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Thursday, December 01, 2011

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Patterson-Gimlin Film Researcher Jeff Hilling

Eric & Lon welcome Patterson-Gimlin Film Researcher and Author Jeff Hilling

Jeff Hilling is a Bigfoot historian and researcher. He has studied over 2 dozen books and countless articles on the subject of the Patterson-Gimlin film and Bigfoot. He has developed a brand new website devoted exclusively to the subject of the Patterson film debate. In the midst of his studies, he has uncovered some interesting facts regarding the film. Jeff is about 80% convinced that the Patterson film footage is genuine. Jeff is the author of 'The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery: What Really Happened On October 20th 1967'

In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin set out to film the unknown...a creature of myth, legend and folklore. On October 20th of that year, they captured the image of a terrifying man-beast, in which to this day still enthralls, enchants, and bewilders both scientist and laymen alike.

The Patterson film is still by far the best all around evidence of a sasquatch creature to date. is dedicated to a logical debate of whether or not this was a genuine sighting of an unknown beast, or an elaborate hoax involving a man in a costume. We start at a neutral position because we are unsure of both positions, and in order to weigh all the evidence and circumstances surrounding this event in an unbiased manner. This debate is limited to the Patterson film incident only. We do not presume the Patterson film footage is an authentic creature, nor do we presume it was a hoax. Our mission in this research is to try to reveal the truth with the best possible historical evidence available.


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