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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'BIG' - A Modern Bigfoot Adventure


BIG - an eBook Novel by Lloyd Pye

The story unfolds in the mountains of Washington State, where bigfoot sightings occur regularly.

It begins with a hunter encountering and then wounding a bigfoot with a shotgun blast to its upper back. Shot, bleeding, but not quite dead, the bigfoot passes out beside a stream deep in the woods. It is discovered by Marcy Dillon, a high school senior who intends to go to medical school. She has gone to the stream to gather herbs for an important school project.

As Marcy approaches the bigfoot, it revives and is rightfully terrified of her, but it is too weak to harm her. Given the reprieve, she manages to convince it that she wants to help it, not harm it any further.

Marcy is a small-town girl with big-town, world-class abilities, and she assumes responsibility for helping the bigfoot recover enough strength and stamina to return to wherever it came from.

She proceeds to feed it, then prepares a poultice pack of herbs to stop the wound’s bleeding, and to help it heal. She then returns home to get help from her father and boyfriend.

What Marcy does not realize is that the hunter who shot the bigfoot returned to their isolated hometown, and the bigfoot tracked him down to exact revenge. Now everyone in the town knows a seriously wounded bigfoot is somewhere up in the forested mountains surrounding them.

If the bigfoot can be successfully recovered, dead or alive, it will be worth a fortune in earned income and publicity for their isolated area. A large posse of local men is gathered to begin the hunt in earnest. That posse includes Marcy’s father and boyfriend, both of whom she tries to dissuade from going, but both refuse.

Her advantage is that she knows precisely where the bigfoot is, so she sneaks away ahead of the posse and rouses him, prodding him to get him up and moving beyond the reach of the posse and their relentless hunting dogs.

It will be a life-and-death race for the bigfoot, but soon after their journey begins, it becomes life-and-death for Marcy, too. Now, however, she has no choice but to continue onward to meet whatever fate has in store for both of them.

The final leg of the chase takes Marcy and her charge out the very edge of mental and physical hardship, and without incredible courage and tenacity on both their parts, they would not stand a chance. And then, when it seems as if they might prevail against the odds stacked so high against them, the very worst happens.

This story will keep you turning pages from start to finish - see for yourself.

Read Lloyd Pye's New eBook Novel "Big"

Read some of the reviews!

Review by: Jeff S.
This seems to be the only eBook like this in the entire world. Anyone interested in the subject of Bigfoot definitely must read this. The way Mr. Pye ties Bigfoot facts into his story is very interesting, and with surprises waiting around every page, it makes for a very riveting story!

Review by: John R.
I used to be more into non-fiction books, but all that's changed since I recently got to read Mr. Pye's latest novel,BIG.The book is wildly entertaining, with an amazing storyline which draws the reader in deep,right from the first page.Scenes,events,people(and BIG)are described with an uncanny realism, that had me believing I was engrossed in a movie and not a book.The authors deep familiarity with the "Bigfoot" legend has allowed him to bring-to-life the character 'BIG',with such inciteful and sensitive storytelling,that I accepted it's 'existence' on the page without question, at all times.A wonderful,charming and thought-provoking book.

Review by: Crystal J.
Not only does this book, give possible insight into the mind of a Bigfoot, it also provides such a riveting story line that will appeal to a broad spectrum of people. It certainly isn't your typical "bigfoot story" where you are aware throughout the story that it was strictly written for fantasy. This book however, will soften even the hardest skeptic to the idea that this could very well happen. Mr. Pye has a definite gift of story telling that will captivate and well as educate. Can't wait for the next books Mr. Pye has to offer in the future.

Review by: Allen G.
This book is a rare treat that will have everyone that picks it up glued in their seat for the next page. This book can't be put down until it is finished, it is almost like a good drug. This book makes you feel good and sad all over and over again. Sometimes you are almost afraid to read the next paragraph but you have to keep going. Keeping dry eyes is often a challenge. I sent a gift copy to my young nephews who are addicted to video games, but the older one will read. I expect them to call me in a day or two to discuss what they just read and could not stop reading. I highly recommend this book to old and young alike. Great job Mr. Pye

Review by: Rex R.
Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this story. So much so that I read it to my kids as well, and as we got closer to the end they did not want me to stop. Anyone who has even a passing interest in bigfoot or hominoids in general HAS to read this. Even someone who doesn't share this interest won't be able resist getting hooked on the story line!

NOTE: I don't normally read fictional stories or novels...but I was pleasantly struck by Lloyd's 'BIG'. It was genuinely enjoyable and would make a fantastic gift for anyone who takes pleasure in reading engaging stories. The characters are realistic and believable, including an effective plot with never-ending suspense. I recommend 'BIG' to all...Lon