities and world leaders -- or at least people who look like them -- including George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin impersonators.

His career began to take off after then-South Korean president Kim Dae-Jung began the "Sunshine Policy" of reconciliation with the North in the late 1990s.

"People started to notice me and invite me to all sorts of television stations," he said.

Outside his home country the real Kim was often seen as a figure of fun, lampooned in the 2004 hit puppet movie "Team America" and an easy target for comedians.

But it's not always easy playing the role of a man who presided over a deadly famine, locked tens of thousands of his own people up in prison camps and tested a nuclear bomb.

"Some people curse at me and call me 'dictator', but those who know me wave and shout 'Kim Jong-Il!'. Then I would wave back at them and show them some of Kim's moves," he said.

Keeping up appearances takes some work. He perms his hair every three months and before Kim's death closely followed changes in his look and demeanour, even going on a diet when the late leader lost weight following a 2008 stroke.

"Back when Kim Jong-Il was young, I used to use hairspray, but after he got old and started to lose hair, I didn't have to do anything."

He has four different suits made in the style of the late ruler along with five pairs of platform shoes.

"Before, I used to wear the outfits almost everyday, but now I just wear them once in a while and when I'm invited to be Kim Jong-Il at an event. It's a shame I won't be able to wear them anymore," impersonator Kim said.

He regrets never having had the chance to meet the real Kim, or even visit North Korea, which in the past denied his visa request.

"Kim was a great man in a way because although he was a dictator, he built a country like no other. Do you think anyone could do it?"

Now, as Kim's youngest son Kim Jong-Un inherits the world's last communist dynasty, the late leader's double thinks it is time to step aside for a new generation.

"I'd like to do more acting as Kim Jong-Il, but they'll find someone new for Jong-Un. They asked if my son looked like him but he doesn't or I would have sent him to an audition," he said wistfully. - au.news.yahoo


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